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The RAB Radio Show: April 4, 2011
2011 Draft: Catching up with Gerrit Cole
Random Moose sighting. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Some afternoon news, notes, links, minutiae…

Yankees line up Sabathia for Red Sox

The Yankees have manipulated their rotation ever so slightly to allow CC Sabathia to start against the Red Sox next weekend. Ivan Nova will start tonight as scheduled, then CC will go tomorrow instead of Freddy Garcia. Don’t worry, he’ll be on regular rest. Garcia will then pitch on Wednesday and A.J. Burnett will follow on Thursday. The Yankees will roll into Boston next weekend with Phil Hughes (Friday), Nova (Saturday), and Sabathia (Sunday, regular rest). Not ideal, but whatever. It’s April.

The Twins are throwing Scott Baker, Brian Duensing, Carl Pavano, and Francisco Liriano this series, in that order. You have to figure that Andruw Jones will make his season debut against Duensing on Tuesday, and also play against Liriano on Thursday. Given the way Brett Gardner swung the bat over the weekend, two days off this week won’t kill him.

Triple-A Scranton Rotation Set

Speaking of lining up rotations, Donnie Collins spoke to Triple-A Scranton manager Dave Miley, who confirmed that his starting rotation is set. David Phelps will start the opener on Thursday, and will be followed by Hector Noesi, Adam Warren, D.J. Mitchell, and Andrew Brackman, in that order. Hooray for an all-prospect rotation. Kevin Millwood will presumably remain in Extended Spring Training for a while to build up arm strength and get stretched out, you know, Spring Training kind of stuff.

Manny Banuelos and Brett Marshall are on track to start Opening Day for Double-A Trenton and High-A Tampa, respectively, according to Josh Norris. Those are unconfirmed though, the days just happen to line up.

Three True Outcomes Weekend

I was screwed around with some data at B-Ref and came across something only the nerdy will love. The Yankees came to plate exactly 100 times against right-handed pitching in the Tigers’ series, and in those 100 PA they hit seven homers, walked a dozen times, and struck out 20. Thirty-nine of their 100 PA vs. RHP ended in a walk, strikeout, or homer, otherwise know as the three true outcomes. For perspective: Mark Reynolds saw 41.9% of his plate appearances end in the three true outcomes last season, by far the most in the bigs. The second most was Adam Dunn at 38.1%, and third was Colby Rasmus at 33.7%. So yeah, that’s quite a gap.  The Yankees really brought the power and patience (and whiffs) against the righties this weekend, eh?

MLB making a push to contract the Rays?

From the I don’t believe it for a second department, Mike Ozanian of Forbes reports that Major League Baseball is making a “strong push” to the contract the Rays. If true, that would be a major leak and one hell of a scoop, but it doesn’t add up. Does it suck that the Rays have such a crappy stadium (in an even crappier location) and low revenue? Of course, but baseball as a whole is incredibly profitably and Tampa is one of the best teams in the game. And besides, they couldn’t contract just one franchise (unless they plan to have one team be idle every day of the season, something the owners would hate), it would have to be two. The union would also put up a major, major fight if MLB tried to eliminate 50 jobs like that (really 80 when you count 40-man rosters). So yeah, cool story bro, I just don’t buy it.

The RAB Radio Show: April 4, 2011
2011 Draft: Catching up with Gerrit Cole
  • JGS

    I imagine bringing up contraction when the CBA is expiring would cause the nature of the talks to change very dramatically very quickly. Yea, not happening.

    • AndrewYF

      Maybe that’s why they’re bringing it up now, because there are no other problems. Kind of a now or never deal.

  • Mister Delaware

    “From the I don’t believe it for a second department …”

    Me neither, although the thought of a dispersal draft has me bumping the bottom of my desk.

    • AndrewYF

      Since they’d be picking last or next to last, the Yankees would not likely get anyone all that great in a dispersal draft.

      • MannyGeee

        is Baldelli still available?

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        The Giants select Tim Beckham, just as a thank you.

        • Pat D

          Ha! Win.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    As far as contraction goes I had a different idea in the NFL lockout, if a team performs at a certain rate below its market expectancy (to be calculated by actuaries in the NFL) and goes below a certain amount of viewership in TV for a long enough period of time the NFL would auction off the franchise. I think baseball should do something similar, if the current ownership cannot get enough viewers and fans to show up at the games auction off the team and let the new owner decide to keep it in Tampa or move it elsewhere. I personally think they should move the Rays to Vegas and realign the AL. My new look AL would be:

    AL East: Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays, Tigers.
    AL Central: Rangers, Twins, White Sox, Indians, Royals.
    AL West: Rays, Angels, Mariners, As.

    • MannyGeee

      to be honest… i don’t hate this idea for one second. That said, BudCo is a little too stiff in the collar to do this, especially to allow a team to land in Las Vegas (My Mortgage payment says that ‘Boston could support another team’ though…. ugh)

      and also, you don’t think that if a team went to auction, Mark Cuban would juimp all over that? another reason the Selig Faction would’nt let it happen.

      • A.D.

        If we take sites noted for the Nationals/Expos as potential than:

        Raleigh, NC
        Portland, OR
        Oklahoma City, OK
        Monterry, Mexico
        San Juan, PR

        Would be on the table in addition to Las Vegas

      • Jimmy McNulty

        Most likely the MLB brass won’t go for this, but in the NFL the owners say that “THE CURRENT DEAL ISN’T FAIR FOR ALL 32 TEAM!!!!!!!” when it’s really just bad for the really crappy teams like Carolina, Jacksonville, Buffalo, and Detroit because of the economy. Whereas, smaller market teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and others have been doing just fine at the gates and teams with poor rosters like the Texans still do pretty well. I blame ownership in cases like this, same goes for the Rays’ state. So if in either sport if current ownership wants to keep the team, they’ll have to compete in an auction for them.

        As far as Cubes goes, if MLB’s goal is to grow their sport and produce the best on field product they possibly can…then if Mark Cuban is the high bidder in the hypothetical auction? So be it. THIS IS AMERICA!!!!!!!11`1!!! But in all seriousness, if their goal is to grow the game and try to have the best entertainment product they can produce…then this is the way to go. If the current group is too old school to let Cuban in, then maybe the owners should rethink their strategies.

        • Pat D

          I don’t think it’s the fault of current Rays ownership for some of the problems they have. They’ve pretty clearly turned the team around from the original ownership.

          Their problem is simply their stadium. It’s ugly and in the wrong location. If they could get a new stadium, I would hope their fortunes improve. But we won’t have a good idea of that until the Marlins move into their stadium next year. If their attendance doesn’t increase significantly, then maybe we should give up on Florida having major league teams.

          • king of fruitless hypotheticals

            i don’t buy that at all. its not in a bad spot–not every stadium has multiple subway lines servicing it–and the stadium isn’t the worst either.

            for a long time (don’t know if they still do) they had free parking. the tickets were half the cost of NY’s. the stadium was still only half full…of Yankee fans.

            the problem isnt the Rays, its Tampa.

            having lived or partied in most of the places listed above, I’d also like to (selfishly) nominate Nashville.

    • A.D.

      Could also just have the AL East be 4 teams.

      Otherwise given the Rays are running a profit, don’t see why contraction or a move would need to happen, but a move is probably a good idea.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Make the West have 5 teams. Have the East have 4 teams.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        Well this part really doesn’t matter, either or just tried to keep the divisions relatively the same. I figured just move Detroit to the East since they’re further out there.

        • A.D.

          And since they were in the AL East pre-Rays, there is some history there

          • nyyankfan7

            No major sports will ever go to Vegas, there is too much gambling and fear that games will be manipulated by the point spreads for any major sport to chance it. I don’t agree with it, but it’s the truth. Any time there was a close game or an underdog that just shouldn’t have won, there would always be a opinion article the next morning wondering if the game was thrown. And that is the bad press no sport needs.

          • steve s

            Just wanted to reply to the contraction and/or move them to Vegas idea. Some of you may remember that when the A’s were last sold to Lew Wolff (Bud Selig’s fraternity brother), Reggie Jackson thought he had a done deal to buy the A’s and was seriously contemplating moving them to Vegas. One of the reasons I believe that Reggie did not get the deal (besides that he wasn’t Bud’s fraternity brother which was a big part of it) was that baseball simply would not permit any team in Vegas (plus considering that Vegas was booming then and is now in terrible economic shape would prevent Vegas from consideration for economic reasons even if baseball changed its mind about Vegas as a potential venue). Regarding contraction, the A’s would be the logical second team to be contracted if the Rays went down in order to keep the number of teams even.

            • A.D.

              Yeah Vegas should have lost some luster, presumably population growth will slow there, giving Charlotte, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Austin and other lower risk and similar population appeal

  • MannyGeee

    Moose is looking awful relaxed up there… good for him…

    (think he could get stretched out for June??? I think he could)

    • YanksFan in MA

      I’ve wondered if the Yanks made any overtures to him about coming back this season after Pettitte said he’d retire. They had to have at least considered it.

      • Peter R

        100% No.

  • mike

    contraction would only make sense to the players if rosters were expanded to account for the lost jobs, but even then the average salary would likely be lower as fewer teams/competitiors for top talent (in a theoretical world).

    i believe we will only see the potential for contraction with the trade-off of a expaneded player roster + salary-floor for each team

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    Going to CC on regular rest not only lines him up for Boston, it splits up (for the foreseeable future) the #4 and #5 in Nova and Garcia.

    The bullpen says thank you.

    • Pat D

      And since Hughes looks a tad shaky right now…

  • Pat D

    I’m pretty sure they would try to relocate the Rays before contracting them. They tried to bring up contraction once before, as I recall and it never got past the theoretical stage. I’m pretty sure the MLBPA would thwart any such intent to contract.

  • CMP

    I agree with Mike, no way in hell the Rays get contracted. Moved maybe but that’s as much as I’d believe.
    If they did, however, I wonder if MLB would have a draft for their players or if they’d become free agents?
    Wouldn’t Price look nice in pinstripes?

    • toad

      That would be an impossible problem to solve. The young stars would want free agency. The more marginal guys would insist tat their contracts be honored – and why not?

      • king of fruitless hypotheticals

        insist that their contract with the Rays, which wouldn’t exist, be honored by…the Rays?

        A draft with contracts as-is would be fair. Just? Dunno.

        • Tom Zig

          honored by whatever team takes them

          • king of fruitless hypotheticals

            and what happens when nobody wants Kei Igawa?!