The RAB Radio Show: November 26, 2010

Past Trade Review: Denny Neagle
WNYC: 161st St. businesses still struggling

All the rage was the Derek Jeter story from this morning, but by this point it has cooled down. Six years and $150 million is a risky proposition for a star in his prime, never mind a player on the downslope. Clearly Jeter doesn’t think he’ll get that, but Mike and I run down the players to whom we’d make the offer.

Podcast run time 42:20

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Past Trade Review: Denny Neagle
WNYC: 161st St. businesses still struggling
  • Jimmy McNulty

    Bill Madden is an irresponsible shithead, no one in their right mind thinks that is a realistic expectation. If it was you’d hear Rosenthal or someone with credibility do a follow up.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Joe has a great radio voice too, like WCBS, WFAN, or 1050 ESPN should try to employ him.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Oh, and Prior’s mechanics were AWFUL. Tom House typically develops injury prone pitchers…great with sidearmers though. Mechanics guys always hated his mechanics.

  • AJ

    This just in from MLBTR:

    3:24pm: Close tells Yahoo’s Tim Brown that the Daily News report is off base (Twitter link). “The recently rumored terms of our contract extension are simply inaccurate,” Close said.

    • Hughesus Christo

      These hacks will write anything the Yankees tell them in exchange for moe fake access.

    • Jimmy McNulty

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure I called that being bullshit from the very beginning. There’s no way that was a real demand.

  • TLVP

    i think 56.7/3 is a likely outcome.