Berkman to join Double-A Trenton for rehab tomorrow

Game 130: Take the series
Open Thread: Heading home on a high note

Out since August 15th with an ankle injury, Lance Berkman is set to join Double-A Trenton on a rehab assignment tomorrow. “I don’t anticipate he’ll need a ton,” said Joe Girardi in reference to the number of rehab at-bats Berkman would need, “but you just have to see how it goes.” Rosters expand on Wednesday, so the smart money is on Berkman playing with the Thunder tomorrow and Tuesday before rendezvousing with the team in New York.

Of course, the DL stint wasn’t completely necessary to start with, but remember the Yanks were dealing with a bit of a roster crunch at the time. Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher were both banged up, and at one point the team had a one man bench. Hopefully Berkman comes back strong and adds some length to the lineup.

Update: Berkman’s comment: “I know fans can’t wait for me to continue my pursuit of the Mendoza line.” I laughed.

Game 130: Take the series
Open Thread: Heading home on a high note
  • bexarama

    Berkman is hilarious. Hope he gets better soon.

    • whozat

      I concur.

      I do wonder, though, how long until someone shows up to lambaste him for this comment, saying that it shows how little he cares about helping this team and that he thinks it’s funny that he hasn’t performed in the pinstripes.

  • crawdaddy

    I hope Berkman produces more because he doesn’t deserve some of the crap Yankee fans are giving him.

    • larryf

      he doesn’t deserve Fat Elvis?


  • j_Yankees

    You can tell Berkman is a great guy. Hope he can come back and get some big hits for this team down the stretch and in the postseason. \

  • Betty Lizard

    Love him. Just love him. (Even have a wee bit of a crush on him.)

    I’m wishing-hoping-praying he has a fabulous end of the season.

    I feel like Dusty Springfield:

    Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’
    Plannin’ and dreaming each night of his charms

  • DallasGreen

    i predict a hot december for the puma!!

    • DallasGreen

      i meant september.. wow..

      • larryf

        About right for your handle…


  • Andrew

    Love getting reinforcement like Berkman when the rosters expand, as opposed to most other teams that are calling up garden variety bench/bullpen guys.

  • BIll

    I hope Berkman stays in AA. He’s not much of a reinforcement