Another game, another ugly loss for Yanks


You're scratching your head? (AP Photo/LM Otero)

I don’t even know what to say. Terrible job getting the man in during the [insert inning here], terrible job by the bullpen, and an unfathomably bad job managing. The Yankees couldn’t be playing any more like garbage right now. This makes five losses in six games with one win coming on a miracle walk-off shot. I’m sure Dustin Moseley will stop the bleeding against Cliff Lee tomorrow, but only if the Yanks have someone bunt in a 3-0 count.

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Gardner pulled with sore wrist
Update By Benjamin Kabak

At least one of the confounding moves that Joe Girardi made tonight has a reason attached to it. The Yanks’ skipper pulled Brett Gardner from the game in the sixth because the Yanks’ leadoff hitter had complained of a sore right wrist. He hurt it after getting hit by a pitch in Los Angeles against the Dodgers in June and may get an MRI later this week. The speedster joins Nick Swisher on the Yanks’ list of banged-up outfielders, and he should be considered day-to-day.

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  1. Hughesus Christo says:

    I was hoping for acknowledgement of you know who doing you know what, twice, in a “strange” situation you know when.

    Go get ‘em tomorrow.

  2. Zach says:

    There is nothing to say, we’ve left 57 runners on… and Mo got the loss tonight… I’m sorry to say this.. but RIP 2010 New York Yankees. We’ve shown we don’t have what it takes to repeat.

    • bexarama says:

      lol wut

      Season’s not over, dude.

    • Bob Stone says:

      Jeez – Yee of little faith.

    • PaulF says:

      This means A) The Yankees got a lot of runners on base, and B) They had a lead going into the final inning. Both are good signs.

    • These are two of the season’s most infuriating games to watch, but don’t read a requiem for the 2010 Yankees yet. Better to fail with runners in scoring position now than in three weeks when the team will indeed be playing baseball.

    • Pasqua says:

      “We’ve shown we don’t have what it takes to repeat,” in the last five of six games.

      Fixed that for you.

      I’ll take 162 over 5 when considering the ultimate fate of the team, thanks.

    • tarheel yank says:

      i agree, Zach. put a fork in these boys. they’re done. they’ll likey be in second place by the end of the day and will limp into the playoffs as the wild card, tired, old and with a used-up bullpen because only CC can get past the sixth. not likey to beat the twins in the first round. as a yankee fan, i sincerely hope this assesment is wrong, that it’s based on the pessimism borne of the last five games. teams, i know, are never as bad as they look during losing streaks — and never as good as they look during wining streaks. but i’m a realist, too, and i’m convinced that the baseball gods would not allow a team to win a WS with chad gaudin on its roster.

      • steve (different one) says:

        and i’m convinced that the baseball gods would not allow a team to win a WS with chad gaudin on its roster

        except for, you know, just last year.

        i mean, are you serious??

      • bexarama says:

        put a fork in these boys. they’re done

        I think it’s hilarious that people are saying this shit about a team that’s gonna win ~100 games and make it to the playoffs. Go be a frigging Astros fan or something.

  3. Carlosologist says:

    It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I’m not going to rip anybody apart because we’re struggling now. Just get all this inconsistent bullshit out of the way before the playoffs start.

  4. ZZ says:

    Using Mariano last night for 2 innings and then expecting him to pitch tonight in September is inexcusable.

    This was one of those few games over the course of the season you can pin on the manager.

    • steve (different one) says:

      and i would have loved to hear the pissing and moaning if they lose on Friday without using Mo.

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      Girardi has used Mo about 4-5 game in tie game on the road. I thought current “SABR” thinking is that this is really smart??

      If they lose on Friday without using Mo, or lose last night without using Mo, someone is going to bitch.


    • theyankeewarrior says:

      you are wrong

  5. Fred Lemondtero says:

    And leaving 14 men on base.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Girardi keeps his guys rested, and does nothing else well. He is a horrible in-game manager.

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      Is he so great at resting the BP, or was Torre just incredibly bad? Any manager with a functioning brain will use an array of pitchers if they’re all executing.

      • No, I give him credit where credit is due. Look at what the bullpen has done the last 3 years. He makes sure they’re well-rested so they’re at maximum effectiveness when he does use them. He’s shaped a strong bullpen 3 years in a row, have to respect that.

        Like I said though, his in-game decisions (when to bunt, who to pinch-hit/run and when, etc) is absurdly awful.

        Also, if tonight didn’t prove it, he is far too reliant on Mariano Rivera. Not that I can really blame him, but using him tonight was a risk that shouldn’t have been taken.

    • Matt DiBari says:

      I’d also argue that he over rests them to an absurd degree. If Jorge Posada was the starting catcher this year, the Yankees might be in better shape.

      • The Three Amigos says:

        I dont think you can make that judgment, without knowing how the players feel. Additionally, I rather the Yankees be over cautious protecting Arod, Jeter, Posada, etc. then let them get injured because of fatigue.

      • Chris says:

        You mean they’d have better than the best record in baseball?

        Playing Jorge more may have given the Yankees a couple extra wins, but at what cost? Kevin Youkilis tried to play through a “minor thumb injury” and now he’s out for the season. Is that what you want to happen with Posada?

  7. Hughesus Christo says:

    Re: Girardi

    I hope Ricketts has a good time on the Dow between now and December.

  8. Bob Stone says:

    So discouraging. I hope the Yanks get it together against Tampa.

  9. FIPster Doofus says:

    Lee-Moseley … um, at least there’s football?

  10. FachoinaNYY says:

    We will be fine.

    Better now, than in OCTOBER.

    Again, we are ok everybody.

  11. ZZ says:

    Some people may try to justify using Mariano for 2 innings last night, because of the number of pitches. That is a factor, but really that may not even be the most important factor when you are talking about a 40 year old pitcher. Having to sit down on the bench and then go out and warm up again puts stress on the arm.

    You cannot be doing that to Mariano in September. If you do you have to commit to not pitching him the next night. It was a horrible, desperate, and a risky move how Girardi has handled Mariano the past 2 nights.

    There is also no telling how many times Mariano got up last night. Given how that game was going it was very likely more than once.

  12. Andy says:

    I’m going to be really annoyed when Alex isn’t in the lineup tomorrow. He can’t play more than two games in a row?

  13. Kiko Jones says:

    In a way, one could make the—albeit, quite tenuous—argument that the missed opportunities from Fri. night led to Mariano having to pitch Sat. night after going out for 2 innings the previous night. But if the Yankees had not left soooo many guys stranded Fri. night, Mo might not have pitched in that game, and would’ve been fresh for Sat. night. But if my grandmother had balls…

    Anyway, they’re facing Cliff Lee Sun. afternoon…good grief! Good AJ, please stand up.

  14. Gonzo says:

    Here’s to playing like garbage!

    • bexarama says:

      Better now than in October.

      • Gonzo says:

        I am totally not upset at the way they’ve played. I was messing around. Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you. Some people around here need to try decaf.

        • bexarama says:

          Gotcha. And agreed. I’m upset at the way they’ve played the past six games. Just like I was ecstatic at the way they played the eight before that. Losses like tonight really fucking suck but if we’re a loser team that’s doomed in the playoffs, what is every other team?

          • Gonzo says:

            The problem is that people see the season through a limited scope. Every team (playoff contenders and non-contenders) goes through streaks like this. Statistically it’s almost impossible not to.

            It’s just that people don’t put the entire MLB season in persepctive when this happens. The Rays, Rangers, etc…, have all gone through a streak like this, but we only see the here and now in front of our faces.

            • Troll says:

              Only 20 games left in the season, can’t help but look at the way the team is playing right now, and consider what that means for the team in a few weeks.

              • bexarama says:

                2000 Yankees. Also, right now could turn on a dime with 20 games. That is a lot.

                • Troll says:

                  What does a team 10 years ago have to do with this one?

                  • Gonzo says:

                    20 games is a long, long time. 20 games is enough time for a lot of good or bad to happen.

                    • Troll says:

                      Yeah, 20 games isn’t a “long, long time”. It’s less than a month.

                    • Troll says:

                      Like ya know how Star Wars was “Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away”, it wasn’t 3 weeks ago in Jersey.

                    • Gonzo says:

                      A month in baseball is a long time. You know 20 games is like over 12% of the season. But if you want to imagine it’s more like %5 go right ahead.

                    • bexarama says:

                      The 2000 Yankees limped into the playoffs horribly and ended up winning it all. I’m sure there are other examples, but I’m not gonna bother to go through all of them because I’m tired and the game still made me sadface.

                      20 games is… hmmm maybe “a lot” was a strong phrase, but a three-game swing in baseball can do a lot.

                    • Troll says:

                      What REALLY can happen in a 20 game stretch?? How many honest questions does anybody really have about this team. I have one, what will we get from Andy Pettite, and that’s a big one. That aside, 20 games will not change what we should all know after 142 games. We have 1 very solid starter, in CC. We have deterioration at SS, C, 3B (in that order). We are getting more out of the outfield positions than most of us probably thought we would get. The bullpen is better now than it was earlier.

                      The only thing 20 games will tell me is whether or not Andy has been worth the wait.

                    • bexarama says:

                      I generally agree with your posts, just saying 20 games is a lot of room for a team to go through streaks of good and bad. 6 games ago everyone was like “I love this team so much!!!!!!” and there were no trolls doom and glooming everywhere.

                      Deterioration at C? Cervelli sucks but hopefully he won’t be catching too often in the playoffs.

                    • Gonzo says:

                      After 142 games, you also should have learned that this team is damn good. Of all the AL playoff teams up to this point, you know which team has the SS with the most WAR?

                      JJ Hardy and Jeter is next. This team doesn’t match up poorly against anyone. It may have question marks, but it doesn’t match up poorly if you look at the other teams too.

                    • Troll says:

                      Right, I never said they weren’t good. It is interesting that you run to defend Jeter, but I don’t really care, all I said is that I don’t consider 20 games long and I don’t think it’s gonna mean very much.

                    • Troll says:

                      Bex, by deterioration at C all I meant was the decreased number of games catching for Jorge, and I hope you’re right about less of that come the playoffs. Jorge has looked fine to me, when he’s played.

                    • Gonzo says:

                      Yes I agree with that. My point is that the previous 10 games aren’t going to mean that much either. Nice try.

                      I guess the last 10 games mean more than the next 20 is what you were saying, right? Or am I wrong.

                      Only 20 games left in the season, can’t help but look at the way the team is playing right now, and consider what that means for the team in a few weeks.

                    • Troll says:

                      Nope. I just said 20 games isn’t alot. 10 games is even less, half to be exact (though by your logic it may be something like 3/5).

                    • Gonzo says:

                      Ok so you didn’t post “can’t help but look at the way the team is playing right now, and consider what that means for the team in a few weeks.”

                      Ok Vizzini, I mean Troll, it’s bean less than interesting. Peace out.

                      I am still trying to understand how a team is currently playing will have more of an impact in a few weeks than the weeks immediately preceding. Good luck with that one.

                    • Troll says:

                      it’s bean less than interesting

                      Beans are yummy.

                    • Troll says:

                      You have trouble seeing how the present is more relevant than the future, that’s easy. Talk to me when you know the future. And if you don’t know the present, then gtfo.

                    • Gonzo says:

                      You have trouble realizing that the past 10 games will soon be the past BEFORE the playoffs start. That’s why the next 20 games are more important. Haha.

                      It raining now, but somehow that will help me determine the weather in a few weeks.

                    • Troll says:

                      You said “Haha”, that’s very Pee-Wee Herman of you. I’ll take Vizzini over Pee-Wee.

                    • Gonzo says:

                      You kidding me? Pee-Wee is still alive and starred in Blow. Vizzini took some poison and starred in an art-house move called Dinner with Andre.

                    • Gonzo says:

                      Seriously though, classic trader mistake. Yes the past 10 games are the most important data available to project. However, there will be more important upcoming data. That’s how people lose their shirts.

                • Troll says:

                  Damnit Bex, now I’m singing “Who let the Mets out”. Nobody will ever get to play such a weak team in the WS ever again.

            • bexarama says:


              Doesn’t mean losses like tonight don’t really suck though

  15. stuart says:

    man yclutch ab’s this week…

    i count 2 big hits in a week. arod tonight and swisher against the orioles…

    tex has done zilch.. kearns is a hacker. gardner is lsot, granderson sucks, jeter has a lower obp then cervelli…

    they are in a bad funk.

    btw burnett was pleased with his stellar performance tonight…….$85 mill does not get you as much as it use to…………

    • btw burnett was pleased with his stellar performance tonight…….$85 mill does not get you as much as it use to…………

      That isn’t what he said. Try listening.

    • It'sATarp says:

      Tex has done nothing …except get on base 3 times this game…same with Grandy (yea he sucks). AJ could have gone much longer if it wasn’t for the rain, for once he actually looked like he could locate but the weather decided to fuck us on that one too. oh wells jump ship now..more room for me

    • Chris says:

      Gardner is lost? In the last 15 games he’s gotten a plate appearance, he’s gotten on base in 14 of them. In that time he has a .455 OBP, 5 SB and 0 CS. What more do you want the man to do?

  16. BigBlueAL says:

    Problem I see is not necessarily the Yankees themselves but the other teams in the AL this year in the postseason are not going to be a cakewalk. I would be shocked if the Yankees sweep whoever they play in the ALDS this year although they should get past either the Twins or Rangers.

    • Fred Lemondtero says:

      No team last year was. We had a God mode A-Rod that got us past the Twins and Angels.

      • bexarama says:

        The Twins of last year were as much of a cakewalk as you were gonna get on an AL playoff team (though I was a bit worried about the Rocktober-esque finish they had there, heh). The Angels were not.

        • BigBlueAL says:

          Yup. No Morneau and no stud SP plus playing the 1-game playoff destroyed their rotation for the ALDS.

          This year Twins have Liriano and would have homefield while the Rangers have Lee and Wilson in their rotation.

    • Troll says:

      What that you’ve seen tells you that we should get past the Rangers??

      • BigBlueAL says:

        The Yankees should and will get past the Twins or Rangers in the ALDS but to me it wont be a sweep. Tampa and if they face the Phillies in the WS to me is a straight toss up.

    • Magnus Stultus says:

      I think the 2010 playoff is a crap shoot . If you go with that assumption, the game in itself is not that important.

      However, losing the way we lost last couple games, to a greater extend, this entire week has been extremely fucking frustrating.

      All the playoff candidates have potential pitchers to match up with CC and Andy. To that end, I think key hitting and a fluid offense will determine the fate of 2010 Yankees.

  17. Betty Lizard says:

    Hey, look at the bright side! Tonight’s game shows we play neither better nor worse without Jeter in the lineup.

    /jk-ing but also a little seriously’d

  18. Jon in Suburban Hell (Arlington TX) says:

    I was at this game. Between the rain delay, the failures with RISP, and the heckling of ignorant rednecks, I was REALLY hoping they’d pull this one out. A gut punch game to the highest degree.

    I hate this state. Looking forward to a reprisal of 1996-1999 in this year’s postseason.

  19. Troll says:

    Yay football.

  20. Dewey Finn says:

    This team does not have an identity right now. Too many changing parts on a daily basis, and no consistency from a performance standpoint. We are in a situation where the manager needs to step up and unfortunately Girardi isn’t. In fact, I think a strong case can be made that he is choking and quickly becoming one of the more overrated managers in the game. Let’s start with some definitive roles rather than the micro-managing that is costing us games.

  21. Troll says:

    1-5 after the return of teh Arod, after winning 8 straight, leaving men on like it’s going out of style. I know it’s not explainable, but it is interesting.

  22. Elan says:

    There is one very disconcerting fact about this year’s team compared to last year’s team: this year’s team is NO WHERE NEAR as intimidating as last year’s team.

    Last year, the Yankees could be down by five runs in the ninth, and a part of you still believed they were going to win the game. And they did win those games – 51 come-from-behind wins and 15 walk-offs in the regular season.

    This year’s Yankees do not nearly have that same confidence and fight in them. But why should they? Jeter is having the worst year of his career, there has been absolutely no consistency in the pitching staff (except for CC, of course), injuries are plaguing the majority of the team, and it’s become pretty regular to have guys like Francisco Cervelli and Ramiro Pena in the starting lineup. AND, the Yankees only have four walk-off wins this year.

    I really want the “fan” part of me to keep assuring myself that the Yankees will have no problem winning it all, but the part of me that sees reality says that the Yankees’ chance of winning the World Series has to be much lower than it was last year.

    • bexarama says:

      The Yankees lead baseball in come-from-behind wins. Having years with 15 walkoff wins like 2009 are super rare and special and awesome and you should treasure them, but not expect them to happen on a regular basis. Teams do not need X number of exciting wins to be good, anyway.

      It’s also silly to think there will be “no problem” winning it all anyway. Other teams are good. Doesn’t also mean this team is good and has as good a chance of winning everything as pretty much any team.

      • Chris says:

        Having years with 15 walkoff wins like 2009 are super rare and special and awesome and you should treasure them, but not expect them to happen on a regular basis. generally not as good as teams with a similar record and fewer walk off wins that can dominate from the start instead of falling behind and needing the lucky walk off win to accumulate a high win total.


    • Gonzo says:

      Ahhh, nostalgia.

    • It'sATarp says:

      this team still leads in the league in comeback wins and if it wasn’t for a rare mo implosion this would have been on of them too. Also this team has came back from 5 runs this season. The difference is that the team went all the way last year and the perception of that team as a godly unbeatable team is not reality.

  23. Aaron - Long Island says:

    Lately the team has been pretty Jekyll and Hyde between frustratingly bad and wonderfully good. That really has given me some agita while watching them game by game.

    I guess it makes me a bad fan, but I really just want the regular season to be over with. The roller coaster they have been on lately is making me queasy, and I really believe that if they team plays to its full potential, then it will to beat anyone regardless of whether they have homefield advantage or not.

    So long as they make the playoffs at this point (I’m irrationally afraid they won’t. Sue me) whatever will be, will be.

  24. smurfy says:

    Last night’s game simply sucked, but tonight they battled back. Mo oddly lacked his godlike command, but wtf! Lotso guys are slumping, weary and banged up: so what? Be cool, we’re in the playoffs, rest those poor boys,and play the Scranton lads generously.

    The Rays aren’t going away, so we have to play through them. Healing the A team is what is important, more than the Division.

    Girardi does fine. Bunting Cervelli furthered his bet, putting the runner on third with one out, and inserting Thames to hit a long fly. A very reasoned proposition, good odds, just did not work this time.

    Mo said he was fine to pitch, not wearied from the prior night. Joe did leave Robeertson in when he should have pulled him, but he pulls the switches pretty well, in general.

    We may end up losing to the Rays, big battle, but don’t get all flaky, and fire the manager! Enjoy the competition.

  25. Jon says:

    Just wait till the playoffs. Yanks will come alive and steamroll the opposition. Let them go through their little funk right now. Most of you still don’t realize the experience that the majority of this roster has compared to the other 3 possible AL opponents. Half of the rangers/ray aren’t even 30 yet and haven’t seen a post season game.

  26. ShuutoHeat (Passion>all) says:

    Okay, so according to some people the season has already ended and we go do some gold outing. So I would like to voice my grievances towards one of the players…

    Gardner, you fucking suck! You swing the bat like a girl, unlike our manly man Damon. Damon’s swing is just the most awesome swing there is, it is so awesome he doesn’t even need to play on a contending team. Plus your defense doesn’t make the game exciting at all, I much prefer Damon’s awesomeness in the left field. One last thing, we don’t need your near laser cannon like arm in left field! I want Damon’s rainbow of love back in the LF! Who needs your goddamn patience at the plate? I want you to swing your goddamn bat at everything!


    Tough game tonight, but what made it even tougher was the annoying as hell crowd and some commenter(s) of the troll variety. Knocked out? Dust yourself and get back up again. They need to right themselves again, now isn’t the time to wave the white flag like most morons would suggest.

  27. kosmo says:

    Even though NY went on an 8 game win streak they still have only posted a 21-18 mark since August 1st.
    Treading water ?

  28. EndlessMike says:

    No time to panic but the idea that this team is as good as last year is crazy way to many questions.

    • bexarama says:

      The 2009 Yankees had a lot of pitching questions at this point last year too. You just don’t remember them because of the whole winning the WS thing.

      Whether or not this team is better, you can debate that, sure. But “ZOMG they have questions” isn’t really a reason. I mean, teams that don’t have questions are generally… like… the 1998 Yankees.

      • Not Tank the Frank says:

        “The Red Sox have no weaknesses” – John Kruk

        That’s literally all I remember from last year.

        We won a championship????

  29. Troll says:

    Fire Girardi. That’s just for good measure (and ignorant, since I know what I really mean is don’t rehire Girardi, but that doesn’t sound as mean).

  30. Carcillo says:

    Honestly, the Yankees couldn’t have tried HARDER to lose the past two games.

    They’ve outplayed Texas so much it isn’t even funny. And they have nothing to show for it.

    And based on the circumstances last night, that might be the first time in my life I wasn’t even remotely shocked to see Mo implode like that. Lets see…

    Pitching a night after pitching two innings? Check.
    Pitching in a sweltering road environment? Check.
    Pitching against a good baseball team? Check.
    Pitching against the middle of their order? Check.
    Pitching with only a one run lead? Check.

    The recipe was ripe for disaster.

    • Chris says:

      He struggled a bit with his command, but wasn’t hit very hard. A BB, a IBB, a bloop single, and a HBP (plus the double). So, one hard hit ball. That’s a typical Mo blown save. He was due for one. Now we won’t see another until next June.

  31. dan says:

    can you imagine if our starter gets taken out of a game because of rain in the playoffs our bullpen is going to get taxed if it is’nt already! minnesota we can definitely beat. If AJ pitches great and goes deep into his games I think we’ll beat texas in the playoffs. I don’t see us beating tampa. Their rotation matches well against ours. Their bullpen matches up too.

  32. larryf says:

    I had to be up early the last two mornings so I missed the painful endings of both games. May have added a few days to my lifespan….There is something to be said for just chillin…we are in the playoffs and will hopefully get hot when we need to and everybody is back healthy. I do think we can do just fine next year with a healthy Cliff Lee and a new manager. Even with Jeter hitting less than Ramiro Nunez…..

  33. dan says:

    anyway yanks can get aroldis chapman for lets say a package of jose ramirez, gary sanchez, andrew brackman,dave phelps,and jesus montero!

  34. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    This was a really fun, well played game by the Yankees. They executed all the fundamentals. Especially with RISP. And bunting with 3-0 was such a logical decision. It made me feel like Mike Scioscia was managing yay Angels-baseball! It’s good to see they’re stretching David Robertson out to be a starter. Respect for Jeff Franceour, he’s such a good ballplayer.

  35. dan says:

    Girardi should stay as manager who’s gonna take his place and help us possibly win one.

    • larryf says:

      managers are hired to be fired. If we go out ugly in the playoffs-he will take the heat and not be rehired. That’s the way it is and there will be a replacement found. I am just not a fan of his ingame managing.

      Also, at this point I would have preferred another lefty reliever over Austin Kearns but I guess there was no one available. Burning Logan in the 6th inning is gonna suck in the playoffs.

      Playing Texas in the playoffs-games on Fox-starting at 8:40. Many late nights ahead….

      • Pasqua says:

        I disagree with your thought that Girardi will be let go if the Yanks bow out early in the playoffs. That championship in his back pocket will give him some goodwill and leverage. Whether you like the guy or not (and I, myself, am indifferent to Joe), the Yanks would have to be very shortsighted to decide to let him walk just one year removed from the title.

  36. bob says:

    just rest the players cc 5inns, no mo stay off the carpet in tampa and tor just take the wild card set up the starting row and rest the players just look at how arod lance are hitting because of REST let the kid play let texas beat us let tampa win the div BE READY 4 OCT give cano a week off and jeter white sox and red sox are done

  37. dan says:

    CLiff lee is now looking like he’s injury prone hope yanks don’t sign him but sign carl crawford. Next year’s draft suppose to have a ton of potential front line starters. Would rather keep 1st round draft pick hope yanks can draft a potential #1 starter who hopefully is compact mechanically speaking unlike P.Hughes. Plus Lee denied report by Peter Gammons that he’s bolting for the yankees in the offseason!
    Plus see if Chapman can be had for the right price!

    • Rick in Boston says:

      1) Chapman won’t be available, especially since the Yankees aren’t going to part with Gary Sanchez AND Jesus Montero AND three pitchers (as you posted above).

      2) Crawford will cost the Yankees a first round pick as he will be a type A free agent (unless I’m missing something).

      3) Coming out of HS, Hughes was considered one of the most polished high school pitchers in recent memory.

  38. bob says:

    if u cared about the last 2 games u got sick i made up my mind a week ago to enjoy the season and started being a caring fan come play off time mybe it the wild card that will make the reg season less imp but why get upset for the 3 weeks and chase the YOUNG RAYS f the jays and red sox if we dont care about the last 3 weeks of the year we may be the smart one in the end I TELL U ONE THING DO IT MY WAY AND THE TEXAS RANGERS WILL SEE A WHOLE DIFF TEAM COME OCT let cc pitch 5 inn or skip a start he getting tr check out hes last 2

    • larryf says:

      That’s it Bob. I like it. Hope Girardi listens to you! I can spend the next 3 weeks on other things. Football?

      I need to rest up before Buck and McCarver return to torture us all.

  39. Carcillo says:

    The Yankees are 6-30 with RISP and have stranded 32 in the first two games of this series.


    • a plethora of pinatas says:

      Is Texas’ pitching lucky or is our offense unlucky?

      • Carcillo says:

        I’m sure Ronnie Washington having the ability to play matchups galore isn’t helping.

        It’s not an excuse, per se, but we do know that if either of the past two games were played in October, he wouldn’t have had the ability to do what he’s done. 7 righties, 5 lefties in the pen? That’s ludicrous.

  40. Carcillo says:

    …testing, 1, 2, testing…

  41. cuponoodles says:

    Why are people freaking out? Look at this on the bright side:

    Our three worst pitchers are going up against the Rangers’ three best pitchers AT Texas and they STILL only managed to eke out two ridiculously fortuitous, ‘skin of their teeth’ wins. Can you imagine when their untested playoff team goes up against our experienced playoff roster in October with the Yanks having homefield?

    No sweat, man…

    • Pasqua says:

      Agreed. The Rangers are seeing a knock-off version of the Yanks right now and are still barely scrounging out wins.

      If I’m a Rangers fan I take the wins happily, but I would not – for one second – presume that this is the type of baseball I’m going to see in October.

    • Carcillo says:

      There’s no guarantee the Yankees win the division, and as such meet the Rangers with home field.

      If the Yankees gain the wild card, they’ll be in Minnesota for Game 1.

      • Carcillo says:

        That said, I completely agree with your premise, and I’ll extend it back as far as the two gamer these two played last month.

        The Yankees are 1-3, and while I concede they probably got a bit lucky in their lone win, they could’ve should’ve won all three of the games they lost. The number of opportunites they’ve squandered is unbelievable.

  42. pat says:

    I blame Ardo. He couldn’t even hit a grand slam to pre-emptively pick up a teammate. He’s just a seflfish stat padder.

  43. kosmo says:

    let´s talk up Granderson and his new found hitting approach.1 for his last 16 and it looks like Girardi has decided to sit him vs.LHP.

    I pray Pettitte comes back and pitches well and Hughes with additional rest will finish strong.

    • a plethora of pinatas says:

      Granderson needs to change his approach every 2 weeks. Maybe he’ll stay hot that way?

      • JohnnyC says:

        He’s a streaky hitter. A lot of hitters are. Other guys in the lineup have to step up. They haven’t. It’s an odd thing how the whole lineup goes into a collective slump. Because it isn’t necessarily the opposing pitchers.

  44. Tom Merritt says:

    I wish Girardi would leave for the Cubs!! He looks dumbfounded 90% of the time and seems to be going backwards as a manager.

    It seems like everyone on the team is on a downward trend line. I’m not expecting much from this team in the post season. I would not be surprised if they were taken out in the first round.

    The may end up with the best or one of the best regular season records but I wish there were someone to point to that is finishing the season strongly. Too many old players and too few young players on upward trend lines to take their places.

    I guess we can look to Pee Wee Herman’s twin brother, our GM, for the root cause?? His moves over the last 18 months have yielded little to nothing. Can’t wait to see how he handles the big looming Jeter problem during the off season?

    • Magnus Stultus says:

      I won’t be the first one to tell you that. Jeter will be paid because his iconic status and his legacy. He will get paid and he will be a Yankees next year and beyond.

  45. Jerome S says:

    What do you say, this garbage ends today: A 20-0 crushing win over the Rangers (in only nine innings) and Moseley only gives up 2 hits over eight. eh? EH?

  46. Chris says:

    So the Yankees play 2 games against the Rangers in Texas. The Rangers start their 2nd and 4th starters, while the Yankees start their 4th and 5th starters. The Yankees have leads in the 8th inning or later in both games and end up losing both games by 1 run.

    That seems to bode pretty well for the playoffs. Why is every so agitated?

    • JimAbbottFan says:

      It’s the stranded RISP that hurts the most as it shows the Yankees got to the pitchers, but couldn’t finish them off. Plus the bajillion mound visits that slowed an already snail-paced game made it that much more frustrating.

      • a plethora of pinatas says:

        It’s not just the the bajillion mound visits, it’s the gazillion pitching changes. I wonder how different the outcomes would be if there was a 25 man roster for these 2 games?

        Stranded RISP seems to be this team’s achilles heel. Where’s the clutch hitting?

  47. bonestock94 says:

    I didn’t watch the game yesterday after the rain delay cause I was bitter and tired.

    Buuut, I found out Mo had to intentionally walk someone. That’s instant fail, whenever you ask him to do that he gets pissed and doesn’t pitch as well.

    If they don’t fix their act they may not win the division.

    • Magnus Stultus says:

      They may not win the division even if they did win the game last night.
      I think it’s a coin toss between us and Tampa.

      I think HFA would certain benefit any teams especially given the offense splits on the road this year.

      I am still hoping for an ass kicking in Tampa but realistically
      a sweep is unlikely for either teams. Given the fact that Tampa has relative easier 10 game stretch to close out, I think it’s imperative that the Yankees goes into that with 2-5 games lead heading into it.

      If not, we will probably play MN as the WC.

  48. charliechoochoo says:

    The 2009 Yankees went 0-8 against the Red Sox. They were pretty flaky and uneven. They opened the new Yankee Stadium with a crushing loss and listened to all the “bandbox” mythology (including some from Andy Pettitte who departed from his usual Yankee content-free script in interviews.) Joe Girardi had not been tested. We had 3 good starters and AJ ran hot and cold last year as well. Plus [insert other portents of doom here].

    Everyone was high, high, high on the 2010 Yankees when they trotted out of the gate. Warm and glowy feelings and a good start to the year brought the year “1996″ into a lot of conversations. But that fell off as reality set in.

    Still we’ve held the best record in baseball for most of the year. Even if we’re hitting the bumps now, that means nothing for the playoffs.

    I’m not saying we’re going to win it all this year. But I think that history shows us that you can’t predict baseball. But history also tells us that no one remembers that.

  49. theyankeewarrior says:

    If Cliff Lee dominates tonight, it will make this series the single most frustrating 3-game set I have ever witnessed.

    • bexarama says:

      If we’re gonna lose I’d rather he dominate than lose in some way that makes me want to tear my hair out.

      • Carcillo says:

        Yes, but with the way this series has gone, why not let today just complete the trifecta of fucking annoyance?

        This series has already been worse than reasonably anticipated.

        • Magnus Stultus says:

          My remote probably won’t be able handle another brutal beating by me.

          • Carcillo says:

            There really is nothing worse, in any sport really, than watching a game and knowing that your team absolutely dominated the other, yet lost.

            When that happens back to back nights, in long, slow-as-shit games, that makes things exponentially worse. These are 8:00 start times with 10:00 start time end times (if that makes sense). That, and all four games in Arlington now have been ludicrously long.

            Fact: The Yankees have been walked off four times this season. THREE of them have been in Arlington, and they’ve only played four games there this year.

            Lastly, figure this – the Yankees send the enigmatic duo of Javy and AJ to the mound while Texas had Wilson (their de facto #2) and Hunter going. Advantage: Texas. And they should’ve lost both games.

            If these two meet in the ALDS, where the matchups level out, and where the Yankees couldn’t possibly get worse with RISP, I expect a pummeling more now than I ever did. Is anyone actually impressed with Texas the last two nights? I sure as hell aren’t, and I always strive towards being an objectivist.

            • Carcillo says:

              Oh, and as I alluded to earlier in the thread, come the playoffs, Washington wouldn’t be able to go to the ‘pen every time an opposite-handed hitter comes to the plate.

              You can’t fault him for taking advantage of current circumstance, but you can say that his style won’t fly in the playoffs.

            • Magnus Stultus says:

              I agree with you and Chris’ take on the last two games.
              I certainly have confidences going against these Rangers in lieu of what occurred last couple night.

              However, I don’t always strive to be objective. Because rational and objective analysis takes away the bloviator in me that believes that the Yankees should win every game. (well, 99 percent of it) Part of fun of being fan for me is being an irresponsible bloviator !

            • bexarama says:

              you know, I think Texas is a pretty good team, but you bring up really good points here. Losing games like they did the last two nights is unbelievably frustrating, but it says more that the team’s playing like crap right now than that the team is inherently bad and doomed to repeat this against Texas, or something.

              Texas haven’t faced CC or Andy since April, but they both pitched crazy well against them.

    • Magnus Stultus says:

      If I am betting man I would definitely favor the Lee and the Rangers this afternoon. There is a very realistic possibility that we will be swept. Here is to hoping Lee’s back aches up and we win. I have mix emotions about this considering that Lee might be our no 1 next year.

    • Jerome S says:

      Truth be told, I would much rather see Cliff Lee throw a great game and see us lose like 5-1 or something. It’s perfectly understandable to get shut down by Cliff Lee. It pisses me off, however, to see the Yankees almost get to these Rangers pitchers, then GIDP. That’s different.

  50. Magnus Stultus says:

    Arod is not in today’s lineup , Gah!

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