Rating the best Yankees of all time

Robinson Cano, don't ya know
Steinbrenner sued over YES idea

Jonah Keri, writing on his personal site, takes a look at the top 10 Yankees of all time. He only counts time spent with the Yankees, and it’s limited to position players, but all in all this looks like a quality list. Personally I’d put Gehrig above Mantle, if for no other reason than his dominance relative to the league at the time. So head over and take a look. It’s something to kill time on a dreary Saturday morning.

Robinson Cano, don't ya know
Steinbrenner sued over YES idea
  • http://imgur.com/NMNVd.jpg Joba Powers (all I needs is a jheri curl mullet)

    It’s something to kill time on a dreary Friday afternoon.


    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      I guess I’ll study this list next week.

  • Ken

    1-10 are 3,4,7,5, 8, 2, 8(Dickie), 51, 20 Home grown Guys

  • Pete C.

    Just imagine where Mantle would have been if he didn’t “party like a rockstar” before anyone knew what that was.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      Just imagine were Gehrig would be if he wouldn’t of had ALS.

      • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

        Just imagine where Bernie would be if he wouldn’t have been so feared that nobody would pitch to him anymore.

        • Andy In Sunny Daytona


  • http://twitter.com/Hopjake Jake H

    Good list. I would have them right around the same. Check out the post after that. Pretty crazy.

  • Mike B.

    I notice a previous article this person wrote was “Yanks getting soft up the middle” from a year ago. How about taking that one back before you jump straight to the top 10 yankees of all time?

  • kenthadley

    gehrig, dimag over mick….jorge not in top ten over lazzeri, rizzuto, and maybe henrich, elston howard, paulie…..IMO

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona


      • kenthadley

        ask Ted Williams……you’ll need gloves, though…..

        • Johan Iz My Brohan

          It’s okay, he doesn’t have hands anymore.

          • Johan Iz My Brohan

            Oh wait I thought this meant that Ted Williams would beat the shit out of him or something.

            Of course, after I read that Ted Williams said if Rizzuto was a SS for the Sox they would have won more pennants, it just goes to show that SS position in Boston is baaaaad.

        • Andy in Sunny Daytona

          I just need a micro wave to thaw, and jumper cables to jump start, his frozen head.

          • Johan Iz My Brohan

            I’d use his head as a soccer ball to be honest.

          • kenthadley

            after the jump start, Teddy would tell you Rizzuto was the difference between the good Bosox teams and the Yanks for about 10 years….he’d also tell you that Elston was better defensively and a better hitter than Posada in their respective primes….although Jorge has had a longer prime……

            • Andy in Sunny Daytona

              I just questioned the career 93 OPS th Phil Rizzuto. The guys who gave him an MVP are the same guys who never voted him in the Hall-Of-Fame.

              • kenthadley

                I dont think OPS tells the story about what he contributed…….especially for shortstops of that era…..also, there was a degree of resistance from voters because so many NYY had been elected into the HOF, due to their many years of dominance, by the mid to late 60’s….Mantle Ford Berra were automatics….but I remember hearing and reading that some on the committee were tired of discussing Yankees…..I believe Charlie Gehringer was one of them….

              • King of Fruity Hypos

                Are you saying Scooter isn’t in the hall of fame?

                Sorry…it’s still early!

                • Andy In Sunny Daytona

                  No, he’s in. he just wasn’t elected by the writers. He had to be voted in by the veterans.

                • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

                  Aha thanks…I was about to bust out ‘but I saw it with my own eyes!’

              • Tank Foster

                He had an OPS+ of 122 or something in his MVP year. See my comment below. Judging by expected v. actual DPs, accounting for errors and such, Rizzuto/Gordon were the greatest DP duo in history. That counts for something.

    • Accent Shallow

      Paulie? PAULIE?

      Look, I love Paul O’Neill, but he can’t carry the jock of any of the men on that list.

      • kenthadley

        IMO paulie was a better hitter, athlete, and defender for his position than posada, and posada is surely in the top 20 NYY all time….

        • Accent Shallow

          Athlete and defender, yes?



  • King of Fruity Hypos

    They also have a horrible piece about the NY-Bos rivalry, buying players and ending careers.

    Baseball’s Second Problem, forgot to bring a link (written by Tyler Hecht I think)

  • Tank Foster

    At first I thought “why is Bill Dickey on there?” I had always thought of him as someone with “pretty” 1930s hitting stats, and not really all that great of a player. But he had a career OPS+ of 127, in 17 seasons, all catching, which is pretty amazing when you think of it.

    Phil Rizzuto and Joe Gordon were the best double play combination in the history of baseball. Phil was a weak slap hitter, but you have to some how give him credit for that glove. I think I’d have him in my top 10, somehow.

  • http://newstadiuminsider.com Ross

    Very weird. My friend and I were having this exact conversation this week. I’ll have to forward this on to him. Creepy.

  • http://roster101 godfather

    i’d go with joe right under ruth, and that’s only because there is no one who’s ever been on the babe’s level…no ballpark ever was tougher on a great hitter’s prowess than was the stadium on joe; you can look it up: take the home/away figures on the greats such as ted/stan/hank/willie, etc. and see what you find…i have a list i compiled some 20 years ago that shows joe as superior on the road to any and all of them; as for his all-around game, you had to see it to believe it; he was to grace what gehrig was to durability; also, i’d go with mattingly, rizzuto and maybe a couple others over jorge, and that in no way dismisses him; it’s just that pinstripe territory is rich territory…

  • Jamie G.

    Mattingly is in the top 10…Best defensive 1B in American League history, MVP, batting title…definitely top 10 in my book

  • Joba or Hughes to the pen

    Jeter 6?

    6:Whitey Ford
    7:Mariano Rivera
    8:Redd Ruffing
    10:Bill Dickey