Yankees add Moseley, option Logan

Mailbag: Lee, Johnson, Wang, Waivers, Montero
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Update (11:46pm): Cashman made it official, Moseley called up in favor of Logan. He says other teams had contacted him about Moseley, so he knew he was going to lose him if they didn’t add him to the roster.

10:35am: Carig spoke too soon, no official move yet.

10:00am: Via Marc Carig, the Yankees have finally recalled righty Dustin Moseley from Triple-A Scranton, optioning Boone Logan down to make room on the 25-man roster. There was an empty spot on the 40-man, so no move had to be made there. Moseley would have been able to opt-out of his contract yesterday if the Yanks didn’t add him to the big league roster, so I assume the team assured him he’d be called up today to prevent him from leaving. I don’t expect much, a few mediocre innings of long relief and an eventually DFA, but with the open 40-man spot and Logan having options left, there was no sense in sacrificing depth.

Mailbag: Lee, Johnson, Wang, Waivers, Montero
How New Yorkers and Bostonians spend the Fourth
  • Wayno2424

    Where did the open spot come from???????? didnt they add Curtis to the 40 man and drop Moeller??? Me confused somebody help.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      I don’t remember exactly, somewhere from DFA’ing Shane Lindsay, Randy Winn, and/or Chad Moeller.

  • JohnnyC

    And releasing Christian Garcia (who I hope they can re-sign to a minor league deal).

  • kunaldo

    Wait. Mike, you’d be against the DFA if logan DIDN’T have options left? I would HOPE someone else picks him up so A) Girardi can no longer be blackmailed by him and B) he could use his powers of suckitude to help us when we’re facing his team.

  • Jay T


    They released Garcia about a month and did re-sign him to said minor league deal.

  • Jorge

    Not that this is something that makes a championship or anything, but I find it odd that Moseley would come up at the expense of Logan and not Gaudin, considering Moseley would fit the role of mediocre long-man “better” than the role of inept LOOGY.

  • Joe R

    I dont get the big deal of letting Moseley go. He has less than stellar numbers in AAA and Gaudin is already doing what he would do here. Why not just let him go?

    • http://theyankeeu.com Matt Imbrogno

      Flip side: why not give him a shot? Gaudin hasn’t been great and Logan’s been inconsistent, as has Park. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and we’ll see either Logan back or perhaps Romulo Sanchez will get another look, or maybe Jason Hirsh will break back into a big league staff.

      • Joe R

        Dont come at me with your logic…