Cano wins Silver Slugger Award

Open Thread: Happy Veteran's Day
Hot Stove Notes: Cashman, Lee, Jeter

Having already received his first career Gold Glove earlier this week, Robbie Cano added some more hardware to his mantle today, taking home his second career Silver Slugger Award. He also earned the honors in 2006, his first full season in the big leagues. Cano hit .319/.381/.534 this season, leading all second baseman in hits (200), RBI (109), wOBA (.389), and fWAR (6.4) in addition to OBP and SLG. He set career highs with 29 homers and an 8.2% walk rate. Congrats Robbie, this one was well deserved.

Open Thread: Happy Veteran's Day
Hot Stove Notes: Cashman, Lee, Jeter
  • Carlosologist

    I think Robbie fully established himself as the best second baseman in baseball this season.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Robby is the best in the AL. However, Utley is still the premier 2B in the sport, IMO.

      • Sayid J.

        Looks like Utley’s surgery may have had some effects on him… Cano was definitely better this year.

        • FIPster Doofus

          Cano > Utley in 2010
          Utley > Cano from 2005-09

  • Accent Shallow

    That walk rate is a tad inflated by IBB (14/57 walks were intentional), but whatever.

    Robbie is just so good.

    • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      The 14 IBB show how much pitchers feared him! It’s not inflated at all!

  • Andrew Brotherton

    I think he deserves the MVP. Deserved Gold glove at 2nd, silver slugger, catalyst for the team with the second best record in the league. I understand the argument with Josh Hamilton but how can you deny the facts that Robbie carried the Yankees with his hitting, and was clearly the best infielder in baseball this year.

    • Zack

      No one is denying Cano carried the Yankees for portions of the season, Hamilton did as well.

      • CP

        The problem I personally have with Hamilton’s case is how much he dropped off when playing on the road.

        • FIPster Doofus

          Hamilton’s road production was still great, though. He didn’t exactly turn into a run-of-the-mill hitter like CarGo away from home.

          • bexarama

            This, very much. Hamilton went from a video game at home to an excellent player on the road. CarGo went from God at home to totally meh on the road.

        • Accent Shallow

          Well, that, and he only played 130 games. That’s probably the best argument against Hamilton.

    • candyforstalin

      I think he deserves the MVP.

      he really doesn’t.

      • B-Rando

        Ok, I’ll bite.

        What’s a solid reason he doesn’t deserve it?

        • pete

          Hamilton deserves it more?