Linkage: Yankees won’t overpay to add to rotation

Report: Yankees have called Mets about Jon Niese
Cliff Lee, Mark Buehrle and the hunt for pitching

Another heads up, here’s something I wrote for today. Just like last night, it’s basically a recap of the day, a dumbed down version of what you’ve seen on RAB. I also put this little thing together on the Hiroyuki Nakajima winning bid. You read now!

Report: Yankees have called Mets about Jon Niese
Cliff Lee, Mark Buehrle and the hunt for pitching
  • Angel

    they overpya jeter, alex, cc, soriano, aj….so

  • Gary Sartori

    Gio Gonzalez would be something the Yanks might look into. Also, i wonder what the Mariners would want in return for King Felix??

    • Jesse

      For the billionth time……The Mariners AREN’T trading King Felix.

    • MannyGeee

      Welcome to the blog. All that shit ain’t happening. Enjoy your visit

  • Mister Delaware

    I don’t want to overpay for Garza, but I’d be sad to see Garza go somewhere else for a non-super-ridiculous overpay.

  • Yankonymous

    “Nakajima, 29, was considered the top middle infielder in Japan, and the Yankees are said to like him as a utility player.”

    So why would this guy give up star money and notoriety in Japan, to sign up for backup utility IF dollars and playing time?

    Doubt he even boards the plane.

    • Ed

      Here’s 2009 average salaries for Japanese baseball players.

      The average salary in Japan is under $50k. The stars make about $2m. If he stays in Japan, he’s making Eric Chavez / Andruw Jones type money. I think there’s easily room for a deal that works for both sides.

      • Yankonymous

        I’ll give you the salary might be a wash, but how about the playing time? I heard his arm can’t play SS in the MLB, let alone 3rd. And Cano should be playing 162 games at 2nd. Where would he fit in?

        I think the Yanks just put flyer out on this guy and found out the other teams just weren’t interested.

        • Steve (different one)

          Serious question, why would he have he arm for SS in Japan, but not the US? The field is the same size, right? Are the runners slower? I get why certain skills won’t translate, but why wouldn’t this one?

          • Mister Delaware

            Probably lower replacement level. College SS often move off in the pros despite college runners not being much slower. Or maybe there’s more turf in Japan? One of those. Or something different.