Gardner takes home top honors in Fielding Bible Awards

What Went Right: Boone Logan's Second Half
Open Thread: World Series Game Five

The voting for the 2010 edition of the Fielding Bible Awards are out, and Brett Gardner took home the top spot among all leftfielders. He was either first (six votes) or second (four) on all ten ballots, topping Carl Crawford by a not-small margin (96 to 86). It didn’t factor into voting, but Gardner did finish with the highest UZR (+22.3) and UZR/150 (+39.7) in baseball this season, regardless of position. Pretty sweet.

As for everyone else, Mark Teixeira finished fourth, Robbie Cano sixth, and Curtis Granderson eighth at their respective positions. All of the other regulars were no-shows in the top tens, unsurprisingly.

What Went Right: Boone Logan's Second Half
Open Thread: World Series Game Five
  • Ivan Facey

    congradulation to Gardner. It’s amazing how the yankees went from a terrible defensive team not to long ago to a terrific one.

    • Tom Zig

      hah yeah the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Yankees were awful defensively:

      (team UZR)

      2004: -72.0
      2005: -138.0
      2006: -79.9
      2010: +15.3

      • Kevin in Delectable Princeton

        Awful might be an understatement, wow.

      • Zack

        Michael Young bad

      • FIPster Doofus

        That 2005 number is mind-blowing. The second-worst defensive team that year was Kansas City at -71.2. For shame, ’05 Yanks.

        • Esteban

          The outfield was Sheffield, Feared Williams, and Matsui. Were any flyballs caught that year?

          • Tom Zig

            No. They just slugged everyone to death.

          • JAG

            That 4th OF defensive replacement must have appeared in every game that year.

  • GermanYankee

    Gardy had a great defensive season, he deserves that. Crawford had 99 points last year but I guess Gardner is the new fielding king. But I think Crawford will win the Gold Glove :(

  • RL

    More reason to stay with Gardner and avoid the expense of an older Crawford. I’ll sacrifce the offense for slightly better defense (probably for a longer period of time) at a lower cost.

    • Doug


    • jim p

      Plus, 2 years Gardy had hand injuries which hurt his 2nd half offense. If I recall both injuries were either hit-by-pitch or fielding, so it’s not like Nick Johnson’s chronic wrist problems.

      He was the 3rd best in the AL among outfielders in OBP in 2010, even not hitting for half the season.

  • Ed

    UZR/150 is UZR per 150 games played, right? Fangraphs says Gardner played in 123 games in LF this season. A rough estimate (150/123*22.3) says his UZR/150 should be 27.2, which is about 22% higher than his UZR. Instead he’s 78% higher. How does that work?

    • Mike Axisa

      It’s per 150 defensive games at the position, not games in general.

      • Jerome S

        So it’s therefore complicated?

      • Ed

        Right. The 123 number I gave is the number of games FanGraphs says he played in LF.

        Looking closer, he played 150 total games. 44 in CF, 123 in LF. That means 17 games he split between the two positions.

        Even if we ignore those 17 games, that’s a rough estimate of 150 / 104 * 22.3 = 32.2, which is still pretty far off from the 39.7. That only makes sense if he averaged 7 1/3 innings per game played, which seems far too low.

  • Joseph Cecala

    Too bad Ichiro, Crawford, and Jackson will win the gold gloves even though Gardner destroyed it.

    • bexarama

      at least Torii Hunter won’t win this year.

      …tell me Torii Hunter won’t win this year?

      • pat

        Nah, Edinson Volquez has that sh*t on lock.


      • Tom Zig

        haha no, he only got 5 total votes.

  • hello9

    fangraphs has gardy as the 19th most valuable position player in the league according to WAR

    he’s like a poor man’s jed lowrie

  • Doug

    “All of the other regulars were no-shows in the top tens, unsurprisingly.”

    ARod actually finished 15th. Posada, Jeter, and Swisher all finished with nary a vote.

    • JAG

      I would have thought Swisher might have gotten a vote or two. I suppose he probably doesn’t benefit from not looking like a typical fleet-footed outfielder. Being a slugging RF probably doesn’t help either.

      Not saying he should have won or anything, but more votes than Jeter and Posada for sure.

  • yankees1717

    considering the yanks reputation as a team that can’t play defense, i say it is more than solid that we have 4 players in the top ten defensively at their respective positions.

  • Yanko

    Rangers are badmouthing Yankee fans
    “I think our fans have been great,” Greenberg said. “I think particularly in Game 3 of the World Series they just blew away anything I’ve seen in any venue during the postseason. I thought Yankees fans, frankly, were awful. They were either violent or apathetic, neither of which is good. So I thought Yankees fans were by far the worst of any I’ve seen in the postseason. I thought they were an embarrassment.”

    It’s similar to what Kristen Lee, the wife of Rangers left-hander Cliff Lee, said about her experience at Yankee Stadium. She previously told USA Today that Yankees fans cursed at her and threw beer at her during Game 3 of the ALCS.

    “The fans did not do good things in my heart,” Lee told the newspaper. “When people are staring at you, and saying horrible things, it’s hard not to take it personal.”

    So, is Kristen Lee going to block Clifford’s path to Pinstripes or is she singing a different tune when Cash unloads 130 million dollars on her dude?

  • Jerome S

    Posnanski would have the balls to not even think of Cano, wouldn’t he?

  • murakami

    In no universe is Brett Gardner even as good a defensive OF as Carl Crawford.

    • RL

      ???? Not sure what universe you’re from, but in this one, he definitely is!!!

      • murakami


        Laugh out loud laughable.


  • murakami


    One of the voters in this little poll is:

    Pete Gammons.

    Nothing else needs to be said, really.