Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 World Champions

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  1. vin says:


    Great performance.

  2. Alexander Judka says:


  3. Jackson says:

    What a great year.

  4. Voice of Reason says:

    It just feels right.

  5. TheZack says:

    Best. Season. Ever!

  6. Infamous Richards says:

    27 baby!!!!!

  7. Jim says:


  8. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Matsui did what I hoped. He went off with a bang….until that new contract.

  9. Lucas A. says:


    • NYTraveller says:

      With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
      He pulls the spitting high tension wires down, Godzilla!

      Helpless people on subway trains
      Scream BUG-EYED as he looks in on them, Godzilla!

      He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
      As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town, Godzilla

      Oh no, they say he’s got to go
      Go go Godzilla, yeah
      Oh no, there goes Tokyo
      Go go Godzilla, yeah

      Oh no, they say he’s got to go
      Go go Godzilla, yeah
      Oh no, there goes Tokyo
      Go go Godzilla, yeah

      Rinji news o moshiagemasu!
      Rinji news o moshiagemasu!
      Godzilla ga Ginza hoomen e mukatte imasu!
      Daishkyu hinan shite kudasai!
      Daishkyu hinan shite kudasai!
      (Attention, emergency news!
      Attention, emergency news!
      Godzilla is going toward the Ginza area!
      Immediately escape, catch up, find shelter please!
      Immediately escape, catch up, find shelter please!)

      Oh no, they say he’s got to go
      Go go Godzilla, yeah
      Oh no, there goes Tokyo
      Go go Godzilla, yeah

      History shows again and again
      How nature points up the folly of men

  10. pete says:

    confidence level: 28

    i think it’s time for another brian cashman appreciation thread.

  11. DFD says:

    when is the parade???

  12. Mike Nitabach says:

    MATSUI-MVP!!!!! The Hungry Spot is going fucking WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Bryan says:

    Ballgame over!!! World Series over!!! the yankees win thaaaaaaa yankeeeessssss wiiiiiiiiiin!!! 27 BABY!!!!!

  14. BigBlueAL says:

    1st championship won with RAB around!! Just wanna thank all you guys for making this a real fun season and congrats to all of us!!!! oh and the Yankees too!!!!

  15. Hey Philly, Yankees ain't the Rays says:

    Nady sighting!

  16. Tampa Yankee says:

    This proves that Eric Hinske just wins baseball games

  17. scooter says:

    Guys – thanks SO much to all of you for sharing all this. This is so good… and Andy with the clutch performance… Mo doing it again… and Matsui with an unreal evening

  18. Voice of Reason says:

    Breaking: Matsui is MVP

  19. NYFan50 says:

    Was it just me, or did the team all center around A-Rod during that celebration? Looks like he ran towards the mound and they all ran out to him and put him in the middle of the scrum.

  20. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Damn that’s true. Who else won a ring with the Red Sox and Yanks? Besides Babe?

  21. Salty Buggah says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. NYTraveller says:

    11:45 PM November 4, 2009

    The world has returned to its proper axis and all is as it should be.

    Thank you Yankees for a great ride and death (figuratively) to the unbelievers.

  23. I love this fucking team. I have tears in my eyes right now. What a fantastic fucking year.

  24. baka nakamura says:


    congrats guys. great season!

  25. ansky says:



  26. yankees=warriors says:

    AJ with another pie, haha!

  27. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Start of a new Dynasty!
    Resign Damon and Matsui! They’ve earned it.

  28. Jordan says:

    I Enjoy This Thread.

  29. Salty Buggah says:

    “Red Sox Nation? What a bunch of shit that is. … This is a Yankee country. We’re going to put the Yankees back on top and restore the universe to order.” – Hank Steinbrenner

    Order is restored Hank. This is our universe!

  30. The Evil Empire says:

    How bad ass would it be if Joe’s new jersey changes and he comes out with a 28 during the press conference

  31. Mike Pop says:

    World fucking Champs.

  32. gxpanos says:

    What a year.

    What a year.

    What a year.

    This one is the best of the 5 I remember.

    What a year.

  33. Jake H says:

    It feels so good. I just can’t believe it.

  34. Matt M. says:

    I want the Good Lord for making me a Yankee fan

  35. Mark B says:

    We did it baby, the core four got us one more!

  36. vin says:

    Scott Brosius coming through for us again!

  37. BigBlueAL says:

    Darth Vader’s latest tweet:

    “All too easy.”

    Fuckin love it!!

  38. Reggie C. says:

    2009 World Champions !!

    Time for the perqs to kick in. Aroldis Chapman, we’re looking at you kid!

  39. dkidd says:

    worth the wait

    so happy for matsui and alex

    love posada’s reaction after the final out

  40. What an incredible year.

  41. JobaWockeeZ says:

    What a year to start reading the best Yankee blog in the world.

  42. nathan says:



    New Home New Champs New Dynasty

  43. Salty Buggah says:

    Alex Rodriguez: World Series champion

    Has a good ring to it!

    Mark Teixeira & CC Sabathia: World Series champions

    Also a good ring!

  44. Will says:

    “Yankees buy Series” articles in t-minus 3… 2… 1…

  45. Souter Fell says:

    Thank you Yankees and thank you RAB. Great season. Well done.

  46. dkidd says:

    one for the thumb

    wonder if george is watching

  47. AdamParker says:

    This year was satisfying. :)

  48. Mike Axisa says:

    Mark Teixeira breaking out the God reference.

  49. Alan says:

    What a year. Can we now please put to rest any question of whether A-Rod is a “real Yankee”?

    On to #28!

  50. vin says:

    Yeah… this ballpark will do.

    Way to break it in, boys.

  51. Arman Tamzarian says:

    Hank Sighting!!!

  52. Voice of Reason says:

    (Thats my microphone you bastard!)

  53. Frank1979 says:

    They’re gonna drag John Kruk off the set of Baseball Tonight wearing a Phillies uniform, helmet and all, ala Kareem Abdul Jabaar in Airplane!


  54. mvg says:

    It feels weird not seeing George right now…


  56. yankees=warriors says:

    Ah, how touching!

  57. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Just rushed home from the Knicks (eh) game to see the last 6 outs, on my way I got to see the outside of Citi Field and the Blimp over Yankee Stadium, today was a fine ass day indeed.

  58. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Any chance Hank speaks?

  59. ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

    Where’s Bruney with the bubbly?

  60. Reggie C. says:

    Hal Steinbrenner … Born to steward this ship to many more championships!

  61. scooter says:

    One for the Boss
    Hal is very emotional up there

  62. Mike Pop says:

    I love this team so fucking much.

    Holy shit guys.

    I love you all too!

    RAB is da bomb yo!

    Yankees <3

  63. Salty Buggah says:

    I really wish I could go to the parade on Friday. It better be on TV or on the internet.

  64. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Howard Dean? Is that you?

  65. How good must it feel for Joe to hold that thing?

  66. Evil Empire says:


  67. Sam P. says:

    Never lost a world series ending in 9!

  68. Mike Pop says:

    Girardi is the boss! Holy shit!

  69. Mister Delaware says:

    Wonderful season, guys. Was a pleasure.

  70. China Joe says:

    Who’s better: Bonds or A-Rod? The numbers speak for themselves:

    Championships – A-Rod: 1, Bonds: 0
    Portraits of himself as a centaur – A-Rod: 2, Bonds: 0


  71. Will says:

    This Matsui interview will definitely be terribly awkward.

  72. Salty Buggah says:

    Girardi should just yell our “FUCK YEAH”

  73. Brian says:


  74. mustang says:

    Congrats New York Yankees and to all of you here for fighting, arguing and bitching are way all the way to a Championship.

    Enjoy it this why we are YANKEES FANS.

  75. Salty Buggah says:


  76. crapula says:

    Japan must be going crazy.

  77. Salty Buggah says:

    Japan just went collectively crazy.

  78. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Matsui-chu, MVP choose you!

  79. Congrats to Godzilla!

  80. Arman Tamzarian says:

    Matsui MVP, I approve very very much

  81. ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

    MVP!!! MVP!!!

  82. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Matsui single-handedly just brought Japan out of a recession.

  83. NYFan50 says:

    Anyone want to doubt that Tokyo is going just about as crazy as NY is right now?

  84. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    The first World Series MVP that needs a translator.

    I fucking love it.

  85. Jackson says:

    I wonder whats happening at the Hungry Spot right now.

  86. JeffB says:

    Thank you Mr. Stienbreners!!

  87. AJ says:

    What a wonderful year. I think the first time I thought this was a World Series team was in the second half when they went on that tear. It was a great job by every player this year, and this team overcame three players not hitting in the World Series to win.

    What a great win, what a great series, what a great team!


  88. Diminuitiveness: Bloomberg has it.

  89. Evan says:

    I’m so happy. I can’t believe it. :D

  90. ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

    “…and I definately want to thank the adult-film industry for making all this possible.”

  91. Salty Buggah says:

    A-Rod mothafuckas!!!!!

  92. Awesomeness: Alex has it.

  93. Evil Empire says:

    If this is Matsui’s last game as a Yankee, it was quite a swan song.

  94. mustang says:

    Kate Hudson for Co- MVP

  95. Kiersten says:

    Best city. Best team. Best Everything.


  96. Salty Buggah says:

    We gonna PARTY!!!!!!

  97. Bryan says:

    party time A-Rod!

  98. JobaWockeeZ says:

    LOL A-Rod!
    And resign Matusi! Can’t stress it enough.

  99. ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

    A-Rod looks so loosey-goosey up there.

  100. ansky says:

    I love this team!

  101. Jake H says:

    crowd picking up emotionally.

  102. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    I hope they interview Jimmy Rollins. No way that wouldn’t be funny. There’s just no way.

  103. JeffB says:

    Shots all around!!!

  104. Dela G says:

    FUCK YES!!

    FUCK YES!!

  105. JeffB says:


  106. Mike Axisa says:

    My Mo, the clubhouse is so big, it looked like they were going to celebrate in the Bellagio Multi-Purpose Room B.

  107. Arman Tamzarian says:


  108. whozat says:

    All I know is that every decision Joe Girardi made was wrong.

  109. AndrewYF says:

    This picture makes me so happy.

  110. Tampa Yankee says:

    “We’re going to party!” = “We’re going pussytubing!”

  111. TomG says:

    What a season, and what a series.
    We’ll be telling my grand kids about this one.

  112. pete says:

    baha a-rod’s such a goofy/awkward public speaker.

  113. Mike Pop says:

    Everything about this team I love.

  114. Mike Axisa says:

    Amazing that they were able to win the World Series without the benefit of starting Chad Gaudin.

  115. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Oh A-Rod btw, don’t cheat on Kate Hudson. We want your clutchiness back for 2010, 2011, and later.

  116. DreDog says:

    I want to thank the good lord for making me a Yankee fan!

  117. Salty Buggah says:

    This still hasn’t sunk in yet.

  118. Arman Tamzarian says:

    I want to hear from the Melk Man

  119. Riddering says:

    Hahaha. Jeter calling Rollins out. I love it.

  120. Salty Buggah says:

    Did Jeter just take a shot at Rollins with the predictions thing

  121. Mike says:

    Did Jeter just take a shot a Rollins?

  122. Jake H says:

    5 more years for MO!

  123. mvg says:

    Please, oh please, Mo, stay another five years.

  124. Hey Philly, Yankees ain't the Rays says:


  125. Mike Pop says:

    lol @ Posada just ignoring the question.

  126. whozat says:

    These are the stupidest questions I’ve ever heard.

  127. Will says:

    Haha. “I was thinking of retiring…” HEART ATTACK “…but I think I’ll play 5 more years”

  128. Av12971 says:

    The economy sucks, the world’s beyond messed up, and yet I have reason to smile. Praise Mo.

  129. Bushido216 says:

    Remember when Manuel said Pettite was losing his stuff?

  130. Sam P. says:

    Man, how horrible is Chris Myers on the podium? You can tell Jeter doesn’t really care for his poor attempts at jokes.

  131. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Interview Rollins. Now.

  132. Salty Buggah says:

    Did Manuel just cry?

  133. Av12971 says:

    The economy sucks, the world’s beyond messed up, and yet I have reason to smile. Praise Mo. 27. It’s a beautiful number.

  134. whozat says:

    Just once, I’d like to see a guy answer all these idiotic questions with the sarcasm and ridicule they so richly deserve.

  135. DontChaKnow says:

    I just need 2 things now……to Hear the Sterling Call and to watch that fucker Kruck cry on TV………….2009 Champs Mother Fucker!!!

  136. For Lack of a More Creative Name.. Alex says:


  137. Salty Buggah says:

    Can’t WAIT to hear Sterling’s calls.

  138. Pasqua says:

    What a pleasure this season was to experience. And, to so many of you here, thanks for helping to keep me (and other like me) sane and focused on the amazing things that this team accomplished. Who would’ve thought it in April, but, looks like I picked the right year to start reading RAB!

  139. Greg G. says:

    I just wanted to pop in here to say, I love everyone of you.

    /crying tears of joy

  140. whozat says:

    Brett’s wife/girlfriend/sister/whatever is pretty bangin’

  141. Salty Buggah says:

    Ah, that’s cute. A-Rod is carrying that trophy all the way.

  142. Jackson says:

    Why was there a Mark Sanchez jersey hanging behind Charlie Manuel. And is was that Brett Gardners wife? Well done.

  143. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Ozzie is a man. He admitted he was wrong.

  144. AJ says:

    Hey Krukie, where are your excuses now?

    “Well the Phillies weren’t hitting…They’re pitching couldn’t do it…Ryan Howard was in a slump…”

    Keep on flapping those fat gums. There’s no way you can take this away from us. The Yankees are 2009 Champions. Eat on that, bitch.

  145. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Remember the good old days when the Yanks were fucked and needed Halladay to win? Or when they lost 2 straight to the Nats, or losing game 1 of the season?

  146. Marsha says:


  147. Stryker says:

    what an incredible fucking year. thanks to everyone at RAB (readers and authors alike). it feels so fucking good to share this with everyone!

  148. gxpanos says:

    I love that in like, a week, we’ll all be wondering about Chapman and Holliday and Johnny and Matsui…gotta get on the horse for 28 in ’10. So no need to sign off.

    How about Ben, Joe, and Mike’s year, though?

    Not every team has a place like this; thank you guys for it.

  149. crapula says:

    Have they put Hank in a home?

  150. whozat says:

    Joe Buck sounds totally deflated.

  151. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Hey Kruk, where is your sandwich God now?

  152. Mike Axisa says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the great season here. You all are a big part of what we do here and why we do it. Trust me, it’s not easy, but you make it so rewarding. I’m speaking not just myself, but for Ben and Joe as well when I say thanks.

    Hope to see you at the parade!

  153. Salty Buggah says:

    I’m not sleeping tonight. Too excited.

  154. Arman Tamzarian says:

    Has anyone heard Sterling’s call yet?

  155. Riddering says:

    Yo, Cashman, where are you now? This is the time to let it all hang out!

  156. Greg G. says:

    Good Mo, I turn on ESPN for two seconds, and Kruk is calling Joba’s season a “failure”.

  157. NYQ says:

    WOW what a great ride.
    Now lets do it all over again!

  158. crapula says:

    Andy Pettitte says incentives? I eat incentives for breakfast.

  159. JackC says:

    You know what’s fun to think about? 0 – 8 against Boston.

  160. Salty Buggah says:

    Damn, where’s the champagne celebration?

  161. BklynJT says:

    Everyone one of Cashman’s moves came through this year. Even Marte!

  162. Girardi out to the mound says:

    The curse of the Bambino: 86 years

    The curse of MT: 7 months

    • NYTraveller says:

      The day that asshole John Henry had the fucking monumental let-me-fuck-with-100-years-of-Red-Sux-fate idiotic balls to tweet about Tex was the day I was sure we were going to crush those chowder fucks like the bugs they are and get #27 to restore balance to the universe.

      Mystique and Aura are back and they don’t give no lap dances to non-Yankees

  163. Randy A. says:

    Amazing season. Thank you Mike, Ben, and Joe for making it enjoyable. Great work this season RAB.

  164. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    This is a great feeling right now just got back from a bar were they were giving the game wow its a great feeling to be a yankeefannnnnn

  165. ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

    Cole Hamels’s wish finally comes true.

  166. Derby says:


  167. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    Does anyone know if the parade is tomorrow or Friday ?

  168. EB says:

    I have nobody to share this with but RAB.

    Well done everyone, from Melbourne, Australia


  169. Salty Buggah says:

    Everyone needs to get pied at the same time

  170. scooter says:

    Sterling: Parade kicks off at 11 Friday morning, with the stage at City Hall

    I’m tempted to do the 4 hour drive tomorrow night just for this

  171. ansky says:

    most funnest season ever! Great job RAB! Great job posters and great job Yankees!!!! I might just shell out the dough and catch a redeye to NY for the parade!!!

  172. Paul’s combination of a tiny head and broad shoulders makes him look like one of the bad guys from that awful Mario Bros. movie.

  173. Simon B. says:

    Turn the confidence meter up to 11.

  174. Willy says:

    Wow! Everyone’s saying it’s impressive that Matsui won the MVP with so few at bats, but he could have had 13 more at bats and gone 0-fer and still hit over .300 and had sick stats.

    • whozat says:

      sure, but he basically had four games worth of ABs, so the counting stats are that much more impressive.

  175. scooter says:

    Suzyn’s interviewing Hank

    Said this was more emotional for his dad than the other ones

  176. Arman Tamzarian says:

    I want to hear a bit from CC, is there anywhere to follow the celebration now that fox is off?

  177. McCaff says:

    We did it, yo!

  178. E-ROC says:

    You can’t win a World Series with 35 year old shortstop……..oh wait.

  179. Charlie says:

    fucking awesome game. awesome series, awesome postseason, awesome season as a whole. in a way though it still hasn’t fully hit me that the yanks just won the world series

  180. Colombo says:

    I hate that the yankee season is over, but goddamn do i love how it ended!!!!


  181. JackISBACK says:

    WHOOOO, Champions of Baseball. Team of the Year, Team of the Decade, Most successful franchise of the century.

  182. Justin R. says:

    fuck yes!!! Andy was Dandy! Mo was Great! Godzilla was dominant! #27~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. Tom Zig says:

    The Paul O’Neill Theory is true afterall

  184. whozat says:

    That Joe’s wife?

  185. Joe Girardi’s wife looks eerily like… Joe Girardi.

  186. YankeeScribe says:

    Of all the Yankee WS wins, this has been the most satisfying for me

  187. Joseph D says:

    How will Andy be able to attend the parade on only 1 day rest?

  188. Greg G. says:

    And a h/t to Damaso Marte. Damn fine job.

  189. boychick says:

    Fuck Yeah!!

    Damn this feels great!

  190. Hal just told Michael to STFU.

  191. chuck says:

    pissed i have not seen one shot of the clubhouse, living outside NY and not having YES blows!

  192. Tatedoog says:


  193. Keanu Reeves says:

    I love this team. Every god damn one of them. What a ride baby.

  194. Aaron - Long Island says:

    Anyone else listening to Sinatra on repeat?

  195. bonestock94 says:


    It’s been a hell of a season guys, and as my first season following this site it definitely enriched the experience! It will make the offseason more bearable.

  196. Salty Buggah says:

    Mike, can I get the link to that banner you had up earlier?

  197. Chris says:

    So does this mean that Mussina has officially taken over for Mattingly as the biggest jinx in Yankeeland?

  198. MikeD says:

    I’m late to the party here as I just got home, but congratulations to our team on #27. What a season.

  199. smb364 says:

    honestly one of the best TEAMS i’ve ever followed. congrats to joe, derek, mo, and all the guys who came up big.

    also, thanks to all the guys on this site for a season of incredible insights, its been a pleasure to follow along.

  200. Cam says:

    Can’t freakin’ believe it! Thanks for being there the whole way. And where did you get that picture so fast?

  201. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Or the book about A-Rod and the Yankee years?
    Damn this went by sooo fast. While the offseason will feel so long…

  202. charlespoet says:

    For those who can make it I would love to have pictures sent to me of the parade. LIving in Colorado I cannot make it.

    send them to

    WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!! Calling in sick tomorrow.

  203. Doug says:

    Awww, CC III.

  204. Jackson says:

    Kim Jones giving Hughes a little pep talk, I like it.

  205. Ray says:

    Sterling is replaying his calls on the radio right now

  206. The awkward man-hug between Nails and Tex in the middle of that picture cracks me up way too much.

  207. TJ says:

    Congrats Yankees!

    Now to begin my entire off-season celebration.

  208. Peedlum says:

    Just wanna say thanks to everyone at RAB. I found this site this year, which has been a tough one for me and a lot of other people, while living in LA and its been the best forum for intelligent discussion on baseball. Even at the bar with a Phillies fan I was wondering about what was going on at RAB when the 27th out for the 27th title happened.

    Girardi’s new number next year–36. yeah. that’s right. thirty-f—ing-six.

  209. Jay says:

    So when do pitchers and catchers report?

    • Jackson says:

      14 short weeks. It’s almost baseball season again.

      • Evil Empire says:

        We still got the GM winter meetings and the hot stove league to enjoy!

        Baseball never quits, but #27 makes everything even more enjoyable. Can’t wait to see a new dynasty be born.

  210. charlespoet says:

    My year is complete… Trip to the motherland Greece, Yankees winning it all…. FUCK YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  211. David A says:

    Poor moose ><

  212. yanks33 says:

    There are times during the year when I wished I could be a casual fan so that I wouldn’t live and die over every game – THIS MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT!!!

  213. nathan says:

    Did u guys watch the champagne dousing.. didnt get it here

    where was Cashman

  214. Al from BX says:

    Awwwwwwwww yeahhhh World Champions I love this team. I started reading RAB since Spring Training and should keep reading RAB for all eternity.

  215. Tom Zig says:

    Awesome part about this win is that the 2009 Phillies are a better team than the 2008 Phillies.

  216. I love how Mo said “Minnesota” and “Philadelphia” but said “Angels” instead of “Los Angeles of Anaheim of California of the West Coast of the Pacific Time Zone…”

  217. Joey says:

    Let’s go pussytubing! And steaks and blowjobs for all!

  218. Brian says:

    This is absolutely amazing! I don’t even feel like I’m in reality right now! Thank you Yankees!

  219. Dorian says:

    Hey guys, the Yankees won the world series

  220. Rose says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen…let me introduce to you…

    Professor Clinch…Andy Pettitte

  221. Okay, let’s be honest, once this season got into the swing of things…who the fuck thought that this team wouldn’t win it all?

  222. Reggie C. says:

    Eye goggle makers should pay the Yanks for this kind of media coverage these goggles are getting.

  223. Salty Buggah says:

    Haha, Girardi got pied.

  224. Bob Stone says:

    Where’s Rebecca, Optimist Prime tonight?

  225. danny says:

    i still cant believe, world fucken champs!!

  226. The Iron Horse says:

    All our hard work did it. Hand shakes all around!

  227. whozat says:

    Isn’t Lanny going to come by and bitch about the hangover that CC and AJ are going to have next season? Where is that guy?

  228. Joey says:

    Alright, whoever is good with computers/photoshop/whatever, I need a new Yankees #27 background for my comp! Kthxbye

  229. Bob Stone says:

    So much for all the experts, including ESPN guys and Fatcessa in tlakinig up Girardi’s mistake in not using Gaudin and running AJ and Pettite out there on three days rest each.

    • BklynJT says:

      Fuk those haters! We are the champions. Those douches can sit behind their cameras and flip their mouths off all they want, they cant take this away from us.

  230. Evil Empire says:

    MAN. Good thing we dug up Ortiz’s jersey.

  231. Michael Kay says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is having a great night and get to watch the parade on Friday!

    Oh and anyone else have their championship gear order cancelled?!

    • BklynJT says:

      Hmm, I was going to order some, but waiting for some nicer shit to come out. I’m lookin at some of the hoodies.

      • Michael Kay says:

        yeah I bought a hoodie, I used paypal which just draws from my bank account, but I got an email 20 minutes later saying it was cancelled because of a problem with my credit card….wondered if they got overloaded or something

  232. Peedlum says:

    charlie manuel is grady little in disguise.

  233. Bob Stone says:

    Mike – Organize a RAB get together at or before or after the parade and I’ll be there.

  234. theriverdog says:



  235. Obnoticus says:

    I”m gonna walk into work tomorrow in a complete daze. There’s no freakin’ way I’ll be able to sleep tonight. WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  236. lg says:

    Mike, Joe, and Ben…you guys ROCK! Thanks for your amazing blog, it’s truly a gift to us fans! What an amazing year!!!

  237. Esteban says:

    Joe Girardi, for all his faults, looks pretty good right now.

  238. donttradecano says:

    just back from modells. it was awesome riding through the season with you guys.

  239. MJ says:

    Congratulations guys! Technically it only took us $1,626,786,831 to “win one again.”

    2009- 208,097 414, 2008- 209,081,579, 2007- 195,29,045, 2006- 194,663,079, 2005- 208,306,817, 2004- 187,918,394, 2003- 169,588,508, 2002- 138,43,649, 2001- 115,478,346


  240. Jersey says:

    Can we get a fan confidence poll?

    RAB FTmuthafuckinW

  241. BklynJT says:

    Get your Yankee gear ready boys!!!! Time to represents hard!

  242. Doug says:

    Mo just strides into the BBTN desk all “heyyyyy guys” and conducts the interview resting his elbow on Dave Winfield’s shoulder. P-I-M-P.

    Jesus, Dave Winfield sitting down is almost as tall as Mariano standing.

    • Bob Stone says:

      Winfield had offers to be an NBA power forward. He’s huge.

    • Hey, Peter. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaats happening…

      Listen, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and just push your desk as far back in that corner as possible, mmmkay? We got some boxes of Yankees championship paraphernalia we’re gonna need to store in here, so if you could just get on that that would be super.

      Thanks a bunch, Gammons.

      (sips coffee, walks away)

  243. Mister Delaware says:

    Of course Boston Pete brings up Arizona to Mariano. He should just wear a jersey. A jersey that says “we haven’t won since 2007″. F Boston.

    • Zack says:

      And Chris Rose asks Matsui about his contract and being a FA in the middle of teh field getting his WS MVP Award.

  244. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Gammons looking so uncomfortable

  245. Dela G says:

    i just bought the championship shirt and hoodie

    use the promocode EXTRABASES for 20 percent off

    it actually worked!

  246. vic says:

    Where can i find a Jimmy Rollins quote “after” the game..

  247. danny says:

    feel better mo!!

  248. Marc says:

    thank you so much for keeping this site up everyday guys. it’s the one place i go to day in and day out and the first place i go to for yanks news. congrats everyone, it’s been a long season and we were all there from marte’s “have you seen this man” to world champions.

  249. Frank1979 says:

    We play today…

  250. NYFan50 says:

    Wow, Rivera says he was injured? He said something about injury and his ribs. I guess that heating pad wasn’t because it was cold outside….

  251. Bob Stone says:

    And the losing pitcher tonight was . . . . drum roll . . . PEDRO! Makes it even sweeter!

  252. whozat says:

    heh. The end of Dave Cameron’s WS post on fangraphs:

    4. Mariano Rivera is incredible. I know he’s 40, but he’s better now than he’s ever been. When we talk about how fungible relief pitchers are, we mean all of them except for him. He’s amazing.

  253. Accent Shallow says:

    Gentlemen, ladies, it’s been a pleasure.


  254. Joker, The says:


  255. baka nakamura says:


  256. baka nakamura says:

    3 man rotation now briliant!

  257. Will this stop all the goddamn Torre comps? I hope so.

  258. Bob Stone says:

    Chamberlain just looked drunk as a skunk when he came up to Damon during his interview – saying I love you and pouring a Bud Light on his head , rubbing it in, and puoring the rest of the can down the back of his shirt – All on YES network. Right after that the press was tossed from the clubhouse.

  259. Sean C says:

    This is the perfect ending to a season that has been a supreme pleasure to watch.

  260. theyankeewarrior says:




  261. Ray Fuego says:

    Jesus freaking montero will lead us to another one

  262. Mike-centaur says:

    Long time reader (as well as lurker) but first time commenter. I want to thank you guys for having the best site ever. It’s been a pleasure to read you each and every morning.

    • Frank1979 says:

      I want to second that…long time reader, not too often commenter… excellent job all year long, thank you Ben, Mike and Joe for running a great site. And with that being said I would love to meet up with everyone at the Canyon of Heroes. TWENTY – SEVEN!!!

      • Al from BX says:

        (copies and pastes Frank1979′s comment)

        I want to second that…long time reader, not too often commenter… excellent job all year long, thank you Ben, Mike and Joe for running a great site. And with that being said I would love to meet up with everyone at the Canyon of Heroes. TWENTY – SEVEN!!!

    • Marcus says:

      You must have been stuck on A-Rod’s ceiling this whole time.

    • Sean C says:

      This site has helped me enjoy Yankee baseball on a whole new level all season. RAB is my favorite place to get news and entertaining pieces about my favorite team. I’ll keep coming back several times every day as long as it exists.

  263. Salty Buggah says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!

    /still pumped and will be for at least another year

    • Jersey says:

      At LEAST.

      I still get excited over the Giants’ Super Bowl win.

      Shoot, I still get excited over the ’99 Series.

  264. Matt Mc says:

    Completely random, but I just caught this after several spins on the DVR. Kim Jones, asks Damon basically do you want to be back next year? In his reply he says, ‘well I’m sure I’ll be having some compensa… conversations with with Cashman in the upcoming weeks.” Is it a Freudian slip when your mind involuntarily slips into thought about all the extra millions of dollars you just earned yourself?

  265. Moshe Mandel says:

    It just feels right, doesn’t it?

    Also, I have to add, I’ve spent 6 long years defending A-Rod to every idiot Yankee fan. Seeing him clutch the trophy is quite gratifying.

  266. Esteban says:

    It’s amazing, before tonight, the last time the Yankees won the World Series, I thought the only stats you needed were BA/HR/RBI

  267. Brian Ewart says:

    Best team I’ve seen since 1998. They absolutely beat the best to get this and every single one of them deserved this win.

    I loved seeing Mariano Rivera come in and finish this one. He’s been a champion his entire career and he is undeniably one of the best of all time.

  268. nirzhor says:

    sorry if i am saying this too late but thanks for a great year following the yankees RAB

  269. crapula says:

    Remember when we were so bad Nick Swisher was pitching?

  270. crapula says:

    Remember when Red Sox fans said (about our 26 championships): yeah but what have you done for me lately?

    • Bob Stone says:

      The Yankees just replaced the Red Sox as team of the decade (2000-2009) with 4 World Series appearances, 2 WS Championships to 2 appearances and 2 wins.

  271. Esteban says:

    And as always, Halosheaven is staying classy, still insinuating a conspiracy for the Yankees to win

  272. Marcus says:

    Man you’d think that after just winning a World Series, Derek Jeter would be able to contain his hatred for A-Rod:


  273. Rey22 says:

    Absolutely epic memorable year!!


  274. Bob Stone says:

    600 comments in one thread. I’ve never seen that here at RAB before. Is that a record?

  275. Alan says:

    Welp, I ordered my hoodie. Couldn’t bring myself to get a WS hat, they look tacky. Gotta stick to the on the field caps.

    Confidence level: 28

  276. Marc says:

    :*( No more baseball til March… YANKEES WIN BABY!! #27!!


  277. Rob says:

    i have lived and died with youa all this year… congrats. i love you all!!

  278. Frigidevil says:

    What a great night, spent a half hour being yelled at by losers in their dorms while I celebrated with the only other 5 Yankee fans brave enough to show their faces in UMass. I’m surprised nobody’s managed to post this, but I’ve been listening to it for hours now, never gets old.

    • Frigidevil says:

      And I’m so happy RAB has become part of my routine, you guys are just awesome.

    • Esteban says:

      O man, I just graduated from Tufts and I kinda wish I was there to enjoy shoving in Red Sox fans’ faces like they did when the Sox won in ’07.

    • Andrew Smith says:

      You’re at UMass? Same…. diehard here. Had to put up with a Sox WS in my freshman year, but this makes up for all of that.

  279. ShuutoHeat says:

    Man, what a night.
    Phone calls left and right during the game and TONS of calls after the game. Was extremely happy to see Matsui’s performance.

    It has been a great year and now that the season is over…I don’t know what to do. I’m completely lost. RAB has been one of the few sites I’ve visit every day.

    Props to Mike Ben Joe for great work here and all the fellow posters that keep this place so lively (and funny). Let’s also give credit to the haters/bridge jumpers/trolls/McCarver/Buck for making this WS championship THAT much sweeter. I love all you people here! If I could, I would pour bubbly all over you guys.

  280. stuart says:

    great win. they were the best team and deserved to win.

    congrats to all. happy for arod he really turned it around and i believe what he is saying.


  281. stuart says:

    great win. they were the best team and deserved to win.

    congrats to all. happy for arod he really turned it around and i believe what he is saying.


  282. Mantle-57 says:

    Long time reader, 1st time commenting. Congrats to the New York Yankees on their long overdue 27th World championship! A great win for a great team that played to its level with amazing consistancy.

    Once this team stole tex in the off season, I knew they had the talent in place to go all the way. His play at 1st, along with the pitching is (IMO) made the difference and got them over the hump of those previous early exits.

    Thanks to RAB for providing such a truly great Yankee and Baseball resource. I’ve been here each and every day since discovering you late last season, and I really can’t say enough about the job you guys do, except that its very much appreciated.

    • Handtius says:

      Seconded….RAB, you guys are amazing. You’ve increased my joy of the game 10 fold. You guys deserve a lot of credit for what you put out here. Three cheers for RAB. Look forward to winning another one with you guys.

  283. Jersey says:

    151 days until opening day. I cannot wait.

  284. Handtius says:

    I just got home from watching the game from Jersey, near Rutgers. The bar had mostly Yankees and some Phillies fans. I was good seeing it with both sides there, but as the game progress more and more of them quieted down and some even packed it up and left. So many doubted Andy, I’m glad he shut them up and I’m glad the Yanks shut up Pedro. The Phils were good, but Yanks were just better.

    Anyway, what this all boils down to….


  285. Chili Davis says:

    Anyone else still have tears in their eyes at 3 in the morning? What a team. Can’t wait to do it again next season!

    • Mike Nitabach says:

      Yep! We are going to celebrate at dinner tonight with sukiyaki, sake, and Yebisu beer, while New York sleeps!!

      • Mike Nitabach says:

        Seconds on the thanks to RAB! I just found the blog late this season, and it really has added to my enjoyment of Yankees fandom.

      • Mike Nitabach says:

        Heading to the onsen to bathe, and then time for sake, beer, and food!!

    • ranger11 says:

      Unbelievable! It looks like we might be the caboose on this celebration train. I still can’t decide which is the sweeter win, this years or the one in ’96. Just saw a stat that said that this was the third longest drought between titles. I’ve lived through the first longest and now the third. Man, I’m getting old! Go Yanks!!!

      • ranger11 says:

        Also, great fucking blog! The only one with a brain.

        • Mike Nitabach says:

          I’m enjoying this one more than I recall enjoying ’96. But maybe that’s because I’m getting fucking old and my memory is shot!

          • ranger11 says:

            I think I agree. Mainly for all the bullcrap this team has taken and gone through this decade. From the Sox collapse, to the Arod controversies, and the constant carpings about the payroll issue. Enough is enough! Empire strikes back, assholes!!!

      • Mantle-57 says:

        This was a great win, no doubt-but for me it can’t compare to that 96′ WS. That Braves staff was just insane, Yanks were severe underdogs, then being down two games, and that 1-0 game was absolutely heart stopping.

        I’ve been following since the 1976 BRM sweep, and the 96′ and 78′ wins were the most exciting IMO.

        This year was just terrific all around, but I was not the least bit nervous for the 1st time in a Yankee WS. The Yanks were the best team by far; they just had to play their game to win. That 96′ team played over its head.

  286. jimmy rollins says:

    I predict Phillies will win a game next year..

  287. ACC says:


  288. kunaldo says:

    Weeee Arreee The Championsss!!!! Whooooo!!! I’m going to remember that game forever…the first time I’ve ever been at a World Series Championship clincher.

    So happy for everybody…the core 4 for getting another one, Cashman for proving everyone he knows what he’s doing, ditto Girardi…the new guys, CC, AJ, Tex, Swish…the Young gunz, hopefully they’ll get the hunger now…and of course, Alex. I almost choke up b/c I’m so happy for him. Dude got so much shit and was actually underappreciated(not by all), and now he’ll forever be in Yankee Lore

    Hell of a season fellas…98 was really amazing…but this year was special b/c as a mature adult(well, 26, but you get the point), I appreciated the drought and the subsequent development and building of this team. When everything just gelled together, it was beautiful.

    Here’s to a beautiful offseason where we can wonder how to further strengthen this team to defend the title. Cheers to everybody at RAB too, it’s great to have a place to go to read quality, insightful material that we can all relate to and vent with.

    Just amazing.

  289. claybeez says:

    I passed on Mike’s advice on the live chat and saved the mullah for tonight’s game rather than going to Philly on Monday. I missed the camaraderie of RAB, but I have to say it was f’ing awesome to be at the World Series clincher. One of the best moments of my life. Without a doubt, the fulfillment of a dream I had as a little boy, in front of the TV, watching my hero, Graig Nettles, help lead the Yankees to victory in ’77 and ’78.

    I’ve now seen 7 of the Yankees’ 27 World Series titles. From Nettles, Reggie, Goose and Thurman to Jeter, Mo, Bernie, Posada and Pettitte to A-Rod, Tex, CC and AJ, I’ve watched this amazing franchise as I’ve grown and traveled from NY to MD to SF to Spain and back to NY. Always, the Yankees were with me. I feel so fortunate to have lived and breathed them all but the youngest years of my life.

    It is fantastic to know that no matter where I am or where I will be there is now RAB. Thank you Joe, Mike and Ben for such a great meeting place.

  290. Dela G says:

    wow peteabe got ripped a new one by the commenters…

  291. [...] Yankees took Game Six thanks to the amazing Hideki Matsui. The win gave them the franchise’s 27th World Championship, the first time a team won the World Series with a 35-yr old shortstop in over 50 [...]

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