Game 36: Eight More?


(REUTERS/Gary Cameron)

CC Sabathia has a chance to do something tonight that hasn’t been done by a Yankee in 14 years. He’s completed exactly eight innings in each of his last four starts, and another eight tonight would make him the first pinstriper to throw at least that many innings in five consecutive starts since David Cone in 1998. Justin Verlander managed to do it five times in a row last June and Cliff freakin’ Lee put together a stretch of ten (!) straight starts of at least eight innings back in 2010. That’s insane. Sabathia had a four-start stretch of eight innings each last summer and is the only Yankees hurler to do that many times since Cone. Hopefully he makes it five in a row tonight. Here’s the lineup…

SS Derek Jeter
RF Nick Swisher
2B Robinson Cano
3B Alex Rodriguez
1B Mark Teixeira
CF Curtis Granderson
DH Andruw Jones
LF Jayson Nix
Chris Stewart

LHP CC Sabathia

The weather in Baltimore isn’t great again, but it’s better than last night so hopefully they’ll get a full nine innings in. The game can be seen on My9 locally and MLB Network nationally. Enjoy.

Ivan Nova Update: Nova walked with a limp today and had his right foot and ankle wrapped, but he thinks he can make his next start. The Yankees don’t have to make a final decision for another four days, obviously.

Clay Rapada Update: Rapada left last night’s game with a viral infection but it’s not a concern. He says he’s been fighting it for a few days and doesn’t anticipate being unavailable at any point soon. In case you missed it earlier, David Robertson was placed on the DL with a strained left oblique.

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  1. Robinson Tilapia says:

    The MF’ing big man is going to make it all right.

    Good news on Nova. Rolling an ankle, which I do often, can definitely run the gamut from “fine in two days” to “big deal.” Glad to see it’s looking like the former. Quit pitching up in the zone.

  2. Sansa says:

    CC’s good as gold against the Os. This sweep will put us right back in the driver’s seat where we belong. And we’re doing all this despite the injuries.

  3. Chris says:

    I am shocked Tex is in the lineup. He is fighting a bad cough and the weather tonight will only make it worse.

  4. Any words on Lord Voldermort, Mike? I assume he’s fine after the HBP last night?

  5. Greg says:

    Robertson’s only on the 15 day so it’s not all that bad.

    That being said, the trend continues..

    Wang, Hughes, Kennedy, Joba, Nova, and now Robertson.

    Young pitchers in the Yankees tutelage who have sustained major injuries.

    Don’t see Texas going through that right now. Or San Francisco.

    • Greg says:

      Although to be fair, Nova’s injury will not be judged yet.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        He got hit by a comebacker and then rolled an ankle fielding a chopper, that’s the team’s fault?

        • Greg says:

          I know it shouldn’t be connected but its starting to get like the Madden curse.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            The Greg Curse: Anyone who comes across one of his comments becomes instantly depressed.

            This injury thing may, in fact, be one of the silliest things I’ve ever read from you.

      • Need Pitching says:

        Nova got hit in the foot with a batted ball, and later rolled an ankle. Clearly because the Yankees don’t know how to properly develop pitchers.
        Ian Kennedy had an aneurysm, also clearly because the Yankees don’t know how to properly develop pitchers.
        Wang’s injury was a freak baserunning injury, also clearly because the Yankees don’t know how to properly develop pitchers.
        A strained oblique is hardly a major injury.
        So after all that, you are left with just Joba in Hughes as major injuries.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      A strained oblique hardly qualifies as a major injury. And what’s Brian Wilson up to? Where’s Madison Bumgarner’s velocity? Why does Tim Lincecum’s elbow hurt so much that he had to stop throwing his slider?

      • Chip says:

        But that doesn’t fit the narrative so let’s forget about the logic and continue to complain

      • Greg says:

        Brian Wilson’s not young in terms of baseball. He’s 30. I speaking strictly in the 20s.

        Bumgarner- 5-2 with a 2.80. What low velocity?

        Lincecum I would have expected him to flame out quicker because of his motion. But he’s not on the DL.

        • Chip says:

          You keep setting arbitrary end points though. Brian Wilson was an arm that came up through their system and is now having TJS. If you’re going to knock the Yankees for Joba having it, then the Giants are likewise responsible for Wilson.

          Also, have you seen Lincecum this year? He looks like a shell of his former self. He’s nibbling because he knows he has no fastball left.

          Bumgarner is walking a fine line. His strikeout rate went from solid to terrible and he’s got a very flukey looking BABIP

          • Mike Axisa says:

            Wilson was also hurt twice last year, when he was not 30. This is also his second TJS. The only no doubt about it healthy pitcher they have is Cain.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:


  6. Cy Pettitte says:

    Is Darvish $100m better than this guy?

  7. Kyle says:

    Is the game blacked out? I am watching Reds Braves on MLB Network…

  8. Chip says:

    Nick Swisher, surprisingly good defender

  9. chcmh says:

    I don’t think the Yanks are bad developing pitchers, I just think pitchers are a bunch of delicate orchid-like hot house flowers that bruise in a light breeze. Except CC. He’s a macho sequoia hard as nails bad ass throwing mofo.

  10. Cy Pettitte says:

    that was the most ridiculous jump I’ve ever seen on a left handed pitcher

  11. chcmh says:

    That stolen base was more like pitcher indifference

  12. chcmh says:

    time for tex to visit #8 slot in the line-up

  13. Mike Axisa says:

    Lean into that Curtis!

  14. The Inability to Hit with RISP (Formally known as Michaels' Pineda) says:

    Runner on second with 0 outs. Now a runner on second with 2 outs.

    • Sansa says:

      That’s what happens when Teixera can’t play fundamental baseball. This is one case where you would prefer him to be facing a righty so he can pull the ball to the right side. If he does his job and moves the runner to 3rd with less than 2 outs then we might have a run.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        Or he could have just hit a single and scored the run that way. No need for two steps when you can do it in one.

        • The Inability to Hit with RISP (Formally known as Michaels' Pineda) says:

          All we as Yankee fans are asking is to do anything with runners in scoring position. All I asked in that Teixeira AB was to hit it on the right side, and move A-Rod to third with just 1 out. This is the problem with the Yankees (besides injuries), this is their achilles heel. It bit em’ in the behind during the 2011 ALDS, and its continuing in 2012. Not everything the Yankees do has to be a HR.

  15. Cy Pettitte says:

    CC throwing batting practice to their hottest hitter

  16. teddy says:

    texeria back to being a lousy baseball player

    • Mike Axisa says:

      One at-bat after he won last night’s game.

      • Duh Innings says:

        Oh so he’s good again after one at-bat?

        The guy has looked like 2004 on Giambi since last year which I liken to Giambi’s 2003: great HR and RBI and then crap.

        He won last night’s game? He drove in all the runs? He drove in the go ahead and winning runs but the Yanks scored five before that to tie it. He just happened to drive in the 6th and 7th runs and it’s about time considering he’s making big money to do that more than once every 2 to 3 weeks.

  17. Greg says:

    Tex has been Dave Kingman-like the last 2 years. Of course, Kingman had a much lower average, but the comparison is there. It still boggles my mind how he transformed into that in the span of two years 2009-2011

    • Chip says:

      That’s three years but whatever. He just started developing bad habits while trying to pull the ball too much. He’s still an above average hitter when he’s on

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      You don’t remember Dave Kingman well, if at all.

      • Greg says:

        That’s why I said “like”

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Kingman’s K totals were astronomical. Tex may frustrate you, but he’s not Kingman/Deer. If anything, Carlos Pena would resemble them more at the bat, yet both Tex and Pena are superlative defensively, which always gets dropped from the negative evaluation of the former.

  18. RE: Robertson’s injury, I hope they don’t let him pick up a baseball till he’s 100%, the last thing we need is to rush him back now and then have him get hurt and miss more than the 20ish days he could miss now.

  19. Cy Pettitte says:

    When Teix doesn’t get a hit I look at Pujols’ triple slash and I feel (slightly) better. It could be worse.

  20. chcmh says:

    tex is good. not sure why everybody on the tex case. mmmm, think back to giambi adventures at 1st, now that was a funhouse. and we’ve seen some flash from the guy, but i do believe he’s not 100%.

    • Greg says:

      Because in 2009 he had a fantastic season and has gone down since. For that money we want the 09 numbers more

      • The Inability to Hit with RISP (Formally known as Michaels' Pineda) says:

        If were going to go down that road; A-Rod needs to perform like a $30 million player, Kuroda needs to be a $10 million pitcher.

    • The Inability to Hit with RISP (Formally known as Michaels' Pineda) says:

      Teixiera is Giambi, but with a waayyyy better glove.

      • Duh Innings says:

        Word. He looks like 2004-2008 Giambi now.

        The Yanks should trade him but they’ll have to kick in money. I think $7.5M a year would do it (he’d cost his taker only $15M a year 2013-16, the Yanks still clear $60M.)

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Because they think it makes them smarter when they try to equate their fandom with what they don’t like. It’s the internet. It happens.

  21. Chip says:

    Am I the only one thinking that maybe Stewart should bunt?

  22. David Wells is getting a Yankeeography?

    I mean don’t get me wrong, I love Boomer, but they must be running out of people.

  23. Sansa says:

    David Wells achieved baseball immortality in pinstripes. 27 up, 27 down. Damn right he deserves a Yankeeography.

  24. Athenian says:

    So my parents tell me there are wild fires in Colorado.

    I told them to send the Yankees lineup out there, their bats put out fires nightly. #GIDPYankeefavorite

  25. Mike Axisa says:

    Xavier Avery: not slow.

  26. Mykey says:

    Always thought it was ridiculous that catching the shirt is a HBP.

  27. Cy Pettitte says:

    WTF they just went to commercial???

  28. that’s ok…i would’ve preferred a strike out or a throw home…but w/e

  29. Athenian says:

    That was a fancy double play. Seriously, does Cano every give full effort on his throws? #EPSN’d

  30. Chip says:

    Wow, CC is all about the slider tonight

  31. Athenian says:

    Ok, so the Yankees have watched the Orioles score the last two innings. Perhaps they can at least copy what they are doing instead of working harder at ending the inning.

  32. We did score six runs and win last night right? I just want to make sure of that before I complain about Waldman complaining about the lack of offense.

  33. Gone Phishin' says:

    What’s going on with “The Grey”sign behind the plate?

  34. Erica says:


    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      It’s Baltimore. They were drunk by 2 PM.

      • Erica says:

        2PM yesterday, that is. Hooligans.

        • Damn, I wanna move to Baltimore, apparently they know how to have fun down there.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Meh. Had a college ex that went to school there and spent some decent time there. Nice aquarium and baseball stadium. That’s about it.

            • Erica says:

              One could say that about Camden! It has a nice aquarium and it’s next door to Philly (baseball stadium).

              Oh Camden.

              • I feel a whole lot more likely to get not shot in Baltimore though.

                • Robinson Tilapia says:


                  Didn’t Camden also cancel sending cops on DV calls, or something asenine like that? Probably not that, but I know Camden did something.

                  I like Philly. The cheesesteaks are overrated, but I like Philly.

                  • Erica says:

                    If I remember correctly, Camden’s police force did get a significant cut. Like… WHY? Even during the daytime (hell, even going to TRENTON during the day) it’s terrifying.

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                Baltimore’s aquarium is the nicest I’ve ever seen. Seriously impressive.

                Fells Point, I guess, is OK, in a cheap beer sort of way. I’m more of a high roller than that.

  35. The Inability to Hit with RISP (Formally known as Michaels' Pineda) says:

    Swing with authority, Tex!

  36. Sheepmeister says:

    Are the orioles really this good????? or will they fall off like the pirates last year? I’m starting to hate all these crappy players hitting well and not regressing.

  37. Mykey says:

    Not sure Swish was gonna get their either way, but that was hilarious looking.

  38. Sansa says:

    Swisher looks like a buffoon in right field.

  39. CC just doesn’t look great tonight. Not that he looks terrible but, he just seems a little off.

  40. eephus_pitch says:

    I feel sorry for any pitcher on this Yankees team who expects the offense to bail him out.

  41. Wow…Hall has zero plate discipline

  42. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Dear Team,

    I’m bored.

    • Erica says:

      HI! Didn’t you go on a trip? How was it? (There, now you’re not bored!)

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Just flew back in from Miami this afternoon. Great trip. Flying with a ten month-old is extremely exhausting. Luckily, Plank wasn’t sitting behind me on the flight.

        I kid, of course.

        • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

          I’m very disappointed you didn’t call while you were in town. We could have had a drink. Because you have my number and everything…

        • Erica says:

          Good times! Yes, little ones are the best travelers. So many flights to and from Disney with very vocal young people all around.

          What would Plank have done??

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            He’d kick my kid off the flight. He hasn’t seen how cute my kid is. He’d melt his cold, cold heart.

            I actually believe none of this about Plank, of course.

            Flying, hell, travelling with a little kid is a completely different animal. I’m only just starting to recover.

    • flamingo says:

      I’ll cosign that.

  43. Lord Snow says:

    Wow. They are making this guy look like a bonafide Hall of Famer. Good thing I physically cannot watch any longer. Reverse jinx: ACTIVATED!

  44. James A says:

    Call me crazy, but Wei-Yin Chen is a little Cliff Lee like with the fastball/change combo coming on the same plane and the good control. They obviously have different deliveries and Chen’s curve isn’t in the same ballpark as Lee’s, but they way he is frustratingly dominating the Yankees reminds me a bit of Lee in the 2010 ALCS.

  45. Professor Longnose says:

    The Yankees will be in first place by June 15.

  46. Mykey says:

    This game sucks so far.

  47. flamingo says:

    Ha, Feinsand referencing #toomanyhomers

  48. Athenian says:

    So Joe said it was time for the Yankees to get going. Apparently they missed that memo. Tis game sucks, it is like the Yankees aren’t even there, except for CC.

  49. Mike Axisa says:

    The ol’ unintentional intentional walk to Jones so Wieters can face a LHP. This will not end well.

  50. DERP says:

    Hey CC, stop sucking. Thanks.

  51. DERP says:

    It’s gonna be so awesome when Wieters is a Yankee.

  52. DERP says:

    Poor process, good results. I’ll take it.

  53. OMG! Bagels! says:

    Even if a pitcher sucks, he only does so every 5 days. The offense is sucking day after day.

  54. Cuso says:

    Put up a fight, dammit!!!

  55. DERP says:

    Fuck off Chen

  56. Athenian says:

    This game blows. Everyone have a good night and hopefully the Yanks won’t continue to collapse in Toronto. Last place appears further away than it really is…

  57. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Is this one of those games where the Yankees just tip their caps? Chen looks pretty good.

  58. Cuso says:

    Someone get Chen outta the game so we can hit

  59. Mike Nitabach says:

    CC is really laboring.

  60. DERP says:

    Is Robert Andino the most annoying baseball player in the history of baseball?

  61. your mom says:

    I hate Andino. Such a pesky shit.

  62. How in god’s name is the runner safe?

  63. flamingo says:

    Wait, what just happened? Why’s everyone safe?

  64. Cy Pettitte says:

    are you kidding me?

  65. Need Pitching says:

    What the fucking fuck Cano?

  66. wow says:

    getting schooled by the Orioles… this team is lifeless.

  67. Karl Krawfid says:

    Fucking Cano. Go to first damn.

  68. Brooklyn Nets says:

    Robinson Cano is such an incredible talent that it is incredibly frustrating to watch him nonchalantly toss that ball toss the ball to second.

    I can’t determine whether or not a sense of urgency would have made the play, but c’mon.

  69. Sansa says:

    Lazy Cano tried to take the easy way out. If he had just went to first it’d still be 3-0.

  70. flamingo says:

    CC decided he’s not leaving the final out to his defense.

  71. Erica says:

    I got up for a few minutes and now it’s 4-0 – WHAT did Cano do?? Slowly throw a ball? And it scored a run?

  72. Havok9120 says:

    So, peoples, just got here.

    Are we teh doomed?

  73. DERP says:

    that’s bullshit. die ump.

  74. eeeeeeakkk…to close to not swing.

  75. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol what a shit call.

  76. wow says:

    as if Chen needed any more help…

  77. DERP says:

    sweet hitting guise!

  78. flamingo says:


  79. Need Pitching says:

    jeffrey maier siting

  80. THE GRANDYMAN CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TEH OFFENZE IZ TEH SUCKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Cy Pettitte says:

    finally some offense. Grandy oppo bomb is pretty cool.

  82. Alkaline says:

    Turn on tv just to see the Grandyman do that. Nice!

  83. DERP says:

    Nice job by the Yankees fans to not give Avery a chance to catch that.

  84. Cy Pettitte says:

    GREAT job by the yankee fan with the glove

  85. Zooboy says:

    Nice catch Jeffrey!

  86. DERP says:

    We need one more from CC

  87. Erica says:


  88. The Dude says:

    Thank you Grandy! Kinda sad how we finally score this late after having a half dozen chances earlier in the game.

  89. RkyMtnYank says:

    When they show the O’s bench it sure looks like Brian Roberts is becoming a member of the coaching staff.

  90. Cy Pettitte says:

    Freddy in to put this one outta reach

  91. Why in Gods name is Garcia in a game?!

  92. DERP says:

    This was inevitable.

  93. Brooklyn Nets says:

    Still plenty of baseball left. We can still win.

  94. Cuso says:

    Wow. Is this the “score 2 runs then concede” maneuver?

  95. Havok9120 says:

    Well this is an….interesting choice.

    “CC doesn’t have his good stuff tonight….

    “TO FREDDY!!”

  96. Brooklyn Nets says:

    Well that’s not good. That looked out from my perspective.

  97. flamingo says:

    I want robot umps NOW.

  98. Need Pitching says:

    fucking umpires are useless

  99. Zooboy says:

    He was out.

  100. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol out by a mile. umps are shit tonight.

  101. Tony says:

    I can’t believe that 4th run is earned for CC. That counted as a hit?! I know that ERA isnt the best measure of a pitchers performance but sportwriters us it to judge the Cy Young award, and I want CC to win a Cy with the Yankees

  102. DERP says:

    Someone drive to Camden and kick the ump’s ass

  103. Havok9120 says:

    Out. Close….but out. Even MASN isn’t willing to say he looked safe.

  104. Brooklyn Nets says:

    Robinson Cano ladies and gentlemen.

  105. Tony says:

    stupid umps

  106. Cuso says:

    Good feelings must dissipate. It’s preordained.

    We’ll get crazy hot in June.

  107. Hummingbird S. says:

    that was actually a good pitch.. very nice freddy

  108. DERP says:

    God damn Wilson Betemit sucks. Can’t believe we got Swisher for him.

  109. Mike Nitabach says:


  110. Need Pitching says:

    un-fucking real

  111. DERP says:

    Good thing Stewart is a great defensive catcher!

  112. Havok9120 says:


  113. Hummingbird S. says:

    yep, those are the ’12 yankees… awful

    • Brooklyn Nets says:

      I think it’s a bit much. They’re clearly one of the better teams in baseball and a contender for a title.

      Believe it or not, Texas loses games too.

  114. Brooklyn Nets says:

    Still plenty of baseball. It happens. Shake it off and get this out Freddy.

  115. flamingo says:

    At this point, even with the pitcher injuries, I’m ready to say that Freddy isn’t worth the space he takes up on the roster.

    • Brooklyn Nets says:

      How was that Freddy Garcia’s fault?

    • Havok9120 says:

      I can respect that, as long as your opinion wasn’t affected by tonight.

      Guy was out at 2nd. And then the defense first catcher didn’t come up with it. I didn’t get to see a replay, but it looked like a catchable pitch when I first saw it.

      • Just because the result wasn’t bad(well it was but at no fault of Garcia’s) doesn’t mean the process was right. Garcia has no place being in a game that is roughly within reach. He should be Sergio Mitre.

        • Havok9120 says:

          I agree, but the process was Girardi’s/Cashman’s (depending on which issue we’re talking about), not Garcia’s. He did what he had to do.

      • flamingo says:

        I am mentioning it specifically now because I’m ~annoyed at everything now, but I really don’t think he should be on the team, and if he is, I think he should only be used when the Yanks are losing by ten runs. Which they weren’t.

  116. Cy Pettitte says:

    can we get a defensive replacement for our back up catcher?

    • Brooklyn Nets says:

      I prefer Stewart to Cervelli (who doesn’t do anything well on the baseball field). I’m curious to see how well Romine rebounds from injury. But I’m fine with Stewart until we can find out.

    • Hummingbird S. says:

      that would be the regular catcher, the one who’s been awful on D as well.. and since they cant hit either, it doesnt matter who you play

  117. mike_h says:

    that was all Stewart’s fault

  118. wow says:

    just intent on giving this game away to these jokers.

  119. Chip says:

    Ugh, seriously? I thought Stewart was supposed to be good at defense?

    • Brooklyn Nets says:

      Just because he commits one error doesn’t make him not good at defense. Cano strikes out once, is he not good at hitting?

      • Chip says:

        Agreed, but that’s the second passed ball of the evening.

      • JohnnyC says:

        I’m sure Montero used the same defense when he committed 2 passed balls in 6 innings.

        • Brooklyn Nets says:

          I’m not a fan of over-criticizing young, talented players or over-criticizing veterans with a long track record of success. Going to need a lot more than 2 passed balls in a game to change years of scouting.

      • eephus_pitch says:

        That’s a bit of a false equivalency. If a catcher had as many passed balls as Cano has strikeouts in a season, that catcher would never find another job in baseball.

  120. DERP says:

    Trade Stewart to the Nationals.

  121. Eirias says:

    Oh, Stewart. As they might say in France, if they watched baseball, ceci est le poignard.

  122. Brooklyn Nets says:

    If the ump gets the call right at second, is everyone lauding Stewart as the second-coming of Pudge?

  123. DERP says:

    Pedro Strop is Jose Valverde-lite

  124. Is anybody but me shocked that Derek wasn’t first pitch swinging?

  125. Swish..make it happen.

  126. DERP says:

    I’m so scared.

  127. pat says:

    Don’t need to win it in one stroke swish. Shorten the swing and make contact if he gives you something to hit. here comes an offpseed pitch for the K

  128. Brooklyn Nets says:

    Swisher should focus on getting on base here. Nothing more.

  129. How many times can Swish smoke a ball right at somebody?

  130. Brooklyn Nets says:

    Alright Robbie. Let’s not swing at the first pitch, let’s work this pitcher, let’s win this game.

  131. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  132. Need Pitching says:

    well that sucked

  133. DERP says:

    Fuck Robbie and fuck this game.

  134. Hummingbird S. says:

    bunch of overpaid chokers…

  135. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol….this team…

  136. Erica says:

    UGH you guys

  137. wow says:


  138. Mike Nitabach says:

    DP UGH

  139. C says:

    2 for the last 24 with RISP…pretty sure that includes around 6 DPs too.

  140. 718 says:

    I can’t believe the Orioles are better than the Yankees.

    • pat says:

      It had to happen sometime. Yanks are heartless, gutless and sackless. Buck Showalter just has his guys feisty and ready to play each and every game. He’s such a motivator unlike curious Joe and his binder. This never would have happend if Cashman could develop players like the Rays or if George was around he would have fired someone and traded everybody.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      You are not smart enough to lay claim to the 718 area code. Change your handle.

  141. your mom says:

    RISP fail as usual. Effin frusrating.

  142. The Dude says:

    Wow. Can anyone on this team hit the ball in the air except Grandy these days?

  143. DERP says:

    This is where we need Montero. Didn’t he hit two homers against Johnson last year?

  144. Mr. Pink says:

    This team is full of chokers. It seems like a lot to ask for even a single with someone on base. Sure statistically they rank well in offense but to the trained eye this offense is one dimensional and built on the homerun.

  145. Alkaline says:

    Yikes. Come on guys!

  146. Mike Nitabach says:


  147. Hummingbird S. says:

    first pitch swinging, another out

  148. Erica says:

    Shift THIS

  149. flamingo says:


    There have been a lot of double plays recently.

  150. Hummingbird S. says:

    figures, a DP to cap an awesome night… what a shitty bunch

  151. Erica says:


  152. Mr. Pink says:

    Umm. These double plays are starting to be a SERIOUS problem.

  153. wow says:

    lol at this team.

  154. Will The Thrill says:

    Yup this lineup is double play prone and that doesn’t compute to a dynamic offense. Between Martin, Cano, Arod, Jeter, and Swisher (guys who ground into DPs 10-20 times each) this team might ground into 100+ DPs before the season is over.

  155. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I feel jjyank and I did not do our part tonight. We should have referred to Chen as “Bruce Chen” over and over until he regressed.

    Other than that, though, this was quite the boring game.

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