Game 111 Spillover Thread IV


Like I said, can’t complain about three out of four.

And what’s up with a spillover thread lasting only a half-inning? Dayum.

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  1. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Haha Mike thinking game was over. Damon and Teix must have read RAB and wanted to put their foot in your mouth. Do it more often

  2. The Artist says:

    That little thing you see on the floor, bleeding profusely, is the heart of Red Sox Nation.

  3. No Halladay says:

    Holy fricking frijoles

  4. JGS says:

    Mo with his one blown save in the Bronx in the last several years against the bottom of the Sox lineup. I like this

  5. LiveFromNewYork says:

    I think we play all 9 innings. That’s what I’ve heard.

  6. EvoLuTioN says:

    balls deep

  7. J Squared says:

    3 out of 4 is bad when you win 4 out of 4.

  8. Eric says:

    The most disappointing thing about this game? If the current score holds up, Phil Coke will get a (highly undeserved) win. That’s a travesty. Love the comeback though.

  9. southernyankeefan says:

    Red Sox Nation definately has its hurt face on tonight.

  10. Salty Buggah says:

    I wanted more but I’ll take 4.

    We score 1. They score 2. Then we score 4 bitches.

    BTW, someone on Twitter just said:

    “Dear Satan, can you please make the Yankees plane crash?”

    WTF? Stay classy, Boston

  11. Riddering says:

    You guys, I am so pumped.

    A-Rod going out for the fans. Tex getting to go out there and soak up the love only NY can give in a Sox beating. This inning. Total domination. Now Mo.

    I love this team!

  12. Jeremy says:

    Let’s not get cocky. Ortiz might come off the bench and request the 8-Ball from MTV Rock and Jock Softball.

  13. Giacomo says:

    I’d completely understand GM/Coach not putting in Hughes if he threw like 0.2 ip and 1 ip back to back. but 0.1 ip and 0.1 ip with very minimal pitches doesnt make much sense. i know it takes time to warm up, etc but i mean really? thats kind of nuts.

    anyway, lets have mo hold’em here. that leadoff single was hit pretty hard, but here comes the bottom of the order.

  14. Russell NY says:

    First batter very important here. Lets not walk him.

  15. Salty Buggah says:

    cmon Mo finish this please!

  16. Ivan says:

    I see what Mo is doing. Let em get a couple hits, get their confidence up and slam em the fuck down. That Mo is a grimey dude.

  17. Russell NY says:

    Careful not to get ahead of ourselves. Please god get some outs. Single to lead off….

  18. Matty Ice says:

    if Mo closes this out, Phil Coke gets another very very very deserving win.


  19. Brazilian Yankee says:

    The zone is shrinking now. Great.

  20. Accent Shallow says:

    That’s one.

  21. southernyankeefan says:

    ESPN finally has a picture of a Yankee up.

    • espn stinks says:

      …with a dig on the new stadium:

      “Since Jon Lester gave up a seventh-inning homer to A-Rod, it’s been like the Home Run Derby at the Yanks’ new park.”

      They gotta mention the homeruns, of course.

  22. Russell NY says:

    Lets make a deal with the umpire. Expand the strike zone at the top of this inning and we will let them have an expanded one at the bottom of the inning ;-)

  23. A.D. says:

    Its going to rain soon in NYC

  24. Russell NY says:

    HUUUUUUGE out there.

  25. Brazilian Yankee says:

    I think Nick Green has a better chance of getting a hit against Mo than Ortiz does.

  26. Mike Axisa says:

    Oh good, Ortiz getting ready to pinch hit.

  27. The Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    This strike zone is some bs

  28. Giacomo says:


  29. cjc says:

    um wtf happened to the huge ass strike zone

  30. YankeesFanInMI says:


  31. The Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Strike 4

  32. Tony says:

    What the hell is this strike zone?

  33. Bob Stone says:

    Mo is not his sharpest tonight. C’mon Mo.

  34. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Mo had to throw one right down the middle to get a called strike.

  35. Russell NY says:

    I can deal with a HR here but no more singles or doubles or whatever. Cannot let the tying run ON BASE

  36. Drew says:

    Convo between Green and Papi in the on deck circle.
    Ortiz: Get the fuck outta here.
    Green: Okay.

  37. Tank the Frank says:

    Seriously where did that wide strike zone go? I don’t mind it, but keep it consistant. You can’t just change it up late in the game…or at least you shouldn’t.

  38. Russell NY says:

    Lets not act like Varitek is anything more than a .222 hitter here… GET, HIM, OUT!!!

  39. Doug says:

    Submit to the inevitable, Jason Varitek

  40. LiveFromNewYork says:

    slump and everything he’s still a presence….yes a big, stupid presence

  41. southernyankeefan says:

    One more out baby.

  42. J Squared says:

    GET SOME!! Captain Varitek!!

  43. dkidd says:

    it’s going to be hard to avoid a letdown against toronto

    /debbie downer’d

  44. LiveFromNewYork says:

    My Mo.

  45. Accent Shallow says:


  46. Rey22 says:

    Silly Mike Axisa, thinking we would only take 3 of 4

  47. Jeremy says:

    Tek got CUT

  48. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Sit Down Tek

  49. A.D. says:

    buh bye captain america

  50. Russell NY says:


  51. charlespoet says:

    Varitek has to be the best hitting catcher I have ever seen. Sorry Jorge, you just don’t swing like Tek.

  52. Jordan says:

    Hope he took his vitamins this morning!!

  53. The Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Bring on big mami

  54. Tank the Frank says:

    If anyone is clutch enough to hit a 3-run HR with only one man on base…it’s David Ortiz!

  55. Giacomo says:

    I just checked the radar. The whole state of New York has lit up like a christmas tree. holy christ.

  56. They’re coming inside because he’s having trouble getting around on a fastball this season, guys.

  57. Russell NY says:

    Ortiz be swinging as hard as he possibly can here

  58. Bugsy says:

    throw a cutter at his crotch.

  59. adeel says:

    RichYF says:

    August 9th, 2009 at 11:03 pm
    Tonight’s performance is the equivalent of giving a child a lollipop, walking away, and then sprinting back just as the kid gets it near his/her tongue and not only snatching it away at the last second, but beating the living shit out of him/her in the process just for good measure.

    had to repost that.. great post.

  60. danny says:

    c’mon mo, dont walk him.

  61. Russell NY says:

    DO NOT WALK HIM!!!!!

  62. cjc says:

    fuck come on

  63. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Rivera didn’t want to embarrass him.

  64. RichYF says:

    Pretty sure Ortiz is elated right now. “Yes!!! I didn’t have to swing!!!”

  65. LiveFromNewYork says:


  66. espn stinks says:

    Another vitamin walk for Ortiz.

  67. Souter Fell says:

    C’mon. Do. This.

  68. Doug says:

    Mo is merciful, he grants Oritz a free base to spare him the humiliation of ending the series.

  69. southernyankeefan says:

    Shit I trust you Mo but you are making me nervous

  70. A.D. says:

    Don’t like this being more interesting that this should be.

  71. JGS says:

    how many of those were actually strikes

  72. Accent Shallow says:

    A walk to the corpse of Ortiz? Oy vey.

    I look forward to Ellsbury being humiliated.

  73. Riddering says:

    Mo, in all his wisdom, doesn’t want to destroy Ortiz’s spirit.

    Not until the postseason, that is.

  74. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Mo needs to get serious and finish this shit.

  75. The Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Mo getting a little too cute

  76. Russell NY says:

    Ugh cmon Mo. You know better than to give him a free pass. They still would have been down by 1…..

  77. Matty Ice says:

    this ump’s strikezone has more shrinkage than when George Costanza got out of the pool.

  78. Jordan says:

    Looks like he got his fist full of vitamin A down this morning. Probably with a big glass of milk, and a cookie for being a good dumb lug.

  79. Tony says:

    Say hello to your American League Wild Card leaders, THE TEXAS RANGERS!

  80. The Artist says:

    August 9th, 2009 at 11:18 PM

    The exact date and time when order was restored to the universe.

  81. Accent Shallow says:

    Yay Mo! Yay win!

    Yay sweep!

  82. The Fallen Phoenix says:


  83. Bugsy says:

    haha. i love life.

  84. ARX says:

    Clean sweep bitches!!!

  85. JobaWockeeZ says:


  86. southernyankeefan says:


  87. Doug says:


  88. LiveFromNewYork says:

    WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!!

  89. JGS says:

    Boston Massacre III!!!!

  90. A.D. says:

    Apparently you can pitch inside to someone and it won’t go out of the ballpark

  91. Ivan says:

    YANKEES WIN!!!!!

  92. J.D. says:

    Rivera has never blown a three run save ever in Yankee stadium, the only three run saves he’s blown have been in 1996, 02 and 07 (one time each). All away games. I waited until the game was over to post this for fear of jinxing it haha.

  93. Russell NY says:


  94. Evan says:

    Joe, Mo knows what he’s doinng.

  95. VO says:

    6.5 That is all.

  96. Jersey says:

    See your Nation, raise you an Empire.


  97. Jordan says:

    Start spreadin’ the news, we’re 6.5 games up.

  98. Salty Buggah says:



  99. Souter Fell says:

    Congrats Yanks on THE best non postseason series I have ever seen. Can’t wait to visit ya tomorrow.

  100. Johan Iz My Brohan says:


  101. Bob Stone says:


  102. RCK says:

    SIX AND A HALF!!!!

  103. Frigidevil says:

    And thus completes the greatest weekend ever

  104. southernyankeefan says:


  105. NYQ says:

    “Start spreading the news the Red Sox …”

  106. espn stinks says:

    Today’s MVP? Andy.

  107. Slugger27 says:

    na na na na…. na na na na….. hey hey hey…. GOODBYEEEEE

  108. Russell NY says:

    6.5 game division lead. BOOYA!

  109. J Squared says:


  110. Riddering says:

    If someone could bottle the sweat of the Yankees tonight, just a dabble on your wrists would make you all powerful.

  111. Slugger27 says:

    break out the broooooooooms

  112. Jeremy says:


  113. SS says:


  114. Salty Buggah says:

    You know what, as much as I wanted Andy to get the win and have A-rod be the hero while shutting them out again, this win is going to be even more deflating to Boston and their fans as they got the lead and were so 4 outs away from salvaging a win. But whatever, we ROCK!

  115. danny says:

    what an epic fucken win.
    can we even choose which one of these games were the best??
    such an amazing win.

  116. Drew says:

    AP was by far the player of the game. I really didn’t think he was going to show up for 7 like he did, color me red.

    • Scooter says:

      Yup… Andy manned up in a big way tonight. I figured he was going to be cooked after 4 innings, 80 pitches, but he threw 7 shutout innings on a night when Hughes and Aceves were unavailable

      3 straight starts that could not be beat – AJ, CC, and AP.


      You knew the Sox were going to battle, and they did. Lester and Beckett in a short series are scary as heck

      Wonder if Francona will hear it for not tring to pitch Papelbon 2 innings

  117. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Courtesy of ESPN’s front page: “The Yankees hadn’t had a four-game sweep over the Red Sox in 24 years, but after A-Rod homered in the seventh inning Sunday, the N.Y. hitters went wild and put away Boston.”

    That might be true, but don’t mind the FIVE-game sweep of a few years ago. Unless that didn’t count, because the Red Sox didn’t make the postseason that year.

  118. China Joe says:

    Too bad Mark Teixeira doesn’t have a sense of humor. If I were him, I’d twitter back at John Henry after the game: “Curse of DN? deeeze nuuuuuts!”

  119. J Squared says:

    GET SOME!! OWN’T!!

  120. The Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Irish eyes are crying in beantown

  121. charlespoet says:

    This is reminiscent of the 5 game sweep in August a few years ago when they played 5 games in 3 day – back to back double headers.

    Only thing that made that one better was that it was IN Boston.

  122. Bob Stone says:

    Ironic – Coke gets the win. Now that’s a cheapie!

  123. Russell NY says:

    I am reading this Red Sox girls blog… she keeps talking about how ESPN is biased toward the Yankees. Am I missing something?

  124. Drew says:

    But teh sox might get Guzman!! ahhhhh

  125. Slu says:

    Great win. Great series.

  126. A.D. says:

    Boston Massacre v 3

  127. Salty Buggah says:

    Tonight, we sleep well. In Boston, they are on suicide watch.

  128. Salty Buggah says:

    robneyer: The sweep will be spun (as most things are) as almost purely about the Red Sox. But this is really about the Yankees, now sitting pretty

    Neyer knows whats up!

  129. Drew says:

    Man, YES should HAVE to have a postgame in sox yanks games.

  130. Zack says:

    The MT Curse!!


  131. Salty Buggah says:

    A-Rod has 5 HR this season that have given his team the lead in the 7th inning or later. Most in MLB (1 more than Soriano and Mark Reynolds)

  132. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Look at the poll at the bottom of the page on the ESPN site:

    After getting swept by the Yankees, do you think the Red Sox will make the playoffs?

  133. CMart says:

    Girardi has braces?

  134. Cokie says:

    This from Simmons over at espn after the Damon/Tex HR

    sportsguy33: OK, this is devastating. Bard was my favorite subplot of the season. I can’t even type.

  135. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Shiet Damon and Teix are leaders in Yankees history of most back to back home runs with 5. Even more than Gehrig and Ruth!

  136. Jake H says:

    I’m loving this.

  137. J Squared says:

    Wewon’t see Roy Halladay, and I’m Pretty sure both series against Seattle, we don’t see Felix Hernandez… Now we’re catching some breaks.

  138. Bob Stone says:

    The BoSox DFAed Enrique Gonzalez. That’s three BoSox pitchers the Yanks not only knocked out, bit knocked off the team – Smoltz, Traber and now Gonzalez.

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