The RAB Radio Show: January 31, 2011

Mariano's 2010 dip against lefties
The last of a dying breed

RAB took a field trip to Foley’s on Saturday for SABR day, sponsored by Baseball Prospectus. They ran four discussion panels, and they were all of note in some way or another. Mike and I break them down.

There’s some great stuff in there about Hit F/X and Field F/X, off-field value, prospect evaluation, and more.

Podcast run time 33:43

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Mariano's 2010 dip against lefties
The last of a dying breed
  • mike

    dont forget Jonathan Albaledejo lost close to 30lbs when he reported to spring training last season

  • Juke Early

    I’m well aware all, and I mean all, of you sports people need to fill loads of space. And though there is seemingly* endless space to fill, there is a lot of competition to get there fustest with the mostest. But all these new stats, some of which absolutely pin a laser fine focus on player production & are likely of value, every single bit of data has one thing in common. And one major flaw -it has all ready happened. What the new stats move towards are obviously use as predictors. But those predict human performance. Humans do not replicate precisely -anything with 100% proficiency, every single time. You want them to bio-map the player and then hook them up before an AB? that could work if it’s allowed in a new rule. Maybe Alex Rodriguez hits better when his body temp is 99.6 – sit him on a heater for 3 minutes first. Or give him a nice cup of Earl Grey. Could use that any way during November playoffs. Better than swinging the heavy bat! Hold on – that sounds like performance enhancement.

    But you can’t do that for guys in the field – or can you? they can wear bio-suits controlled & with a Wii – transforming the sport into a virtual reality game -players being manipulated by a master, based on giving them the optimal configuration to snatch back a homerun w/a leaping catch. Was that leap aided by the suit or an implanted chip? hmmmm future ‘roids. More like “droids” which is android, as in artificial human.

    Mo Rivera (story below) had a dip against lefties? gee golly, there’s the blobby proof. His dip was caused because he is getting too old to be Mo. Knowing the numbers won’t change it, just record it. The only hard number here is age. Virtual baseball all ready exists. But you guys, go ahead, fill up the bytes & bit of cyberspace w/sabermetricks (sic)-* a cyber space which someday might actually run out. Meanwhile, I’d just settle for the Boys of Summer to not need to play the most important games in snow & ice, because MLB are slow to change, not to mention greedy. Numbers like 25ºF w/windchill 10º, ain’t what I want for a World Series. Crunch those numbers – it will be easy. It’s thin ice.

  • http://??h Kimberely Siglar

    I just moved from Colorado to Michigan. Certainly, MI does have some awesome breweries like Bells and Founders but there’s something missing. Its in all probability the absence of altitude