Eiland catches on with the Rays

Yankees ready to "get serious" with Cliff Lee
Yankees interested in Mark Prior

Via Joel Sherman, former Yankee pitching coach Dave Eiland has been hired by the Rays to work in an executive capacity, though the team has not announced it yet. I presume he’ll be able to stay in Tampa all year round, which is where he probably lives after spending so many years in the Yankees’ organization. After his month long absence this past June, maybe this is exactly what he wanted. I’d wish him good luck, but not when he’s employed by a direct competitor. Sorry Dave, nothing personal.

Yankees ready to "get serious" with Cliff Lee
Yankees interested in Mark Prior
  • bonestock94

    I’d only be scared if he took the Yankees’ payroll with him.

  • Evilest Empire

    Now if Andrew Friedman is ever sporting a mysterious black eye during an interview, we’ll finally know for sure what happened to AJ last year.

  • http://www.123blawg.blogspot.com LawStudent

    Man, I’m really curious to know what the heck happened between him and the Yanks.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Is it bad of me to say that I expect Garza’s, Price’s and Shield’s K rate to go down?

    • chriskeo

      Well he is only taking an executive position, not pitching coach…

    • Accent Shallow

      Here’s hoping.

    • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com bexarama

      Didn’t Garza’s K/9 fall off really harshly this year anyway?

      (I just checked. Yeah, it did, but he walked way fewer than in 2009 so his K/BB ratio was basically the same, and it was higher than his K/9 in 2008. So, dunno what’s up with that.)

  • Dave Eiland

    My hog is just too big… they didn’t like having me in the locker room.

    • Bill R

      yeah i heard you made cc’s look like a chewed pen cap

  • ShuutoHeat

    where is the mandatory Island joke?

  • Mr Moss

    Yankees are looking to sign Mark Prior.

    • Slugger27

      mindlessly regurgitating unrelated mlbtr posts is probably the most annoying thing u could do. and this is coming from someone who read big bertha’s posts during game threads.

      everyone here reads that site, theres no reason to make posts like this

      • camilo Gerardo


  • Brian in NH

    Does he still get to wear the uniform even though its an “executive position?”

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    Could be more for minor league development

  • Klemy

    I think we should organize a group hug for all of Tampa Bay.