The RAB Radio Show: September 2, 2011

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A Burden Lifted: The Kei Igawa Story

It’s been a while, so we might be rough around the edges. But there’s plenty of Yankee baseball on the plate.

  • Red Sox series: long as usual, but with the excitement of a playoff game.

  • Jesus Montero: How much playing time will he get? Will he catch? What does he have to do to prove himself?
  • Playoff race: The Yanks are out in front by a lot. How does that affect their final month?
  • And plenty of more typical Mike and Joe banter.

Podcast run time 42:09

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Intro music: “Die Hard” courtesy of reader Alex Kresovich. Thanks to Tyler Wilkinson for the graphic.

RAB Live Chat
A Burden Lifted: The Kei Igawa Story
  • Drew

    the podcast is actually only 35 minutes long, you guys are rambling on for the last 7 minutes or so.

  • Mark Allen

    Is there any way to subscribe to the podcast without using iTunes? I use several different podcast applications for four different operating systems and this is the one podcast I can’t seem to get a subscription to. Is there something I can do? Ideally an RSS feed just for the podcast that I could put into my Google Reader would be available alongside the iTunes link. Thanks very much.


    • Mark Allen

      On second thought, there really is no need for a separate podcast RSS given that Google Reader catches the podcasts in addition to other posts. I cannot, however, find the podcast in the Zune marketplace, which is something you might want to consider. A separate podcast-only feed might not be a bad idea but I can see why it would not at all be a priority.

  • Easy-E

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees, giving Russell a break, let Montero catch Nova. They must have SOME kind of chemistry from AAA so it’d be his best bet.