It is late. I am finally getting sleeply

The new guys

This is your only warning. If you posted something ridiculously stupid during the season, expect to be called out for it tomorrow. That concludes your championship evening. Prepare for your championship Thursday.

The new guys
  • Dela G

    ruh roh

    my DFA matsui comment from back in may could come back and haunt me…

    • JMK aka The Overshare

      How could you say that, Dela?

  • Salty Buggah

    Nothing to worry about for me(I think)

    • Al from BX

      Heh since I don’t comment much, I’m good.

  • dkidd

    i shudder to think…

    “the new yankee stadium is cursed!!!”
    “veras will win the 8th inning job!!!”
    “brett tomko will pitch important innings for us this year!!!”
    “no way joba doesn’t start in the post-season!!!”

    • Joseph Pawlikowski

      Surprisingly, there are probably hundreds, literally hundreds, of comments dumber than those you mention.

    • Salty Buggah

      The typical ones:

      A-Rod sucks.
      AJ sucks.
      Joba to teh PEN!
      CC sucks!
      Tex sucks!
      Swish sucks!
      Girardi sucks.
      Cashman sucks.
      Andy sucks.
      Melky sucks!
      Hideki sucks!
      Jorge sucks! Start Cervelli

      “I would suggest that if the Yankees did not have Alex, they would be far more likely to win. His 24 + 1 mentality is not conducive to championship play.”
      – Peter Abraham, 3/25/09

      • http://Youcan'tincreaseyourrange TLVP

        You forgot the Jeter to LF comments

      • BklynJt

        I hate that no neck pig with a passion. Of course it turns out that he is a closet red sox fans.

        • Jay

          I dont think he is a closet fan. I think he is a fan. And he was actually great; sure, I didn’t agree with a lot of what he said, but I think LoHud was more like a reporter and his friends with Pete. Now, it’s great still, but it has a more professional feel.

          And calling him a “no neck pig?” I wonder what you must look like; those people who can’t think up anything better then insulting peoples looks are usually really intelligent people. You actually sound more ignorant then anything Pete ever said.

  • Sean C

    Does the “First time commenter” disclaimer credit a post?

  • http://Youcan'tincreaseyourrange TLVP

    I have to do a mea culpa on my comments on Andy for game 6 – I was really worried about him starting on 3 days rest and thought it was the wrong decsion.


  • Pete C.

    Looks like somebody did leave the ghosts a forwarding address.

    • http://Youcan'tincreaseyourrange TLVP

      In hindsight it’s almost great that they lost game 5 so they could clinch it at home

  • Pete C.

    Oh yeah, how many championship rosters has Eric Hinske been on now?

    • T-Dubs

      I think this is just #2 but I’m too sleepy to do any research so I could be wrong.

      • Dan

        Yeah, 2007 Red Sox and 2009 Yankees. He was also on the Rays team that lost in last year’s WS.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    I’ve been out drinking all night with Ganesh (not easy drinking with a four-armed deity). We just had a conversation about positivity, and Ganesh was impressed that I maintained mine for the entire season. He told me that the only thing I had to work on for next year, were my feelings about Brett Gardner.
    Ganesh is very pleased that next season the Yankees open their schedule in Fenway Park. He feels that the Red Sox fans will really appreciate it. He then laughed for 20 minutes straight.

    Great, great season. Loved that I spent my time here with some great people. Ben, Joe and Mike, you have by far the best site on the interwebs. You guys have been infinitely patient with my Melvin obsession. Thank you for making Daytona a little more Sunnier all season. The next shot I do, is for you guys.

    • JMK aka The Overshare

      I feel terrible for saying this, but I think we share similar feelings on Brett Gardner. Just watching his ABs should convince anyone that he cannot be a starting CFer on this team.

      • Brien Jackson


  • Tank Foster

    I feel better for Matsui than anyone. The sad thing is thinking of what will happen next year, the players that may or may not return, and I suspect Godzilla is certainly not a lock to be here next season (although last night’s performance could to alot to change that). In any case, for him to get his ring is priceless. ARod, too. All the dissing he took from, of all people, Joe Torre in that book, he deserves it as much as anyone.

  • Marc

    27/09? Yup. Been there, done that!
    28/10? Can’t wait to find out!!

    :*( No more baseball til March…

  • Sal

    Who are your top 5 World Series MVP’s in order and top 5 post season mvp’s?

    • T-Dubs

      WS: PS:

      1. Mo 1. Mo
      2. Matsui 2. A-Rod
      3. Jeter 3. Jeter
      4. Utley 4. CC
      5. CC 5. Matsui

    • http://Youcan'tincreaseyourrange TLVP

      1) Matsui 1) CC
      2) Jeter 2) Mo
      3) Mo 3) A-Rod
      4) Damon 4) Jeter
      5) Marte 5) Damon

      • Matt ACTY/BBD

        Same as TLVP for WS.
        For playoffs, I’m such a pussy:
        1) CC/A-Rod, tie.
        2) Mo
        3) Jeter

  • paul

    Call them out…they should simply say, my bad..i was wrong…This team played as a team and did their thing…Looking forward to the 2010 talk once the celebrating is over…Congrats Yankees! Job well done! B Cashman—nice job!

  • danny

    this is one of the times i wish i didnt go away for college, hopefully i can come back for the parade!

  • Bob Stone

    I am just savoring this Championship. I retired at 2:20am and woke up and 5:20am. I’ve been reading the papers on line and watching and rewatching the YES and MLB post game shows.

    This is just SO great. I can’t wait for the parade and the chance to meet all the fantastic people/fans I’ve met here at RAB.

    Thanks again Mike, Ben and Joe for the great job you’ve done. It’s added so much to my enjoyment of this great Yankee season that I can’t put a number on it (After thinking about it for a minute . . . I think it’s multiplied my fun and enjoyment 27 times).

    • Obnoticus

      I went to bed at like 3 and got up at 6:30 to get to work… ON TIME! I think right now I’m still running on my adrenaline. Hopefully that’ll last me through the day.

      And yes, huge thanks to Mike, Ben, Joe and every one at RAB. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun following the Yankees through a season, and I’ve learned so much more about baseball just following everyone’s posts and comments.

      28 for 2010!

  • Mike HC

    Thanks for the great coverage this season guys!!! I loved reading and commenting on the site this year. It feels good to be champions again. I’m not sure how much you update the site over the off season but I’m sure I will still be checking in.

    Congrats again!!

  • Sal

    Rank the 5 core four championship teams.

    • T-Dubs

      1. 1998
      2. 2009
      3. 1996
      4. 2000
      5. 1999
      6. 2010

      • Hey Philly, Yankees ain’t the Rays


  • Lefty

    One of my comments from the season (or should I say off-season) was to trade Wang, and possibly see if we could get Peavy for Wang (and of course a few other lesser prospects), and yea, it still didn’t even sound like too bad of an idea on paper, it wouldn’t have been too smart considering what his contract would’ve been. Just thought I’d say what one of the acquisitions I pushed or.. Also I was one of the only people that STRONGLY (and I mean REALLY STRONGLY) was against trading away Cano and Melky(especially for Cameron)

  • Aaron – Long Island

    I got something like 2 hours of sleep, I’m totally strung out, I’m still shaking from excitement and I now have to go to work.

    However, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to the New York Yankees for ever being pessimistic about their chances.

    It seems silly now.

  • Tank Foster

    I can’t wait to see the stuff you drag up – including anything idiotic from me. I love things like this…

  • Jake H

    I think over the course of almost 180 games spanning months even the most diehard fan is going to make a stupid comment during the heat of a game or moment.

  • Stryker

    how about you bash olney on ESPN right now. not even 12 hours since we won it all and ESPN, etc. are bashing the yankees for spending. 12 HOURS! come onnnnnnn let us enjoy it for once!!

  • count crapulent

    Olney says b/c the Yankees won expect big changes in baseball in the next 32 days. Here we go with the “they bought it” stuff…they’ve had the highest payroll the last 9 years and no one said anything then…I hate these people.

    Yankees haters…with the Yankees since Babe Ruth.

    • Lefty

      Haters wanna hate… Ballers wanna ball… I don’t even want, none of the above I want to piss on you…

    • http://Youcan'tincreaseyourrange TLVP


      • count crapulent

        He said it on Sportscenter. apparently he’s supposed to “reveal” what it is at some time today.

  • Abe Levavi

    I don’t have to worry much since I barely ever comment. I do however read the site the second I get up in the morning and right before I go to sleep and just about 100 times in between every day.

    I am studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia and it really sucked that I had no one at hand to celebrate with. That being said, throughout the season I have followed the Yanks, waking up and watching just about every game on instead of going to class. I just wanted to say that the RAB really got me through the season, and I really don’t know how I followed the Yankees before the site’s existence. The quality of articles, chats and everything else on this site is unmatched on any sports blog I have ever read before. The same can be said for the commenting; I have read a few Yankee blogs over the years, and the commenting has been awful. On this site, I find that people have intelligent things to say and the discussion is really interesting and insightful.

    I just wanted to really thank Ben, Joe and Mike, as well as all the readers and commenters who contribute to the RAB community and make it the site that I enjoy reading most on the web.

    • JMK aka The Overshare

      +28. Huge props to Ben, Joe and Mike.

  • Sal

    Olney is from New Hampshire 100% of the people who live there are Red Sox fans. He broke the news of the Tex signing on ESPN NY Radio. You Could hear the bitter disapointment in his voice when he told Andrew Marchant that afternoon 2 days before XMAS.

    • Rick in Boston

      Sal, not everyone from NH is a Sox fan. In fact, after Connecticut, I’d say New Hampshire has the second largest Yankee fan base in New England. I went to college up there and a bunch of my friends from NH are Yankee fans.

      • Matt ACTY/BBD

        CT is such an interesting cross section/case study of the NY/MA sports divide.

        /something cool about my lame state

        • Tom Zig

          I went to college in CT, there really isn’t anything cool about CT. Especially the fact that you can’t buy beer after 9PM

    • Keanu Reeves

      No, Olney is from Vermont. (As am I).

      And about 90% of the people here are Sox fans, but he says he was a big Dodgers fan growing up. Just so you know.

      Don’t forget Olney spent time covering the Yankees before his ESPN days. I actually think he’s pretty fair to the Yanks, although I haven’t heard what he’s saying today.

      • Marcus

        Well, ever since he wrote “Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty” he’s wanted the Yankees to lose to prove the thesis of his book. I think he’s biased not because he hates the Yankees or is a Red Sox/Dodgers fans, but rather because of his professional stance and point of view.

        Plus, there’s his criticism of A-Rod this season when he came back from the hip injury. I’d love to see that quote flashed in front of his face on Sportscenter.

        • MikeD

          That’s one of the problems with B.O. Once he makes up his mind, he’s not man enough to admit he’s wrong and then he riducles those who disagree with his wrong opinions. He did it again with the new Yankee Stadium, referring to it as a joke; calling it Coors East; suggesting the Yankees should erect a chicken coop in right with wire mesh, or some crap like that; and harping on the wind tunnel. (You know, the wind tunnel in right that disappeared after the first few homestands, but B.O. still believes is there.)

          Fact is, the new Yankee Stadium (can we just start calling it Yankee Stadium now?) plays little differently, if at all, than the old park. Homer prone to right (*maybe* slightly more), yet decreases doubles and triples, and overall reduces offensive production slightly. Hardly Coors Field East. BO has gently tried to back track and reposition after he mocked the stat heads for suggesting he get a full season of data before making what could turn out to be uniformed comments, by suggesting that the HR-rate decreased after April because the Yankees have strike-out pitchers. Of course, park effects take that into account.

          The problem with BO is he tries to appear to be a professional reporter, yet he then shows himself to be no better than a tabloid reporter.

  • Matt ACTY/BBD

    So if we’re calling out dumb comments, does that mean every Bill Madden and John Harper column gets shat on?

    • JMK aka The Overshare

      You forgot Ken Rosenthal.

      • Matt ACTY/BBD

        Now who’s got no juice, sucka?

      • Hey Philly, Yankees ain’t the Rays

        how about Howard Bryant? He was declaring it 2004 all over again after each and every Yankee loss. Good thing there were only 4 of those.

  • JMK aka The Overshare

    I say ridiculously stupid things with tremendous frequency on this blog. That said, little of it relates to baseball. I’m in the clear, right? Right?

    • Bob Stone

      Probably not.

  • Nady Nation

    I’m on 3 hours of sleep sitting at my desk, and I feel like I’ve gotten about 12. Feels so great to be back on top.

  • Marsha

    How many days until pitchers and catchers report? C’mon RAB, get that stat up there.

  • ansky

    2 hours of sleep and my feet still havent touched the ground! Man, I wish I could be there for the parade.

  • mustang

    “If you posted something ridiculously stupid during the season, expect to be called out for it tomorrow”

    Could we please have a thread just for this forget the season the playoffs alone.

    • mustang

      I have something from the playoffs, but I really don’t know which thread to put it in now that the Championship thread is closed. Could there be a second one or something?

  • Pete

    Does, “I am finally getting sleeply” make the list…? ;-)

  • Dan

    Here some after party video from last night outside the stadium. The crowd was great! Sorry, not up on Youtube yet. Hopefully it works.

  • Pete

    I’ll tell you what’s now on my wish list – a commemorative championship Blu-Ray 2009 season retrospective that shows ALL the walkoffs as well as the playoffs and WS.

    The Curse of the DVD is broken, ladies and gentlemen!

  • Accent Shallow

    I’m looking forward to a listing of dumb comments — not from a calling out perspective, but for sheer hilarity.

    • mustang

      They started last night right into this morning I must have heard the words ” Yankees payroll” about 20 times already.
      From the Sportcenter opening dialogue last night to the FAN and 1050 this morning I’m sure it will go on until spring.

      • mustang

        My bag misread I thought you meant dumb ass media comments.

      • Pete

        There definitely should be an article up today about the whole payroll thing. I’ve got XM Home Plate in my ear as I work today, and EVERY OTHER call is bringing it up.

        Same people who called up and laugh when we didn’t make the playoffs last year with practically the same salary.

        Damned if we do…

  • jsbrendog

    oh i know i did hahahaha and i can;t wait to see what it was hahahaha

    • jsbrendog

      itll be like a RAB roast ha

  • Tubby
    • Pete

      That’s awesome.

    • Matt ACTY/BBD

      George Costanza: You’re Batman.
      Cosmo Kramer: Yeah, yeah, I am Batman. Then the mugger, he comes to and he starts choking me. So I’m fighting him off with one hand and I kept driving the bus with the other, ya know. Then I managed to open up the door and I kicked him out the door, ya know, with my foot, ya know, at the next stop.
      Jerry: You kept making all the stops?
      Cosmo Kramer: Well, people kept ringing the bell!

    • mustang

      That’s being a great person.

    • Doug

      Jeff: Batman.
      Abed: Yeah.
      Jeff: Are you staying for the party?
      Abed: If I stay, there can be no party. I must be out there in the night, staying vigilant. Wherever a party needs to be saved, I’m there.

      Wherever there are masks, or there’s tomfoolery and joy, I’m there. But sometimes I’m not, ’cause I’m out in the night, staying vigilant. Watching. Lurking. Running. Jumping. Hurdling. Sleeping.

      No, I can’t sleep. I don’t sleep. You sleep. I’m awake. I don’t sleep. I don’t blink. Am I a bird? No. I’m a bat. I am Batman … or am I? Yes, I am Batman.

  • TurnTwo

    i know this is prob coming in another post, but wanted to throw it out just in case maybe i missed something, too.

    is RAB planning on setting up a meeting place for the parade tomorrow on the route? or at a bar in NY? any plans like that?

    • Bob Stone

      Mike said early this morning that he would address it sometime today.

  • Matt ACTY/BBD

    So, when’s Olney gonna man up about he and his “anonymous scouts” being wrong?

    • MikeD


  • Colin

    How big is Cody Ransom’s playoff share? And I wanna see Angel with his ring

  • pete c.

    relax everyone only 14 weeks till pitchers report

  • CapitalT

    Where was Cashman all night. I didn’t see him during the trophy ceremony or interviews afterwards. Anything to worry about?

    • count crapulent

      He’s going to be on ESPN in a few minutes.

    • CapitalT

      Finally saw a quote from Cash so ignore the question

    • Pete

      Worry? Yeah, the Yanks just fired the GM right after the game because we didn’t win in 4.

    • Bob Stone

      He was in the locker room spraying champagne on Swisher and getting the favor returned, then he was interviewed by MLB TV.

  • Rockdog

    I read RAB daily, even though I do not comment a lot. Congratulations to all. For me, the comments and articles on RAB added a ton to my enjoyment of the Yankees. Looking forward to all of the offseason stuff, and thanks to Ben, Joe and Mike (and all of the regulars) for all of their time and effort. Enjoy #27 all!!!

  • Lanny

    Marte coming up aces is probably the biggest shock of it all. For a guy who looked absolutely awful all yr. They even kept him on ice in Tampa because he wasnt good. Got to give the guy credit.

  • miketotheg

    we WON!!

    Let’s have a post for the people who made accurate predictions. people who stuck with pettitte when the going was rough. who thought robertson had potential. who last year wanted the yankees to get a defensive-minded first baseman.

    just sayin.
    we WON!!!

    where’s the party??