Bartolo Colon leaves game with strained left hamstring


Update (3:26pm): It’s a strained left hamstring, his landing leg. That’s bad, Bartolo’s probably headed to the disabled list even if it’s just a minor strain.

Original Post (3:02pm): Bartolo Colon left this afternoon’s game with an apparent leg injury after covering first base in the seventh inning. David Robertson replaced him on the mound. Out of shape pitchers and wet grass don’t mix well. Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. Stryker says:


  2. Mr. Rubble says:

    wow you got this up fast.
    This is also very bad news.

  3. Este15 says:


  4. mt says:

    Might also be a groin injury.

    At least it’s not his arm :-)

  5. pete says:

    I’m guessing hamstring strain, 3-4 weeks plus rehab

  6. teddy says:


  7. aRX says:

    Hopefully just tweaked something and he’ll be OK by his next start. Never thought I’d ever type these words but we can’t afford to lose him for any length of time.

  8. the tenth inning stretch says:

    *weeps openly*

  9. FIPster Doofus says:

    Reminiscent of the Jamaican bobsled team setting a record time and then crashing in “Cool Runnings.”

  10. Greg Golson's Laser Rocket Arm says:

    1. This homestand has been the yankees’ worst nightmare for injuries
    2. If Colon is destined for the DL, is Noesi the man to replace him

  11. teddy says:


  12. BINNER says:

    Please trade Cervelli for any mediocre pitcher…..PLEASE…

  13. Phife Dawg says:

    Hector Noesi time.

  14. James A says:

    Silva, Noesi, Phelps, Mitchell, Warren, I mean they do have some options, but Bartolo has just been dealing of late. I wonder if there’s a deal that could be made right now for a #4/5 type guy?

  15. A-ROD fan says:

    No good

  16. A-ROD fan says:

    No good.

  17. Tamir says:

    If colons out I’ll cry

  18. Tommy C says:

    Does anyone know what happened during that injury timeout on the jumbotron when Paul told Michael Kay, we’ll talk about it later?

    • Justin says:

      Judging by the crowd cheering at the same time.. I’m guessing a girl flashed while on the screen. Thats a completely random guess though.

  19. jon g says:

    Def noesi

  20. mike c says:

    it looked like a charlie horse to me

  21. pat says:

    Strained left hammy. Ugh.

  22. David N says:

    Jon and Suzyn saying it’s a hamstring strain. Not disaster, but not good either. Probably misses a couple of starts.

    Someone get the stem cells.

  23. James A says:

    Strained is better than torn or pulled, put it’s still not good
    15-day DL, meet Bartolo, Bartolo, meet the 15-day DL

  24. Andrew says:

    This sucks, but mostly everyone expected Colon to get hurt. All things considered pulling a leg muscle isn’t the worst possible injury outcome (yes missing him for 3-4 weeks sucks). His arm will still be healthy, and the hope is it’s not a bad strain and he can get back his strength and effectiveness after rehabbing. He becomes a trade deadline acquisition in effect, but the hard part is piecing together the next 5-6 weeks. Noesi, Warren, Phelps are all throwing well at least, so it’s not a total nightmare. Just means Nova gets to keep his job rather comfortably for the foreseeable future, which might be dicey.

    • Drew says:

      Well we were all expecting an injury, just a shoulder/elbow injury instead of a hamstring. I have some faith in Noesi can hold down the spot for 15 days (given that its a minor strain)

    • David, Jr. says:

      Agree. Not a big deal. Beer and chips for a couple of weeks, maybe a rehab start if necessary, come back and throw seven shutout innings.

  25. pat says:

    Well, it’ll give him a nice little mid season break.

  26. Gonzo says:

    This is DL stint is just going to preserve him for the playoffs.

  27. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Hopefully it’s not a Hughes-esque hammy injury.

  28. Cy Pettitte says:

    hopefully he can come back in 2-3 weeks, oh well.

    • first time lawng time says:

      If it’s only 2-3 weeks or 15 day DL, I don’t think that’s bad at all. He’s a SP, so hell’s only miss a few games.

      As long as it’s not like Andy last year, this isn’t that bad of an injury.

  29. IB6 UB9 says:

    Noesi gets his chance, takes Garcia’s spot when Colon comes back.

    What about Silva?

  30. wow says:

    In the wake of this horrible incident, I will be starting a movement to change baseball rules for pitchers covering first base (or any subsequent base thereof).

    1) Pitchers are not required to actually “touch” the base in order to record the out. “Hovering” around the base will suffice.

    2) Said “Hovering” zone shall be determined by the umpires’ best judgement and a yet-to-be-determined formula for pitcher mass-to-base proximity.

    Anyone interested in joining the movement, I will be marching in solidarity from under the eight stairwell of Petco Park to Bud Selig’s office next Saturday. The idea is to get there by the time Colon makes his triumphant return.

  31. Mickey Scheister says:

    Why! Why do he cry? This is why. Get well soon Bart!

  32. Icebird753 says:

    Thanks for everything, Fatty Colon

  33. rossdfarian says:

    I’m just sayin …
    DJ Mitchell and Manny Banuelos are both in line to start the next time Colon is due in the rotation. Do we really need a 40-man spot for Buddy Carlyle or Kaneoka Texeira?
    Drop the useless weight (I vote K.T.). Call one of these guys up for their regular turn and send him down if he doesn’t rise to the occasion. If he blows Texas away, boom … next starter. If he doesn’t, at least it will have made the Rangers prepare differently.
    Either is better than Sanit or Silva.

  34. YankeesJunkie says:

    It looks like Noesi will get shot to replace Colon since he is the one with actual MLB experience at this point. The silver lining for the injury though is that

    1. It is not an arm injury
    2. If Colon makes a most likely DL stint and is able to come back healthy the chances of him pitching effectively in October go up. Instead of having 200 innings or so on his belt it may be closer to 130-150 which means he should still be throwing gas.

  35. BigBlueAL says:

    How good is David Phelps?? His career minor league numbers are pretty good and he is pitching very good this season at Scranton.

  36. Russelling says:

    Noesi is the only option right now. Well done Cash Man.

    • Mike HC says:

      Starters get hurt all the time. You need your AAA guys to perform decent until guys get healthy again. Hughes and Colon will both hopefully be back in 2-3 weeks or so, and then things will be looking better. As long as CC is healthy, I think the Yanks can weather these injuries.

  37. Mike HC says:

    Not good, but better this than his arm. As written above, could be a blessing in disguise to keep his arm fresh.

  38. AC says:

    I would agree and say Noesi gets the call. Any of the killer B’s are not an option at this point. If not Noesi than bring up best available at AAA. In house option here.

  39. Humbug says:

    Figures, he hurts the part of his body that starts with ham. Sigh. Get well soon, Bart.

  40. Preston says:

    I think Phelps is the best option to start, Noesi should also stay up in the pen. It doesn’t really matter because they’ll probably go with Silva first. Silva doesn’t pass the better than Mitre standard as far as I’m concerned.

  41. mike says:

    I say the Yankees trade Dardner + hughes to Arizona in exchange for Saunders & upton. Mr. Cashman needs to stop playing conservative & realistic at this point if the Yankees are to keep up with the Red Sox this year. Speaking of the Red Sox,someone ought to tell Cashman that he has been out maneuvered by his nemesis each & every year at the exception of the Texeira & CC moves, Mr Cashman has not made any move to keep the yankees competitive. About time you get off your touchka & help save the season.

    • Evan3457 says:

      Gardner and Hughes for Saunders and Upton?

      You mean Brett Gardner and Justin Upton??

      Maybe there’s a reason Cashman is “realistic”, considering MLB occurs in “reality”.

  42. jerrynyg says:

    The absolute last thing that we need is for the club to panic and trade away prospects for some mediocre starter.

    The Yankees can weather this storm with some of their talent in the minors.

    I’d rather pick up another reliever in a trade. A starter is going to cost too much with the way this trade market is developing, there are too many teams still in contention that are in need.

    Hughes is coming back, Colon won’t be gone THAT long… Noesi will be serviceable, and with luck he may force Garcia or Nova into the pen.

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