Matusz stifles bats, Yanks lose to O’s

Pearce's late homer gives Triple-A Yanks a win
A Golden Opportunity

Everyone once in a while we run into one of those game where the Yankees just look completely flat, but there’s just nothing we can do about it other than sit back and wait for it to be over. The Orioles won 7-1 on Tuesday night and are now 7-26 in their last 33 games at Yankee Stadium.

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Best Start of the Season

I don’t think Phil Hughes pitched demonstrably better than he had in previous starts, though the bottom line — three runs* in 5.2 IP — was decent enough. All three runs came on a pair of homers, a solo shot by Chris Davis and a two-run shot by J.J. Hardy. The two homer pitches were identical, fastballs that leaked right over the plate and into the wheelhouse. Hughes has now given up seven dingers in 21.2 IP this season, an unfathomably bat 2.9 HR/9.

* It’s actually four runs allowed, but the last run charged to Hughes was a runner inherited and allowed to score by Boone Logan. I won’t ding him for that because the reliever didn’t do his job.

The plan to revert back to a “reliever mentality” resulted in a first inning’s worth of a 95 mph fastballs — it tapered off after that — and just one cutter all night. Phil threw 67 fastballs, 27 curveballs, five changeups, and the one cutter for 100 pitches on the nose. He did strike out six and get nine swings and misses, but that’s nothing new. Unfortunately Hughes will get another start because he pitched just well enough not to lose his rotation spot.

Nope, no runs up there. (REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine)


Unless the Yankees manage to get runners on base in front of Curtis Granderson and he drives them in, they don’t score these days. The 3-4-5 hitters — Alex Rodriguez (8-for-33), Robinson Cano (5-for-23), and Mark Teixeira (4-for-31) — have all a) been mired in recent slumps, and b) not done much with the bat all season in general. It’s gotten so bad that A-Rod resorted to bunting for a hit in the sixth inning. At some point they’re going to have to shake things up to get rid of that black hole in the middle of the order; maybe bat Cano second and Granderson third, or Nick Swisher fifth (once healthy) and Teixeira sixth. I dunno, but they can only wait around for this stuff to fix itself for so long.

The only run the Yanks scored on Tuesday night came off the bat of Granderson, who clobbered a first inning solo homer off the facing of the upper deck in right. He and Derek Jeter went 5-for-8 while the rest of the lineup went a combined 2-for-26 with two walks. One of the two hits was A-Rod’s bunt single, his first since 2004. Brian Matusz came into the game with a 5.66 ERA and a 4.74 FIP, but you would have never known it by watching this game. Pretty frustrating.

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Eduardo Nunez gave the Yankees one error-free night in left field on Monday, but they went double-or-nothing on Tuesday and got nothing. He misread a routine fly ball off the bat of Nick Johnson in the sixth, allowing the ball to bloop in front of him for a two-run single that effectively put the game away. This is what happens when you make the conscious decision to not put injured players on the DL and play with a short bench and players out of position.

Eric Chavez was robbed of a hit off the bench during a pinch-hitting appearance in the seventh inning as replays showed that Adam Jones had trapped the ball in center field, not caught it on the fly. MLB was supposed to expand replay for trapped balls and fair/foul plays this year, but they preferred to hastily implement the new playoff system because that’s where the money is.

Nicky J. managed to break an 0-for-29 start to the season with a run-scoring single off Rafael Soriano in the eighth inning. I’m fairly certain that has been the most notable event in both Johnson’s and Soriano’s seasons so far.

Last, but certainly not least, congrats to D.J. Mitchell for making his big league debut and starting his Hall of Fame career with a scoreless ninth. He allowed two ground ball hits, though Cano didn’t help him any when he fumbled a flip from Jeter at the base and was unable to turn the double play.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the nerd score and no highlights, and ESPN the updated standings.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next

The series finale will be played on Wednesday night, when Ivan Nova gives it a go against Jake Arrieta. RAB Tickets has some great ticket deals if you want to head up to the Bronx.

Pearce's late homer gives Triple-A Yanks a win
A Golden Opportunity
  • darren

    Have there been any pitchers with similar career arcs as Hughes? If so, any predictions for the future?
    Like, touted prospect, some early success, injury great bullpen success, some more starting success, downward slide and then________________??

    How olde is he again? what are the chances he “puts it all together” in the next couple of years, if not for us than for someone else?

    • Anthony Pleadis

      Joba Chamberlain, Neftali Feliz (maybe), Danyuhl Bahhd. I can’t think of anymore. But yeah Phil Hughes has over stayed his welcome. A flyball pitcher has no business being in the AL East. His stuff is gone and it isn’t going to magically come back. Maybe we can trade him to the Padres where the homeruns he gives up here would be popped up to the shortstop there.

      • RetroRob

        None of those guys have similar career arcs as Hughes. They only similarity is all of them at one point pitched in the pen and the starting rotation, which was very common at one point.

    • Mike E

      Brain Matusz without the bullpen appearances.

      I was the game a little different than Mike. Hughes was throwing very offspeed pitches with 2 strikes, and although he continued to attack with four-seamers, he mixed in a lot of curveballs. Up until this game, Hughes only had a 4.1% whiff rate on the curveball, but tonight he had 6 whiffs on 16 strikes, a 22.22% whiff rate. The pitch was also very good, a 5 inch break into lefties with an 11 inch drop below a no spin pitch. It’s honestly a great sign from him.

      I’m not saying he should stick in rotation, but I don’t see him succeeding anywhere if he continues throwing the curveball at the 15% rate he had in the previous starts.

    • Jesse

      As of now I’m saying he’ll be nothing more than a back-end starter, but I think he can be a quality late inning reliever. If he goes to somewhere like Seattle, San Diego, or San Fran, I think he can find more success as a starter.

  • Anthony Pleadis

    Wow. 7-26 at YS3? That’s not a good statistic and makes me apprehensive about going to a game. I’m not about to jump off a bridge but there are many things about this team to be worried about. The pitching obviously has been horrible and the offense almost as bad. We’re getting nothing from Tex, Martin, and Cano. I guess when it rains it pours. Hopefully the upcoming soft part of our schedule ends up being soft and doesn’t become one of those “How are they beating us? Fire Cashman!” weeks.

    • Rey22

      The Orioles are 7-26 at YS3, not the Yankees lol. That would be embarrassingly bad.

      • Anthony Pleadis

        Oops! I’m a bit drunk off of some bad beer. Apologies.

  • forensic

    Really? Now it’s no longer a starters fault if he puts guys on base as long as he’s pulled quickly enough??? How low does the bar have to go for Hughes? What about the 5 guys he left on in his first 4 starts that were all stranded? I guess none of them matter either. Let’s just erase them all from his WHIP, and not count any of the guys they may have driven since they don’t really count…

    • Mike Axisa

      Runner on first with two outs who scored after the reliever allowed two hits? Yes, let’s make sure we emphasize how much of that is the starter’s fault.

      • forensic

        Certainly part of it is. It’s not so little as to just choose to ignore from now on.

        • Mike E

          This is why ERA is dumb.

          • forensic

            So FIP ignores baserunners that you put on base before you’re removed from the game?

            • Mike E

              What a red herring. I didn’t mention FIP once, and personally feel it takes an numerable numbers of statistics to understand how someone pitches. If you’re implying that I rely on FIP over ERA, I have no idea where you pulled that from.

              Most people look at ERA and determine who’d the better pitcher, my point is that this is ignorant to ow someone pitches when the statistic counts against him when it wasn’t his fault.

              • forensic

                Truth be told, I saw ‘Mike’ in your name and thought it was Axisa again, so sorry for that.

                But, whatever stats you judge with, none of them are not going to count that runner against the pitcher. When giving his line, it’s just wrong to not include because that’s not the correct line then and may not be fully indicative of how he pitched.

                I too don’t love that inherited runners go to only the guy who put them on (I think it should be percentages based on how many pitchers were involved and run along that line of thinking, but it would probably be too confusing for casual fans to follow along with), but that’s how it is right now and to suddenly decide for this one game that they don’t matter is absurd.

                • RetroRob

                  …so what you’re saying is you came here to jump all over Mike A and didn’t even bother to notice you were in conversation with another Mike?

                  • forensic

                    Not even close, but nice try. I commented to have an issue with what was in the post, which happened to be from Axisa. The same point was argued and stands regardless of which Mike made the post.

                    But nice try with your ‘jump all over’ overreaction. Everyone else had a nice discussion about it, some agreeing with me, some not, but by all means don’t contribute at all just so you can try to agree with the authors no matter what.

                  • forensic

                    Since that wasn’t overly clear, the only difference would’ve been the phrasing. It’s pretty clear that Axisa likes FIP since that’s in the vast majority of their posts, which is why I phrased it as I did.

                    If I realized it was ‘E’, then I would’ve phrased it more as a question asking if he’d prefer FIP and if that would delete that runner from the record.

            •!/Paddock9652 Stratman9652

              I don’t think FIP has anything to do with it what he said. The way ERA is figured is inherently misleading.

              Hughes could have ended with two different lines tonight one with 3ER and one with 4ER. The only reason he he got the one with 4ER is because the reliever didn’t do his job. Hughes gets penalized a whole run when all he did was give up a hit. It makes the line look completely different even though Hughes didn’t throw another pitch.

              Does he deserve part of the blame? Sure. But with the runner on first and two outs, Logan just can’t let that run score.

              • DM

                So, should it be including in Logan’s ERA? What if Hughes gave up a lead off triple, then Logan came in and gave up a fly ball and the runner scored? Should that be an earned run for Logan? Sometimes relievers give it up — but other times relievers bail starters out of runs they most likely would’ve given up if they had remained in the game. Tonight Logan made him look worse (if you assume Phil could’ve done better, whioh you can’t) — another night Robertson will come in and strikeout the side and strand those runners after Phil was getting hit hard. You can’t cry about the former while ignoring the latter which happens just as frequently — actually more frequently with a quality bullpen like the Yankees have. This bullpen tends to stop the bleeding enough to make the starter look better than if he had stayed in the game — which is why the switch is made.

                • .zip file

                  This +1.

            • sangreal

              Hughes didn’t allow a run, Logan did. Hughes allowed a hit, which is what the Hit column is for. It’s a stupid practice to include it in his ERA, and yes, FIP would ignore it since FIP ignores all hits that aren’t homeruns.

              Also, Mike didn’t really leave out the final run, he just noted he doesn’t fault Hughes for it.

              • Darren

                I have long advocated for the blame to be shared and an ERA adjusted accordingly when it comes to inherited runners scoring.

                Man on 1st, 2 out? Pitcher who let him on (PWLHO) gets the blame for 30% of the run, relief pitcher (RP) gets 70%.

                Man on third, no outs? PWHLHO gets 100%, RP gets 0%

                And everything in between.

      • forensic

        Where is the line drawn then? Man on 1st, 2 out doesn’t count, but what if he put the guy on 1st with 1 out? What if he got the 2nd out but was then pulled? What if the runner stole second off the catcher and then he was pulled?

      • DM

        Nah, you need not emphasize it — but it counts. I think it would be 4 runs rather “three runs*” if it were Nova or Garcia; and you might’ve even mentioned the long drive to 385 ft sign in the first inning as a negative too. We shouldn’t have special scoring for Hughes outings. We could parse every outing that way for every pitcher by noting rockets hit at defenders and bloopers — or exceptional defensive plays and gaffes. He hit Wieters so he can accept the run. Lord knows relievers have made his outings look better over the years b/c they were able to stop the bleeding that he started. It cuts both ways.

        • Tom

          Exactly – This was the only Hughes runner that the bullpen inherited that has scored this year (out of 6)

          So when the bullpen strands runners that might have/should have normally scored do we tack runs on to his ERA? Or is this only a one way correction?

          I could understand if he had a bad bullpen behind him who are letting all of his inherited runners in, but when he’s allowed 18runs this year and 17 have occurred with him standing on the mound and this is the very first runner that the bullpen has let in on him this year, this sounds a bit like spin.

        • Voice of Reason

          Who the hell cares?

          Instead of doing all these gymnastics and having these silly arguments about which pitchers RAB writers are in the tank for, maybe just stop being so hung up on ERA? This discussion in itself should give you an idea of what a misleading statistic it is.

          • .zip file

            All stats can be spun. There’s lies, damn lies and statistics.

  •!/Paddock9652 Stratman9652

    I’m pretty much copying and pasting from my comment in the game thread but I think its a topic worth discussion that got buried in the craziness of the game thread.

    The Lefty Righty match-ups seem to be going a little bit overboard lately.

    Is DHing a struggling Russ (and therefore catching Stewart) really that much of an advantage over Ibanez or Chavez simply because he is a righty? Essentially you are saying Stewart is a better option than Ibanez or Chavez because whatever platoon advantage you gain from DHing Martin over the other two is negated by placing Stewart into the lineup. I understand Chavez Ibanez and Matusz all have pretty significant splits but surely Chavez or Ibanez are more likely to produce than Stewart.

    Chavez/Ibanez DH and Russ C seems better to me than Russ as DH and Stewart catching. Not to mention, at the end of the night, chances are the bench isn’t completely empty.


    •!/Paddock9652 Stratman9652

      And to clarify, I’m not saying the game would have turned out any differently . It just struck me as a completely counter-productive move that didn’t necessarily strengthen the line-up and compromised the bench all for the sake of a right handed bat against a left handed starter.

    • Strat

      I was wondering if the move was more to see if Stewart could get a different result from Hughes myself. As far as Martin at DH… no idea, unless Girardi thought it might get him going. In any case, it seems like a pretty big “over-think” on the manager’s part to me.

  • Rey22

    This loss was 25% shitty play on the field and 75% the unreasonably stupid idea of Yankee management not to put an injured player on the DL and call up some players that actually play their assigned positions on a damn major league baseball team. You can’t blame Nunez the SS for that dropped ball, you blame Girardi/Cashman for not having a damn OF in the team. If they insist on not DL’ing Swisher at least get rid of one of the 13 pitchers and call up someone who can catch routine flyballs to the OF.

    • Matt DiBari

      I’m still trying to figure out how and when Eduardo Nunez became a “we must get this bat in the lineup at all costs” type hitter. To the point where we’re putting a guy who can’t field his “regular” positions in a new one.

      This isn’t Manny we’re he’s going to hit enough to justify this play.

      • Darren

        Right, and Jesus Montero was so unplayable, we had to trade him.

        • jjyank


          • Darren

            The point is that Montero was traded in large part because the Yankees felt that he was unplayable at catcher and not even worth trying in left or anywhere else. Despite his massive bat.

            Nunez, on the other hand, has received plenty of chances to prove he’s a butcher at short, and more chances to show his stuff in the outfield, despite a vastl inferior bat. I guess beacuase he’s “athletic”.

            It’s like the worst symptoms of drafting guys that look good. Donnie Baseball was also thought to be extremely unathletic until he proved himself to be one of the best fielding firstbaseman of all time. Not saying Montero would have gotten there, but maybe worth a shot.

            • jjyank

              Montero was traded because we needed pithing. And by the way, Montero isn’t the starting catcher in Seattle either. A lot more people than just the Yankees are wary of his ability to stick there.

              And the reason that I said “??” is because this post is irrelevant. Get over the Montero trade, move on with life. There will be other prospects to follow.

      • MannyGeee

        thats a stretch. Nunez had an “OK” night in LF on Monday, let him get his reps in now before you have to guess at it vs. Texas or TB.

        That said, this game was not lost on Nunez’ error, it was lost on lack of runs being produced by a reeeeeealy good offensive team.

    • Need Pitching

      losing by 6 runs was 75% because they had a non-OF playing OF??
      It didn’t prevent them from scoring runs, and they already trailed by 3 when it impacted the game. They would have lost this game with or without Nunez in the OF.

    • Greg

      75% of the reason they lost was because of that one play? C’mon. What about the fact that the middle of the order was useless at the plate all night.

  • George Zeber

    ARod batting 3rd makes no sense.

    The best hitter should bat 3rd and that’s Cano.

    Between the intentional walks, ARod hitting 3rd, and the lack of a legit 4th outfielder (Golson/Dickerson type)you gotta wonder what’s going on.

    • forensic

      Regardless of their current talent level, you do realize that A-Rod has actually had a much better offensive year so far, which is kind of sad in itself?

    • Nick

      The Yankees best hitter is THIS guy? .255 /.311/.372

      Not the time to say he belongs in the 3 hole.

      • JAG

        Not to mention that, I believe there are studies showing that the optimal configuration for your hitters is, in order of skill, 2, 4, 1, 5, 3 based on how often they will come to bat with a chance to do damage.

      • Dick M

        You don’t pick your 3 hole hitter off of one month. But you do put your best hitter there.

  • parmesan

    I thought Hughes’ curveball was demonstrably better than it’s been in awhile tonight. He actually used it as a weapon rather than just throwing it for the sake of it and to try to steal strikes.

    I’m not sure why it’s “unfortuante” that he pitched well enough to start again. It’s not like the Yankees have an enticing option to replace him that they’re holding back. Pettitte is not ready and Phelps is already in the rotation. I’m fine with Hughes going to the bullpen but I also don’t see a better option to start right now.

  • botz

    So annoyed I paid good money to go to that game tonight. Horrible effort all around.

  • http://twitter/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

    Bad game. It happens to the best of them. We’ll win tomorrow.

    I agree on the whole thing about the middle of the lineup, but only somewhat. I just don’t see how all three of them continue to flail about like this. A-Rod probably has the littlest room for improvement, but Texeira will come around in the next few weeks and Cano could turn on the engine tomorrow and hit like a monster until the end of the year. Of course, he easily could not, but my point is that thus far the Yankees have been winning games, it’s early in the season, and I believe that we do not need to panic about the offense at all.

    • YankeesJunkie

      A-Rod has a 118 wRC+ so I don’t he is problem in the middle of the line up, as much as Cano (93) and Texeiria (87). However, the rest of the post is pretty much right on. No need to go in full panic mode especially when player have shown the capacity to player better as soon as last year and they are still winning games at a pretty nice clip.

      • forensic

        What qualifies swapping one or two lineup spots as ‘full panic mode’?

    • Brian S.

      What makes you think Teixeira will turn it around the next few weeks?

      • botz

        I see no reason to think he will.

        • Cris Pengiucci

          It’s May. He’ll begin to turn it around now. We’re past his “bad April”.

          That’s the narative and I’m sticking to it.

    • BigLoving

      Cano will get his shit together. Arod just looks flat out old at this point. I really wonder if age/injuries have finally taken diminished him to an average player. And Tex….it is time we just start accepting him for what he is….a .240 hitter with an all or nothing approach. I am hoping Girardi and Cashman will one day tell Tex that they will break his legs if he ever takes a swing left handed again. He is still solid from the right side….just make him bat right handed and be done with it. I am sick of watching him ground out to right field while the entire left side of the infield laughs at him.

      And can somebody send Nunez down to the minors to learn a god dam position already instead of watching him make error after error at a new position every night? He is the Yankees version of Daniel Murphy…..and the Yankees should never have any version of any fucking mets player. End rant goodnight.

  •!/Paddock9652 Stratman9652

    Even after this shitty game, I have this hopeful feeling knowing that at some point, this lineup will fire on all cylinders and just tear shit up.

  • Captain Gift Basket

    On the bright side, Montero went 4-4 tonight. Oh…wait…he doesn’t play for the Yanks anymore. My bad.

    • Brian S.

      But…they were singles! So we won the trade!

    • botz

      And Russell Martin was our DH today!

    • mustang

      Can Montero pitch, play the outfield or catch every day?

      When he can do any of these things then talk to me because the Yankees have a ton of DH’s now and for the foreseeable future.

      LET IT GO!

    • mustang

      Love how people show up on the 4 for 4 night, but when the guy is going 0 for whatever, which has happen more often, it’s all quiet.

      • mustang

        If you’re going to judge at least be fair.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        It’s the overnight crew. You have to grade on a curve.

    • Jesse

      Are you having fun beating that dead horse?

      • Strat

        I just had a Monty Python “I’m not dead yet” moment… OK, it’s gone.

      • Cashman’s Third Mistress

        Jesse – I’ve only just begun to kick this horse. Worst…trade…ever! Hated it when it went down and absolutely loathe it now, especially when I see retreads like Ibanez and Chavez playing their nightly, and now they have Martin joining the act.

        Yanks must have the worst numbers in the AL coming from their DH spot. And Montero’s numbers sure look good compared to Cano – the cleanup hitter.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Oh, you’re going to be a welcome addition to the comment section here.

          *punches fire extinguisher*

        • JohnnyC

          Why you home-wrecking hussy!

    • Kevin

      And the Mariners still lost,so it doesn’t matter.

      • Cashman’s Third Mistress

        How many runs and hits did the Yanks have last night?

        • Cris Pengiucci

          How many wins do the Mariner’s have? How many do the Yankees have? Who plays in a tougher division?

    • jjyank

      Slowly now, because it doesn’t seem to be sinking in for many people.

      Get. Over. It.

      If you didn’t like the trade at the time, fine, that’s your opinion. But stop posting Montero’s stat lines every damn time he gets a hit. Do you want to point out the relatively disappointing start to the season he’s had overall? Of course not, because it ruins your narrative. If you’re going to be obnoxious about this, at least be fair. That 4-4 helped his season line a bit, but his OBP is still only .303. Hardly the offensive monster that would uplift the Yankee lineup. Get over it.

      • JohnnyC

        I think Montero’s just bored with the major leagues. Hasn’t he shown enough to be promoted already?

      • goterpsgo

        I think what some people are pissed off about is that Pineda never even started a single game and won’t until next year. Meanwhile Montero has at least been contributing (although he’s obviously not entirely productive).

  • Joey H.

    The best part IMO? That I looked up and he only had 80something pitches in the 5th. That alone made me feel much better. I didn’t see the early part of the game but 95’s are always good. I forget if it was on the pregame or Fatcesa, they were talking about how he was going to go into the game with a bullpen mentality. Seemed to have worked tonight. Cheers to Phil, whom we all hope can get it on the right track.

  • Jay

    Anybody else want Granderson batting in a spot where he has a better chance to drive in runs? He either hits 2nd or 6th. Why is he not getting much consideration for the 3rd or 4th spots?

    • BigLoving

      Bc Tex was good in 2009 and Arod used to be 28 years old……duh

  • DJ

    Hughes will be in the bullpen after his next start, and my guess is that will be his only role on this team. I’m not worried about our top 3 starters, and I think Andy will be a solid #4 maybe better. I’m also willing to bet that one of Phelps,Mitchell,or Warren can be a successful #5 for us. As for the lineup, A-rod is definitely showing his age and you really can’t expect much improvement from what he is doing now. Tex is basically toast. I’m so sick of watching him hit infield pop-ups from the left side. It’s almost as if he is too arrogant and stubborn to change his approach at the plate. Cano I’m not worried about at all, his numbers will be there by the end of the year. Hopefully Gardner and Swisher come back soon and the lineup can get some consistency going. I do think though that if the Yankees decide to put Hughes in the pen and he dominates, and with Soriano locked up next year, and Robertson most likely taking over as closer when Mo retires..I think they might try Joba in the rotation again. He is basically going to be starting from scratch, so they might as well give it a shot and see what he can do. As disappointing as Joba was as a starter since that injury in Texas, he was not even close to as bad as Hughes has been.

  • Kosmo

    Hughes was throwing 95 mph in the 1st inning and then diminished velocity as the game progressed. Sounds like a reliever to me.
    Hughes still gets another start.

    Girardi might be inclined to revert back to last years Tex-Arod-Cano as the 3-4-5 hitters, it might help shake things up a bit.

  • Smallz

    I think Hughes’ approach to hitters was alot better tonight, he had good stuff. The lineup didnt back him up but that happens. If he doesnt improve on this start then next time out then by all means send him to the pen but at the very least he earned himself another start.

  • Tom

    Yes there are some guys struggling on offense but just for some perspective:

    – 3rd in runs and SLG, 2nd in OBP and 4th in AVG (MLB ranks going into today’s game)

    – The Yankees have scored at least 5 runs in 16 of 23 games

    – 4 of the 10 Yankee losses have occurred in games where they have score 5+ runs (5,5,6,6)

    The offense seems like the least of the problems right now even without several key guys hitting consistently.

    • forensic

      Yes, but the guys holding it up right now won’t keep it going. Hell, even guys like Nunez and Stewart not getting hits is hurting them now because the others haven’t shown up yet. As many things as you can say should get there, I could show you just as many that won’t. The question, realistically, is which set wins out.

  • stuart a

    middle of the order has been dreadful so far. Cano with 4 ri’s, tex all around terrible with a 280 obp, and arod moresoft outs then a 9th place hitter….those are bad signs…cano is on pace for 33 rbi’s………

    hughes looked much better lucky logan sucks………..

    nunez cannot field any position, yankee brass love for him. I do not get it.. heck keep 13 pitchers, who needs a bench!

    martin cannot hit either . resign him and you are insane……the guy cannot hit period……

    • Cris Pengiucci

      “martin cannot hit either . resign him and you are insane”

      Right. Offense is the only thing that matters. Defense means nothing. Look at Nunez. He’s great even though he can’t field. Isn’t that what you’re saying?

      While I agree that Martin isn’t worth as much as someone like Miguel Montero, he does have value. It’s frustrating that he hasn’t produced above average offense for his position, but he does provide value. Given the available options (fitting within the current and future budget), who else would you have?

  • stuart a

    yanks offensive #’s are misleading. also they should have a great offense even better then it has performed so far this year.

    1 run tonight and 2 last night. this team should get 6 runs almost every night especially against scrubs like Matusz…..

    they miss gardners speed and taking of pitches…..

  • DannyC

    Montero 4-4, .294 batting average. I will beat that horse every day! Why is cashmans job so secure? Does he have some compromising pictures of hank and hal.

    • hogsmog

      If there is a GM candidate out there who can see the future, and could know that the Pineda trade was a bad one based on physicals and a spring training that both did not exist at the time the trade was made, then I would be happy if the Yankees replaced Cash with him.

      • JohnnyC

        That ol’ horse beater, DannyC. Let him GM.

    • jjyank

      And a .303 OBP. Hardly elite.

  • Duh Innings

    Logan wouldn’t have given up a run had Hughes not put the run scorer on base.

    ‘Say there is a man on 3B Hughes put on base with two outs and Logan strikes out a batter to end the inning, only the inning doesn’t end because his catcher couldn’t hold onto the ball. The ball goes all the way to the backstop, the batter takes 1B on the passed ball, and the man on 3B scores. That’s Logan’s fault? Hellz no.

    Hughes allowed four earned runs in 5 2/3 IP because he put on four runners who scored, period, end of story, case closed.

    Re: Montero. His .294 BA is inflated by his 4 for 4. Prior to that he was a .259/.271/.395/.666 hitter and yeah, I can pull up his stats since others do the same with citing his 4 for 4. I can scrutinize him as much as others can laud him.

  • Kosmo

    As far as Montero is concerned, he´s at least holding his own and will more than likely show more consistency as the season unfolds.

    Hughes pitched OK but it´s his 5th start. Right now he´s not a very good SP. The question still remains will he ever be a good SP ? Me thinks not.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Definitely drop Teixeira to the 6th hole. I’ve seen enough so far to want to see Girardi make the move.

  • Kevin

    Yes it would be nice to have Montero but you know what? Having a person drive in runs means NOTHING if you have a pitcher that gives the runs right back.

    • mustang

      Again THANK YOU.

  • Clyde Barrow

    It’s ain’t looking good, folks. This team looks run down already, with the exception of Jeter and Granderson. Where is the rest of the starting lineup? We’ll have to re-evaluate when Swish and Gardner return but the 3-4-5 hitters do absolutely nothing. The starting pitching is the worst in the league and our savior is a 40 year old who didn’t pitch last year. We’re in trouble if the offense can’t pick it up.

    • Jim Is Bored

      The offense is top 4 in almost every meaningful category.

      Our starters era is above 5.5

      Where do you think the actual problem is?

      • mustang

        Hummmm let me guess.

  • SMK

    Has there been any word on how Pineda’s surgery went?

    • SMK

      Never mind. I found this bit from Carig: Right-hander Michael Pineda had shoulder surgery Tuesday to repair a tear in the labrum in his right shoulder. Girardi said the procedure “went well.”

  • Monterowasnotdinero

    All the naysayers on Montero need to realize that he is 22 and 500K a year. He has tremendous bat speed and can hit for power to all fields as he has done against good Tampa pitching the last 2 nights. He will also be catching more (no passed balls last night everybody!) as Olivo is probably out a month with a bad groin/hammy. The M’s are going to see what they have in Montero as he will catch games with lefty starters and Jaso will catch against righties with Montero DHing. The guy has caught less than 20 games in the majors-he is going to improve in all facets and he’s not as bad as the Yankee label that got us Pineda. Montero is still 3-4 years ahead of Posada in his MLB catching career and Jorge-never a Gold Glover did just fine overall.

    Can’t wait for Montero to start mashing in the summer. We are gonna miss that bat. The Yankees have no place for a cheap elite bat.

    • Monterowasnotdinero

      Oh-he is one of the slowest 22 year old players I have ever seen.

      Love is not blind. He needs a track coach-been saying that for a few years.

      • Bavarian Yankee

        oh yeah, I thought that he’s even slower than Posada.

        anyway I hope that he has a great career, I don’t care if the Yankees win or lose this trade. What’s done is done.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      So much time on a player who no longer plays for the New York Yankees. This is getting so ridiculous.

      I hope he hits 50 HR this year. Really.

    • mustang

      ” We are gonna miss that bat”

      They haven’t yet I doubt that they will with their offensive line up.

      “Montero is still 3-4 years ahead of Posada in his MLB catching career and Jorge-never a Gold Glover did just fine overall.”

      Please do me a favor and before your compare him to Posada let him become an EVERYDAY CATCHER first.

      “Yankees have no place for a cheap elite bat.”

      No the Yankees have no place for 22 year old DH when they have millions invested in prove MLB elite bats DH types!!!!

      What the Yankees need are young outfielders and maybe an everyday catcher and if it has been abundantly clear in the last month THEY NEED STARTING PICTHING.

      Montero is promising young hitter, but as hard as people might you just can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

      I leave with this one question if Montero were on the Yankees right now what difference would he make? 1, 2, 3 wins?
      Or would they be in the same spot hanging there rotations hopes on the arm of 40-year-old 1 year retire lefthander pitcher.

    • mustang

      And if your going to here after 2 good days and last night 4 for 4 please show up on the 0 for whatever days to because like I said before the latter has happen a lot more then the former thus far.

    • CW

      The boxscore on the Atbat app says 2 passed balls.

      • JohnnyC

        But were they really passed balls or incorrectly scored wild pitches?

        • CW

          No idea, the OP said “0 passed balls”, which is false.

    • rek4gehrig

      I could use 500K a year

  • Kevin

    And the Montero supporters need to get through their skulls that we need pitching far more than we need his bat.

    • mustang

      THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • mustang

      The funniest part is that if Hughes ends up in the pen all they have sign for their starting rotations next year is CC, Nova, and Pineda (May-ish). Without the trade they wouldn’t even have May-ish Pineda, but they need a bat! Give me a fucking break.

    • jjyank

      Yeah THIS. Pitching > a DH. A middling team in a weak division in rebuilding mode isn’t even making Montero the starting catcher. I liked Montero a lot as a prospect because he was a YANKEE prospect. The amount of comments in a thread with literally nothing to do with Montero is absolutely mind boggling. Get over it people. He was a prospect. A good one, but teams trade prospects all the time. He is now just a player on another team. Stop bringing it up, it has become far and away the most annoying thing on this blog.

      • mustang

        ALL THIS!!!!!

        with this:
        ” A middling team in a weak division in rebuilding mode isn’t even making Montero the starting catcher.”

        Being the highlight.

        • jjyank

          It’s sad, because I really like(d) Montero. I have his autograph and everything, I was as excited as anyone to see him come up last September. But the ridiculous frequency with which so many people feel compelled to post his stats whenever he gets a hit (and be conspicuously absent when he goes 0-4) has almost made me root against Montero. Maybe that sounds mean, but I’m afraid that the more success he has, the more we’re going to see this obnoxious hindsight GMing in threads that don’t even mention Montero, Pineda, Noesi, or Campos.

          I would love to root for his success. But I may not be able to do so until every shuts the hell up about trading him away.

          • mustang

            I know how you feel sometimes I feel the same, but if I learn anything from the Joba the starter debates is that some people aren’t going to change they rather hide when their argument is weaken then admit they might be wrong.

            If at the end of all this Montero turns out to be a star and Pineda a bust then you tip your hat and move on.
            However like most things life this thing well probably end up somewhere in the middle with Pineda begin a 2 or 3 and Montero begin a good hitter.
            In the end I still believe the trade was the right move.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    Robby Cano is easily the biggest disappointment for me so far. I’m really glad they didn’t extend him, he’s so far away from his 2011 performance. Those middle infielders die so fast and it seems like Robby forgot what a strike zone is.

    Hughes wasn’t good either but I thought he did what we should expect last night. Didn’t give up too many runs and almost made it through 6. He still makes the same mistakes every start, no progress there at all. He’s just a rotation filler until Andy comes back so I’m not too concerned about Hughes. I also hope Phelps gets a real chance to prove if he can survive as a starter but I fear that he’ll have to go back to the pen when Andy returns.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    i went to the game and what a suckfest. i missed the arod bunt and assumed it was just a weak hit, whatever at least he got on base. the bases loaded popup was so deflating, the stadium really came to life for that at bat, then the chick in front of me started screaming about how she knew he was going to to do that and he does it all the time. i wanted to throw something at her.

    i don’t know who you blame, but the fact that we run out ibanez or nunez to the OF is ridiculous. Why do they not bring up another OF? there is no excuse. these two ave cost us at least three runs in just the last two games. can’t they phantom dl freddy or just get rid of ibanez already, it’s going to happen at some point in the season, right?

  • JoeyA

    Nights like last night are why its ridiculous to hang our hats on being in top 3 in RS come the end of the year.

    Yea, we score tons of runs and typically beat the hell of out a guy when he’s off.

    But when the bats go cold, the go REAL COLD and we cant bring in a run w/ runners on 1st & 3rd w/ no outs.

    Just terribly frustrating and I’m getting sick of people making excuses for this team. Hughes is not a SP and our offense is either boom or bust.

    Axisa can make all the claims he wants that no offense, or player for that matter, is consistent throughout the year, but, bottom line, is the NYY lineup is terribly inconsistent in how their designed.

    And there are no more words for Mark Texeira, whose precipitous fall from 2009 form is both head scratching and frustrating to watch.

    Bottom line: this is an offense designed to score runs but is very susceptible to long droughts of ineffectiveness

    • mike

      and demonstrates an aversion to a big hit – its difficult to qualify unless you can watch the games, but the Yanks (maybe no more or less than others, but just more frustrating as a fan) always seem to have a ton of guys on base, yet don’t get the hit to put a team away early, or to make the other team sweat.

      It seems an all-or-nothing offense, in a sense

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Damn numbers and logic getting in the way of things.

      • JohnnyC

        This baseball thing is darn infuriating, ain’t it? I mean, did you ever notice that the Yankees don’t win much when they get a good game pitched against them? And, also, how they lose more often than not when their pitcher throws a bad game. Or, even worse, when a relief pitcher doesn’t come in and retire the side without allowing inherited runners to score? I’d rather watch basketball. Now there’s a game that’s logical. Fire extinguishers notwithstanding.

  • Roy

    Russell Martin DH???? Why can’t we find a fat guy who can SLG .500 and OBP .375?

  • Matt :: Sec110

    where’s Dewayne Wise?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      He’s wherever the Empire State Roving Band of Gypsys are tonight. Watch your wallet.

  • Kosmo

    2 outs,RISP:
    Martin .111
    Tex .111
    Cano .000
    Arod .143
    Granderson .250
    Ibanez .182

    those are your culprits

    you have to be able to hit with 2 outs.

    • jjyank

      Ouch, Cano doesn’t have a hit at all? On the bright side though, they gotta be due for some regression, right?

      • Kosmo

        The Cano stat amazes me, its sorta like he hasn´t had a meaningful hit all year. The heart of the order has been awful.

  • Peter R

    Love the looking up picture caption. lol

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    I’m not worried about the rotation. We have 4 guys I trust to do well (CC, Kuroda, Nova, Andy) and I think after another couple starts Hughes will lose his job and we’ll either find one of the youngsters that stick (Phelps, Mitchell, maybe Banuelos later in the season) If at the all star break we’re still looking for a 5th starter, I’m sure the Yanks will be able to bring in help from somewhere else without breaking the bank.

    I am however concerned about the lineup. Arod and Tex have been getting worse every year. I’m sure they’ll bounce back from their current putrid levels, but I question just how good they are at this point even at their best.

    If A-Rod and Tex continue down this path, it’s going to be very hard to compete under a $189m payroll.

    I think it’s too soon to worry about Cano, but he’s a middle infielder who’s turning 30 this year-if the plan is to sign cano to an extension and count on him to carry this offense for the next 5-6 years then that’s a bad plan, his best days are likely already passed.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’m still waiting and seeing on Pettitte. It’s still a tough road back for a close-to-40-year-old.

      The team is starting to do what it was going to have do at some point, and that’s see what they’ve actually got in their AAA arms. Are these guys going to be successful MLB starters who just flew under the radar, or not? The process of finding this out starts now, and it’s a process that has to happen with three rotation spots open next year. It becomes VERY difficult to do that in 2013 if you don’t have internal options.

      I don’t know what to tell you about the lineup. I believe they’re going to get to $189 million, and I don’t think the aging guys with big contracts are going anywhere. I don’t agree that Cano’s peak has passed, but I don’t think he will solely carry the lineup either. You can look at Pineda trade and conclude that the sky is falling, or you can be positive and assume the team is thinking about this all already.

  • herby

    You keep hearing how great Kevin Long is as a hitting coach…how the Yankees are blessed to have him…but the one constant seems to be they can’t get things done with runners in scoring position and less than two outs. Their big bats seem to have the most problems with it. To me that speaks to their approach in these situations, which is the domain of the hitting coach. It’s gotten to the point of when Texeira comes up…I don’t even call his feeble attempts pop ups anymore…They’re now, “Texeiras”. Most of his numbers seem to come late in games and in blow-outs…sure when you look at the end of the year, he puts up great numbers, but when they really don’t do much for your team…what’s it helping.