Dustin Moseley to join Yankees on Thursday


Via Mark Feinsand, righthander Dustin Moseley will be called up to join the Yankees sometime before Friday’s game against the Blue Jays. It’s unclear who will get the axe, but my money’s on Chad Gaudin, especially throwing 48 pitches tonight.

The 28-year-old Moseley would have been able to opt out of his minor league contract if he wasn’t added to the roster by July 1st, which of course is tomorrow. He put up a 4.21 ERA (~3.50 FIP) in a dozen Triple-A starts, generating his usual high percentage of ground balls (59.4%). In 168 IP spread over four seasons with the Angels, Moseley posted an unspectacular 4.61 xFIP. I don’t expect much out of him, but there’s no harm in seeing what he has to offer when we know all that Gaudin brings is mediocrity (at best).

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  1. Carlosologoist in Humid Ass Colombia says:

    I think Park is the one to be axed.

  2. Mark says:

    They both got final auditions the past two days, Park won.

  3. CS Yankee says:

    Trade Boone for a couple of cheeseburgers, fries & a coke (not Phil).

  4. tonymo says:

    I think Cashman should be the one cut! One has has to try very hard to spend as much money as does Cashman and put a team on the field with so many holes. The bench is horrible, with nearly every player hitting under .200.

    The bullpen is even worse, wsith exactly ONE realiable guy! Only Arizona has a worse pen, but spend nowhere near what Cashman gets to spend.

    All of his supporters have been telling us about the great job he’s done with the farm system. Why is there not a single guy in that system ready to contrubute in the bigs!

    If Cashman had to play by the same economic rules as almost every other GM, he couldn’t put a team on the field that would break even! Only the federal government spends more and gets less!

  5. sean says:

    Gaudin should be DFA’d for sure Park has good baseball history numbers to consider. He will get better.

  6. Colter says:

    Mariano should be traded to get good players. Rivera is horrible and so is CC.

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