Yanks and Baldelli have ‘mutual interest’


The other night we examined the case of Rocco Baldelli. It’s a high-risk, high-reward move, though the risk in this case is higher than in others. Yesterday, Pete Caldera reported that there “is some mutual interest” between Baldelli and the Yanks. As I mentioned in Wednesday’s Baldelli post, the idea is to get him on a low base salary contract with some incentives, keeping the budget somewhat flexible. It will also make it easier for the Yanks to release Baldelli if he’s not working out and they need a replacement.

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  1. All Praise Be To Mo says:

    I’m all for this move, a low risk-high reward. Even if he can only come in and play a couple days per week. Him him play LF instead of Gardner against tough lefties and seve as a late inning defensive replacement for Swish.

  2. Jammy Jammers says:

    “Balls Deep for Baldelli!”

  3. bkight13 says:

    The 3 guys I wanted the Yanks to look at for LF were Conor Jackson, Rocco and Juan Rivera. I know Rivera and Jackson would cost the team some young pitching, but they would worth the cost. Rocco needs to be healthy, but he made it thru 2009 playing part-time and would be a great platoon with Gardner.

  4. jp says:

    i really like rocco. i know him and his family personally from playing high school baseball with him and they are great people. so being the yankee fan i am of course i want to see him give it a shot with us. other than that he still has good speed and hits lefties well and the cost should be very low for a good upside player.

  5. JobaJr says:

    Why not? Our bench has weakened from losing Hairston, Hinske, etc… Wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring in Baldelli.

  6. Bo says:

    I find it hard to believe they cant find a better RH bat for the bench. One who doesnt have an illness which has curtailed his promising career.

  7. aj says:

    How is Baldelli “high reward”? What at best can you expect from him? He’s never healthy, hasn’t hit for power since 2006, and no speed since 2004. Low risk maybe, but not high reward.

  8. A.D. says:

    Eh, can’t say I’d be all that excited one way or another on this one.

  9. Mater of all Trades says:

    Rocco? I say pass.
    There is no high reward when talking about Rocco.

    • Steve H says:

      How is there no high reward?

      • andrew says:

        Because he’s not that good, and definitely not as good as some of our other options.

        • Steve H says:

          Ehh, didn’t really answer the question. If you were to say the risk outweighs the potential reward, I’d agree. But to say their is no potential high reward with Baldelli is short sighted.

      • JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

        Calling it “high reward” is a misnomer in my opinion. Sure, there’s an outside chance he’s able to put up 2004 or 2006 numbers, and yes, his ISO is still pretty good, so he retains some degree of value. But saying “high reward” also has the designation that he’s able to do so in a fairly consistent period of time. That’s not the case here. You can’t rest the laurels of past accomplishments and automatically infer that they carry over to the present. I can’t sign Dave Parker, offer up 8-balls as compensation and call him “low-risk, high-reward”. Technically, it’s true because he’s put up numbers, but the probability compounded by other factors render it virtually impossible.

        I realize it’s an extreme example, but “high reward” must come with some reasonable chance that the player can perform in quantity and quality. Baldelli hasn’t shown he can. If he has hit or even played reasonably well for more than 90 games per year and put up good numbers, yeah, he may qualify as “high reward”. Playing 125 games in three years and hibernating with Icy Hot patches reduces him to “low risk-moderate reward”.

        • Steve H says:

          I’m sticking with high reward, though it is a longshot. He’s 28 years old, and they at least diagnosed his health problem, they hadn’t done that just a few years back. With a better understanding of what exactly he has, and better treatment, I think he still could become an above average, though part time player. Had he not yet been diagnosed, or if he was 33 years old, I would absolutely not look a few years back at what type of potential he has, his window would be closed. I’m not quite there yet with Rocco.

  10. Mac says:

    I would be alright with it.

    Just the fact we will hear people in the Bronx yelling things such as:

    Hey Roccoooo!
    ehhh Rockkkyyy
    Eh yooooo, Ballldelliii

    Totally worth it.

    • We could bring Rock Raines out of retirement.

      He’s probably in better shape than Baldelli is, all things considered.

      • Steve H says:

        I would have zero problem throwing away the 25th player on the roster to get Rock Raines in the headlines, and boost his HOF campaign.

        As I was writing this, I have solved the why is Tim Raines not in the HOF quandry, get this:

        The BBWAA does not realize that Rock Raines and Tim Raines are the same damn person and are not combining their statistics (if they are aware of that term, statistics).

        • Richard Deegan says:

          You could also sign Rock Jr (31 yo) to a MiL contract with an invite to ST. Would not be a bad move.

        • Reporter: Brian, Tim Raines is currently 50 years old. He’s lost most of his bat speed and is last in the AL in most offensive categories. He contributes virtually nothing to the offense. Carrying him seems like a monumental waste of a roster spot. I have to ask: why are you keeping Tim Raines on this team?
          Cashmeezy: Because I can.


  11. Drew says:

    Now that he’s a FA, I’d rather roll with Byrnes.


    I think Reed Johnson makes the most sense.

  13. V says:

    Tatis hit two grand slams in one inning. ARod hasn’t even done that!!!!

  14. pete luciano says:

    Baldelli stinks, isn’t healthy and has never played in meaningful games. This left field talk is absolute nonsense. Damon is their best bet and the price has come down. He’s a great 2 hole hitter, hits leftys, and is playoff proven. Are the Yankees that cheap.

  15. pete luciano says:

    Baldelli has a mysterious medical condition that saps him of his energy. Do you think his condition is apt to improve in the fishbowl in Gotham, please. There are horses for courses and Damon and Yankee Stadium fit. He belongs in NY not Baldelli, let’s be real here Baldelli will be an absolute disaster. Gardners weaknesses will be exposed by June and the Yankees will be looking for left field help in July and will have to give up prospects.

    • Joseph M says:

      Thank you Pete, you saved me a lot of typing. The only edit I would make would be to change the month from June to May.

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