Yankees recall Juan Miranda and Kevin Russo


Triple-A Scranton’s season came to an abrupt end this afternoon when they were eliminated from the International League playoffs by (former Yankee affiliate) the Columbus Clippers, and as a result, more September call-ups are on the way. Utilityman Kevin Russo and first baseman/designated hitter are on their way to join the team and will presumably be available during tomorrow’s came. Kinda surprised that Chad Huffman isn’t on the way as well, not to mention some pitching, but the month’s not over yet. Still time for that.

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  • Matty Ice

    Does Montero get the call to just sit on the bench and get a taste of the show?

    • jon

      i guess that all depends on whats going on with his leg

      people have been called up hang out in the clubhouse then watch the game from the stands

      • Fiamma

        What a waste to call these players up and make them watch from the clubhouse. Girardi said Saturday night there would be new faces on Sunday. I didn’t see any. I Only saw Nuevo #27 take half hour to throw the ball back from the corner of the right outfield, doing his little ballet number. Vital seconds were lost when he had to throw. Humbug. Where is Showalter when you need him? Sit Joba down and bring in a rookie, what the heck?
        Hunter reminds me of a Clemens. That arm is definietly attached to his body, no contortions when that boy throws the ball.

  • Fiamma

    Derek looked much better today after I lit many candles and prayed to the baseball saint. Do you think he is nervous or preoccupied about his wedding Nov 8th? Next time I will pray directly to JC -