Yankee bats come alive, drop ChiSox 12-3

Millwood bombed, Montero returns in SWB loss
Mailbag: Sizemore, Posada, Maxwell, K-Rod

It can be tough to salvage a split of a four-game series after dropping the first two, but the Yankees had the right guy on the hill to do just that on Thursday. As it turned out, the offense made the pitching matchup a non-factor rather quickly, and the Yankees coasted to arguably their easiest win of the season.

Happy Swish is back. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

The Big Inning

After scoring a total of five runs (three on one swing) during the first three games of the series, it was painfully obvious that the Yankees were in a collective offensive funk. You don’t have to worry about that anymore. Not only did they hang a 12-spot on the ChiSox in this game, they scored six runs in a fifth inning that featured three Chicago pitchers and nine Yankees batters before an out was recorded. It went down like this…

  1. Brett Gardner solo homer (his third of the year)
  2. Eduardo Nunez double
  3. Curtis Granderson triple (one run scored)
  4. Nick Swisher single (one run scored)
  5. Robinson Cano single
  6. Alex Rodriguez double (one run scored)
  7. Eric Chavez intentionally walked (to load the bases with no outs!)
  8. Russell Martin single (one run scored)
  9. Jorge Posada walk (one run scored)
  10. Gardner strikeout
  11. Nunez pop out
  12. Granderson strikeout

The first four batters of the inning combined to hit for the cycle, which is pretty cool. Tony Pena, the second ChiSox pitcher, left the inning with elbow discomfort, so the Yankees literally did some damage to him. Everyone is happy with that inning, whether you like homers, patience, solid singles with men on base, hits with runners in scoring position, you name it. That big inning put New York up by eight runs, taking the stress off for the night.

Changeup! (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)


Lost in the offensive outburst was another gem of a start from CC Sabathia. The big guy gave his team seven strong and efficient innings, allowing just three unearned runs thanks more in part to some sloppy defense behind him than poor pitching on his part. He struck out six and walked one, boosting his season K/BB ratio to 3.27. It had been sub-3.00 in his first two season with the Yankees. Only twice did Sabathia need more than 15 pitches in an inning (23 pitch second, 19 pitch seventh), and he actually picked up some velocity as the game went along. I feel bad not writing more about his effort, but when he pitches well, there’s not much to say. Great job, CC.

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Signs of Life

A few slumping players started to come around in this one. Nick Swisher ended a career high 0-for-19 stretch by going 3-for-4 with a walk and his first homer of the year. Brett Gardner went 2-for-3 with a walk, the homer, and a stolen base. Both Eduardo Nunez and Gustavo Molina picked up their first hits of the season as well. In fact, the bottom two hitters in the lineup combined to reach base six times and score six runs. The only guy that didn’t break out was Posada, who took an eyesore of an 0-for-4, though he did draw that bases loaded walk. His BABIP is down to .0698.


All in all, it was a great night and a great win in Yankeeland. Anytime Lance Pendleton can get two innings of work without me getting stressed out, something went right. I guess the two biggest complaints were on the defensive side of the ball. Eduardo Nunez committed a pair of errors, booting the first ground ball of the game and then throwing away another ball later on, leading to the three inherited runners. He’s had throwing problems not just dating back to last year, these go back to A-ball. Eric Chavez showed his inexperience playing first base by ranging too far to his right on two occasions, leaving first base unmanned. Thankfully the score rendered the four combined gaffs irrelevant.


Yankees’ starting pitchers in the last six games: 43.1 IP, 30 H, 9 R, 6 ER, 9 BB, 32 K, 58 GB, 41 FB. That’s a 1.25 ERA and a 0.90 WHIP. Sabathia started this string of great pitching last weekend in Baltimore, and he kept the train going on Thursday. Al Leiter said stuff like this is contagious, meaning no one in the rotation wants to be the guy that throws the first stinker. So yeah, keep it up fellas.

Edwin Jackson not only walked five of the 20 batters he faced, but he also ran a three-ball count on three other batters. Of his 91 pitches, just 49 (or 53.8%) were strikes. The Yankees wore him right down then took care of business against the soft underbelly of the bullpen. That’s how they roll.

I’ll be completely honest: I’m surprised that the Yankees managed to keep Adam Dunn in the yard during a four-game series. You’d think he would have lifted at least on ball into the jet stream and into the right field seats at some point. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, just a little surprised.

WPA Graph & Box Score

Boring, just the way I like it. MLB.com has your box score and video highlights, FanGraphs has everything else.

Up Next

Goodbye White Sox, hello Blue Jays. The AL East rivals come to town for a three game weekend series starting Friday night, when Freddy Garcia takes on Ricky Romero. If you want to head up to the Bronx to catch the game, check out all the dirt cheap tickets still available on the secondary market via RAB Tickets.

Millwood bombed, Montero returns in SWB loss
Mailbag: Sizemore, Posada, Maxwell, K-Rod
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    Holy Crap that Arod Picture got me bursting out laughing

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      LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!

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        I cried.

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  • Henry

    Hey guys remember the poster earlier that said their daughter was going to the game, and every time she goes Swisher has a good game, and he guaranteed Swish would break out of it tonight? Well… If therr are any rich readers here, should buy her season tickets…

    • RollingWave

      yes, epic.

    • jim p

      Doesn’t mean the Yankees will win, but it does mean Swish would hit .750 with 80 or so HR. So that would be worth it.

    • Yank the Frank

      I will be taking contributions to buy her season tickets. She has taken me for everything else, I can’t afford it.

      • fire levine

        And who was it that predicted swish, gardner, and jeter homers in this game

  • http://twitter.com/stophamm3rtime dela g

    great win

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Mattpat11

    All the talk of the Yankees great starting pitching run leaves out Colon’s 6.2 IP, 5 H, 2 BB 7 K 2 R game. Its actually seven games in a row.

    • Evan3457

      Yeah, I’ve noticing that YES graphic the last two nights, and saying to myself, “What, Colon’s game against the Jays last Wednesday doesn’t count anymore?”

  • dkidd

    yankees have lost just one series (stupid fenway) so far

    keep it going, freddy…

  • bakekrukow412

    LOL look at the WPA graph! Can you say lopsided?

  • Wandering Bear

    And I think this game exemplifies why Grandy should be leading off. I know they can’t bench Jeter but he should move down to 8th in the lineup, Swish 2nd, Gardner 9th. That really is the best lineup and maybe flipping Cano and Teix would be even better.

  • bonestock94

    Soooo…Gardner has power now?? lol

    • Evan3457

      Yeah, I’m betting he hasn’t had an ISO over .200 since…what? Little league?

      At the moment, it’s .216, and if he had enough singles to be batting .262 (6 more), his triple slash line would be: .262/.300/.477. That makes me laugh.

  • Rookie

    Wow. When the Yankees get an offensive contribution from Gardner, Swisher, and their shortstop, there’s no telling now many runs they can score.

  • baravelli

    Has anyone else noticed that Michael Kay seems to be experimenting with a new catchphrase for after a Yankee win – “they put it on the left side.”
    Idunno, could be worse.

    • Evan3457

      Seems like a semi-ripoff of Rose’s “Put it in the books”.

      But don’t tell him I said so, or he’ll go on a rant explaining how he thought of it all himself and why fans are crazy and believe the most insane things that’ll kill the game discussion for 2-3 innings.

    • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com bexarama

      It’s terrible but if it means the Yankees win I’ll deal with hearing it 100+ more times this season or whatever. ;P

    • First time lawng time

      He also says the same things throughtout the game. It’s getting predictable.
      ie: “his struggles continue.”. “That ball’s driver deeeeeep to right…it iiiiis CAUGHT! WHAT A PLAY BY SO AND SO.”. “see ya!”. “Ooohhhhhh what a play!”.
      He usually screams some of those.

      • RichYF

        So what you’re saying is he’s turning into John Sterling. Excellent.

    • ROBTEN

      It seems a bit forced to me. Plus it’s too similar to Hawks’ “Put it on the board” (though without the same level of ham).

      • Mickey Scheister


        As opposed to

        “Drivin’ deep to right…SEE YA!”

        It’s always the same shit, mix it up boys!

      • Pat D

        I thought maybe that’s why he was saying it, to half parody, half mock Harrelson’s ever tiresome sayings.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Yes-Nunez was a bit shaky out there at SS but-he got 2 hits of the type Jeter cannot provide.

    A scorcher line drive just over the LFer and off the wall and

    an infield hit that was not a swinging bunt to third….

    • David, Jr.

      They would be a better team if Nunez played more games at SS and if the full-time DH was Montero. Sherman’s article today said it perfectly (paraphrasing): Is the point to win or to appease icons?

      • Jim S

        Posada is suffering from an unimaginably low BABIP. When his ground balls start getting through and his lines drives start falling in, he’ll be fine. He hasn’t forgotten how to hit.

        • David, Jr.

          How about next year? Do you want him back? Maybe bring back Bernie Williams, too? At some point the team will need to turn over and get younger.

          • Jim S

            I didn’t say anything about the future. Yeesh. I was referring to this season. Of course we need to get younger. We ARE getting younger.

    • Jim S

      Arguably the only real gain you’re getting with Nunez is the potential to get one or two more hits “of the type Jeter cannot provide”(whatever that means, a hit is a hit) per week. Nunez is not an offensive monster, he’s a utility infielder who doesn’t play fantastic defense.

      • Zack

        a hit is a hit


        • Jim S

          An infield single is worth exactly the same whether you dribble it down the 3rd base line or towards the shortstop. Nunez’ infield single wasn’t any more special than any of Jeter’s infield singles.

        • Jim S

          And hey, maybe in the future respond with something more than a one word disagreement. Or not. Whatever.

      • Sam

        As opposed to a $17-million mega-star who can’t hit, run, or field.

        • Jim S

          Guh that 17 million is a sunk cost, people. Once the contracts are signed, we want the best player on the field, not the best value.

          Jeter is clearly not who he once was, but he’s also not clearly worse than Nunez. Is everyone so up in arms over how alarming it is to watch someone’s decline that the overreact this badly? Nunez is not a superhero!

      • steve (different one)

        What he meant were “extra base hits”, something Nunez now has half of Jeter’s total in 7% of the plate appearances.

        • Jim S

          Nunez’s highest ISO in the last 5 years including the minors is .113

          Please don’t tell me about how much power Nunez has. That’s not why he’s on our team.

          He’s definitely providing more for what we pay him than Jeter, but the hyperbole needs to stop. Nunez isn’t freaking Tulowitski.

      • David, Jr.

        I believe that with more playing time, Nunez would hit and field at least as well as Jeter. At a minimum, they should give Nunez more games. It would help him develop. It would help Jeter. It would be a win all around, now and for the future.

        • Jim S

          I’m not disagreeing with any of that. I’m just not going to pretend that Nunez is head and shoulders above Jeter right now, and using one line drive as proof of how awesome Nunez, or anyone really is, is silly.

          Especially given that if we’re playing that game, you have to prove that those 2 throwing errors are an aberration.

          I don’t like Jeter’s contract. I think he needs to retire, and he’s going to hurt the team more than he helps it over the next few years. But I don’t see Nunez as the savior.

          • David, Jr.

            Nunez isn’t a savior by any means. I didn’t say replace Jeter as the starter with Nunez, just that Nunez should play more games. Last year Jeter played in 157 games. If that dropped to say, 130, it would accomplish a lot, such as a fresher Jeter and finding out what they have in Nunez.

            However, at DH, I feel it is time to make the move. Cut Posada or make him a pinch hitter, and go with Montero as DH and maybe backup C. Not sure about the C part of that, depends on how far along they think he is, but the bat is more than ready and Posada is dead weight that won’t be here beyond this year anyway. Time to cut the cord. Get younger and better all at once.

  • JerseyDutch

    Lance Pendleton, who do you think you are? You, sir, are no Chad Gaudin.