Gardner expected back no earlier than July 27th

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Via Andrew Marchand, GM Brian Cashman confirmed that the earliest we will see Brett Gardner back with the big league team is July 27th. “He is swinging off of a tee,” said Cashman. “He’s been fine but as you know, his first two outings that’s what he did. He was fine until he got all the way through a major league rehab. There is going to be a lot of, ‘He’s fine,’ up until he is playing in rehab games.”

The 27th is only two weeks and two days away, but Gardner still needs to get on the field and take actual batting practice before appearing in minor league rehab games. I assume the team will be a little more conservative with his rehab this time around given the two setbacks, so it’s possible we won’t see him back until August. They’ve done just fine without him, but it sure will be nice once the Yankees get his speed back in the lineup and his defense back in the outfield.

Pitch F/X myth-busting: Mark Teixeira Edition
2012 Draft: Yanks sign 15th rounder Dayton Dawe, will sign 29th rounder Jose Diaz
  • kenthadley

    Well, his legs should be fresh for the rest of the year. We should see a more aggressive baserunner than in the past. He runs more conservatively than he needs to, but I always figured it was to get through 162 games. Since he isn’t getting through half that, he should be the second coming of Ricky Henderson for the last few months.

    • A.D.

      Unless he holds back not wanting to injure anything on a slide

  • radnom

    Oddly specific.

    • jjyank

      Clearly Cashman just doesn’t want to give me a birthday present (I’m on the 26th)

      • Strat

        I went back to Marchand’s original piece, and while you’re not mentioned by name, the specificity of the date does make you wonder.

  • yooboo

    Yo, Mike Axisa.

    BA and yours are 125k difference for the draft pool. Which is correct?

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    Joba had TJS last year and dislocated his ankle with the bone sticking out in spring training and he may beat Gardner back to the joining the team at this rate.

    • TomH

      Well, it does make you wonder.

      • J6takish

        Did somebody say….. Wonder?!?!

      • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

        I’d say whatever grittiness points Gardner accumulated over the last few years have been negated.

        • Ted Nelson

          Something tore off his bone… Get real.

    • Ted Nelson

      TJS is about the most standard rehab in baseball. About a year to recover and a really high success rate. Everything points to reports about his ankle being wildly exagerrated.

  • Joe gross

    Sorry but I don’t miss Gardner at all..He looks at the first 2 pitches every time…he pops out way to much and he is awful..His glove is good but he is not a complete player..Hope he is out all year..sorry Brett but you can’t hit and you stink..

    • YanksFanInBeantown

      You shouldn’t be sorry that you don’t like Gardner, you should be sorry about what your incorrect reasoning for disliking Gardner says about you.

      • Ted Nelson

        LOL, true

  • Chris

    2 words…Xavier Nady.

    • Ted Nelson

      Nady had 2 TJS… But I guess that’s the same thing