Yankees unveil 2010 season ticket pricing


The Yankees announced their pricing schedule for 2010 season tickets last night. Only one section — Main Level, Rows 1-22: 216-217, 223-224 — increased in price, from $100 to $125. Every other section is either the same or decreased. The decreases were pretty significant, too: 38 percent in Field Level Rows 12-30: 115, 125, and 30 percent in Rows 12-30: 116-124. There is also a decrease in Legends Suites pricing. Everything else in the park remains the same, including the bleachers.

Here’s the full chart:

2010 Yankees Full-Season Ticket Prices
2009 Full-Season Licensee Price per Game
2010 Full-Season Licensee Price per Game
Field Level (Rows 12-30: 116-124) $325 $250 Decrease
Field Level (Rows 12-30: 115, 125) $325 $235 Decrease
Field Level (Rows 12-14: 114a-114b, 126-127a) $225 $225 None
Field Level (Rows 15-30: 114a-114b, 126-127a) $175 $175 None
Field Level (Rows 12-14: 112-113, 127b-128) $150 $150 None
Field Level (Rows 15-30: 112-113, 127b-128) $100 $100 None
Field Level (Rows 1-14: 103-111, 129-136) $100 $100 None
Field Level (Row 27: 114a, 127a)* $100 $100 None
Field Level (Rows 15-30: 103-111, 129-136) $75 $75 None
Main Level (Rows 1-22: 216-217, 223-224) $100 $125 Increase
Main Level (Rows 1-22: 215, 225) $100 $100 None
Main Level (Rows 1-22: 213-214b, 226-227b) $75 $75 None
Main Level (Rows 1-22: 210-212, 228-230) $60 $60 None
Main Level (Rows 1-22: 205-209, 231-234) $45 $45 None
Terrace Level (Rows 1-10: 315-316, 324-325) $65 $65 None
Terrace Level (Rows 1-8: 313-314, 326-327) $55 $55 None
Terrace Level (Rows 1-10: 305-312, 328-334) $40 $40 None
Terrace Level (Row 8: 315, 325)* $25 $25 None
Terrace Level (Row 8: 305-314, 326-334)* $20 $20 None
Grandstand Level (Rows 1-14: 415-425) $25 $25 None
Grandstand Level (Rows 1-14: 405-414, 426-434b) $20 $20 None
Bleachers (Rows 1-24: 201-204, 235-239) $12 $12 None
Bleachers (Rows 1-24: 201/239 Obstructed View) $5 $5 None
*Wheelchair-accessible only as applicable

Doesn’t seem like there will be many complaints. Except for the people in Main Levels 216 to 217 and 223 to 224.

Here’s CNBC’s Darren Rovell on Legends:

The much publicized $2,500 per game suite tickets, which were not part of the seats whose price was cut in half in April, will cost $1,500 in 2010. That’s despite the fact that many people who bought the suites before the stadium opened this year agreed to pay between 3 and 6 percent more for their seats each year, depending on how long of a commitment they made to the team.

That means a person or company who agreed to buy the most expensive seats in the stadium on a 10-year contract was on the hook to pay $834,300 ($2,575 per game per seat for 81 games) for four suite tickets in 2010, but will now pay $486,000.

Good to see the Yanks coming down from these prices. Perhaps now we’ll see the best seats in the house filled on a nightly basis.

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  • whozat

    “Doesn’t seem like there will be many complaints”

    Have you met Yankee fans? Or the NY sports media?

    • A.D.

      should be “Doesn’t seem like there will be many new complaints”

      • whozat

        Heh :-)

        They could give away all tickets for free, and there’d still be people complaining that they were torpedoing the team’s chances to compete by not making money.

        • Ed

          I’m picturing fans of other teams complaining “They have so much money they can give away tickets and still have a giant payroll! They’re ruining baseball!”

          • Makavelli

            Hear about it all of the time…

  • Ed

    Doesn’t seem like there will be many complaints. Except for the people in Main Levels 215 and 225.

    If you’re in 215 or 225, you have no change in your price. The people on one side of you got a price increase. The people on the other side of you had no change. Why would they complain? What am I missing?

    • Joseph Pawlikowski

      Sorry. Picked the wrong sections off the chart when I glanced at it.

      • Riddering

        Don’t you love how detail-oriented your posters are?

        Regular fact-checkers over here.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

          Heh. I actually e-mailed him another correction. It was fixed before anyone noticed.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

    The only downside:

    Our obscenely long, penis-envy inducing huge bar got shorter.

    • Tom Zig

      they cut it in half didn’t they :(

  • JGS

    sweet–no change

  • Jamal G. (It should say “below,” but you get the drift.)

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Heh. He’s off his John Rocker, isn’t he?

      • Tom Zig

        John Rocker and Kanye West debating politics: Comedy Gold

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

          John Rocker and Kanye West debating politics: Comedy Gold


  • Makavelli

    How do you get into the Jim Beam Lounge in the upper deck area and such? I went to the 4th game ever this season and it seemed like it was Studio 54 getting in there for some reason…

    • leokitty

      You buy tickets for the Terrace Suite.

    • Nady Nation

      You need a pass to get into the Jim Beam Lounge, and that pass is obtained only by having seats in the Terrace seats right behind home plate.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        Step 1: Sell kidneys (both)

      • Makavelli

        Why would somebody who has Terrace Seats behind home plate want to walk all the way up to the top in order to go into the Jim Beam Lounge which is surrounded by common folk and peasants?? Pretty bad marketing…

        • Nady Nation

          Terrace = up top

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            Right. The Terrace is the lower part (down from the concourse as you enter the seating area) of the upper deck.

          • Makavelli

            Ahh ok. Why don’t they just let anybody in there I don’t get it.

            I was up there with cheap $35 I got off stub hub and really could have gone in there for some drinks before the game or perhaps even some food.

            Why not open it up to everyone? That way they get more money out of the guys who bought the cheap seats…and the ones who have the cheap seats who can’t afford it…just clearly won’t go in there.

            Clearly the cheap seat guys are buying the cheap seats for a reason. Attempting to entice them with access to an ordinary bar isn’t necessary going to work wonders I wouldn’t believe…

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

              “Why don’t they just let anybody in there I don’t get it.”

              Because they can charge more $ for those Terrace Seats with the pass to the lounge. Clearly they’ve made the determination that they make more money by doing it that way than by charging less for the special Terrace seats and letting everyone into the lounge. Makes sense to me… I can’t imagine that many more people would go to that lounge if they opened it up and spend enough to make up the difference in ticket prices. I sit up there and I might stop in there, like, once in a while, maybe during a rain delay or something. I’d barely go there even if I could.

              • Makavelli

                Well do they get a complimentary drink or meal with the Terrace seat deal? I mean I’m sure they’re attempting to do something here…and perhaps there are those clowns out there that fall for it. Personally, I think my way would work better…but not everyone is like me and people are easily duped…so I guess in that regard…this way works fine for them.

                • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

                  but not everyone is like me and people are easily duped…

                  I like how you slipped that in there.


                • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                  Would you really be sitting in the Jim Beam Lounge all night, spending exorbitant amounts of money on watered-down gin and tonics, if you could get in there, instead of sitting in your seat with a beer and watching the game? I most certainly would not.

                  Whatever… In the end, I think it’s pretty clear that they did it, and continue to do it, this way because it works and they make more money this way. If they’d make more money opening up the lounge to the rest of the fans, they’d do it in a heartbeat.

  • UWS

    Excellent news.

    Has there been word on when season plans go on sale?

    • leokitty

      Between 2007 and 2008 they started taking deposits in November, and placed new holders in late February if I remember correctly.

      Last year was completely different for obvious reasons and I don’t think things will be remotely similar.

  • Doug

    “Perhaps now we’ll see the best seats in the house filled on a nightly basis.”

    still #1,500 a pop, so not so sure. definite improvement, though.

  • 407 feet right of center

    the field level and mains are still priced too high. predict many cancellations of season tix this year. better than 25% of the stadium changed hands on stub hub every game and tix in the lower bowl sold at a loss. irony is the only seats increasing in price were never offered for sale as season tix to the public

    • Chris

      When the Natinals have tickets priced at $335, I don’t think $1500 is outrageous for Yankees tickets.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        Agreed. That extra $1165 a night is what allows us to pay for that quality control employee to ensure we never wear road uniforms that say “NEW YRK”.

    • Usty

      I agree with 407. You could regularly find Field Outfield seats on Stubhub for 1/2 price or less. A friend of mine is going tonight with $90 field of seats in right (sec 403) that he got for $40 off stubhub yesterday. Those nice ass-padded seats are awesome by the way.

      • Usty

        er section 103. my bad.

      • Ryan Hallam

        sect 403, do you have the right stadium? 400s are the grandstand upper deck seats and not sure there is a 403 section. 200s are field level. 212-228 are by far the most attractively priced tickets and should be raised (or everything else lowered) to be fair.

  • henry frisch

    My season seats in 420b smack behind the plate remain the top value. Fabulous view. Easy to stubhub. Why anyone would pay a fortune for the Jim Beam seats a couple of feet below my seats escapes my sober comprehension.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Throw up a velvet rope in front of a crappy club and it instantly looks a little more desirable.

      People like exclusivity. At least, the concept of it.

      • Makavelli

        Do they at least let hot chicks in for free like Tryst in Vegas…or any other “club” in the world for that matter??

        • A.D.

          can you get bottle service?

    • JimBeam

      I have 4 Jim Beam seats and I love them. They are wide, cushioned and right behind home plate. The lounge is nice to have. The food is better, the lines are shorter, there is a full bar… and most importantly, you never wait on line for a bathroom. I had no problems getting rid of them last season.

      All that being said, I only have them because I knew I was going to get screwed with the relocation and wanted to be around that area.

      • henry frisch

        There are no bathroom lines anywhere in the new stadium.

        Don’t you pay $150 a pop to sit in Jim Beam?

        People pay you that much for every game?

  • Makavelli

    I still don’t understand the arbitrary list of things that make up the “mlb average ticket prices”. Then in the description…the first thing on the list is “Four Average Tickets” (go figure), followed by two small beers, four small sodas, four hot dogs, parking for one car, two game programs, and two adult sized baseball caps.

    I know the point is to base it on as much as they have to offer and compare them…but what about those who don’t come with a family or need 2 programs, 2 adult sized caps, and 4 sodas?? The beers are almost the same price as the sodas anyway…might as well just continue on with the man sodas.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Meh, just looking at other price discrepancies.

      It may cost more to attend a game in Stadium A as opposed to Stadium B because, while the tickets cost the same, the concessions are jacked way up at Stadium B.

      Just adding more relevant info to the metric.

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  • Mouch “Half Man Half Couch”

    At least the bleacher prices are the same. :)

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  • Ryan Hallam

    ticket prices are still screwed up season tickets in section 325 cost $65/tkt for a full season and tickets in section 212 & 228 cost $60/tkt and 213-214 & 226-227 are $75/tkt. I would pay double what i pay in 325 for those seats. they will never be available though as no one in their right mind would let those go. sections 212-227 (exluding delta suite) are by FAR the the cheapest in the house for what you get (or everything else is too expensive relative to those..depending on how you look at it).

    adjustments are in the right direction but didnt go far enough…basically the lower priced and ultra high priced are still too rich relative to the mid price for what you get.