Park injuries hamstring while warming up

Montero's hit streak comes to an end
Hughes, bats power Yanks to series win

Via Bryan Hoch, Chan ho Park injured his hamstring while warming up in the bullpen tonight, and will be reevaluated tomorrow. Park battled hamstring issues in Spring Training last year, as well as last September with the Phillies, so this is something worth keeping an eye on. The good news is that tonight’s injury involved his right hammy, last year’s troubles were with the left.

If a disabled list stint is required, Boone Logan would be the obvious callup, however he threw for Triple-A Scranton tonight, so he might not be available for a few days. In that case, Mark Melancon is the guy.

Montero's hit streak comes to an end
Hughes, bats power Yanks to series win
  • Steve H

    Are we sure he didn’t strain it on the toilet?

    • YankeeJosh


  • Andy_C_23
    • whozat

      hiyooooooing yourself? LAME

      • Andy_C_23

        You hiyooooo the way you hiyooooo and I’ll hiyooooo the way I hiyooooo

  • poster

    Am I mean to be completely unconcerned by this? Because if so, I’m mean, since I’m completely unconcerned by this. I mean, he might be seriously injured, and that sucks for him and he has my sympathies, but I think the effect on the team will be negligible at most. There might even be a positive effect if Melancon does really well.

    • Steve H

      But, if hypothetically Melancon=Park for 2010, it’s better to keep Melancon cheap for another year in the minors (and I just wrote how Melancon is the future closer, so I’m bullish)

  • Mike

    Who cares? I never wanted this guy on the team anyway. I wanted Melancon here the whole time. Hopefully at some point we get rid of Park and then Melancon can fit in as this years “D-ROB”.

    Also, I hope De La Rosa can go to Triple-A soon and then to the majors so we can have a second lefty and get rid of Mitre as well.

    • dr mrs the yankee

      Why would you want anyone to pitch BADLY just so someone else can come up? I want Chan Ho Park to pitch well because if he doesn’t it’s bad for the team I root for.

  • bexarama
  • yankeefan4life

    There’s always gotta be someone with the lame and “un-funny” links. In this case, Bexarama gets the honors. >:(