Granderson ‘probably’ heading to DL with left groin strain


Update (5:25 p.m.): Joe Girardi has announced that Granderson will “probably” be placed on the DL. We don’t yet know the severity of the strain or the likely replacement. Jon Weber had a very good Spring Training, and Greg Golson remains an option as well.

Update (4:10 p.m.): Granderson suffered a left groin strain and is headed for an MRI. Generally not good.

3:47 p.m.: Curtis Granderson left the sixth inning of today’s game with some kind of lower body injury. He pulled up lame going first to third on a single, and may have stepped on the bag awkwardly goings around second. He was replaced by Randy Winn. There’s no word on how serious the injury is, but we’ll be sure to update this post when he know more. Obviously, losing Grandy for any length of time would suck.

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  1. larryf says:

    Let’s hope it’s a cramp but….not much at Scranton in the OF

  2. bexarama says:

    Be okay, Grandy! :(

  3. larryf says:

    Arod’s throws to first are mostly a thing of beauty this year. Ramiro gets some fill-in OF time if Grandy goes WAY down?

  4. FIPster Doofus says:

    Strained left groin according to Kay.

  5. larryf says:

    All right-let me be the first to start the Javy for Melky and….trade

    pending MRI

    • You are aware that Melky is hitting a robust .195/.287/.221 and is on the verge of losing his starting job in Atlanta, right?

      I mean, I realize there’s some sarcasm here, but Melky’s true colors are showing.

  6. Zack says:

    Well I guess Randy Winn will get some consistant ABs to show if he still has some bat speed

  7. Anksy says:

    Just a bad day all around.

  8. First Time Poster says:

    If Grandy, Mo forbid, goes down for an extended period of time… would Dye or Sheff be considered? Not that I’m overly fond of the idea, just a thought.

  9. Rose says:

    Our offseason acquisitions are really looking good right about now…

    http://wwwdelivery.superstock......-14489.jpg (SAFE)

    • bexarama says:

      Honestly, you can’t say people attack you unfairly when you post stuff like this. And you do a lot. The “stinky” stuff, I mean. It’s not like it’s Cashman’s fault Granderson got hurt.

      • Rose says:

        Did I say it was Cashman’s fault? Did I say it was anybody’s fault?

        All I said was that RIGHT NOW the offseason acquisitions look pretty bad.

        That’s literally all I said. Because they do.

        Are you going to tell me that they look good right now??

        • We should probably jump off a bridge after a 15-8 record and 23 games. It would save us from watching another season of baseball.


          • Rose says:

            lol I’m not panicking…but the majority of our losses could be directly attributed to any of the newly acquired…or David Robertson…

            • poster says:

              Yeah, but if you agree that this is too short a sample size to actually attach any value to that asessment, then what’s your point? You kind of need to expect people to respond the way they have. Your probably didn’t mean it, but your comment came off as if you were just trying to make people mad.

        • dr seuss says:

          i agree with you. still a lot of games left, but right now the acquisitions don’t look good.

    • bonestock94 says:

      Only an idiot would assess the acquisitions on May 1st.

    • pete says:

      I disagree on principle. Each of the offseason acquisitions looked good when they were made. Therefore, they were good acquisitions. Nothing that follows a decision, other than information that the decision-maker should have been aware of prior to the making of the decision, can change how good or bad a decision was.

      • mike c says:

        Cashman should be the pope of RAB, he’s already infallible around here

        • poster says:

          All you did was make an insult. I have absolutely no respect for you so you didn’t try and engage in any analysis at all.

          Instead of just trying to troll, why don’t you analyse and see if what people are saying makes sense or not? Because reality is that right now pete sounds smarter than you do. Making insults doesn’t change that.

          • poster says:

            “so you” in the second sentence should be “because you”. Sorry.

            • mike c says:

              reality right now is that the yankees are worse due to the off-season moves so far. explain how this is an incorrect statement

              • Mike Axisa says:

                The Yankees had a .636 winning percentage last year and have a .652 winning percentage this year. They’re better in 2010.

                • mike c says:

                  thats cool. the one thing i definitely do have to give these guys credit for is that they are playing great team baseball. i know its easy to jump on the new guys for sucking, but we don’t give enough credit to the players like cano, hughes, and gardner who are stepping up and when the other guys are down, and that’s really what matters when you want to win games every night

                  • pete says:

                    great players slump, usually a few major slumps per season. But when you have enough great players on the same team, enough will get hot and carry the team through other players slumps most of the time. Cano will slump – he’ll have a couple of 6-46s I’m sure. As will, almost certainly, Gardner. Hughes will probably go a month without pitching out of the 5th inning. Why? not because they suck, but because they play baseball. that’s what the game does. If you play it long enough, true talent levels will shine through. But you have to play it long enough.

              • poster says:

                I never said that was an incorrect statement. RIGHT NOW the Yankees are probably a bit worse, though if we really make thic conclusion we’re playing around with the fallacy of the predetermined outcome.

                But, for arguement’s sake, let’s assume that we can indeed conclude that RIGHT NOW the new additions make the Yankees worse. So? The season doesn’t end RIGHT NOW. There’s like, what, 89% of the season left? I’m almost certain Johnson will pull himself together and hit well, and if Granderson isn’t hurt too badly he too will make a significant contribution. Javy has over 20 starts left to prove that he could pitch to the tune of a 4.10 ERA and 200 innings pitched, which is what we expected of him, and it seems reasonable to believe that he hasn’t forgotten how to pitch and is only in a slump.

                AJax has a ridiculous BABIP right now and will come plummeting down to Earth. I don’t know Damon’s BABIP but he’s not young and plays bad defense, and because of his age and just because he’s playing SO well I think that he’ll certainly fall back to Earth as well. Ditto with Matsui.

                Not to mention, it seems obvious to conclude that these were the right moves at the time the Yankees made them. Johnson is injury prone but is only DH’ing and should certainly be able to hit 260-270 by the end of the year with a 420 OBP. Damon was older than Johnson and cocnluding that he would have a down year is not unrealistic.

                Matsui’s knees extremely fragile, and like Damon he’s old enough that it’s not really safe to assume he’d have another good year. Granderson was much younger and judging by his low BABIP was due for a big bounceback year. Yes, he’s injured, but it is completely impossible to conclude that he was more injury prone than Matsui (or Damon). There was just no reason to think that.

                I have no real issue with you saying that RIGHT NOW the offseason moves make the Yankees worse. But you didn’t say that, you made a snarky insult without using analysis that wasn’t true. RAB criticized Cashman tremednously when he put Joba in the ‘pen. Anyway, it doesn’t matter that they’re making the team worse RIGHT NOW, what matters is if they make the team worse by the end of game 162.

        • pete says:

          no, cashman is fallible. The Johnson signing and the Granderson and Vazquez trades are not. For me anyways. When they were made, they were good moves, therefore they are good moves. If it doesn’t work out, that’s too bad, but that doesn’t change my assessment of the decision, because it is ridiculously unfair to judge a decision made in the 09-10 offseason after that point.

          Obviously, Cashman didn’t have any information about the 2010 season (or any after it) this offseason when it comes to injuries and aberrational performances, which both Johnsons and Vazquez’s have been so far, in an admittedly small sample. To blame him for these things – Johnson not hitting anywhere near his usual level, Vazquez not pitching anywhere near his usual level, Granderson getting injured – is ridiculously unfair, as none have anything to do with Cashman or his judgement.

          When every player on a team plays at their expected levels with little variance but for an ordinary rash of minor injuries here and there, and the team underperforms its budget expectancy, then blame the GM, because obviously his decisions were bad ones.

          Or, better yet, judge a GM immediately after he makes moves, before your assessment of them can be marred by the whims of fate. Generally, some form of the information available to the GM at the time of the trade is, in all likelihood, available to you through the internet, although obviously their information about player defense and health is better than ours, so your assessment is bound to be a little bit off.

          The point is, judge a decision-maker based on how well they interpret information, not on how lucky or unlucky they are. Johnson getting injured – somewhat likely. Johnson not hitting – not very likely. Signing a guy who is likely to produce offensively, especially when it comes to not making outs in front of the team’s best hitters, and tempering his relatively high injury risk by having him DH, is a good decision, regardless of what happens afterwards.

          Signing a right handed innings eater who has a good track record of success in both leagues to slot on the other side of the guy most likely to have trouble pitching deep into games (5th starter – Joba or Hughes) is a good decision, regardless of how it plays out. Just because Javy is all of a sudden pitching absolutely nothing like himself doesn’t mean that the decision to trade for him was a bad one.

          Trading a decent defensive CF with limited power and a pitcher with a limited arsenal who profiles as a future #4/#5 in the AL East for a team whose #4 and #5 starters really need to be at least #3 starter quality for a quality defensive CF with 30+ HR power is a good decision, even if that CF winds up getting hurt. That sucks, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the original decision.

  10. Ivan says:

    Rough day if your a yankee fan uh.

  11. Cecala says:

    Colin Curtis!

  12. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Manny’s DL’ed for me. Rollins is DL’ed for me. Now Granderson.


  13. Jobamania says:

    do we have anyone that can actually play LF? winn is nonexistent with his bat and having thames in LF is a huge defensive liability

  14. Jobamania says:

    its either huffman or golson, both on the 40man

  15. larryf says:

    Scranton at Norfolk tonight. Time to assess our options. I think Grandy is at least 14 days….

  16. James says:

    I know Weber had a nice spring…but he has been horrid at Scranton and Golson and Huffman are already on the 40 man.

    i’m think Golson will get the call.

  17. pat says:

    Time for Tex to put his beig boy pants on. Girardi said he’s worried about the pen more than the OF. Might see a reliever or longman brought up. Maybe melancon or towers/hirsh

  18. whitey says:

    Isn’t Golson crazy fast? Be an interesting duo with Grit in the OF

  19. First Time Poster says:

    I wish the Giants still had Lewis to move. The Jays got him for nothing. He’d be a great sub, huge upgrade from Winn.

  20. bebop says:

    Weber’s been horrid in AAA and is a 32yo who never made it to the bigs. Suzie was saying Girardi would bring up a reliever, Melancon I assume.

  21. Stephen says:

    Hopefully Melancon or Miranda. I don’t think we really need an OF if Ramiro Pena is our emergency 5th OF.

  22. Mrgfeeny says:

    What number will Jermaine Dye wear?

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