Game 115: Rookie vs. Rookie


(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

The Angels are throwing the Yankees a little bit of a curveball tonight, calling up rookie right-hander Garrett Richards to start instead of going with Hisanori Takahashi. Richards is coming straight from Double-A, where he posted a 3.54 FIP with an okay strikeout rate (6.38 K/9). Baseball America considered him the team’s seventh best prospect before the season, saying that he “touches 96 mph at times and sits comfortably at 92-93 with sink and occasional cutting action.” A mid-80′s breaking ball is his second pitch, which he calls a curveball but it looks a whole lot like a slider. BA cites observers that consider him “everything from a mid-rotation starter to a power reliever.”

Anyway, the Yankees have never seen Richards before, which usually means CERTAIN DOOM. I’m actually feeling pretty good about the matchup just because Richards is a typical power pitcher. The rookies with soft stuff are the ones that tend to give the Yankees fits, plus going from Double-A to Yankee Stadium in the middle of playoff spot race is a tough spot. Here’s the lineup…

Brett Gardner, LF
Derek Jeter, SS
Curtis Granderson, CF
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Robinson Cano, 2B
Nick Swisher, RF
Eric Chavez, DH
Russell Martin, C
Eduardo Nunez, 3B

Ivan Nova, SP

The game starts a little after 7pm ET and can be seen on YES locally or ESPN nationally. Enjoy.

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  1. Wayne Tolleson says:

    2 SS’s is pretty cool. Maybe it will help Jeter with his range….

  2. Gonzo says:

    I feel good about facing this kid too.

  3. jay h says:

    is there a reason why halosheaven calls the yankees the New Jersey Yankees of the Bronx?

  4. Winston Smith says:

    At least tonight we’ve got a pitcher on the mound who doesn’t blow up for 4-5 runs in the 5th inning. Expect 6-7 strong and consistent innings from Ivan Nova, our 4th starter.

    • Stratman9652 says:

      “At least tonight we’ve got a pitcher on the mound who doesn’t blow up for 4-5 runs in the 5th inning. ”

      Things nobody could say about Nova last year. He may never be a top of the line starter but the kid has come a long way.

    • Jorge says:

      Let me predict nothing but roses Ivan Nova, but crap on the the rest of the players on every other post. My god, Hester.

  5. MikeD says:

    Let’s just make this easy and score lots of runs tonight. The Yankees are averaging just over three runs the last four games. SSS and all and to be expected after their eight-game winning streak, but a little more offense will cover up other sins!

  6. Kevin says:

    Keep in’s still only been a year since he started pitching and still has a way to go..but he has held up better so far than the others under the very,very unforgiving NY spotlight that demands rookies be Cy Young flying out of the gate or else.

  7. jay h says:

    Garrett richards was drafter with the compensation pick the angels got when the yankees signed Tex.

  8. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Nova’s the first Yankee to get ten wins as a rookie in 40 years. I know wins aren’t a very indicative stat for a pitcher’s performance, but still…that’s says something about Nova. I’m still a bit bearish on Nova long term, but apparently the Yankee Brass thinks highly of him.

  9. Esteban says:

    Hey good thing the Padres didn’t keep Nova when they drafted him in the Rule V draft.

  10. Rick says:

    I haven’t been to the Stadium in a couple months; can anybody tell me what that stupid video-game sound they’re playing when the opposing team reaches base is all about?

  11. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Really not all that bad of an inning, Abreu draws a lot of walks and I wouldn’t expect a rookie that’s not a top 100 prospect to take him down swinging.

  12. Jorge says:

    I watch Nova’s starts with excitement. I would love for this kid to exceed expectations and become even more than the back-end starter many said his ceiling would be. A solid young contributor can come from all places, and doesn’t always have to be the sexy name.

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Love the fact that he can get over 50% GB, however he needs a swing and miss pitch and slightly better control to make that jump to the middle of the rotation IMO.

  13. YankeesJunkie says:

    Dude was throwing 7 innings a start in AA.

  14. Dela G says:

    Damn, this guy throws damn hard

  15. Xstar7 says:

    Brett Gardner: Leadoff hitter

  16. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    I think they get Gardner with a decent throw

  17. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    OK Grandy, send this kid down to double A

  18. YankeesJunkie says:

    Love when the Yankees get back to back walks.

  19. MikeD says:

    I wonder what the lowest in-season BA is for a guy with a 31-game hitting streak during the season? Gotta believe Uggla has it right now.

  20. Jesse says:

    God the Yankees better take advantage here.

  21. Mike Axisa says:

    Casey Janssen made binoculars out of coffee cups in the Jays bullpen. That’s pretty funny.

  22. Xstar7 says:

    31 game hitting streak and Uggla’s BA is only at .222?


  23. YankeesJunkie says:

    Brett Gardner-elite player

  24. Cy Pettitte says:

    off the wall!

    the Grandyman!!!

  25. Jesse says:

    3 run dinger please

  26. Mike Axisa says:

    Welcome to the bigs, kid.

  27. Winston Smith says:


  28. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Haha Grandyyyyy

  29. IRF says:

    Fine. I forgive you Curtis

  30. YankeesJunkie says:

    That is called a hitter’s touch right there! Only if Matt where here to comment on its beauty.

  31. Dela G says:

    Hahaha that was a hilarious debut hit

  32. Esteban says:

    See that’s why I can’t stay mad at the Grandyman

  33. Ivan says:

    Boom, Boom, BOOM!!!!!

  34. Winston Smith says:

    Vindication for Curtis Granderson.

  35. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Fuck the HR, Grandy just killed a rally.

  36. MikeD says:

    It’ll probably be the only three runs they score.

    I’m not being serious…I hope.

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

      I always think of Greg when he says something incredibly negative and then says “Prove me wrong, Yankees.”

  37. Esteban says:

    So the Yankees CAN hit pitchers they haven’t seen before

  38. Cy Pettitte says:

    what a swing.

  39. Michael Mirabella says:

    Is it just me or do I feel like we already one this game with Nova on the mound and a three-run lead?

  40. Jesse says:

    Nova is a lock to not lose this game. 11-0 when pitching with a lead. Nova will be the number two starter come postseason. Idgaf that he’s a rookie. He’ll be the second best pitcher come October, you can book it.

  41. MikeD says:

    What? CC/Nova not part of the poll? Nonsense!

  42. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    So am I the only one who thinks that the Angels are gonna win the AL West?

  43. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Nice play, Noonie.

  44. Mike Axisa says:

    That’s some arm in this Nunez kid. You have no idea how far that throw is until you stand out there.

  45. Guest says:

    The odds of Dan Uggla having another 26 game hitting streak on top of the 31 game hitting streak he has just had, is just about zero.

    BUT on the 0.00000 *takes breath* 000001 or whatever percent chance that he does have a 57 game hitting streak, he’s going to get more grief for a breaking a record he “doesn’t deserve to break” than Maris did, right? (Don’t think either should get/should’ve gotten grief, but it’s inevitable).

  46. YankeesJunkie says:

    Hell of play!

  47. Winston Smith says:

    That’s why Russell’s playing. Gives us something we didn’t have last year. And once A-Rod comes back he’ll be hitting 9th anyway and not 6th or 7th like he was earlier in the year.

  48. I think the biggest thing that plagues young pitchers(yes, even the great Nova), is the 2 out hits. It seems as if with 2 outs, many of them can not just shut the inning down…it all comes in time(hopefully) but it just seems like something Nova needs to work on.

  49. MannyGeee says:

    so anyone else watching th ESPN braodcast? I turned it on riiiiight after the Granderslam, and I have heard no less than 5 times “You know, the Yankees are 0-6 when facing a pitcher for the first time… ” could be an interesting drinking game if i didn’t have a client presentation tomorrow…

    fuck ESPN.

  50. IRF says:

    Did you guys know Michael Kay went to Fordham? Cuz he did.

  51. Zach says:

    Sterling thinks Gardner goes back to bottom 3rd of lineup when arod is back. They might do it, but still silly.

    • Jetrer says:

      I think they will drop Gardy
      They won’t drop Cano to 6th

    • Winston Smith says:

      That is silly. Him and Jeter are good at the top. Our best player this year stays at 3. Then A-Rod and the rest of the order goes just like you say. They need to stop platooning Gardner. He’s a leadoff hitter, period.

    • Jesse says:

      Here’s what the lineup will look like whether Sterling likes it or not:

    • Xstar7 says:

      Ideal lineup (in other words, never going to happen):

    • Guest says:

      I think Gardner is pretty close to earning Girardi’s full trust. And I think Girardi has a little new school in him to go with the old school. He probably knows it makes little sense to have someone with elite speed and very good OBP skills get the least amount of at bats.

      I don’t think Jeter goes anywhere (and he’s been hiting well anyway, hopefully he continues to do so). But I also don’t think any of A-Rod, Tex, or Cano will have a crisis of confidence if they are dropped a spot or two. Keep Gardner, Jeter, and Grandy at the top, A-Rod, Tex, and Cano or Tex, A-rod, and Cano in the middle and call it a day.

      Russell Martin and Chavez/Jones getting more at bats than Gardner = No.

  52. Winston Smith says:

    Supernova’s one hell of a pitcher. And they wanted to send this guy down even after AJ’s meltdown in Chicago! 3 runs is all Supernova needs.

  53. Loved ESPN’s announcers making excuses for the Angels SP! “If he wasn’t nervous and he didn’t pay a lot of money for a cab on the way here, then he wouldn’t have walked anyone and he wouldn’t have given up Granderson’s HR that was only over because it hit the top of the wall!”


  54. bonestock94 says:

    Tex is a badass

  55. YankeesJunkie says:

    I will say A-Rod and Mantle for the trivia knowing I am wrong.

  56. MannyGeee says:

    ha. Abreu runs like an old yenta with a hip replacement.

  57. Xstar7 says:

    That was strike three to Hunter.

  58. Cy Pettitte says:


    2/2 with 2 HRs

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Hellz yea! 17 homers as an 18 year old is ridiculous and his wRC+ 115 is huge for a guy at C.

    • MannyGeee says:

      call up Sanchez. fck Montero!

    • Guest says:

      Further proof that maybe people should let the full year develop before they change their opinions on prospects.

      Wow. What power.

      Cup of tea with Tampa to get a taste of the next level (especially since JR is hurt).

      If only JR didn’t get hurt and get up his pre-injury production (big Ifs).

      Everyone could’ve been promoted next year:

      Montero – Majors
      Romine – AAA
      Murphy – AA
      Sanchez – High A
      Tejeda – Low A

      Not bad.

  59. Joba4Prez says:

    Halladay isn’t that great…he doesn’t miss bats


  60. Kostas says:

    It is only 3 innings and there is much room to improve, but Nova is making a solid case as an alternative to Burnett.

  61. Stratman9652 says:

    Anyone know a way to find out the probables for Scranton for the series against Syracuse? I just got very very excited to find that the series opener is 5 days from Manny’s last start, but the way minor league “rotations” go I can’t be sure.

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Pretty sure Scranton has a blog so I would probably check that.

      • Stratman9652 says:

        I checked that, no definitive probables and looking back at who has pitched lately shows no rhyme or reason. Guess I’ll just have to go to all four games right? At 15 bucks a ticket no reason not to.

        • YankeesJunkie says:

          Thats the spirit. However, I am pretty sure ManBan will start on Friday so the earliest he would start is Wednesday.

          • Stratman9652 says:

            Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Friday is the first game of the series in Syracuse so I’m probably gonna get lucky and see him.

            I can’t believe I’m saying this, but hopefully they don’t call up Montero for a few days, still haven’t seen him catch. He was having that whole attitude problem last time they were in Cuse and he got his ass benched.

  62. YankeesJunkie says:

    Cano for the cycle tonight!

  63. Brandon says:

    If Nova continues to pitch well tonight, abd Hughes pitches good on Saturday, there going to have to move Burnett. Moving one of Hughes or Nova after good starts, would really be stupid.

  64. Cy Pettitte says:


  65. YankeesJunkie says:

    Awesome relay!

  66. Mike Axisa says:

    Hooray for having a productive DH.

  67. Xstar7 says:

    They’re really tagging Richards.

  68. jon says:

    how do you miss 2 cut off guys?

  69. Cy Pettitte says:

    some serious meatballs being served up this inning

  70. Cy Pettitte says:

    stupid Bourjous

  71. YankeesJunkie says:

    That was a hell of play.

  72. Mike Axisa says:

    Bourjos is like “get out of the way you old fuck.”

  73. bonestock94 says:

    Fuckin A what a beast

  74. SDM says:

    *clap clap Damn

  75. Ivan says:

    Who is the better fielder, Bourjos or Gardner?

  76. Cy Pettitte says:

    are you serious? getting robbed this inning.

  77. YankeesJunkie says:


  78. bonestock94 says:

    That’s not cool man

  79. IRF says:

    Robo umps now please.

  80. Bartolo's Colon says:

    man, gardner just got anti jim joyced

  81. karel capek says:

    Perhaps Jorge can retire and become a commentator for YES. Imagine a booth of Micheal Kay, Posada, and Cone. Nothing but sabermetrics and Posada talking about how Swisher is still slower than him. But if Cone looks like Buster Keaton who does Posada looks like?

    Fingers crossed.

  82. Eirias says:


  83. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow what a terrible call, not even close.

  84. MannyGeee says:

    nunez flingin the ball

  85. Cy Pettitte says:

    i repeat, stupid Bourjos.

  86. Xstar7 says:

    Just a solo home run. No big deal.

  87. Ivan says:

    Yankees have given up homers to Abreu (twice) and now Bourjos…mind boggling…

  88. MannyGeee says:

    officially over Bourjos

  89. mbonzo says:

    So the Angels called up Trout and Richards without going to AAA. What has become of the PCL?

    • Sarah says:

      Brandon Belt is toiling at SF’s Triple A club. And killing it. So what does that tell you?

      • mbonzo says:

        Yea, the offensive numbers are a joke, but it seems like teams would rather keep prospects in the Texas League. Is there more competition in AA than AAA?

        • Sarah says:

          Don’t know for sure but I’d guess that is true.

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          Read the NoMaas Mark Newman interview, at AAA the players are used there exactly the way they’d be used in the big leagues. So the managers, to a large degree, worry about winning the games because it preps the players for the call up. At AA they don’t care as much about winning and it’s more about letting each player develop.

          • mbonzo says:

            Thats interesting but it feeds into my point. The Angels must seriously consider the PCL to be a joke (which it is) for them to skip that part of a prospects development.

            • Jimmy McNulty says:

              Depends on the prospect, depends on the organization, depends on the park and coaching staff at the PCL team too. The Royals used the PCL Royals quite a bit. The Pads kept Rizzo in there for a significant amount of time, the Jays had Lawrie there for a while, and Ackley was there for a while too. It all depends, most of the elite prospects aren’t in AAA for that long anyways as players need to develop at the ML level too.

              **cough** Jesus Montero **cough cough**

          • The Fallen Phoenix says:

            That’s just how the Yankees organization runs things, though. Not all AAA organizations are run the same.

  90. MannyGeee says:

    bye bye! another shot by Grandy!

  91. YankeesJunkie says:

    The Grandyman can!

  92. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol Grandy destroying this kid.

    congrats to him on new career high on HRs

  93. Xstar7 says:

    Grandy is in beast mode. For that brief second where he hit that home run, he was the best hitter in baseball.

  94. Dela G says:

    I love the effing grandy man

  95. Guest says:

    I wonder if there has ever been someone who led the league in HR’s, RBI’s, Runs and did NOT win the MVP.

    Right now, Grandy, as much as I love him, doesn’t deserve the MVP. And he could lead the league in HR’s, Runs, and RBI’s and still not deserve the MVP.

    But I imagine someone leading the league in those categories and not winning the MVP is a pretty rare phenomenon.

    • mbonzo says:

      If he leads the league in HR’s, Runs, and RBI’s he’ll probably put up numbers that’ll make me comfortable enough to vote him MVP.

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Gonzalez and Bautista are the only two hitters that have a better wRC+ than Granderson. If Granderson had a +8 fielding rather -8 his fWAR would be right up there. I still don’t think he will win it, but if he continues this he should be in the top 5.

      • Guest says:

        WAR and fWAR take the import of the position a player plays into account, correct?

        In my opinion, a slighlty below average defensive CF brings more defensive value to a team than a slightly above average defense first baseman.

        Then again, according to most metrics I’ve seen, Grandy’s been worse than slighly below average so far this year.

        • mbonzo says:

          Another thing is that centerfielders are primarily a defensive position, and whats considered average for a centerfielder would be incredible a decade ago. Its almost as if Granderson were producing these numbers at an elite position like catcher.

          • YankeesJunkie says:

            Agreed. There are a lot of extremely fast and good CFs on defense just look at who the Yankees are facing tonight.

        • YankeesJunkie says:

          fWAR takes to account positional differences. Bautista is the leader because of his pure beastly numbers especially his walks. While Pedroia has not put up the numbers like Grandy, Bautista, and Gonzalez he is not only getting help from the position he plays, but UZR rates him extremely high (like Brett Gardner high) at second base.

    • Jerome S. says:

      HR’s and Runs? maybe. RBI’s? Nope.

      And yeah, it’s amazing. Between Gonzales, Bautista, Ellsbury, Pedroia and whoever the fuck else is out there, there’s some people having some monster seasons.

  96. Xstar7 says:

    At least Robbie hustled.

  97. MP says:

    Grandyman trying to make up for getting picked off last night.

  98. Jimmy McNulty says:

    This Mike Trumbo is quite a player, is there any other competition for AL RoY other than him? I suppose Jeremy Hellickson or our very own, Ivan Nova. Is Jordan Walen a rookie? He’s been pretty damn good too. Ogando is technically a rookie too, he’s another candidate.

  99. Cy Pettitte says:

    “Granderson on pace for 43 homers, 128 RBIs, 145 runs scored and 30 steals. Staggering. #yankees”


  100. Xstar7 says:

    I thought Robbie doesn’t dive?

  101. Dela G says:

    i love cano’s range

  102. IRF says:

    This performance has been downright Wang-ian

  103. Winston Smith says:

    Groundball after groundball. Reminds me of Wanger.

  104. YankeesJunkie says:

    Nova is looking like 2008 Wang tonight.

  105. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Michael Kay needs to get off his horse about what games are or aren’t watchable.

  106. Monteroisdinero says:

    Looking forward to a Nova interview after the game. Great guy.

  107. Dela G says:

    wow joel pinero in the bullpen? what a laugher of a contract

  108. Cuso says:

    Grandy’s 2nd shot landed two rows above me!!

  109. Monteroisdinero says:

    Swish having a nice game. In praise of Nick.

  110. Pants Lendelton says:

    I notice a lot of CMW comparisons tonight,

    Keep in mind that Nova has a better infield/outfield defense playing behind this season compared to the gloves playing those 4 seasons.


    • Joba4Prez says:

      With the better breaking stuff :p

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Outside of Tex for Giambi this infield is not much worse than what there was in 2008.

      Nova has been efficient with pitches, ton of grounders, and no strike outs or walks. This is what Wang did when he was on. Not saying Nova is as good, but he does look Wangian tonight.

    • Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

      I just looked up Wang’s #s for this year. 3 Ks in 15 IP. Only 1 K in his last 2 starts (11 IP).

      Still living dangerously.

  111. Cy Pettitte says:

    get ‘em over get ‘em in. now we’re playing the game the right way.

  112. Dela G says:

    loving this game

  113. SDM says:

    Does this ump hate nova, thats the 2nd punchout he missed

  114. YankeesJunkie says:

    Time to let Noesi finish the game!

  115. Mike Axisa says:

    Isn’t this when he way “here we go again!”? Of is that just for AJ and Hughes?

  116. Dela G says:

    yeah…. i’d take nova out now

    • tom says:

      I’d have done it a batter ago. Yeah, he probably got hosed on the first walk, and the hits weren’t entirely scorched. But I don’t see why relievers should be given so little margin for error.

  117. YankeesJunkie says:

    Nova has pitched great, but you got to pull Nova now.

  118. ItsATarp says:

    GOddamit AJ you suck…oh wait

  119. Erica says:

    Nova had a great game. Kid deserves all the praise.

  120. Mike Myers says:

    Earn that money Raffy!

  121. YankeesJunkie says:

    Nova just lost control and started throwing the fastball high in the seventh.

  122. Winston Smith says:

    Well deserved standing ovation for Supernova. He is our 4th starter.

  123. Monteroisdinero says:

    Just when I thought Cano had grit, he doesn’t come up with the hot shot up the middle.

    /No grit is right.

  124. Your mom says:

    Implosion time.

  125. YankeesJunkie says:

    Take that everyday of the week in that situation.

  126. Guest says:

    6IP, 2 ER
    6IP, 5 ER

    One is very good, the other very bad. Fate of the start in someone else’s hands.

    Also, I think pitchers should not be responsible for a runner that was on first when they left the game. The reliever either gave up an XBH or multiple hits. Both would play a larger role in the runner scoring from first than the previous pitcher letting the runner get to first.

  127. Winston Smith says:

    I think there are people who want Nova to fail just so they can say see I told you he wasn’t any good. He’s only projected to be a back end starter. There is the anti Nova people and the anti Hughes people who want nothing more than to see those two kids fail.

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      I want both of them to succeed as I want any Yankee to succeed. AJ makes tons and has had tons of crappy results with a reliable implosion inning. Nova and Hughes have = upsides right now in my opinion although I have more confidence in Nova because he has command of more pitches.

    • Xstar7 says:

      I don’t want either of them to fail. I want Nova to keep doing what he’s doing and for Phil to go back to first half 2010 forms.

  128. Mike Myers says:


  129. Monteroisdinero says:

    Bourjos is no Gardy.

    Soriano gets it done.

  130. tom says:

    Solid outcome. Bravo, Soriano

  131. Mike Myers says:

    Worth every penny?

  132. Erica says:

    Four pitch 7th by the 8th Inning Guy. I love it.

  133. mbonzo says:

    Soriano is pretty good at this pitching thing I guess.

  134. Cy Pettitte says:

    now that is what we paid for.

  135. Your mom says:

    Soriano: 7th Inning Guy

  136. YankeesJunkie says:

    Soriano did great! Time for Noesi to finish up the game.

  137. Rockstar4Life says:

    How can you not like Nova? He’s given them so much more than anyone could have expected.

    And Soriano is the man. Did exactly what he was suppose to do.

  138. Jerome S. says:

    I worked on a really long and cool post about Nova, then my signal went out (storm). It comes back and I get this shit.


    I mean, Nova still did well, but I just can’t post it now.

  139. Esteban says:

    So much for “Girardi’s gonna make Soriano THE 8th inning guy and stick to strict roles”

    • sangreal says:

      So he made him the 7th inning guy when he got back and is sticking to that strict role… Not much of a difference

  140. Jerome S. says:

    Maris and Mantle in ’61 were so much better than Tex and Grandy it’s incomprehensible.

  141. Esteban says:


  142. Dela G says:

    Cano is killin it!! WOOOOOOO CANO!

  143. Erica says:

    ONE SINGLE AWAY!!!!!!!!

  144. Cy Pettitte says:

    Robbie oppo-bomb! he’s going for the cycle!

  145. mbonzo says:

    Cano can’t hit a single to save his life.

  146. Justin says:

    Go Robbie! Hope he gets one more AB for a chance to get a single!

  147. Your mom says:

    So that’s why Piniero is in the pen.

  148. Monteroisdinero says:

    Cano is good at this bezball thing. Pinero was looking like Cano’s dad out there.

  149. Bartolo's Colon says:

    too bad mitre is hurt, he could tie this thing up so cano would get another ab to try for the cycle

  150. Xstar7 says:

    Would have a single already if it weren’t for that play by Mark Trumbo.

    FUCK YOU MARK TRUMBO!!!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1

  151. YankeesJunkie says:

    Why Ayala? Noesi can actually learn from this game.

  152. Your mom says:

    Yay! My fav reliever >>>>> Ayala

  153. Monteroisdinero says:

    Soriano can’t pitch if we are up by 6 or more.

    Binder rule #10,642.368

  154. Dela G says:

    Mike Kay is so effing creepy. 49 year slump??? jesus

  155. Your mom says:

    Cano is having a fine game.

  156. Mike Myers says:

    Binder rule 12312 – throw first pitch strike to bobby…he NEVER swings…god i dont miss his lazy fat ass

    • CMP says:

      Say what you want about Abreu but he’s had a pretty good career.

      Bobby Abreu: 62.6 career WAR
      Manny Ramirez: 69.5 career WAR

      • Jerome S. says:

        ManRam definitely had, like, a negative 10 WAR defensively.

        Not that it doesn’t matter, jut putting in perspective. Who would I want at the plate? Ramirez, and it’s not even close.

        • CMP says:

          Of course but ManRam is a sure fire first ballot HOFer if not for the PEDs and Abreu isn’t far behind.

          • Jerome S. says:

            I believe Abreu is one of the most underrated players of the past decade. No one realizes the value of his walks, and at his peaks he was one of the games better hitters.

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      and 2nd pitch strike. He takes that pitch alot too. Then pitchers nibble and it’s 2-2 or 3-2 before he swings for the first time. But he is a quality bat.

  157. Michael Mirabella says:

    Steve smith to the Eagles, damn it

  158. smurfy says:

    Lotsa movement on Ayala’s two seamer.

  159. Bartolo's Colon says:

    i thought for a second cano was gritty, but it was actually just an athletic, finesse play

  160. Jetrer says:

    if nothing else, the Yankees have the best mop-up guy in baseball

  161. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    Doesn’t Bourjous seem like a Gardner clone?

  162. Esteban says:

    Trumbo… more like Dumbo. Amirite?

    /worst joke ever.

  163. Cy Pettitte says:

    no comment on how Andrew is Austin’s brother? I’m disappointed Kay.

  164. Cy Pettitte says:

    they couldn’t get Robbie another AB? boo.

  165. Your mom says:

    I’m surprised Ayala’s ERA is so low. He seems to give up a shitload of hits.

  166. YankeesJunkie says:

    Maybe I am just crazy but Cano has a 131 wRC+ while Pedroia is at 145, but if you take defense out of their fWAR Pedroia is at 5.2 and Cano is 3.9. That seems like a huge difference.

  167. Monteroisdinero says:

    Trumbo with a Monterian double. We will all soon see.

  168. Your mom says:

    I still can’t believe the Angels traded for Wells. He sucks!

  169. Esteban says:

    Solid win.

  170. Stratman9652 says:

    Anyone else notice how often Logan is getting dry humped lately? If he isn’t pitching he is warming. Such is the life of a lefty specialist I guess.

  171. bonestock94 says:

    Dear people who said the Yankees would get shut out because this was the first time seeing this pitcher,

    Suck it.



  172. Pat D says:

    CJ Wilson told Dallas Braden that his mound sucks.

  173. Hall and Nokes says:

    Arodys Vizcaino about to come in, if you’re interested in that sort of off-topictry.

  174. Monteroisdinero says:

    So when Cano came back to the dugout he put up the 2 finger peace sign to the camera and did he say “2nd pitch”??

  175. Kevin says:

    Watching the Kansas City/Tampa Bay Rays game…the KC closers gave up five runs in the 9th..what a joke.

  176. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Just Got back from the game. Few things I noticed:
    Nova was touching 94-96 pretty regularly, I never remember him doing that.
    Excellent job by Soriano making me look stupid. right before the double play I said to my date “I don’t feel very comfortable about this: soriano coming in bases loaded, no-one out.”
    Robinson Cano has unbelievable strength.
    How did AJ allow 5 runs yesterday? The Angels don’t seem to hit the ball hard all to often…just my observation, I could be very wrong.
    Robbie/Teixeira on the right side is about as smooth as it gets.
    Grandy’s second homerun was hit to the section right above me, I wish he would’ve hit it lower.
    Finally, the people in the short porch absolutely love Swish, I like him alot, but god they go nuts for him out there. They also gave Torri Hunter a hard time, but he laughed along with alot of it.

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