Game 76: Warren’s First Time


(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

You only get one Major League debut, and tonight 24-year-old right-hander Adam Warren will make his. He’ll become the first player to make his big league debut as a starting pitcher for the Yankees since Ian Kennedy in 2007, a game I just so happened to have in my 20-game package that summer. That was neat. Anyway, it would be real nice if the offense could push some runs across early to give Warren some breathing room. Here’s the lineup…

SS Derek Jeter
CF Curtis Granderson
1B Mark Teixeira
3B Alex Rodriguez
2B Robinson Cano
RF Nick Swisher
DH Andruw Jones
LF Jayson Nix
Chris Stewart

RHP Adam Warren

Tonight’s game is scheduled to start a little after 7pm ET and can be seen on YES locally and MLB Network nationally. Enjoy.

HOPE Week: Today’s event featured the Children’s Alopecia Project and a picnic at the New York Botanical Gardens. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that attacks hair follicles and leads to hair loss. Chad Jennings has the details.

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  1. Mike N says:

    OK. How long do we think he’s gonna last?

  2. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Here’s to never seeing AAA again, Mr. Warren.

    • LarryM.,Fl. says:

      That would be amazing if he performed so well that he stayed and pitch through the season, playoffs and ws. OK, I take a good game tonight.

  3. so I said somethings last night after the lose about Joe G. I just wanted to let him know, it was in the heat of the moment…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....page#t=51s

  4. Brian S. says:

    So the situation with Russ is going to be like it was last year I take it? He’s going to miss two weeks without going on the DL just because?

  5. Brian S. says:

    The Yankees have the scouting report on Quintana right? Since we created him?

    • Pat D says:

      “And just remember, Dwight…I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it. Bill Cosby.”

      —Michael Scott

  6. Mike N says:

    I hope Lou is in the booth again tonight!

  7. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Warren has been pretty unimpressive this year in AAA.

    Let’s hope he can give the Yankees a serviceable 5-6 innings tonight.

  8. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Getting the Knob Creek ready.

  9. OMG! Bagels! says:

    I read a lot about him 2 years ago and thought he’d be up sooner based on his pre MLB record and I don’t know what he’s been doing that has kept him toiling in the minor leagues.

    • Being in the Yankees farm system. It’s really hard to break into the big leagues as a mid-level prospect on this team. Unless your a Phil Hughes, or Joba Chamberlian it’s going to take some injuries and strong performance to get to the big clup.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      He’s been sucking this year. That’s why it took so long for him to get called up, and only did because of injuries. If nobody got injured, he probably wouldn’t throw a pitch at all this year.

  10. Pat D says:

    Bring me the vocal chords of Hawk Harrelson.

  11. Mike N says:

    YEAH! Lou is here!!!!

  12. JobaWockeeZ says:

    How do we know it’s his first time?

  13. Getting the plaque ready for Cooperstown right now. It should be ready by the end of the game tonight.

  14. Dewayne is wise says:

    Nice start love the hook.

  15. jjyank says:

    Awesome first AB for Warren. Rootin’ hard for ya kid!

  16. Dewayne is wise says:

    Also like the pace he gets it he throws it no bullshit.

  17. RkyMtnYank says:

    ehhh, that was a nice pitch

  18. Pat D says:

    Yankees don’t seem to want to deal with Dunn.

  19. Dewayne is wise says:

    Wtf nice squeeze ump

  20. Getting squeezed on some close pitches already. ::Rolls eyes::

  21. Brian S. says:

    Back to back walks are bad.

  22. Dewayne is wise says:

    Ump really squeezing this kid

  23. Lol, back to back walks…last one on four pitches…and he swings first pitch. I thought it was just our offense that does that.

  24. Mike N says:

    YEAH!! Warren is the MAN!!!!!!!

  25. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    WAY too many pitches thrown that inning. He’s gonna need to settle down and be more efficient.

  26. Dewayne is wise says:

    Good job ump really fucked with him

  27. RkyMtnYank says:

    got through the first one, kid looks pretty good even getting squeezed a bit!

  28. Brian S. says:

    I wouldn’t want to pitch to Paul Konerko either. Decent inning all things considered.

  29. jjyank says:

    Good first inning for Warren. Two walks aren’t great, but I give any rookie making his debut a pass on that.

  30. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:


  31. Knoxvillain says:

    Nice! One last person for Jeter to chase down on the all-time hits list.

  32. Mike N says:

    If that third baseman timed it right, it looked like he could have had it? Or visual illusion?

  33. Mike N says:

    YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

    Give that kid some runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Need Pitching says:

    Wow … really didn’t think that was going out

  35. Brian S. says:

    lol Yankee Stadium

  36. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Wow did that carry. Looked like a routine FB to RF.

  37. flamingo says:


  38. Mike N says:

    It seemed like his immediate reaction was “Crap. Fly out.”

  39. Mike Axisa says:

    I dig the 0.67 runs per pitch ratio.

  40. jjyank says:

    Grandy!!! Way to pick up the rookie! Love it.

  41. Pat D says:

    Nap Lajoie’s career hit total is 3242, not 3252. And I’m glad that still no one can agree on the pronunciation of his name.

    And another YS3 special for Curtis.

    And another took third strike by Teix.

  42. Brian S. says:

    lol Teix

  43. Dewayne is wise says:

    Love grandy but he will cost at least 25 million a year real soon.

  44. Mike N says:

    I love bloops!

  45. Cano’s probably thinking “wtf, my rocket get’s caught, and that’s a hit?!”

  46. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Glad to see Quintana get roughed up a little so we don’t have to hear about how stupid the Yankees were for not protecting him

  47. flamingo says:


  48. Cy Pettitte says:

    sooooo close. I will take the double though.

  49. Brian S. says:


  50. Mike Axisa says:

    Why did they ever let Quintana go?! If Cashman knew what he was doing he would cut Jones!

  51. Need Pitching says:

    embedded Yankee: Jose Quintana

  52. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Andruw with the warning track power.

  53. Pat D says:

    Ha! O’Neill got a little over anxious there.

  54. Mike N says:


    BTW, I was thinking when I heard that Warren was pitching today, that maybe Girardi was thinking about that last night when he tried to get away with not using his better relievers? Possible?

  55. Dewayne is wise says:

    Whats warren thinking
    Man look at my offense!!!

  56. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Pretty unlucky inning for Quintana.

    • jjyank says:

      Grandy’s homer was a YSIII special, but there was a hard hit line out to RF and Andruw smoked that.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        And an easily catchable bloop.

        • jjyank says:

          And a hard it ball the CF had to make a running catch back on to end the inning. And Jeter’s rocket down the line. Plenty of hard hit balls, don’t act like he’s getting BABIP’d to death.

        • Need Pitching says:

          how was it easily catchable? There was nobody anywhere near it.
          Also Tex smoked a ball that just went foul by a few feet. Any unluckiness for Quintana was easily cancelled out by the luck.

  57. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    Selfish Yankees spoiling the value of their young pitchers by pounding Quintana.

  58. jjyank says:

    Nice to see Andruw getting his death-to-lefties stroke back!

  59. Mike N says:

    I just hope this kid doesn’t feel complacent with a 4-0 lead and think to himself, “OK. Just throw strikes.”

  60. Brian S. says:

    Get Phelps up.

  61. Pat D says:

    Flipped over to ChiSox broadcast. Yep, they’re already acting like they’re winning.

  62. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    This is gonna be a Coors field kind of game.

  63. Dewayne is wise says:

    Hey hey
    None of that shit kid or its back tonscranton bus tour.

    • Pat D says:

      But no one goes to Scranton this year.

      It’s funny. I saw a news headline yesterday that the inventor of Scantron died. I originally read it as the inventor of Scranton died. And I was like, someone invented that place?

  64. Knoxvillain says:

    Take him out, the game is over. ERA of 9? He sucks!!!

    Should have kept Igawa!

  65. Dewayne is wise says:

    Come on kid reach down and grab your nuts and pitch.

  66. Will The Thrill says:

    The White Sox hitters look way too comfortable at the plate. It looks like they’re hunting fastball and seeing the ball well out of Warren’s hand.

  67. Greg says:

    Well, We are very lucky that we didn’t lose any ground last night.

    This is going to be a slugging match, that hopefully we come out on top

  68. Pat D says:

    No lead is safe in YS3.

  69. Knoxvillain says:

    Looks like a very short game for both pitchers tonight.

  70. Need Pitching says:

    jeez, batting practice
    Get Phelps up.

  71. Greg says:

    I think Cashman should be reaching for the phone right now

  72. Mike N says:

    I hope his parents already have a few beers in them.

  73. Karl Krawfid says:

    Chris Stewart should know better. Too many fastballs in a row.

  74. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    First team to 10 wins tonight.

  75. Brian S. says:

    God dammit.

  76. TomH says:

    Anytime I’m tempted to complain about Yankee broadcasters, I think about ESPN, FOX, and the White Sox and thank God for the broadcaster blessings he has bestowed on the Yankees.

  77. Hummingbird S. says:

    great shutdown inning

    its going to be a long night and not one we’ll enjoy…

  78. Dewayne is wise says:

    Grooved meatballs do not work up here

  79. Kramerica Industries says:

    So this is life without C.C. or Pettitte.

  80. Pat D says:

    Wow, the ChiSox broadcast had their strikezone up. They had exactly none of the pitches to Beckham being over the plate.

  81. TommyBoy says:

    Warren is not that good. 5-5 3.86era and more hits than innings pitched in the minors! He blows!

  82. Dewayne is wise says:

    Is phelps up yet

  83. Knoxvillain says:

    If I hear that fucking “baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet” commercial one more time, I am going to have a heart attack.

  84. Mike N says:

    If it’s gonna be a slugfest and battle of the bullpens, I like the Yanks’ odds.

  85. flamingo says:

    Hopefully we put on a better hitting clinic than they do in this one.

  86. Pat D says:

    Those are boos for the Cro-Magnon and not “Youk” chants, right?

  87. dontchaknow says:

    I don’t wanna say phelpsy.. but…. phelpsy

  88. Dewayne is wise says:

    Ok so who were those teams that were calling cash for Warren?

  89. First time lawng time says:

    Wow. This pitcher sucks.

    Also, why did David Robertson not start the ninth inning last night?

  90. “If the ball is hit to A-Rod, he’ll go home with it, Ground ball to third Alex throws to first, the run scores.” John Sterling, wrong but not missing a beat.

  91. DERP says:

    Okay hopefully he can settle down.

  92. TommyBoy says:

    And Joe will wait for Warren to give up another 4 runs before he takes him out.

  93. Dewayne is wise says:

    Is he over 50 pitches yet?

  94. Brian S. says:

    Pitching to the score. You’re doing it wrong.

  95. Dewayne is wise says:

    Can we make deal with oakland and get Colon back?

  96. I thought we were done with the NL, having the pitchers lead of the inning :D

  97. Brian S. says:

    lol Stewart

  98. RkyMtnYank says:

    awesome bunt

  99. Brian S. says:



  100. Dewayne is wise says:

    Stewie makes the toxic avenger look bad
    Well done!

  101. Mike Axisa says:

    Chris Stewart sucks.

  102. Hummingbird S. says:

    what a fucking dumbass

  103. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Stewart is such a dumbass.

  104. Mike N says:

    If Ripken had any balls, he’d have been all like, “Jeter’s a punk, and the next time I see him, I’m gonna deck him for passing me.”

  105. Need Pitching says:


    free outs, get your free outs here

  106. Greg says:

    Jeter waved him to go

  107. Dewayne is wise says:

    He taged his package lol

  108. TommyBoy says:

    Stewart can’t do anything right!

  109. …why in christ’s fucking sake is our back up catcher stealing bases. I hope Girardi is letting him have it in the dug out. I know he’s not though. You as a catcher know better than anybody your pitcher needs to catch his breath, and you just give away an out.

  110. Brian S. says:

    Please get off my team Stewart.

  111. Will The Thrill says:

    Argh. This is already turning out to be a yucky series. Worst since the Anaheim series a couple of weeks ago…

  112. eephus_pitch says:

    Stewart ran to save Jeter the indignity of GIDP.


  113. Pat D says:

    Yea, I rewound the game and Jeter clearly signaled “Hold up!” because as soon as he saw Stewart going, he looked down and frowned.

  114. Erica says:


    • jjyank says:

      What noise is that?

      • Erica says:

        Just a general weird noise expressing my feelings about this game. I’m almost entertained, in a weird way, because it’s not going to be a boring game in the LEAST. It’s already wacked out.

  115. Hummingbird S. says:

    how many times this season have we seem the Yankees score 2+ in the first and get shut down the rest of the way? It has this feeling to it..

  116. Need Pitching says:

    Phelps please

  117. dontchaknow says:


  118. Greg says:

    I blame Lou. We are 0-4 in games that he has called. And we ould be 0-5

  119. First pitch, slider. Right down broadway. fuck man…

  120. Dewayne is wise says:

    Right down main street.

  121. Hummingbird S. says:

    btw, this Warren kid sucks.. so much for the vaunted pitching depth

  122. First time lawng time says:

    Anyone have any idea as to why my google is in Japanese?

  123. Brian S. says:

    Warren sucks.

  124. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    At least Konerko is on my fantasy team.

  125. Will The Thrill says:

    Warren not giving us a chance at all. Wow does he suck. Straight fastball and offspeed stuff with no bite.

  126. Erica says:

    Am I the only who doesn’t think that Adam Warren sucks? It’s his goddamn first Major League outing. Stop expecting perfection with the first pitch. We have to make do with what we have for the moment.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      He doesn’t suck, but he’s not a major league quality starter. He is up for a couple of starts at the most probably. He isn’t going to come in and look like Sabathia.

    • flamingo says:

      He’s probably really nervous. Everyone wants Phelps in – Phelps has given up runs, too. They’re rookies/back-end starters; it’s par for the course.

      • Erica says:

        Right! Remember your first day at your first real job? Weren’t you nervous? (“You” is a generalization in this instance.)

    • Mike N says:

      He does suck right now, but it is certainly not his fault that he is in over his head.

    • First time lawng time says:

      We’re (or at least I’m) not expecting perfection. However, I am also not expecting 6 runs in 2+ innings and an almost laughable inability to make an out.

  127. Knoxvillain says:

    Warren’s last inning I’d assume. Sucks for the parents to see their kid stink up the ballpark and watch him get booed if he doesn’t finish the inning.

  128. Kramerica Industries says:

    Adam Warren is not long for this game.

  129. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    ^^^ please

  130. flamingo says:

    He’s over 60 pitches already, too. Ouch.

  131. TommyBoy says:

    Who’s dumbass idea was it to bring this clown up?!

  132. Mike N says:

    The fans at the stadium better give the kid a hand when he leaves the mound. If they boo, I’m gonna be pissed.

  133. Greg says:

    Okay Brian, the internal options did not work. NOW GO MAKE A TRADE.

  134. dontchaknow says:


  135. Need Pitching says:

    Chris Stewart is so fucking awful

  136. Pat D says:

    This isn’t looking good for Mr. Warren.

    Now I’m not trolling here, but I did hear them say “If this was September, CC wouldn’t have gone on the DL.” Anyone think they’re reconsidering that?

    Oh my god, Stewart.

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

      They shouldn’t reconsider anything regarding CC. It’s not even the All Star break, let the big man get healthy.

      If they’re going to reconsider anything it would be Adam Warren. This kid is awful.

  137. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    Claim Quintero please.

  138. RkyMtnYank says:

    Looking forward to Phelps, hopefully he gets enough work for the next start!

  139. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Could Stewart possibly be any worse?

  140. Mike Axisa says:

    Another great play by Chris Stewart.

  141. Greg says:

    Alright, now I’m getting pissed at Stewart.

  142. Pat D says:

    Pierzynski with an infield hit? Oh, that’s not a good sign.

  143. Dewayne is wise says:

    Warren is bound for the Bus, have fun on tour kid,see ya next year in a relief role.

  144. wow says:

    What a joke.

  145. Hummingbird S. says:

    what is Girardi waiting for? this kid sucks.. straight pitches down the middle do not work in the majors

  146. flamingo says:

    Okay, I want this guy off our roster. I can’t imagine Cervelli would be worse. And I don’t like Cervelli.

  147. Pat D says:

    Hopefully I won’t miss much as I take the dog for a quick walk.

  148. Chris says:

    He sucks…right now…

  149. Kramerica Industries says:

    Geeze – I’m gonna need to find something else to do tonight if this is gonna continue.

    I mean, Chicago’s a good team and everything, but the last four innings the past two nights have been a nightmare. Adam Warren is not long for this rotation, unfortunately, and Chris Stewart has been unbearably atrocious.

  150. Will The Thrill says:

    I don’t care if this Warren’s first start the kid isn’t fooling anyone with with that meatball fastball and flat offspeed pitches.

  151. Chris says:

    I feel bad for him a bit. He must have zero confidence right now.

  152. Greg says:


    Otherwise I might think about killing myself, metaphorically.

    I try to be positive, and look what happens.

    • Erica says:

      I’m really perplexed by your constant negativity. Are you negative about other things in your life, or only the Yankees?

      • Greg says:

        Basically I need the Yankees to win to help feel good about myself and my choices. I know it seems extreme, but I’m without a job, I just got my masters degree and I;m doing some volunteer work to get experience. In terms of “American Dreams” I;m not doing to well right now.

  153. Will The Thrill says:

    I can’t believe we gave up Kontos for Stewart aka Cervelli 2.0

  154. TommyBoy says:

    And Chris Stewart is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

  155. Mike N says:

    Yanks scored four runs in one inning. I am not giving up on this game.

  156. James A says:

    Its weird when you’re wishing we still had AJ the rollercoaster in town

  157. Dewayne is wise says:

    One more hit and warrens parents are getting a beer bath.

  158. Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

    It’s a shame Cashman passed on all the calls he said he had for this guy, this isn’t going to help his stock…

    • Crime Dog says:

      I don’t think there is literally one GM in baseball who says “Oh man, he had one bad start against a good team in the Majors. Nevermind, don’t want him”

    • jjyank says:

      No, but I doubt it hurts his stock either. GMs are smart enough to not base a decision on one MLB start.

  159. New Balance Cleats says:

    Damn when I left he just gave up a homer to AJ….what happened?!

  160. Cy Pettitte says:

    this is 2011 Hughes-esque

  161. Chris says:


  162. Erica says:

    Please don’t boo please don’t boo

    • First time lawng time says:

      That I can agree with. Yeah, he did a crappy job, but he’s young and it was his first start.

      • Erica says:

        Exactly. If I made a mistake on the first day of a new job, I shouldn’t be yelled at. It’s demoralizing. He’s clearly got talent and he needs our support.

        I hate when people, especially here, are so harsh on young pitchers. Hate it. NOBODY is perfect out of the gate and it really bothers me when perfection is expected right away.

  163. Chris says:


  164. Tom says:

    Isn’t it fairly obvious that you bring Phelps in, continue stretching him out and he takes the next turn in the rotation?

    What is Girardi waiting for? Heck even if Girardi turns a blind eye to effectiveness the guy has thrown nearlyu 80 damn pitches and he’s still in the 3rd.

  165. Kramerica Industries says:

    And with that, Warren is gone.

    Well, lets see if Phelps can reclaim that rotation spot now. For all of, well, one start.

  166. First time lawng time says:

    I’m sorry, but does anybody actually watch Tyler Perry’s House of Payne? It’s on TBS right now and, in all honesty, I don’t undersand why they can’t put on Big Bang Theory or Family Guy, which are on on Mon-Thurs and Sat at 8. This Tyler Perry show seems stupid and isn’t even funny.
    Ugh. I guess I’m stuck clicking between this Yankee game and Say Yes to the Dress.

  167. Mike N says:

    OK. I didn’t hear boos of the kid, so I am not gonna have to get angry.

  168. Greg says:

    He just took him out

  169. Brian S. says:

    Yeah don’t give him another start. We can’t give away any more games.

  170. Dewayne is wise says:

    See ya.

  171. TampaYankee says:

    I wanted Phelps instead, not that we had a choice, but looks like he handled it better. So far Warren isn’t having a good game, I’m not writing him off entirely though. Just liked our chances with Phelps better after what he showed his last time up. Didn’t like how it worked out with stretching him out and not being ready.

  172. Cuso says:

    oh no. Was he crying?

  173. cjc says:

    one of the worst performances I can ever remember

  174. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    76 pitches to get 7 outs with 6 earned runs and 8 hits. It doesn’t get mch worse than that.

    The White Sox should have at least bought Warren dinner before they did that to him.

  175. Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

    My God, that pitching line hurt my eyes!!

  176. TomH says:

    With Phelps,we’re beginning to regress to April. I hope tonight isn’t the start of an infection of bad pitching. Even for old pros,the double whammy–CC and Pettitte–must have been demoralizing.

  177. RkyMtnYank says:

    Phelps just looks so much sharper already

  178. Mike N says:

    Can we get some stats on current decent MLB pitchers who stunk like shit in their first MLB start?

  179. TommyBoy says:

    That’s how you pitch Warren!

  180. Greg says:

    Its hard to think that Casey Kotchman destroyed the 2012 Yankee season. But its getting that feeling to it

  181. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    If the Yankees make a trade right now I’d want it to be for a better backup catcher and that’s it. Let’s see what Freddy and Phelps do before pushing the panic button.

  182. Cuso says:

    Poor kid.

    How come that only happens to Yankees in their MLB debut when they start?

  183. New Balance Cleats says:

    And just like that goes the trade appeal

  184. DERP says:

    You stupid fucking idiots make it seem like we are down ten runs.


  185. flamingo says:

    NICE job by Phelps. I’m watching on Gameday – does he have that two-seamer working?

  186. First time lawng time says:

    Whatevs I’m already over it.

    It’s only a 2 run deficit and bottom of the third. It’s still a winnable game.

  187. Mike N says:

    Does the kid have to sit alone in the dugout like a goddamn leper for the rest of the game? If the Yanks take the lead, is he allowed to high-five anyone?

  188. DERP says:

    I hope he gets one more chance. Not sure he will though.

  189. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:


  190. swishers fauxhawk says:

    3-0 count on the last batter

    swing at first pitch

  191. Pat D says:

    God, they tattooed this chump for 4 fucking runs in the first inning, and now ARod swings at the first pitch.

  192. Cuso says:

    @bad approach by Alex there

  193. Will The Thrill says:

    Horrible ABs by Tex and Arod.

  194. TampaYankee says:

    Was there no way we could have made it so Phelps got the start instead? This sucks, wasn’t Phelps starting before he got sent down? I don’t know why Warren got the start. Maybe I missed something, hope I’m not coming off ignorant, just confused and now annoyed after this game. Again, not saying Warren is the worst and should never pitch again. Just was wanting Phelps starting.

    • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

      I think Phelps wasn’t fully stretched out after spend so much time as a reliever.

    • Crime Dog says:

      Yeah, you missed something. Phelps was only stretched out to throw 70 pitches in his next scheduled start (Saturday).

    • Will The Thrill says:

      Yeah this was the wrong time to put a rookie starter out there. September is the time for these kind of things but not while you’re smack dab in the middle of a season/pennant race.

    • jjyank says:

      If Warren was good, would you be saying that? I think the Yankees thought it was a good opportunity to see what he had. It didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean it was the wrong decision at the time.

      • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

        I think if Phelps was stretched out then they would give him this start because he made a few starts earlier and was perfectly serviceable.

        • jjyank says:

          RIght but he wasn’t, and Warren lined up perfectly for tonight. I really can’t faul the decision to give him a look. Hindsight is hindsight, but I don’t blame the initial decision at all.

          • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

            I know…I said IF he was stretched out. I liked giving Warren a shot over Ramon Ortiz or someone, and I thought he would do much better than he did.

  195. Dewayne is wise says:

    At least we get to see meridiths cans again.

  196. Erica says:

    Oh GOD, I’m out for this inning. Meredith’s voice makes me want to hurl my TV out the window. I mean, I know the “mute” button exists but I like listening to the game itself. BLERG!

  197. jjyank says:

    Figured I’d post this down here so he can see it:


    I feel ya man. I got a Masters as well and couldn’t get what I wanted to do. I’m a damn bank teller, despite an MA in International Relations and a passable ability to speak Arabic. Couldn’t get a single government job despite upwards of 300 applications. So I moved to DC anyway and settled on this bullshit job for the time being. But out of the blue, I got a call from two agencies that want to move forward with applications I put in back in March. One was the TSA, and the other I’m not allowed to disclose. Seriously.

    My point is that good things will happen, you just gotta try hard and be patient. Likewise with baseball.

    • My guess is the NSA. I know you can’t tell me if I’m right or wrong, but I know the NSA is a lot more far reaching than the CIA can ever dream to be and almost nobody gives them a second look. They prefer it that way, I’m sure.

      • jjyank says:

        You’re right, I can’t say, but I can say that’s not an entirely accurate statement.

        • Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

          Who knew we had our very own Jack Bauer on RAB.

        • Lol, come on. Anybody who knows anything about government knows the NSA is secretive as shit and does a lot more than they say.

          • jjyank says:

            And so does the CIA. Their more well known because they’ve been around for like 60 years, but trust me, some shaaaady stuff happens there too. I’ve been lucky enough to tour the CIA, NSA, and ODNI facilities. CIA has them all beat, by a large margin.

            • I know it does lol, I don’t trust the intelligence community as a whole, they’re all shady fucks (no offense to you personally)

              • jjyank says:

                Of course. You can’t be a very good intelligence agency if you’re not secretive. Intel and covert work does not go hand in hand with transparency and democracy. Just doesn’t work.

                You should see those war rooms though man. Giant, auditorium sized rooms, with 70” flat screens covering all the walls with every single news network on the planet on each one, every single desk had 3 monitors. Really impressive. Just to add to the ambiance, it’s all very dimly lit and has black furniture. Almost eerie.

                • Bahaha…I can see it in my head, I’ve wanted to go into the Intelligence Community just to be part of that, but I hate government inner workings to begin with on the outside…I don’t think I’d like it any more seeing all the dirty laundry.

                  • jjyank says:

                    Also, the CIA has a museum in one of its hallways, and it includes a James Bond-esque exploding pen from the Cold War.

                    There’s dirty laundry every where you go though. Every job I’ve ever had as featured corruption, greediness, or just breaking protocol in some way. Might as well have a BAMF job title in the process.

            • Knoxvillain says:

              Go for the CIA. There’s a lot of money there with the illegal drug trafficking, lol.

              • jjyank says:

                Not my field. But yes, I can make well over six figures a year as an intel analyst.

                Drug trafficking is more DEA and FBI, by the way.

  198. DERP says:

    Will Phelps throw a ball today?

  199. TommyBoy says:

    Phelps is handling his.

  200. Well…that was underwhelming…I honestly was expecting 5IP 3-5 runs…that was just terrible…if he gets another chance I hope he can do better and this was just nerves getting the better of him.

  201. widget says:

    At least Youkilis is still a terrible baseball player. Not sure why people acted like he was going to suddenly hit by changing teams.

  202. DERP says:

    Love Phelps

  203. DERP says:

    Leadoff strikes to all five batters so far.

  204. New Balance Cleats says:

    Phelps in rotation next year or trade piece?

  205. Cy Pettitte says:

    David Phelps is prettay, prettay, prettay good.

  206. DERP says:

    If only CC could be as much of an ace as Phelps.

  207. Will The Thrill says:

    Phelps > Warren

    With that being said Cash please trade for a starter.

    • jjyank says:

      Who? The Yanks don’t really have the pieces for a huge splash, Dempster’s on the DL, Wandy has that dumb contract, and lesser guys probably aren’t even an upgrade.

      • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

        Dempseter should be back after the ASB. I would like to see Freddy and Phelps can offer before thinking seriously about at trade though.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        Who knows? It’s Cashninja.I doubt we’re getting anybody with the Cashninja on the loose I won’t rule it out either.

  208. New Balance Cleats says:

    Tim McCarver is going to the HOF and people argue over whether Posada is worthy?!?

    • Pat D says:

      That’s not really accurate. He won an award that is given by the Hall of Fame.

      That does not make him a “Hall of Famer.”

    • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

      If McCarver is a HOFer than Gameday’s scout feature is a HOFer.

  209. Henry Krinkle says:

    A little surprising Nettles didn’t win 5 Gold Gloves.

    • Tom Q says:

      He co-existed with Brooks Robinson for some prime years, and there was no way Brooks could be denied short of retirement.

  210. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    So. Just came in. I take it Warren hasn’t done so hot?

  211. swishers fauxhawk says:

    pasta diving youk is hilarious

  212. DERP says:

    Where are the Andruw haters?

  213. DM says:

    The real crime will be if the Yankees let Quintana settle in. He doesn’t have much more than Warren did.

  214. Need Pitching says:


  215. Cy Pettitte says:

    well this inning has been pretty awesome so far.

  216. Will The Thrill says:

    Quintana has been just a smidge less worse than Warren and that’s no compliment.

  217. DERP says:

    Let’s go motherfuckers

  218. This game is going to have a football score by the time it’s over.

  219. Stewart…just stop existing. I never thought I’d hate a member of the Yankees…but I really strongly dislike you.

  220. Tom says:

    While I’m glad that Girardi didn’t call for a bunt there…. I almost wish he had.

  221. Will The Thrill says:

    Um. Martin and Stewart have been equally terrible this year. We need a catcher who isn’t an embarrassment at the plate.

  222. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Glad to see Jeter hitting it on the screws lately.

  223. Dewayne is wise says:

    Fuck you micheal kay

  224. CUYanks says:

    At least Warren kept us in the game…

  225. Brian S. says:


  226. Need Pitching says:

    Remember when Tex used to be great batting RH.

    What ever happened to that.

  227. Wow…can anybody have a shut down inning?

  228. Pat D says:

    God, I hate that fucker.

  229. Will The Thrill says:

    Pierzynski for 2013 stopgap.

  230. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    But…but…Phelps is the answer!

    [I like Phelps a lot actually, I just think people are too high on him in too short a time.]

  231. swishers fauxhawk says:

    ban that stupid idiot from the park, that might have been a double

  232. Dewayne is wise says:

    Hate pirinzinski what jagoff

  233. Will The Thrill says:

    Can this series just be over already? Please. It’s like Anaheim all over again. Just a miserable series.

  234. widget says:

    Pierzininski is Ty Cobb levels of unlikable.

  235. Will The Thrill says:

    Arod and Tex are clearly not feared by pitchers anymore.

  236. Kramerica Industries says:

    Keep running into outs.

    It’s working out well.

  237. wow says:

    You’ve got to be kidding

  238. Tom says:

    Just absurd… stand on the damn base at this point.

    Why are they giving free outs to such a shitty pitcher… I could understand if you had a good pitcher on the mound and were trying to be aggressive, but this is just ridiculous.

  239. Mr. Pink says:

    Fuck this series, fuck AJ Pierzynski, and fuck the White Sox.

  240. wow says:

    Just finding all kinds of ways to lose this game.

  241. Need Pitching says:

    Damn Tex, great play.

  242. Kramerica Industries says:

    To the person who claimed “Hector Santiago” was a perfectly stereotypical Latin name, I have to raise you “Eduardo Escobar”.

  243. Mike Axisa says:

    Great pitching frame by Stewart on those two pitches to Dunn…

  244. Dewayne is wise says:

    Damm we need Wise in this game he is like the 2012 Homer Bush.
    Love that name Homer Bush sounds like a 70s porn star name.

    • jjyank says:

      I never thought anyone would actually call for Wise to be in a game for anything besides his glove. This is a first.

  245. Mr. Pink says:

    You wouldn’t know that Adam Dunn has struck out 121 times in 76 games this year by watching his at bats this series.

  246. jjyank says:

    Poukilis left the game with an upset stomach. How ironic.

  247. Dewayne is wise says:

    Youlk out with upset stomach?
    What a pussy

    -Bobby Valentine

  248. Derek Jeter says:

    I didn’t tell Warren to pitch a good game. My bad.

  249. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Fun Fact: in 7,721 plate appearances, Don Mattingly only struck out in 444 of them. Sick.

  250. Will The Thrill says:

    Konerko showing that being old and productive can be done. You hear that Arod?!

  251. Kramerica Industries says:


    This game has been like watching slow death so far.

  252. Karl Krawfid says:

    Bad pitch selection again.

  253. widget says:

    AJ is so going yard here. This series blows.

  254. Mr. Pink says:

    The White Sox are putting on a hitting with RISP clinic. If only the Yankees hit like this.

  255. New Balance Cleats says:

    Charge that run to the home plate umpire

  256. Cuso says:

    This should be interesting…

  257. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Odd combination here. This is possibly my least favorite game so far this season, yet this game thread is by far my favorite. Derek Jeter told him to do it meme ftw.

  258. Mr. Pink says:

    Jeez this is a four game series? I don’t think I can take any more of this!

  259. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    How the fuck is Quintana still in this game? I mean, it’s not our hitters’ fault, we scored six runs off of him. It’s just amazing to me that his pitch count is only in the 90s after this. I mean, FUCK.

  260. Tom says:

    Decent job by Phelps to hold down the fort.

    Don’t like the 2 out, noone on base walk (especially when you start 0-2), but Dunn can at least go yard so it’s not like you just say “let him hit his way on base”

  261. your mom says:

    Make them pay Jeter!

  262. Mr. Pink says:

    Well our pitching depth is crap. Boone Logan for starter! Help me campaign guys!

    • Joe Girardi says:

      Where is my Sergio Mitre

    • jjyank says:

      No, it’s not crap. One MLB debut by Warren does not change that.

    • Rich says:

      First our depth is not crap. Phelps pitched very well in a mop up role. Second, name me a team that would have depth after losing their: closer, 7th inning reliever, ace and number 2 starter, plus a number 3 starter earlier in the season. Not even America’s next dynasty, the Rangers, has that much depth.

  263. Dewayne is wise says:

    Stewie kills martin in luck factor.

  264. Joe Girardi says:

    Please god dont let Wade suck again.

  265. Tom says:

    So other than the Girardi first impression factor (it takes a LONG time to overcome the first impression Girardi gets on a player), why is Stewart on the team?

    To carry a .600 or below OPS bat, this guy needs to be Johnny Bench/Yadier Miolina/Ivan ROIDriquez behind the plate and he is clearly not. I know he looked good early on (again Girardi first impression factor), but how bad does he have to be to move on from this guy?

  266. Will The Thrill says:

    When it’s not shitty hitting, it’s shitty pitching. I hope they pull it together before the Tampa Bay and Boston series. This is the worst time for the Yankees to start playing bad.

  267. DERP says:

    This was like Viciedo’s third walk of the year. What the fuck are you doing Wade?

  268. Cy Pettitte says:

    why is Cory Wade so bad.

  269. Need Pitching says:

    Corey Wade has turned into absolute shit.

  270. Karl Krawfid says:

    Corey Wade needs to go.

    How many inside fastballs is Chris Stewart going to call for?

  271. widget says:

    Cory Wade is the white flag. Just wow. Using him should be considered a crime against baseball.

  272. RBC says:

    Well… at least the Yanks scored six runs… we can drown our frustrations with 50% @ Papa Johns

  273. wow says:

    I’m done with this BS. Just done. This is so incredibly frustrating.

  274. DERP says:

    I’m not sure we should even wait until Aardsma comes back to demote Wade.

  275. Joe Girardi says:

    Oh god he still sucks

  276. your mom says:

    Okay, time for the garbage time pitcher. Bring in Freddy. . . . .oh wait, nevermind.

  277. Athenian says:

    The only real issue with tonight is the glaring hole that exists in the Yankees farm system in terms of having quality prospects ready to step up. As America is learning, money can buy or solve everything. #failedbusinessplan

  278. Will The Thrill says:

    Ok Wade had his nice fluke year. DFA time is near.

  279. Erica says:

    Literally my dad walked over to me and said “SLUMP!” in a weird high-pitched voice. DOES HE FUCKING POST HERE?

  280. DERP says:

    I hope Wade’s wife refuses to have sex with him until he starts pitching better.

  281. Cuso says:

    Wade’s effectiveness has run its course

  282. Rich says:

    This game is not over yet. Its not like the White Sox bullpen is unhittable. And what has happened to Wade. Maybe he needs the calendar to turn to July, this month he has been awful.

  283. widget says:

    It really stinks that Baneuelos took a step back this year.

  284. Dewayne is wise says:

    Girardi has raised the white flag Kay!

  285. DERP says:

    I’m pissed that this idiot fucking walked Viciedo. What a stupid cock.

  286. Bubba says:

    Well it looks like Wade”s officially turned into a pumpkin. It was fun while it lasted.

  287. CBean says:

    Wade needs to be fixed. how do we do that?

    • your mom says:

      Send to AAA

    • Tom says:

      Well he has I think one option left… the problem is there really is noone to callup.

      I think he is quickly putting himself on the list of first to go if/when Aardsma is ready – but that’s still a bit of a way off.

      They could always call up Kont…. ummm, nevermind (I don’t want to get Mike Axisa fired up!)

  288. mt says:

    Wade turning into a pumpkin before our eyes – these homers to right handers are ridiculous.

    It is too bad we play Tampa and Boston next week – hope our pitching is not in disarray and that we do not completely reverse the great work of the last six weeks by having a crappy ten days against the wrong teams.

  289. your mom says:

    It would be hilarious if we score 5 runs here and Wade gets the win.

  290. Erica says:

    Cliff Lee didn’t do too well tonight. Damn.

  291. Mike N says:

    Let’s win this fucker!!!!

  292. DERP says:

    And now Aardsma had a setback. GREAT FUCKING NEWS

  293. Dewayne is wise says:

    Is dj mitchell the next call up?

  294. Mike N says:


  295. Bubba says:

    Yea. The corpse of mark texeira gets a hit

  296. DERP says:

    Die it Cano.

  297. your mom says:

    HR puhlease?

  298. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:


  299. SGT Hartman says:

    Dammit Jones you run like old people f*ck!

  300. Bubba says:


  301. captain kiwi says:

    got off work to run into this… craziness of a game. this thread/gameday is making me scared that stewart bats second at the bottom of the 8th… should i be scared?

  302. Need Pitching says:

    Slightly disturbing


  303. captain kiwi says:

    c’mon grandy! i’m tired of my circle of friends laughing because i have faith in you!

  304. Just read through the thread from when I left work till the end…Really Athenian? our depth has failed after a pitcher major league debut. Jeez I hope you aren’t in a position of authority wherever you work that involves making decisions based on more than knee jerk reactions…also I did say the game was going to end with a football score. Sigh, still got the ninth at least.

  305. Dewayne is Wise says:

    Jesus they have some hard throwers in their pen

  306. Mr. Pink says:

    Argh. Grandy. A love/hate relationship. I love your homeruns but I hate your inability to hit for average and alarming number of strikeouts.

  307. Cory Wade…he may suck, but he’s really taking one for the team. Coming up on 50 pitches.

  308. Bubba says:


  309. Karl Krawfid says:

    Joe G just doesn’t give a fuck does he?

    50 pitches really?

  310. Dewayne is Wise says:

    Fuck it put swisher on the mound

  311. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Wade is approaching a Proctor level of futility out there today.

  312. your mom says:

    Wade’s last hurrah?

  313. Tom says:

    I know we are in Girardi give up time, but why not give Igarashi (he is on the roster no?) an inning?

  314. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Way to pussy out Martin.


  316. Dewayne is Wise says:

    There just streaching him out.

  317. your mom says:

    Sox padding their stats.

  318. Rich says:

    This is why Girardi is a good manager (and I was ripping him too after yesterday’s debacle). Wade is in a horrible slump, when (if?) Joba comes back, he is glorified mop-up man anyways, he should take one for the team. Tomorrow, we have Kuroda, and our main bullpen guys (Logan, Soriano, Robertson) will be rested. Sometimes, you lose the battle to win the war.

  319. captain kiwi says:

    oh this is just getting silly now.

  320. Chris Stewart says:

    Why not put a position player on the mound? Don’t waste Eppley in a lost game.

  321. Dewayne is Wise says:

    Wow george is rolling in his grave right now.

  322. eephus_pitch says:

    I love Curtis Granderson, but watching him flail at the curveball in the dirt can be maddening.

  323. Pat D says:

    I think I need to stop letting my mother use my laptop for extended periods of time. Seems lately that whenever she does, everything falls apart.

    So, everyone can blame this one on me.

  324. Dewayne is Wise says:

    My man

  325. 45 is throwing an inning as a Yankee.

  326. DM says:

    I smell a roster move or two tomorrow.

    • your mom says:

      Igarashi will be recalled. But at this point, can Betances do any worse??? Just kidding.

      • DM says:

        I don’t think he can be recalled unless it’s for an injury. 10 days I thought.

        • Need Pitching says:

          True, but Wade (or Warren) may conveniently come down with a case of mysteryinjuryitis.

          • DM says:

            You may only need one move. Wade down, Mitchell up. Give Warren another crack on Wed while knowing you have the off-day on Thurs, you can use the bullpen liberally if need be.

    • mt says:

      Maybe Warren down but would they send Wade down too – he is now useless for a couple of days, I would think.

      Not only is he giving up home runs at an alarming rate but his pitches look like they are just bgeachballs going to plate – he does not have lights out stuff so when he is off I guess he turns into a batting practice pitcher

      • DM says:

        I think Wade might be optioned. Both multi-inning guys are used up in Phelps and Wade. Maybe Mitchell will replace him.

  327. RBC says:

    DeWayne for President

  328. Cy Pettitte says:

    Wise for #5 starter

  329. mt says:

    Wise to the sixth!

  330. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (former Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Wade should be ashamed after watching Wise get out of the inning with ease.

  331. Mr. Pink says:

    Dwayne Wise made me feel better about this loss.

  332. your mom says:

    Dewayne Wise: AKA Fireman!!!!!

  333. Dewayne is Wise says:

    Hes better than wade

  334. Dewayne is Wise says:

    So tomorrow we still have
    Logan eppley,robertson,soriano and wise

  335. OMG! Bagels! says:

    Just got home and heard the recap on My9 14-7…REALLY?

  336. Tom Q says:

    So, for those who love Pitching Wins as a stat, tonight offers our winner, Quintana, who gave up a stellar six runs in six innings, and our loser, Phelps, for one solo home run.

    • Phelps takes the loss? That’s kind of rough.

    • Rich says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I was just going to write the same exact thing and how Wins (along with Batting Average) are the most overrated stats in baseball. How did Quintana get the W for getting rocked for 6 innings and Phelps who helped make it a game get the loss for giving up two runs. Stupid. The official scorer should have some discretion, especially for giving losses, even if the starter pitches 5 or more innings. A 9.00 ERA in a game deserves a win? Just like 6 innings, 3 ER or less (4.50 ERA or less) is a quality start? Dumb (off my soapbox)

  337. Well…that was a tough loss. I’m going to go get high and forget about it.

  338. your mom says:

    Well, horrible pitching performances all around. Hope this isn’t the start of a trend with CC and Pettitte shelved. Better luck tomorow.

    Need to get this off my chest………….Fuck the White Sox!

  339. eephus_pitch says:

    If there’s a worse way to lose than surrendering two homers to the biggest scumbag in baseball, I’d like to hear it.

  340. stuart a says:

    only saw part of the game. did not see Cano’s great baserunning play.

    good news is arod is still smoking the ball and may get to 80 rbi’s if he gets real hot.

    wade is fooling no one….lucky binder boy did not want to use robertson to start the 9th last night…..

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