Checking in on Brandon Weeden


Anyone out there remember Brandon Weeden? The Yankees made him their top draft pick in 2002, a second round pick they received from the Cardinals as compensation for the loss of Tino Martinez. His career in the Yankees organization lasted 60.2 IP and a little more than a year; he was traded to Dodgers as part of the package for Kevin Brown after the 2003 season. Injuries and ineffectiveness set in, and Weeden’s baseball career was over after 2006. That’s when he went back to college, and walked on at Oklahoma State and is now the Cowboys starting quarterback.

Tom Spousta of The NY Times checked in with the former Yankees farmhand, who is in the running for the Heisman Trophy this year, at age 28. “The opportunity was too good, and baseball was always my thing,” said Weeden, who said he grew up a Yankees fan in Oklahoma. “The day I signed the contract, I remember thinking, if this doesn’t work out, then I’ve always got college football. My goal was to make it to the big leagues the entire time, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.”

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  • Kosmo

    Whenever I think of Brandon Weedon I think of Sam Militello.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

      I remember Militello more than Weeden. Why are the two connected for you? Curious.

      • Kosmo

        Expectations . I was also making a vague reference. So many MILB pitchers never so much as get a cup of coffee and then the quick fade away. Militello might have turned out to be an exceptionally fine pitcher.

        • Kosmo

          I just checked baseballreference.com . I remember seeing Militello pitch a day game against the A´s in Oakland with Donnie Baseball playing RF. It happened to be 1993 and it was Militello´s final game. I was a bit surprised having not remembered correctly. I thought it was 1992. He held his own for 5 innings. He was never to throw another pitch at the MLB level.

          • Paul VuvuZuvella (formerly Nuke LaDoosh)

            I remember Militello but I don’t remember why his career abruptly ended. Was it an injury? He was a useful .500 pitcher on a VERY BAD team, so I don’t recall why he disappeared.

            • Kosmo

              I think it was a shoulder injury. He did attempt a comeback but alas to no avail.

            • Don W

              Militello completely lost the strike zone. Don’t know if it was an injury thing or a head thing. He dominated the minors like the Big Three and then…poof!

              • emcee

                1994 @ Columbus: 4 GS, 3.2 IP, 19 BB

  • jt

    brandon weeden is actually a phenomenal qb, which is very impressive considering how long he didnt play.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella (formerly Nuke LaDoosh)

    I had no idea Weeden was doing this. Made me think of Drew Henson. I recall Baseball America drooling over his Power and future in Professional Baseball.