Ibanez & Chavez lead Yanks to comeback win over Mets

Williams & Bichette keep hitting in Low-A loss
2012 Draft: Yankees agree to sign 18th rounder Brady Lail

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Things were looking pretty grim for the first six innings, but they sure turned around in a hurry. The Yankees are back into the win column after a quick little three-game losing streak and are 21-7 over the last month. That’s pretty great. Let’s recap…

  • Comeback: Chris Young and his 85 mph fastball shut the Yankees right down for the first six innings, but the third time through the order was a charm for the Bombers. Mark Teixeira opened the seventh with a walk before Nick Swisher blooped a Lucas Duda-aided double to right, bringing the tying run to the plate in the form of Raul Ibanez. He launched a line drive three-run homer to right, a rocket that snuck over the wall. The best part? The whole thing happened in the span of three pitches. Swisher’s double and Ibanez’s homer both came on the first pitch after ball four to Teixeira.
  • Zombie: With the score knotted at three, Joe Girardi went to his bench with the pitcher due up and watched Eric Chavez hit his first career pinch-hit homer two batters after Ibanez tied the game. It was the exact opposite of Raul’s — a big fly ball the other way that snuck inside the foul pole. The solo homer gave the Yankees the one-run lead they would never give back. Chavez has now hit five homers this season, the same number he hit from 2007-2011. Obviously he missed a bunch of time due to injury, but still amazing nonetheless.
  • Bullpen: Ivan Nova pitched well enough, not great, but the relief corps really slammed the door shut after he left the game with two outs in the sixth. Clay Rapada struck out the only man he faced to strand two runners in the sixth, Boone Logan struck out the two men he faced to strand a runner at third in the seventh, David Robertson struck out the side to strand a pair in the eighth, and Rafael Soriano struck out two in the ninth. Eight of the ten outs the bullpen recorded came on strike three, as did a season-high 15 of the 27 outs overall. The Mets went 1-for-14 with RISP because the Yankees’ hurlers wouldn’t even let them put the ball in play. Great job by these guys.
  • Leftovers: Both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez booted routine ground balls, though Nova was able to pitch around the former … aside from that four-run seventh inning, the Yankees had just two other hits all night … the 1-5 hitters went a combined 1-for-17, with the one being a Jeter single to leadoff the game … the Yankees have hit five homers in the series and all five cleared the old dimensions at CitiField.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the nerd score, and ESPN the updated standings. Since both the Orioles and Rays lost, the division lead is up to a season-high three games in the loss column. The rubber game of this three-game set is three things: 1) the final interleague game of the season, 2) the ESPN Sunday Night Game, and 3) perhaps the most interesting pitching matchup of the season (CC Sabathia vs. R.A. Dickey). That’s gonna be a blast. Make sure you check out RAB Tickets if you make a last-minute decision to catch the game.

Williams & Bichette keep hitting in Low-A loss
2012 Draft: Yankees agree to sign 18th rounder Brady Lail
  • Robinson Tilapia

    Watched a chunk of the game. Stayed away from the Game Thread. Looked entertaining enough. SHOCKED no one claims the Yanks “didn’t deserve to win,” or some bullshit like that.

    Great job by the bullpen and bench tonight.

    • RetroRob

      I was listening to WFAN for a few moments. Some Mets fans were calling in and whining about the Yankees cheap HRs, ignoring that these cheap HRs were happening in their home team’s park, and that Chavez’s HR traveled further than Nieuwenhuis’ and Ike Davis’ HR yesterday took a lucky bounce and was probably the shortest HR ever hit at Citi, or that the Yankees also hit three blasts and all five of their HRs so far would have cleared Citi even before the brought in the fences.

      I know enough not to judge Met fans by WFAN anymore than I would Yankee fans by calls to WFAN. It’s just funny.

      • Brian S.

        No those people that called in are representative of all Mets fans.

  • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat)

    Joe Buck’s voice during the final play was a roller coaster from excitement to dismay to hope to disappointment.

    • gc

      If you’re implying he was “rooting” for a Mets comeback because he hates the Yankees, you’d be wrong. If you’re implying he was “rooting” for a Mets comeback because they were the team that was trailing at the time and it makes the end of the baseball game more exciting as an announcer and for the audience watching at home, yeah, I can see that. That’s what they try to do.

      • Rocky Road Redemption

        I agree with you and Slu. I don’t like Buck because he has the emotion of a slug, but he’s definitely not anti-Yankee. The role of anti-Yankee broadcaster is already taken by McCarver. And I want to tell you guys now that I didn’t believe it at first until I listened to him.

        Holy shit, the anti-Yankee bias just spews from every orifice.

    • Slu

      I dislike Buck as much as the next guy, but he is not anti-Yankees (or any other team). He sucks for lots of reasons, but calling him anti a team is lazy.

  • forensic

    The rubber game of this three-game set is three things: 1) the final interleague game of the season, b) the ESPN Sunday Night Game, and c) perhaps the most interesting pitching matchup of the season (CC Sabathia vs. R.A. Dickey).

    Heh, 1, b, c. I’m sure it was an accident, but that brings me back to the days of Mad About You where they would do that stuff all the time.

    I know, pitiful, but so what…

  • JohnnyC

    None of the 5 homeruns hit by the Yankees in these 2 games would have been out of Citifield.

    /Terry Collins

    • Pat D

      Did he really say that?

      • Pat D

        I mean, about the ones the Yankees hit against the Mets two weeks ago.

        • RetroRob

          No way I can see him saying that. Maybe the Met announcers.

          • forensic

            Before the series he said “Our ballpark plays a little different than theirs,”.

            Run with it as you will…

            • forensic

              Also found this, “They can hit them out of here, too; it’s just not quite as easy as it is over there.”

              • FIPster Doofus

                If it’s a bandbox for one team, it’s a bandbox for both teams. Sorry your team is inferior and less capable of hitting homers, Terry.

            • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat)

              Murphy’s game ending flyout would probably have been a 2 run HR at YS3. Oh the irony.

  • forensic

    I know it doesn’t necessarily work this way, and I didn’t get to see the game (thanks FOX!), but it sucks that the routine errors cost Nova 10 pitches (17 if the one to Jeter would’ve been a DP). Between that and the idiotic choice by Nova and Martin of throwing a first pitch fastball right down the middle to Young in the 6th makes his line look much worse than it could’ve been.

  • Kramerica Industries

    *Better than the Mets

  • Rek4gehrig

    I’m on a business trip out of the country and I much needed this recap. Thank a mil.

  • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero

    Ibanez continues to prove many of us wrong including me. He is a lousy fielder with lousy stats for the last 6 weeks who can’t hit lefties but he has had his salary’s worth of key hits.

    Color me happily humbled and surprised.

    • mustang

      The definition of backhanded compliment.

      • Ted Nelson

        What do you want him to say, though? It’s all true. If he only complimented some timely hits, that would be a terrible comment.

        • Monterowasnotdinero

          Thanks Ted but Mustang always gets a jab in. Montero has been stinking it up at the plate lately. I’ll admit it. Why his average is only 62 points higher than our catcher who is 7-8 years older and makes 6x as much. Life is up and down for the youngest and cheapest cleanup hitter in baseball.

          • Henry Krinkle

            I’m not the staunchest Martin supporter, but defense and on base percentage count for something.

            • mustang

              Thank you, but again the scalpel being used.

              • Monterowasnotdinero

                Martin has a few redeeming qualities but I would not pay him beyond this year considering our other contract concerns. 3 months and .197 avg plus the last 5 months last year. I’ve seen enough.

                We’ll see about his health now.

                • Henry Krinkle

                  I was responding to your comparison between Montero and Martin,not debating whether or not he should be re-signed.

                • Travis Bickle

                  The Yankees traded for Stewart and sent down Cervelli. So it seems they might value defense at C like most teams do. Montero might have been sent down to get more playing time if he were still in NY. He may bat 4th for the Mariners but he hasn’t been a clean up hitter at all.

          • mustang

            I jab as much as you do when comes to analyze Ibanez/Martin we all know where your heading with it. So see we are looking at numbers here are some:
            SO 58 vs. 41
            CS% .214 vs. .263

            Do you want me to go into Ibanez DH numbers?

            Cheapest cleanup hitter in baseball who is producing like it you get what you pay for I guess.

            • Monterowasnotdinero

              His #’s would have been better in the Yankee lineup and at YS in my opinion. But enough of this dead horse issue.

              All I said was Ibanez has been a pleasant surprise.

              • Travis Bickle

                you’ve beaten the Montero dead horse more than anyone.

          • mustang

            “Montero has been stinking it up at the plate lately. I’ll admit it. ”

            I must give you credit at least your admitting it I guess .111 AVG for the last 7 days and 2 for 18 with 7SO will do that.

    • mustang

      Funny how we analyze some players with scalpel and others with chainsaw.

    • Bubba

      I am happily surprised too. I think part of Raul’s struggles can be linked to being an every day fielder. I doubt the Yankees planned on Raul having to be in the field for a third Olof the season.

  • jjyank

    Damn blackouts made me miss the game…but glad to see the Yanks end this losing streak before it got crazy.

    To many posters, the game recaps are a luxury. But when you cannot watch the game, they are essential. Sure, I can watch highlights, but it’s great to get the context of those clips from here. Thanks Mike.

  • yooboo

    I guess Terry Collins will gamble against Mets when they play at the Rockies home venue.

    Anyway, Young and his staggering fastball had blanked Yanks for first 6 innings. That is what I am afraid of what will happen tonight. I have 3 things on my pessimism.

    1# Dickey extends MLB record for most consecutive one hit game which is 3.

    2# Dickey becomes a first pitcher to throw a perfect game in the Mets’ history.

    3# Dickey breaks the MLB record for striking out in a game, which is 22. 20th victim- Jeter… 21st victim- Granderson…. 22nd victim is Cano…

    I think I will take Ritalin during this game.

    • CS Yankee

      However any of your three scenarios could still result in a bomber win;
      1) a homer, Yanks win 1-0
      2) a perfect game, Yanks win in the 10 inning.
      3) dickey K’s 23, Yankees win 4-0.

      Come to think of it, I’ll root for any of those three outcomes as it would be fitting for the tragic Mets and historic Yanks to end the IL series that way.

      • Rocky Road Redemption

        If a run is somehow scored, even in the tenth inning, it is not technically a no-hitter or a perfect game. I’m pretty sure that happened to Pedro Martinez once, but I’d have to look it up to confirm.

        • Rocky Road Redemption

          Well no, it could theoretically still be a no-hitter, but not a perfect game.

  • OMG! Bagels!

    I’m avoiding game threads unless the Yanks are leading in a blowout. That’s the only way to avoid homicidal thoughts about trolls.

    I used to think of game threads as like being in a sports bar but these guys would get killed in a sports bar and no one is giving me drinks.

    Which, for RAB game threads when the Yankees are losing, I need a lot of.

    • Fin

      Yea, I cant take game threads either, I thought it would be good during the 10game win streak, but even that was bad. I think its just a product of the internet. Everyone can be as stupid, negative and ignorant as they want with no ramifications.

      • eephus_pitch

        There’s a difference between actual trolling and having a natural reaction to the ups-and-downs of a game as its occurring. Too many people here dismiss every negative comment as “trolling,” and that’s just ridiculous.

        Yes, there are some commenters who are just shrill, one-note complainers with never a constructive word to add, but others are just reacting to the games. You can’t expect every Yankee fan to watch a game where Phil Hughes gets bombed for 4 homers and 6 runs and just go “well his last 8 starts have been good so I won’t comment on this poor performance.” That’s not realistic.

        The overly-positive regular commenters are just as tiresome as the overly-negative ones.