Report: Montero working out at first base


Surely you’ve heard the news by now, so I’m not going to bother linking to one of the many reports indicating that Yanks’ top prospect Jesus Montero has been working out at first base in Tampa. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary. The Yanks have all of their minor league catchers dabble at first as they get close to the majors, and really they have everyone work out at another position to increase their versatility as they get within shouting distance of the show.

Brett Gardner and Austin Jackson were playing the outfield corners for a while, Ramiro Pena was bouncing around the infield when it seemed like he had a shot to make the team, starters pitch in relief, there’s plenty of other examples. It doesn’t mean they’ve given up on him as a catcher, they’re just getting him some reps at another position since there probably aren’t too many pitchers down there throwing right now. If anything, this is great news. It means the Yanks are confident that Montero’s bat is close to big league ready, and he might see some action in the Bronx this year.

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  1. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary. The Yanks have all of their minor league catchers dabble at first as they get close to the majors, and really they have everyone work out at another position to increase their versatility as they get within shouting distance of the show.

    Thats bull. of course the team is playing him at first because they think he cant catch.

    u really think theyd waste time with him at first if they didnt expect him to play there ????


  2. radnom says:

    Cue panic in 3…2….1….

  3. Matty Ice says:


  4. Matty Ice says:

    I had not thought of that……but I will see your proposal, and raise you a:

    Montero at first, move Tex to 3rd, A-Rod back to short, and…..


  5. A.D. says:

    Prefer if he was getting some reps in LF rather than first, where there is a bit less organizational depth.

  6. Whatever position he ends up playing I hope its fairly soon and in a Yankee uniform.

  7. JC says:

    if he fell into a Victor martinez role would people be mad? Its the smart thing to do. Let him see a little first base just in case catching doesn’t work out. This way he wont have to spend a lot more time learning a new position in the minors. Worst comes to worst he end up DH/1B splits with TEX and may be TEX filling in for Arod here and there. I dunno. You have make sure you get the most out of the kid.

    • tex ewill never play 3b in the major leagues again

      • I’ll cosign that. Tex might play third for like half a game in an emergency situation or something, but he’s strictly 1B or DH for the rest of his career.

        • Steve H says:

          Yes, never say never, considering we saw Sheffield play third in a Yankee uniform, but here’s to hoping that it never, ever happens.

          • Rick in Boston says:

            It would have to happen like this:

            Jeter is removed for Pena late in a blowout.
            Pena dives into the stands and breaks his nose.
            A-Rod moves to short.
            Tex moves to 3B.
            Someone (Cervelli maybe) goes to 1B.

            And only if it’s late in a blowout.

          • RollingWave says:

            didn’t jose Molina play second for the Yanks at somepoint in 08?

            • Thomas says:

              No, he played 3B for 2 innings last year.

              I do remember in the game against the Red Sox when Pedro hit Soriano and Jeter in the first inning that the Yankees had to play Ventura at second for eight innings.

        • Chris says:

          I Mattingly could play CF and 1B, then Tex can certainly play 3B.

          • Quoting myself:

            Tex might play third for like half a game in an emergency situation or something…

          • MikeD says:

            Mattingly looked to have the skills to be a decent OFer when he first came up. Not saying he would have won gold gloves out there, but I think he would been more than passable. Of course, there was no reason to put Mattingly in the OF when he had an excellent glove at first and they had a need there.

            Yet, if they hadn’t traded away Fred McGriff so quickly before they knew what they had (although I suggest an 18-year-old who hits 9 HRs in only 200 ABs with a .400 OBP in his first look at professional ball should have been a very good clue), they might have had a period with two dynamite lefties on the same team. Maybe even Mattingly’s back would have been better served in the OF as opposed to at first with all the crouching and diving that comes with the position. Just wishful thinking.

            The biggest beneficiary to this fantasy would have been McGriff, who only fell seven HRs short of 500. I think the right field at Yankee Stadium would have served him well, he would have played most of his career for the Yankees, and the HOF would be more of a reality for him.

            Now back to reality.

            BTW Is it safe for Bob Shirley to walk in NY?


  8. pat says:

    Montero has 7 years to learn how to play 1b if need be. This is called getting some light work in before Spring Training begins so he’s not in a crouch from mid February until September.

  9. Now, unlike the rest of you dicking around with movie quotes and NBA head sizes, I have a serious question:

    How does this impact Carmen Angelini?

    Aww shiiiieeeeet.

  10. JackISBACK says:


  11. BigGuy says:

    Mark Newmann mentioned this a couple weeks ago. I think it was to Chad Jennings. This is common practice for the Yankees. I’m an SWB season ticket holder and rarely miss any games either live or on video feed. They usually pick 1 day a week, usually Sunday, and move some players around. As Mike reported the last 2 years the most notable were AJax and Gardner playing leftfield once a week and the infielders get switched around also. This does not mean they are giving up on Montero as a catcher, although most scouts don’t see him as a fulltime catcher at the ML level.

  12. Johnny says:

    This isn’t surprising. He was unlikely to stick at catcher anyway. He’ll be the team’s full-time DH within three years.

  13. mryankee says:

    Would it not make more sense to work Montero out in right field. If there was a position he might be able to play other than catcher, right field makes moset sense to me. Right field in Yankees stadium is shorter than left and the ground to cover in left would be higher than in right? I could not imagine moving your best young hitting prospect and one of the best youn ghitting prospects in the game. If his bat is as good as advertised you have to find a spot for him in the lineup.

  14. larryf says:

    This is all about Nick Johnson and his 2010 injury to come…..

  15. Bo says:

    They’ll try everything to make sure hes a catcher before they put him at 1b. He obv has more value as a catcher. You will see him fall flat on his face behind the plate before they move him.

  16. Nick says:

    Talk bout the next Frank Thomas.

  17. camilo Gerardo says:

    talk about a hole in one!

  18. Yazman says:

    Hoping Montero gets the call if Tex, Nick Johnson, Jorge or Cervelli spends any time injured.

  19. Mike HC says:

    He is either a catcher or a DH. He may be able to pass as a first baseman for a little while, but how long will that be able to last. From all accounts of the guy, he is a masher in the mold of Travis Hafner, and he will be sub par at any position in the field. Him getting reps at first is just to have the possibility of DHing Teix, with Montero at first. There is no way he is going to play outfield these days with all the new defensive stats. He will be exposed far to easily out there.

    If he can catch, great. But in reality, I would love him as a DH. Just focus on hitting, and having an absolute monster in the lineup for the next 15 years.

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