Curtis Granderson named AL Player of the Month

Brackman joins the list of September call-ups, Pendleton DFA'd
Update: MLB suspends Juan Carlos Paniagua, voids contract

What does hitting .286/.423/.657 with ten homers, 29 RBI, and 29 runs scored from one arbitrary end point to the next get you? How about August AL Player of the Month honors, which Curtis Granderson took home today. Not too shabby. August was Grandy’s best month of the season in terms of OPS, but he produced similar counting stats in May and wasn’t too far off on the triple slash line. Congrats to Curtis, the team’s best player since day one.

Brackman joins the list of September call-ups, Pendleton DFA'd
Update: MLB suspends Juan Carlos Paniagua, voids contract
  • Tyrion Lannister

    And the Yankees should win back to back AL player of the months with Jesus taking home the September honors. I think it’s becoming a consensus that Curtis Granderson is the AL MVP as the Yankees are putting some distance between themselves and Boston.

  • mlbnyy35

    Pretty good considering that he was just 6-for-40 the last eleven games of the month.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    Congrats to the Grandy man.

    Did he have a strong August, or a gritty August? I mean, he dove for that ball against the Sox and saved at least a run. Where does that rank on the Pedroia Index of grittyness?

    • Yanks27rings

      inb4 black men cannot be gritty.

      • Guest

        Well played, Mauer.

      • Xstar7

        But it’s true.


      • LiterallyFigurative

        LOL. Black guys hustle, whites are gritty.

        Not for nothing, but it is a narrative perpetuated in the media.

        • Mike

          No Black Guys are athletes, who make it look easy, sometime too easy (aka lazy). White guys are gritty, or professional, or workman-like.

    • Guest

      It would have been a 10 (“clutch” moment, grimaced after making play indicating potential injury, clearly left it “all on the field” to make play)….but he’s black…so…0 on the Pedroia Index (highest possible score for anyone with Melanin).

      • MannyGeee

        Better known as the TYI (Tom Yawkey Index)…

  • pat

    Curtis Granderson has fast twitch smile muscles.

  • Xstar7

    Jose Bautista is the AL Player of the year. He’s put up Ruthian numbers at the plate this year.

    • thenamestsam

      He has been awesome, but you shouldn’t throw around Ruthian to describe baseball seasons. Bautista’s current OPS+ (granted not the best stat, but easiest for me to compare right now) of 187 would be the 14th best season of Ruth’s career. So yeah.

      • Guest

        Sweet mother of our DH, that’s crazy. A 187 OPS+ would have been the fourteenth best season of his career? Wow.

        Seriously, how was this possible? How could one person have been that much better than his peers at…well…anything??

        Did he have a different swing? 296 down the right field line at the stadium? I just don’t get it. As great as he was, to be nearly or more than twice as good as hitter in the league for the lion’s share of a long career…mirabile dictu.

        • LiterallyFigurative

          Sweet mother of our DH! LOL, Classic!

        • Historian

          Basically, the reason why Ruth was so much better than everyone else is that so many other players sucked. That’s an exaggeration, of course, but the truth is that the worst players of 2011 are much, much better than the worst players of, say, 1927. The best players of 1927 were pretty good even by today’s standards, but their competition was much worse. Ref: Stephen Jay Gould.

    • pat

      Absurdly enough, Ruth’s 22 year career .342/.474/.690 is better than Bautista this year .306/.444/.632.

      Fuckin insane.

      • Gordon Thomson

        Ruth was the best of all time (so far).

        • LiterallyFigurative


          Noone is going to duplicate those numbers without drugs AND a biomechanical baseball uniform.

          • Geep

            The year Babe hit 60 (’27) there wasn’t another AL TEAM that hit 60 HR

  • Gordon Thomson


  • IE

    Don’t forget that Ruth compiled those numbers when blacks were banned from the big leagues.

    • Mickey Scheister