Gardner may be able to rejoin Yankees in September

Game 107: The End of the Homestand
Update: Pettitte's x-ray shows good progress

Brett Gardner had surgery to remove inflamed tissue and shave down bone spurs in his right elbow late last month, but there’s a chance he could rejoin the Yankees as a pinch-runner/defensive specialist when the rosters expand in September. “If there’s a way he can help us, we’ll definitely use him,” said Joe Girardi today. “If there’s certain things that he can’t do and it’s during the month of August, then you’re kind of limited and you limit your roster. But with an expanded roster, if he can help us, we’ll definitely use him, if it doesn’t jeopardize him getting back next year.”

The Yankees have used guys like Greg Golson and Freddy Guzman as their pinch-runner/defensive replacement late in the season in recent years, and if Gardner can’t return in September that responsibility could fall onto the shoulders of Melky Mesa. He was just promoted to Triple-A and homered in his third game yesterday. Mesa’s already on the 40-man roster, so it’ll be interesting to see if he gets the nod if needed.

Game 107: The End of the Homestand
Update: Pettitte's x-ray shows good progress
  • PR-87

    Hope Mesa gets a shot to show what he can do!

  • Steve S

    They know what Gardner can do…great fielder, limited arm, great speed, but will not be allowed to bat, and if he has to, he will only bunt.

    Mesa – I don’t know his skill set. Might as well call him up and give him a few chances to show his abilities in the field and base paths. His plus is that he will be physically able to bat, and he can run into one.

    Dewayne Wise should have stuck around. If he did, this job is his.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Wow, this news coupled on the same day with the revelation that “I guess he (MFIKY) doesn’t untuck in non-save situations” has me giddy for September.

  • Nice Scheister

    But Mo can’t?! What the blood-clot! Damn you Cashman…WHY!!!? #Mo2012