Sloppy play dooms Yanks against ChiSox

Noesi makes Triple-A debut in win
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(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

This entire game was an absolute mess, not even worth a full recap and my time. Not only did A.J. Burnett stink (3.1 IP, 8 H, 9 R, 8 ER, 3 BB, 3 K), but the Yankees played a simply atrocious game in the field. Somehow they were only charged with one error (on a Frankie Cervelli throw), but there were numerous wild pitches/passed balls, a few airmailed throws by Nick Swisher (who hit a garbage time homer), and just generally horrific decision making all night. The kids playing in the Little League World Series this week had better fundamentals.

Derek Jeter grounded into yet another double play and Mark Teixeira popped the ball up on the infield what felt like a millions times. Seriously, he must lead the planet in infield pops even with his second half surge. Just a poor, poor showing all around, and Joe Girardi was visibly pissed in the dugout. He seemed to indicate during his post-game press conference that Burnett might be skipped next time through, but the problems tonight extended beyond the starting pitcher. Girardi seriously needs to find a way to get everyone’s head out of their collective asses. Losing four of your last seven games (against non-contenders, no less) isn’t going to cut it at this time of year. At least the Rays lost, so the Yanks remain tied atop the AL East, but Boston is the team that beat them, so they crept to within four-and-a-half games of the Wild Card spot.

The two best players on the field for the Yanks tonight were Ramiro Pena (numerous great defensive plays, stolen base that led to a run) and Sergio Mitre (4.2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 0 K, 10-4 GB/FB in relief). Think about that.

Noesi makes Triple-A debut in win
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  • aRX

    I take it this game kinda sucked? :/

    (once again I was saved by exhibition football, sorta.)

  • wow

    this is getting ri-friggin-diculous. Girardi has to do something. I’d settle for him getting visibly angry, not acting like all’s well in Yenkeeworld.

  • Brooklyn Ed

    You would have to think Cashman had it with Burnett, and he could be gone during the offseason.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Because teams are dying to take his inconsistency and his big contract. He’s stuck with us.

      • Brooklyn Ed

        oops, that was meant to be a scarasm. In all seriousness, which other teams were interested in him 2 years ago?

        • Steve H

          The Braves were but got Lowe instead. I’d trade Burnett straight up for Lowe just because he has a year less on his contract. Don’t think the Braves would bite though.

          • Joe West’s Music Career

            I agree. Which sucks.

  • ZZ

    I saw at the end of the game thread another post in a line of many I have seen the past couple years about AJ’s problems not being mental. I am not calling him a headcase, since to be honest I don’t really know what that means exactly, but part of his problems definitely stem from the head.

    I can say definitely, because AJ himself has said it time and time again over the past 2 years. Over and over he has said he loses focus or has trouble dealing with it or gets frustrated or lets his emotion take over or whatever the long list of ways he has described it when things start to unravel. He has said repeatedly in his career that his changeup and two seamer can be an important pitch for him and he wants to use them more, but he is stubborn when it comes to mixing in those pitches. (As a side note, this does not even take into account that a significant part of repeating your mechanics is mental/focus)

    The people who constantly bash the people who call AJ a headcase are just as annoying. It doesn’t make you a better or more enlightened fan to say AJ has no mental problems when it comes to pitching.

    All that means is just that you are a poor listener.

    • Guest

      There’s a difference between being a headcase and being someone who does not have the proper mental mindset to maximize their athletic skill.

      When I think of headcases, I think of people with serious mental and emotional problems. That’s how the word is used in every context outside of sports.

      Im sorry, but people who have trouble focusing and mastering nervousness/fear in extremely pressure packed situations aren’t headcases. They may not be Derek Jeter, Mo, etc. when it comes to mental/emotional maturity, but they aren’t headcases.

      • bexarama

        I agree with all of this. You could argue about the whole door thing but AJ’s always been known as a really good teammate.

      • ZZ

        Well you do have to take these people’s comments in context. Taking it to the extreme is just overreacting to their comment. I highly doubt anyone thinks AJ needs to put in a mental institution.

        In the context of professional baseball players and the mindset of those players it takes on a different meaning.

        • Pasqua

          Yes, sir.

      • poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag

        I agree.

      • Pasqua

        Yeah, but “headcase” is a lot frickin’ easier to type than “AJ is having trouble foucsing and mastering nervousness / fear in this extremely pressure packed situation.” Just sayin’.

  • charliechoochoo

    I try to be an optimist.

    Gardner and Pena gave me hope but Burnett, Jeter, Swisher, Cervelli took it away. I couldn’t even watch til the end. There are games where the pitching sucks or the offense doesn’t come alive or stupid errors are made. Tonight was the perfect storm of all of them.

    Girardi looked pissed in the first inning and grew more pissed as the game went on. I hope he goes up one side of them and down the other. Including Jeter (or especially Jeter). It’s ridiculous. If they’re going to go out with a whimper, let’s just pack up now.

    Optimism is off right now.

  • Fred Lemond

    Happy I didn’t watch the game. Didn’t want to complain :(

  • Henry

    We need one of those Cashman in Atlanta moments.

  • Guest

    I like and root for all Yankees NCD (Non-Clemens Division. I rooted for him. Never liked him. Did not appreciate the cut of his jib). AJ is no exception.

    But the decision to sign him is looking worse and worse everyday. And that’s saying something given how bad it looked on day one. 3.2 more years. Yikes.

    All that said, Im going to keep rooting for him to turn it around and try to remember that we were down 0-1 to the Phils at home and Pedro was dealing for most of game 2. If good AJ doesn’t show up that night, who knows? Girardi might still be wearing #27.

    So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

    • Kiko Jones

      “All that said, Im going to keep rooting for him to turn it around and try to remember that we were down 0-1 to the Phils at home and Pedro was dealing for most of game 2. If good AJ doesn’t show up that night, who knows? Girardi might still be wearing #27.”

      Um, yeah.
      AJ has stunk up the joint badly but I’m still in his corner. Especially since everybody else is in Derek “grounder to short” Jeter’s.

  • Carlosologist

    This is the sloppiest the Yanks have played all season. I remember last season Cash paid a visit to them while they were in Atlanta and they played like money for the rest of the season. Maybe Cash and Joe need to deliver a second State of the Union address and remind the team this is crunch time and there is literally no room for failure.

    • Dirty Pena

      It’s late enough in the season that I don’t really think the team needs a pep talk. I’m not sure Cashman is gonna want to portray his team as such, either.

    • RKelly39

      if cashman visits that cant make derek jeter young again or arod healthy or pettitte. not to say they can’t win but some of the problems dont appear to be motivational, imo.

  • Joe West’s Music Career

    As much as the game was cringe-alicious, the recap is amazing.

    Golf clap.

  • ShuutoHeat (Passion>all)

    Time to secretly round up all the family members of the players who are doing not-so-good and then show the players the consequences of not playing well… I think that’s what Cashman did last season in Atlanta to “motivate” the players.

    Seriously on a side note, when the bright spots of the game are Pena and Sergio Mitre… its gotta be a bad game.

  • Fred Lemond
    • JobaWockeeZ

      As said by one commenter over there, Nova should get only a cloudy. We don’t know how he’ll be going forward.

  • Joe West’s Music Career

    I think watching this game must be what it feels like to be a Mets fan.

    • Newbie

      Ehh, I don’t know about that. They had 20 baserunners yesterday and scored only four runs.

  • Aaron – Long Island

    I’m a pessimist and I’m irrational, but I’m asking this sincerely:

    When is it rational to start contemplating the possibility of the Yankees missing the playoffs altogether?

    • bexarama

      When we’re out of the playoffs?

      /obvious answer’d

      • Aaron – Long Island

        Is that rational? Or overly optimistic?

    • Chris

      When they no longer have the best record in baseball.

      • Aaron – Long Island

        Fair point. Thanks.

  • stuart

    yes brooklyn ed. many teams would pay $54 mill over 3 years for a friggin piece of crap pitcher. who has a 5.20 ERA and who absolutely sucks. leads the league in WP, HBP< up there in walks and is a total moron with no baseball IQ.

    they are going to line up to trade for aj burnett!!!!!!!!!!

    cervelli really sucks. this guy has sucked for about 3 months. the guy has 10 errors amd has about 2 more extra base hits then Pena.. How awful is he? Was Sal Fasano better? How about Nieves? that is how bad he has been.

    BTW thank g-d AJ has his pitching coach back and his perszonal catcher imagine how bad things would be without those 2 factors………………

  • jack7

    Cervelli has to go. He is so inept it’s beyond fixable. I’m so tired of this do nothing BS. It’s time for Cashman to get his head out of his ass and Man-up and bring Montero to the SHOW!!!!!!

    • Fred Lemond


  • King of the Troglodytes

    Burnett is 3-10 in his last 15 starts with an ERA near 7.00 – this is beyond SSS. He’s practically kept the Rays in the race singlehandedly.

    • Carlosologist

      No, the Rays are still in the hunt because they’re a good team, not because AJ has pitched like garbage.

      • King of the Troglodytes

        Flip 3-10 around and the Yanks would be looking at a decent lead. Your number 2 pitcher on a team nearly 30 games over .500 should not be 9-12.

        • It’sATarp

          pretty sure AJ has already lost the number 2 role already…It’s like Sox fans who keeps calling beckett their ace.

    • bexarama

      this is beyond SSS

      This is beyond baseball.

      /it’s late, it was a crappy game, I am trying to lighten the mood’d? idek.

      • Pat D

        As I said in the game thread, I’m glad I was spared watching this. Sometimes being at work isn’t all bad.

  • bugsy

    burnett,vasques,hughes nova.redsox and rays in sept. real good chance yanks miss playoffs.

    • chriskeo

      Red Sox have lost the right side of their infield, and two thirds of their outfield, I’m prematurely counting them out.

    • bexarama

      this is fitting of a user with as their homepage

      (Low blow alert.)

      • Total Domination

        ouch. Burn.

    • King of the Troglodytes

      I think the Yanks still make the playoffs (as a wildcard), but they’re not getting past the first round. Not with their pitching staff after CC and their inconsistent hitting. Good playoff pitching will easily shutdown this lineup.

      • Pasqua

        I’ll second your concern over the pitching, but to call the offense inconsistent is shortsighted. Just because there are a few games here and there in which they don’t unload does not equate to inconsistency.

  • jim p

    Kay cited their record as “on a pace to win 100” or 103 or whatever games.

    He wasn’t counting the last, barely above .500, 21 games, where we’re 11-10. Some shaking up needs to happen.

    • jim p


      “He wasn’t projecting from the last…”

  • Cito Wordekemper

    If Girardi had any balls, he would take Mr. Captain and his ground ball DP ways out of the top of the line up and bust his ass down to seventh. Anyone else would have been moved out long ago. Considering we are talking about Mr. Kelly, that has much chance of happening as Suzyn Waldman being fired for being Suzyn Waldman.

  • Tom Zig

    At this point, the Yankees have little choice but to skip Burnett’s next start. He is pitching below what a replacement level pitcher could give them. Something has to give, either AJ gets better or he loses his spot in the rotation to someone like Mitre. It’s sad that it has to come to this, but really AJ you aren’t even giving us a chance to win the game and you’re killing the bullpen, and putting pressure on everyone else to do more than they are all at the same time.

    I shudder at the thought of 3/5 of the rotation being Hoffmann Moseley, Nova/Vazquez, Mitre. That’s reminiscent of 2004-2008.

  • Jeremy Cooper

    I am beyond frustrated with AJ. It’s one thing to not have your best stuff every 5 days but when you are becoming an automatic loss on the schedule you need to go. Cashman I like your style but for every big signing you come back with a clunker or two. Last offseason getting Burnett at a ridiculous price tag and then getting vasquez. It seems at times like Cash has a penchant for finding guys that are not well suited for NY and the pressure. Pettites injury exposed what was thought as a stronghold for the Yanks their pitching. The 2010 Yanks are looking beatable at a time where playoff teams need to exude dominance and confidence. A-Rods injury aside the lineup looks dead at times. How many times have we seen Mr.Joe Shmoe pitch and shutdown Yankee bats with the most simple of strategies(fastball-curveball-changeup-repeat order) Bad losses to bad teams in August when we had a chance to fatten up will hurt us come September. Where’s that championship drive from last year guys?

  • Jeremy Cooper

    Please Cashman I don’t care how u do it I don’t want to see Burnett or Vasquez in Yankees uniforms next year. When Mosley and Nova are pitching better than guys who’ve been in the league for 6-7 plus years that’s a problem. These guys reek of bad vibes and they don’t even give us a chance to win. Please Cashman before u open up that checkbook again evaluate a pitchers mental toughness grit and maturity.

    • It’sATarp

      Right it’s all mental..and Aj can’t pitch in NY which explains why he helped us win a WS last year. i can;t wait til Cashman signs Cliff Lee and the moment the guy gets off to a slow start, guys will come and scream “he can’t handle NY”, or Cashman blew it with Lee. Helli remember when CC got off to a slow start last year there were even some people doubting him…

  • It’sATarp

    in hindsight, really wished Arizona took our Peanuts deal for Dan Haren over the Angel’s peanuts for dan haren deal.

  • Jonathan

    So i was really looking forward to seeing Vazquez and Burnett in KC to see what they were doing so poorly in person but Vazquez didn’t start and Burnett was lights out…Also, how awesome would it have been to get Haren/Lee and then flipped Vazquez to Philly for Werth? how much better does our team look with Werth+Haren/Lee vs Berkman/Vazquez?

  • dan

    i did’nt like trading mcallister away. I know he was struggling this year but we could have used him next year. Mcallister could have been a number 3 starter eventually if not a fourth or fifth starter for us next year. Ivan Nova now will probably test positive for steroids now so we’re screwed with him.Our best prospects have to be bryan mitchell, chris cabrera, and garysanchez,and also austin romine. I hope we don’t trade mitchell or cabrera. If Cashman trades them he’s a fool they’re the closest we have to th real deal as far as potential young dominant starting pitching goes! Manny banuelos I am not sold on him! Wish we could have signed adonis cardona instead of jays. For now if just one of these starters adam warren, dave phelps, andrew brackman, dellin betances can make the rotation next year  as fourth or fifth starter that will make rotation next year that much stronger with the andy and aj situation. The most likely being warren or phelps. We should hold onto them for at least the next year or so and see what they can do next year!

  • dan

    z-mac i think just let the fact that he might get traded get to him!
    I think i see bryan mitchell and chris cabreara their stuff is good and mechanics look pretty sound and I see them as eventually with more potential than banuelos! Is there anyone on the international free market that are considered the best next year for starting pitching in july 2011!

  • GermanYankee

    wow, just wow. Our starting pitchers sucked the last weeks, CC’s the only guy we can rely on. And Jeter? Seems like his range at short is literally his shadow. Damn!!

    We need Andy and probably a guy from the waivers for the rotation as soon as possible. Otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised if we finish 3rd in our division.

  • Dan

    This is really quite simple in my mind ….. A. J. needs to GO!! Where is the question. He has cost us valuable games during the season. He has not been worth the Yankee investment and it is time to cut the losses (lierally)!

  • Siamtwin

    The bullpen is deep enough now to put Joba back in the rotation for September, time enough to get him stretched out and ready for playoffs. he can be starter with CC and Hughes if Pettitte can’t come back. certainly he is a better option than AJ/Vasquez?

  • Lisa

    How can they skip AJ? It’s not like we have a lot of options? Sure, Mitre and Gaudin have given us some solid innings in relief but it seems like when we ask them to start, they don’t seem to be be nearly as effective. Is it me or has it seemed that every time we have given Hughes an extra day of rest, he has been terrible? Just keep him on regular rest. The extra rest isn’t going to help his innings limit so why mess with his routine? I also think losing Jose Molina continues to haunt us. Sure, he was not much of an offensive threat but his defense and game-calling ability often saved us runs. He was very steady out there, never gets emotional, unlike Cervelli. With as much time off as Posada has been getting, having Cervelli back there has been a huge mistake in my opinion.

  • TC

    Has anybody else wondered if A.J. is tipping his pitches? Or if the A.L. has somehow stolen the Yankees signs? Something seems to be systematically wrong, they’re just clobbering our pitching. Hard to believe the pitching could’ve just suddenly gotten so bad, except for C.C., of course. I wonder if it’s too late, probably is, to send A.J. down to AAA for a minute, straighten his ass out fast. His career, and our post-season, are at stake, so I’d favor strong measures.

    • Jonathan

      absolutely. The game where AJ got killed in the WS in Philly, they were just killing great pitches and were NEVER fooled. I wonder if since he basically throws 2 pitches, that it’s just easier to steal signs or for him to tip them. I think he’s the only one who would be having this problem. We all know Hughes is throwing something hard or a hanging curve and Vazquez has D2 level stuff right now and Andy is hurt. I always thought the same thing was happening to Randy Johnson with us and it turned out that he was tipping some pitches, maybe vs Toronto I think. But all you have to do be tipping one pitch and then they’ll know every single pitch you throw. Who knows…the stuff is too good for these results. Of course, his stuff is WAY down from his last season in Toronto.

  • Lisa

    AJ’s body language seems to say it all. It seems like once he starts to struggle, he does not even seem to “Pitch” any longer. He had two really good starts, the one in Texas and the one in KC, and then his last two have been terrible. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason for it. He is either on or off. If he was tipping his pitches, you would think it would happen every outing.

    • Jonathan

      that’s not even close to true. tipping would be something very subtle that could change from pitch to pitch, just like his mechanics.

  • BadaBling

    How about puttin AJ on waviers, maybe the ChiSox or Cards bite. I mean a team actually claimed Rios and Kazmir last year. When Mitre and Pena have the best showing there are def bigger probs than just pitching. I’d rather see it ironed out in Aug/Sept than Oct/Nov. Todays game will right all the wrongs! 10-0 shutout, total domination!

    • Total Domination

      chances are, AJ was put on waivers. Like 80% of the players in baseball are put on waivers, with the majority being instantly taken off once they are claimed. I doubt anyone would claim AJ right now, between his ineffectiveness and contract.

  • larryf

    I think when AJ cannot throw his curveball as a strikeout pitch or for behind in the count strikes, he becomes the headcase/mechanics case we are talking about. He’s thinking he can’t use it which puts the pressure on his fastball location. I also thought it was strange how he was always shown sitting alone in the dugout. Cervelli talking to Girardi instead of AJ. We were a very dysfunctional team last night.

    Tampa and Bahston have plenty of triple A guys playing and they are doing pretty well. Either Posada has to catch the rest of the games (can’t believe I’m saying that) or Montero needs to come up.

    • Mr. Sparkle

      You better not call for Montero to be called up in this forum unless you want everyone to jump all over you. No matter that it’s probably worth a shot.

  • larryf

    How about Jeter as a DH and rotate Nunez/Pena rotating 3b and SS until ARod comes back? When he does, if Jeets is doing ok then we rotate Nunez/Pena at SS and give Arod a rest once in awhile with one of them at 3rd. They are both younger/faster and can cover more ground in the infield.

    I can’t take Jeter’s range in either direction at short anymore. Painful to watch.

    I am nervous about ARod’s ability to play 3rd with that calf issue as well…

    • Mr. Sparkle

      You know what? Jeter’s lack of range is about the least of the problems with this team right now. His hitting is a bigger problem and you want him to DH?

      • larryf

        only because Joe G doesn’t have the guts to sit him totally and maybe a little off-field rest would help his bat.

  • Jake H

    It was a very frustrating game. It seems at times this team coasts. I know they all want to win but I would like to see some fire out there and some fundamental baseball. AJ just has to figure this thing out.

  • Michael Kay but not THE

    I didn’t see any post game but can I assume AJ was ok with how he pitched last night since it wasn’t all homeruns he gave up?

    • larryf

      right-a dink here, a dink there, could have gone either way. just a couple of bad innings etc….

  • http://riveraveblues bob

    cc needs to pitch fri bluejays game not a,s game

  • Tom Merritt

    What is really troubling right now is the downward trend line the Yankees are on with nothing on the horizon to change it. Jeter is rapidly becoming a problem in the field and at the plate and I don’t see anyone in the front office with the balls to deal with the problem and I’m not sure what the solution is anyway other than moving him to the outfield and I’m not sure if that is a good idea either.

    I said A.J. was a waste product a number of weeks ago and everyone on this board jumped on me for saying it!!! He should be put on waivers or released and to hell with the money.

    A-Rod has contributed little in comparison with the player he was when he was on steroids. He is in decline but really doesn’t seem concerned about it.

    Cano has been in a slide for weeks. I don’t know why Gardner doesn’t use the bunt more as an offensive weapon with his great speed??

    There is more but this is sounding like a depressing mess. This is a situation where the GM and field manager need to take some action. I am also frustrated with Girardi because he seems too under control and too cool for the circumstances. I would like to see him get really pissed once in a while. He is too even keeled for me and I think the behavior of the team on the field reflects his demeanor.

    This sucks because I was very optimistic about this season and now with a few weeks to go the Yankees may even drop out of the playoffs. They may still have the best record in baseball but it is the current poor play and trend line that is depressing to me.

    • billbybob

      Cano has been in a slide for weeks eh? Tells me how much you’ve watched.

      • Mr. Sparkle

        Maybe he hasn’t watched much, but aside from the odd Cano comment, he’s right on the money.

  • Tank the Frank

    Zen Baseball needs to be in full affect starting today.

    Watch this team go on a tear in September. Just you watch…

    They’re too good a team for this.

    • Lisa

      IMO, the offense has been consistently inconsistent all year. Of course, when your starting pitching puts you in an immediate deficit on many recent nights, it forces you to press, have poor at-bats etc. Then when you have 3 batters in a row who basically are 3 automatic outs, like Cervelli, Pena and Gardner, things kind of look a little depressing.

    • Mr. Sparkle

      Take a closer look. This team is not such a great team. They haven’t really hit in a long time.

      Jeter’s looking lost at the plate and has so after April.

      If ARod comes back, so what? He has been in 2008 form all year anyway. I don’t care about his empty RBI total…he’s been disappointing to say the least.

      Granderson is useless. Pay no attention to the hype around his so called “turn around” after Kevin Long “fixed” him. Before his 3-hit game in Toronto the other night, he was only hitting .282 since “the fix” and raised his batting average from .239 to .244. Not really much of a change. He’s pretty much an automatic out, yet continues to play every day.

      Posada has been OK, but more off than on.

      Cervelli, Pena and Nunez are forced into playing more and they’re mostly automatic outs, though Pena is a little less so.

      I’ll get some flak for this, but Teixeira has not been very good either. At least he’s gotten some clutch hits and is getting his home runs, but is only hitting .266 after the all-star break. If we all had a nickel for each time he pulls off a pitch and pops it up, we’d all be sitting in the 100s.

      Who gets off the hook? Cano, Swisher and Gardner who have been the only consistent hitters all year.

      Three guys in the lineup that have been good…that doesn’t really qualify as “too good a team.”

      You know, I used to say the same thing in 2008. Then, I went back and looked at the team after the season and realized Darrel Rasner was third in Games Started that year. Sidney Ponson actually started quite a few games. I realized they weren’t that good.

      We could be looking back at this team down the road and say, “Look how many games Cervelli played. How many times did Ramiro Pena start? Granderson was our starting centerfielder for most of the year (when he wasn’t hurt?) A.J. Burnett started the third most games on the team? He was awful. Maybe that wasn’t such a good team.”

      • bexarama

        (starts to write reply)
        (decides it’s not worth it because you’re one of those people who brags when the team does badly because YOU CALLED IT!!!!)

        You voted the A-Rod walk-off 15-inning game against Boston last year a 2?

      • bexarama

        also lol @ you saying A-Rod’s been in 2008 form like that’s a bad thing. I’d love for A-Rod to be in 2008 form when he gets back.

  • Sick Nwisher

    This team is in need of more “secret sauce” and lots of it.

  • Mr. Sparkle

    I was chastised for pointing all of this out about two weeks ago. The only difference…then they were kind of getting away with it and both Tampa and Boston were also slumping. Last night, it all came to a head, like a volcano and everyone took notice.

    I have to slightly disagree that Burnett was not a bigger part of the problem. Hey, they got an early lead in the first and he goes out and gets them in immediate trouble, burying them in a 4-1 hole. I’ve had enough of this guy. I don’t know what they can do with two starters that can’t start. It would have been nice if they could have gotten another starter via trade, but it sounds like Cashman’s attitude was that the starting rotation was fine. Kind of scary.

  • RR


    Girardi: needs to stop managing like a Player’s Association rep. The top priority is winning, not resting his buddies. Nobody has a divine right to batting order position, or to starting a game. He needs to act like a Manager. Ask yourself – would Billy Martin or Casey stick with Jeter at leadoff at this point? Would Billy or Casey start Granderson, Pena and Cervelli consistently? Not in late August.

    Burnett: Out of the rotation for a start or two. Rest his head (he is a headcase). Give a start to Mitre/Gaudin/Committee (to stretch out Hughes) and leave Moseley and Nova in the rotation until Pettite comes back (or longer if Burnett cant get straightened out).

    Jeter: Drop him down to the bottom of the lineup where his constant double plays wont kill every rally. Unfortunately, The team is stuck with him in the field where his range is non-existent. Offer him 2 years after the season at $15M. period. It benefits him to remain a Yankee as much as it does the club. Even Jeter’s .270 is a very soft .270. Ive seen enough players get washed up – its unfortunate, but its inevitable and for Jeter is it here now.

    Granderson: Never another start against a lefty – put Gardner in center field and play Kearns instead (in left). Don’t be fooled by the “flashes” of skills. He is a below .250 hitter with minimal power and cant hit in the clutch. Possibly pick up Posednick from the Dodgers and play him in the outfield – then sit Granderson and trade him at the end of the year for a bag of fish.

    Cervelli: Only in late innings as a pinch runner for Posada or in blowouts. We cant afford to start a single A hitter 1/2 the time. If that’s not good enough, and Posada cant handle it, then bring up a catcher from the minors (Romaine/Montero etc)

    Pena: Cant hit at the major league level. That’s cause he couldnt hit at the minor league level. Use only as late inning defensive replacement – start the rookie Nunez each game. At least he could hit at Triple A.

    Bottom line: We cant have Granderson/Cervelli/Pena and Jeter in a row in the Yankees lineup. All are close to automatic outs at this point. I’ve heard enough talk of “when the playoffs start” for the Yankees. The only reason the team is not in third place is the injuries the Red Sox have suffered to good players (not Nick Johnson and A-Rod who has lost his home run power) and if Girardi doesn’t make some things happen, the Yankees will miss the playoffs.

    • Lisa

      Girardi will never move Jeter down in the order further than number two. It just won’t happen. Gardner doesn’t hit either so we really have a no-win situation against lefties IMO in CF.

      I like the Kearns move. I believe his numbers against righties and lefties are fairly even as I recall. Would like to see him play more.

      Cervelli is useless but until Sept 1, he is going to play. Cashman screwed that one up big time. Molina should have been offered a contract.

      Nunez should be playing every day until A Rod gets back.

      The pitching is tough because we really have few options. When Mitre pitches as a starter, we seem to see the bad Sergio. Gaudin is a crap-shoot. He has been decent at times but he sure has scared me when pitching with a huge lead.

  • doctorRockzo

    I usually get pissed off at games like this, but then I realized if I do get pissed off every time Burnett shits the bed and sleeps in it, I’ll be pissed off every 5 days and eventually pissed off all the time. If I had one wish, he’d be shoveling pig shit at some doukhobor commune.