Rosenthal: Yankees pursued Franklin Morales


Via Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees pursued a trade for lefty reliever Franklin Morales before he was dealt to the Red Sox last week. Boston got him for peanuts, just a player to be named later or cash. Morales, 25, was considered the eighth best prospect in the game by Baseball America just three years ago, one spot behind Clayton Kershaw and two spots ahead of David Price. He’s got a big fastball and a knockout curve, but he’s battled extreme control issues (6.0 BB/9 since 2008) and is a big time fly ball guy (just 33.6% grounders since 2009), so I’m not sure he was a good fit for Yankee Stadium. That said, you take chances on arms like this, but missing out on Morales isn’t the end of the world.

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  • FernandoP

    I’m going to continue banging the drum for George Sherrill or Tim Byrdak. Both guys are true lefty specialists with real low BA against lefties.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      I don’t like these “lefty specialists.” It’s another way of saying that those guys fucking suck. I would much rather sign or trade for someone who can get right handed AND left handed batters out, like Robertson or Joba. It seems like every LOOGY we’ve ever had has been hurt or is just terrible (Mike Myers/Damaso Marte).

      • Ted Nelson

        Anyone would rather have a guy who can get all hitters out and not just some hitters…

        • Thomas Cassidy

          My point exactly. So they should get those types of pitchers instead of LOOGYS. Look all throughout baseball. All the main LOOGYS are always hurt, or just suck.

  • Pat D

    Is it just me or does Rosenthal always seem to report the Yankees were in on a player after they go somewhere else?

    • Thomas Cassidy

      I think he says it so it gives him something to talk about. The guy is a jackass.

  • Phil

    You can’t teach someone how to throw a fastball; they either have it or they don’t. Under the circumstances, no excuses for why we didn’t land Morales. You get him, send him to est, teach him how to control a pitch, maybe a curve like Koufax, maybe some other pitch, and who knows, it might suddenly all come together & you’ve really got something. I hate the idea of any arm going to Boston. They should have landed this guy.

    • Zack

      Send him to est when he’s out of options?

      • Phil

        Actually, my point was the guy has a huge upside ability wise, but he hasn’t been able to harness that ability. So, acquire the talent & find a quiet place for him where he can start s-l-o-w and e-a-s-y w/someone who can break down his mechanics and reassemble them again. You do this w/pitchers who have ability and Morales has it. If you can’t straighten him out, you don’t lose much; if you can, you get a guy who can throw the ball past people. I think it would have been worth the investment. We’ll have to see how it works out for the Red Sox.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Morales will never amount to anything.

    • Ted Nelson

      Maybe the Yankees should teach pitchers to be like Sandy Koufax… interesting idea. Can’t believe they never thought of trying to teach their pitchers to be good.

      The Red Sox have got to fill their roster and farm system… they’re going to have baseball players. We need to hope that they don’t have good baseball players (and Morales doesn’t seem very good at this point), not that they don’t have guys who can throw the ball towards the plate… as a MLB org it’s sort of inevitable that they’ll have guys with arms.

      • Phil

        Yes, Ted, maybe they should. Oh, & almost forgot that the Red Sox — & jeez, all other mlb teams too — would have to fill their roster & farm system(s) w/baseball players possessing both right and left arms. Sometimes you can overlook the finer details of the game so thanks for pointing that out.

  • JamesM

    They had a chance to get some of TampBay pitchers and waited for Lee.It’s all Crashman’s fault. Too late now. Boston got all the good players. Now Girardi will burn the bullpen out by August

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Oh, geez.

    • Ted Nelson

      Is this a serious comment?

    • NogoodNik

      Girardi makes a lot of questionable moves, but his management of the bullpen is probably his biggest strength as a manager, IMO. Robertson and Joba are both excelling in roles where they aren’t used for more than an inning, and Robertson, in particular, has been getting used only in situations where it is crucial to get a strike out, (with runners in scoring position and less than two outs). He’s found a way to use Logan effectively as the only lefty in the pen. Does there really seem to be a glaring need to grab another lefty specialist? Last, but not least, are the effective innings being tossed by Ayala (who is quietly providing a quality appearance almost every time out), Lance Pendleton, Noesi and the rest of the SWB shuttle to fill the long-man, and mop-up roles.