Collapsed: AL East lead vanishes with latest loss

Bird homers in penultimate game of SI's season
The 27-Game Season

What was once ten is now zero. The Yankees lost to the Rays (again) while the Orioles beat the Blue Jays (again) on Tuesday, meaning the two teams are now tied atop the AL East with identical 76-59 records. Lost in all this is the fact that New York is now just two games up on the second Wild Card slot. There’s no more cushion, folks.

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Two Runs Then Nothing

It was important for the Yankees to get out to a fast start on Tuesday, simply for their own peace of mind. Robinson Cano provided a pair of quick runs with an opposite field two-run dinger four hitters into the game, driving in Nick Swisher after he drew a two-out walk. That was exactly what the Yankees needed, a little breathing room early. Unfortunately, they never scored again.

Chris Dickerson managed to get to third base with two outs in the second (walk, stolen base, wild pitch), but Chris Stewart couldn’t bring him home. Derek Jeter (single) and Curtis Granderson (hit-by-pitch) reached base to open the third, but a strikeout and a 1-6-3 double play ended the threat. The Yankees were never really heard from again. Right-hander Alex Cobb retired 14 of the next 15 men he faced and the last ten overall, stifling the Yankees by generating ground ball after ground ball (13 grounders, three fly balls, five strikeouts) with his offspeed stuff. Sixteen of the last 18 men the Bombers sent to the plate made outs. If Cano’s dinger sparked the team, they sure had a funny way of showing it.

Bombs away. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Two-Strike Freddy

The Yankees needed innings out of Freddy Garcia on Tuesday, both quality and quantity. Instead they got five runs in 5.1 innings, including three homers. The best part: all three homers came in two-strike counts. The other best part: the other two runs were scored by baserunners who reached base in two-strike counts. Garcia managed to get two strikes on 13 of the 24 hitters he faced (not counting hitters who put the ball in play in a one-strike count), and seven (!) reached base. That’s just abysmal.

Freddy put nine men on-base in his 5.1 innings, meaning he’s retired just 42 of the 68 hitters he’s faced in his last three starts. That’s a .382 OBP for the opposition and it’s terrible. He didn’t give his team much of a chance in this one, giving back one of those two first innings run in the span of two batters before the homerun derby started in the third. So much for the Rays struggling against finesse pitchers who change speeds and work the corners, eh?


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Joe Girardi got tossed in the middle of the fourth after Dickerson appeared to call time before taking a called strike three to end the inning. I couldn’t really see what happened from where I was sitting, but Girardi didn’t go down without a fight. That much I saw. If it was an attempt to fire the team up, I give him credit for the effort even though it failed miserably. For what it’s worth, he declined to comment about the ejection and wouldn’t even acknowledge the reason for the argument after the game.

For the fifth straight game, the Yankees finished with no more than six hits. That’s their longest such streak since 1990 (!), and if you can remember back that far, that team was horrible. Like 95 losses horrible. They’ve scored no more than three runs in nine of their last 13 games, which is also horrible. The Yankees struck out nine times against three Tampa pitchers, walked once, and had the lone hit-by-pitch as well. Going back to the start of the Orioles series, this all-important ten-game stretch, the Bombers have a team .246 OBP. Stewart has a .273 OBP this season, for reference.

If you’re looking for some silver lining, pretty much the only thing I have to offer is that Cody Eppley retired all five men he faced while Joba Chamberlain threw his first 1-2-3 inning since coming off the DL. He actually looked pretty good, but one outing means nothing as far as his return to effectiveness. In between those two, Clay Rapada walked the only man he faced. It’s the third time in his last six outings he’s failed to retire his assigned batter.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings has the box score and video highlights while ESPN has the updated standings. As you already know, they’re now tied for first and just two games up on the second Wild Card. So much for an easy September.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next

The Yankees will try to salvage the final game of this miserable series on Wednesday night, when Hiroki Kuroda opposes Matt Moore. Save us HIROK, you’re our only hope.

Bird homers in penultimate game of SI's season
The 27-Game Season
  • Gonzo

    Sell the house. Sell the car. Sell the kids. Find someone else. Forget it! I’m never coming back. Forget it!

    • dkidd

      you’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill

      best movie ever.

  • Tom Zig


  • Kramerica Industries

    The day after the regular season ended last year, I recorded Gary Thorne’s call of Robert Andino’s walk-off hit that knocked the Red Sox out of the playoff race on the final day of the season.

    I listened to that thing all the time. It was easily my favorite sound bite on my phone. Something that Yankee fans and Rays fans I know could both relate to and take far too much satisfaction in.

    Well, tonight I made my sacrifice to the baseball gods. I erased my cherished sound bite. I was obviously turning karma against me with that thing. As such, now that it is erased, now the gods can stop poking their Yankee voodoo doll.

    Now, there is no doubt in my mind the Yankees finish in 1st place, going away. However, if any of you feel the need to make any sacrifices to the gods, do so now. There’s no more time to waste.

    Long story short – Relax – we can all breathe easy now.

  • JonS

    Hopefully Kuroda won’t pitch 8 innings give up 2 runs and lose. :/

    • your mom

      The way we’re playing, he’ll pitch a no-hitter and we’ll still lose.

      • Gonzo

        They don’t count 8 inning no-hitters anymore.

        • Gonzo

          AKA an Andy Hawkins’ no-hitter.

  • Brian S.

    I’m getting rid of the meme in my handle in an attempt to bring back our winning ways.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    This is what we get for revelling in the Red Sox collapse last year.

    • jim p

      Well, on the cheery side, they are still in collapse.

      The not so cheery side, they’re in a position to actually rebuild over the next two years.

  • wow


  • Rey22

    So many things going wrong so I don’t mean to pick on this one specifically, but off the top of my head, when Tex comes back, you pretty much have to bench Ibanez, no? He’s pretty much done for the year, looks beyond awful out there. Put Tex at first, Swisher back in right, and play Dickerson in LF against righties. That way Ichiro sits too, he’s been awful as well. Alternate A-Rod and Chavez for DH against righties.

  • vnymfk

    agonizing..dreadful..yet to any new yorker, not incomprehensible

  • Rivera Venue Blues

    Everyone make your sacrifices and repentances to the baseball gods right now, we can still turn this around.

  • Mike Stanley

    Whatever. This whole thing is so stupid I’m not even mad.

  • forensic

    Postgame had a list of the players and all of their terrible current slumps. Some amazing numbers, especially the longer streaks.

  • your mom

    Is anyone really surprised??? They’re like ostriches, but instead of their heads in the sand, it’s up their fucking asses.

  • johnnymac

    Hard to watch this past month but don’t throw in the towel. The Jeter led Yanks will keep playing all 162 as they have so many years in the past. It looks ugly now but keep the faith.

    • WHIPunk

      Amen brother!

  • Zack

    The Red Sox collapse will still be worse then this is. They still had a nine game lead in the Wild Card in September and could have retaken the lead at any time.
    Instead Beckett and Lester choked while the pretty healthy Red Sox lineup did nothing.
    The problem with the 2012 Yankees..there are simply too many old players on this team and too many injuries. The fact we stayed in first as long we did is a miracle in itself.

    • Brian S.

      Our collapse is like the Red Sox one…the 1978 Red Sox one. Like a lesser version of that.

  • Brian S.

    lol @ Kevin Long in the postgame. “We’re going to do a lot more bunting!”

    • DC

      Are you serious?

      • Brian S.

        No seriously.

      • forensic

        He specifically mentioned Swisher and A-Rod doing it more and that they’ve done it in the past.

        • Kempire Strikes Back

          Swisher and A-Rod are the last people who need to be worried about bunting right now. Why doesn’t Long try to help Ichiro in that line of work?

          ::face palm::

        • DT

          ARod? Are you kidding me? We need him to get his Rhythm back, not bunt. Everyone below ARod might need to learn to because they can’t hit shit.

        • DC

          Granted, I’m not a hitting coach, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but how does bunting solve anything?

          • Kiko Jones

            It would simply be an act of desperation.
            The small ball approach isn’t working, either; RISP fail is simply eating them alive. It just comes down to the Bombers wielding their bats they way they supposed to…gotta keep the faith, tho.

        • TomH

          Long type guys are ok for Swisher type hitters, but ARod should keep a discrete distance from Long.

  • forensic

    Kevin Long’s solution to guys not hitting is bunting more and giving away more free outs.

    While I agree they need to change some things and try things, I don’t think giving away more outs is the way to do it (except for certain guys like maybe a Stewart or Ichiro).

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      I thought Stewart and Ichiro batting is already giving away outs.

      • forensic

        That’s why I’m fine with them bunting at this point.

  • pat

    Thank goodness football Christmas is tomorrow.

    • Mike

      I’ll be at the game :)

      Although in the back of my mind on occasion will be the Yankees score.

  • WHIPunk

    Updated % of us winning the division, wild card, making the playoffs via

    According to them our chance to win the division is now below 50%

    Division- 49.4 %
    WC- 30.00%
    Playoffs- 79.4

    Again I will compare this to us on July 27th of this year:

    Division- 90.1%
    WC- 5.4%
    Playoffs- 95.6%

    And as of August 15th:

    Division- 91.7%
    WC- 7.1%
    Playoffs- 98.8%

    • your mom

      If we miss the playoffs I hope there are some major moves done by the Steinbrenners.

      • WHIPunk

        Cashman has almost complete control of the FO, don’t expect the Steinbrenners to do anything but simple put their approval stamp on it.

        • WHIPunk


      • David N

        What would they do? Lots of big contracts that would be tough to move, a desire to keep payroll down, who would they try and move or pick up?

        The team needs a refresh, sure, but I don’t see how it can be done after this year.

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      although cool standings is fun to look at, but overall it is dumb.

    • John Bonanno

      Yankees closer to being out of the playoffs in this date than Red Sox last year.

      September 5, 2011 Red Sox
      Division- 26%
      Wild Card- 72.3%
      Playoffs- 98.3%

  • Gonzo

    I’m not worried. I don’t know why yo, but I believe me.

  • Reggie C.

    Granderson is actually playing his way out of the team’s future plans. He’s just in so deep a swoon I fear Granderson may not find his way back to being a run producer. Cano’s homer is hopefully a harbinger of production to come.

    Just look at the names below Arod in the lineup … Six hits is about on par with the healthy talent that is on this team right now.

    • DT

      By this requirement, Swisher just played himself out of a contract too.

  • Kempire Strikes Back

    Michael Kay made a point about this team in one of the games immediately following the All-Star break. He stated that if the team played .500 ball the rest of the year they’d still win 91 games but that they’d probably exceed that because they just have too much talent and that they’re quote unquote “a better team than that”.

    Not only have they managed to play BELOW .500 ball since the ASB, but the Orioles AND Rays have gone on wicked hot streaks at the worst possible time. They’re beyond the point of blaming it all on injuries and stand a decent chance of not making the playoffs at all. The last time I felt optimistic about this team was that 5-2 stretch against the Rangers and Red Sox. Taking two out of three twice from the Mariners is no great accomplishment. Just an observation (and I’m not trying to play armchair psychiatrist), but I think something psychological happened to this team after that godawful Oakland series. They lost their -ahem- “swag”, so to speak.

    • WHIPunk

      Agreed on all your points 100%

  • Effthisnoise

    The jays have been shut out 2 games in a row in Toronto??? Something smells of laying down so the orioles could get into 1st place. Bet when they play the Yanks those bats will come back to life. Fuck everyone rit now, come on yanks step the fuck up and fight back!

    • Zack

      they played with more effort against the Rays then they have the O’s.

    • Kempire Strikes Back

      That’s kind of what the AL East (including the Yankees) was doing to the Red Sox last year. Complaining about it is almost hypocritical in that sense. Just win the games against your division rivals, that’s the bottom line. It doesn’t matter how hard they’re playing you, you’ve still got to win these games against the Blue Jays and at least half or so of the games against the Rays and O’s. The Yankees just arent getting the job done. As of right now their destiny is in their own hands but is precariously close to being in the hands of the gracious teams that will have the pleasure of playing the Orioles and Tampa for the next month.

      • Effthisnoise

        That was actually my point, just not articulated that well I guess. Because the entire AL east and rest of baseball for that matter would love to see the yanks out of the playoffs, the yanks have to handle their business and start punching back

    • AdamC6

      Really? It’s really the Jays fault?

      Thank goodness it has nothing to do with the Yanks.

      I was almost worried about this team.

  • DT

    Well when the Sox choked they had no more games left. At least this team still have a month left to try and salvage themselves. Still some hope left.

  • Anthony

    Not giving up hope just yet….

    • mustang

      I’m with you.

  • Jack

    As the Menzingers said (I saw them open for the Bouncing Souls this summer-(The Souls are a Punk Rock from Jersey)- “Climb The Wall Before the Fall.” At least there’s still a month left- they get healthy, even with two weeks left, then something could happen. Though I don’t know how confident I am in that right now.

  • rogue

    River Ave Blues…

    That’s accurate.

    • Kramerica Industries

      I remember the days when the banner title here was…oh God, what the hell was it Mike?!

      Something about not forgetting the old Yankee Stadium.

      • Kramerica Industries

        “Because we won’t tear down Yankee Stadium.”

        Not a bad guess on my part.

  • Bob Michaels

    The Steinbrenners have any of Georges DNA left? Strangley silent if they do.

    • DC

      Of course, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but I’m glad they don’t make some of the ridiculous statements in public that George made. Leave the airing of dirty laundry and publicly bashing players to the Red Sox.

  • http://none Favrest

    If George was here, he’d at least yell at them, which is a good start. 6 am suicide drills would also be a damn good idea. And enough w this injury shit. F’n play till you drop.

    • DC

      And if George was here, they’d have about 3 or 4 more bloated, non-producing contracts on the books.

      • dkidd

        every year i enjoy looking around the sport and imagining which player George-in-his-prime would command the gm to empty the farm for

        2012: billy butler

        • DC

          I find myself doing that too. Butler is only 26. That may have been too young for George, but Josh Hamilton…

      • DT

        People seems to ignore that part about George, then blame cashman for bad contracts.

        • DC

          They pull out those George-colored glasses.

          • AdamC6

            Who is the modern day equivalent of Ken Phelps?

            Can we trade Tyler Austin for him?

  • mustang

    Don’t know why, but I’m still not worried.

    I think they might lose tomorrow, but they have 7 games after that on the road with the O’s and Red Sox I call a winning streak.

    No facts to back it up just a feel.

  • James A

    Get Cervelli in the lineup, not like anything else is working and we could use some fist pumps and maybe a big hit. Also, Girardi better not stack the lineup with righties, Moore has a reverse split for this year. Actually, can Tony Pena manage the team for awhile, I think they need his fire.

    • forensic

      I’d be shocked if he managed to the reverse split. He’s never done it before, why start now?

  • nord

    Youse guys got it wrong. Long said “punting” NOT bunting.


    • TomH

      Ha ha ha. Very good.

  • dkidd

    if i were joe g, i would take the team to a strip club tonight and get everyone hammered, try playing hungover tomorrow. why not?

    /insert joke about the team going 0-40 with strippers in scoring position..

    • DC

      Well, it did seem to work for Wells.

  • Andrew

    The Orioles are flying and the Rays will be in every game with their pitching. The Yankees have been doing it for what, 90 years, they’ll bounce back. Kuroda will be the stopper tomorrow.

  • The Happy, Optimistic Zen Troll

    May the odds forever be in [the Yankees’] favor.

  • dkidd

    i’m sitting here rooting for the angels to beat the a’s

    it’s a world gone mad

  • Betty Lizard

    I’ve broken it off with Baseball Boyfriend Russell Martin.
    Desperate times, disparate measures.

  • pistol pete

    This team stinks now, nobody’s hitting, the starting pitching stinks, middle relief is weak, the bench is overexposed and we can’t get the ball to our closer. Only chance the Yanks right the ship and pull this thing out is if Arod Tex and Cano are healthy to put together a great September. Most of all if CC finds his No 1 stuff which don’t think he will because I think he’s hurting and Andy returns for 3 or four starts. A lot to have to come together, for my guess it ain’t going to happen.

  • Rich in NJ

    Change for the sake of change is becoming more and more appealing.

  • FIPster Doofus

    This shit is depressing.

  • The Happy, Optimistic Zen Troll


  • stuart a

    same old same old..

    they suck.. the offense is joke. they simply suck… name 1 guy who has earned his money??? Chavez…Anyone else? Ibanez because they expected so little. ANyone else? Nah…

    cano sucks, swisher sucks, tex sucks, grandy sucks, arod sucks, martin sucks, really tell where I am wrong. Jeter gets a pass he is 38 and hitting a soft but 315…

    they suck.. freddy cannot go out on the mound any more. the guy is a 4 inning pitcher. ENOUGH..

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      you really have an expansive vocabulary….it kinda sucks….because everyone sucks…’s best player in baseball or sucks… in between….they all suck….is there anything else that sucks….. i think you left out some other things that suck…..

  • stuart a

    no way to sugarcoat this epic implosion..

    the homerun lovefest is over… if they cannot hit a homerun they are so inept they cannot score a run…

    2 on and no outs. swisher who thinks every pitch is a fastball strikes out . shocker and then superstar cano hit into the DP…

    cano sucks end the story, he is a overhyped piece of you know what…

    • jesse

      you know………. if cano didn’t hit that two run home run……… the yankees would have been shutout……. chew on that for awhile…….




      • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

        Did you get into a fight last season with someone named Chen Meng Wang over the out look of fans during AJ Burnett starts? Chen Meng arguing for optimism, and you arguing that you had rightly given up on being optimistic of AJ?

        • jesse

          I believe so, yes. I had confidence in A.J until his start last year against the White Sox when he couldn’t get out of the fifth with a double digit lead.

          But these days I try to be more optimistic about everything.

          • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

            Dude, that was me lol. Where have you been in game threads..up until about the end of July they’ve been fun.

      • stuart a

        cano our stud has 73 rbi’s he sucks with RISP… the guy did not dive yesterday to keep the winning run on the infield..

        he is a dope, has low baseball IQ… Trade him…

        • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

          Omg… used the reply button……for like the 7th time…let’s throw a parade…

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          teams usually get better when they get rid of their best player…….

        • Jimmy McNulty

          Only trade Cano if you get Mike Trout in return.

        • DT

          Trade a top 10 player because he didn’t dive for the ball and one bad year of RISP (He hit .318 last year with RISP, .322 the year before that) Makes sense. Fire Cashman and hire this guy.

    • Jimmy McNulty

      Cano’s one of the ten best position players in the league. He’s one of the few bright spots on the team and organization in general. He gets a pass.

  • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

    Guys…I think I figured it out. Right around the all-star break I cut my hair for the first time in about six months (maybe longer) so I stopped wearing my Yankee cap. The only reasons being: I don’t look great in a cap and I didn’t have a mop of hair to hide underneath it. Since then we’ve all seen what’s happened. I cannot believe that I didn’t draw this parallel before. Starting tomorrow I break out the cap again.

    • DC

      By chance, the person who cut your hair wasn’t a woman named Delilah?

      • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

        Fucked if I know, I walked into super-cuts said “I’m tired of having long hair, I want it short again.” And some woman cut it. Is this possibly a reference I’m not getting?

        • TomH

          Is it EVER a reference!!

          • AdamC6

            Yeah, but he’ll think it’s Simpson (Homer) and Delilah.

  • stuart a

    good news i get to see andruw jones back leg strike out tommorrow maybe 2 times… nothing like watching a slow, overweight, washed up player smile as he strikes out…

    this team is a wreck………

    if the yanks resign swisher or extend cano and grandy they are insane….. let them walk, who gives a crap. cano will be 30 after next season, he can carry nothing. he can carry his bat and mitt after the game. he folds at the thought of him carrying the team.

    arod with his 2nd powerful hit that barely left the infield, he looks like he is in midseason form. counting on arod is a joke. the guy has been here 8 years or so, got 1 title, and if you have not noticed he is in steeep decline.. another 5 years of his act, WOW………

    • Jimmy McNulty

      2009 was one of my finest sports memories ever. The one title’s enough, but that being said the homers fooling themselves if they think he will do anything except be an overpaid albatross for the next five years.

    • DT

      In those 8 Years for 6 of them he was one of the best players in baseball, Maybe the best depending on how you look at it. The Failure to win championships with him is not his fault alone. He has had good postseasons other than 2009, but winning a WS is not dependent on one guy. People tend to forget that in 2004 he carried the team up til game 5 of the ALCS. His stat line for that post season was .320/.414/.600, compared to Captain clutch’s .245/.339/.347 , Bernie’s .296/.309/.556 and Jorge’s .244/.352/.267. Even in decline he’s a good player, even if he’s grossly overpaid.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    yeah, kinda brutal, i’m at a loss, speachless, don’t actually know what to say…

  • stuart a

    cano has less rbi’s the ntex, swisher, and granderson and has at least 65 more ab’s against tex and swisher and granderson is hitting 230..

    Cano has been horrible with RISP and that is just the truth…add to this fact he does not run hard all the time and people get pissed at him. if he drove in 125 rbi’s like miguel cabrera you put up with more BS but at this production forgetaboutit….

    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

      Waiting for this to be translated into English.

  • David K.

    Cashman has had this thing going backassward for a few years now, so this losing skid is no surprise. The team just keeps getting older and stupid acquisitions and trades just keep piling up. Virtually the whole lineup is made up of .180 to .220 hitters, how can you score runs with that kind of hitting? Oh, I know, swing for the fences just in case you make contact….Our hitters are power hitters and they’re here to drive in runs, not hit singles through the big holes in the shifts. Granderson, Swisher, Teixeira, Andruw Jones all need to go.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Andruw Jones and Russell Martin is virtually the whole lineup?

    • DT

      Yea Tex is a problem. Look at him not even take an AB in the past 6 games as the team kept losing. What an ass.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    The fall is complete. To be honest I’m not at all surprised, I was killing this team left and right BEGGING for some reinforcements at the deadline knowing that there’s no way that this line up and this staff could put together a pennant run. So what happened? Well A-Rod got old and hurt, Granderson slumped, the “old vets” that were contributed started looking like the old has beens that they actually are, Phil Hughes’ .474 slugging against came back to hurt the club, Ivan Nova’s 3rd in the majors’ OPS against also bit the team in the ass, Pettitte did what pitchers in their 40s do…he got hurt, and the injuries to Gardner, Rivera, and Sabathia ended up being the death knell to the team. It didn’t help that the team’s best trade chip was dealt for a player that won’t pitch until May at the earliest, nor did it help that the team’s other valuable trading chips completely shit their pants. The team’s being carried by Jeter, Cano, Kuroda, and from time to time Sabathia. They’re getting absolutely dick from everyone else after the break.

    All things considered I’m going to say it, and I know I’ll get killed for it but: The Red Sox had a better 2012 than the Yankees. They had a killer year down the farm, they got an awesome draft position, they cleared some shitty contracts, AND they got a boost in the farm. The Yankees, on the other hand, still have shit contracts, Slade-Runner had a lost year as did Manny, and oh yeah Betances’ value completely tanked. Shit year on the farm, shit year on the field, and the most they’ll show for it is a first round exit. Fucking pathetic.

    • Brian S.

      It was not a down year on the farm. It’s as deep as it has ever been and will start to bare fruit as soon as next season if the front office allows it.

      • DT

        The Farm is deep in AA and high A. And Campos should return next year which adds another high potential arm. The AAA farm is barren right now because guys like the killer B’s have been busts outside of an injured Banuelos and Montero was our only hitting prospect close to the MLB level. Once the guys in AA and A mature, the farm might be one of the best it’s been for a while.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        Not saying the farm sucks, but when Mason holds steady, Betances explodes, Banuelos and Slade have lost years then it’s a shit year on the farm.

    • DT

      I think your comparison to the Sox having a better year is fucking pathetic. Your right it’d be so much better to have a dysfunctional team with a manager all the players hated and go through the next few years in the bottom of the AL east hoping that all the prospects in the farm turn out to be studs.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        You can fire a manager, if Bobby V is the biggest problem on your team that’s an easy one to fix. You can’t magically rid your self of A-Rod’s contract, give Betances his fastball command back, or raise the luxury tax. The Yankees have several problems, the biggest of which is getting under 189M and still fielding a competitive team. They’re going to have to replace Swisher, Kuroda, Granderson, and Cano by that date. Not to mention trying find some production out of first base and third base or mitigating the decreased performance from another position. They’re fucked long term.

    • dalelama

      This team takes after its grossly overpaid Purple Lipped under performer–heartless, gutless, and spineless. My year long confidence level 6 is proving prophetic.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    another well deserved loss. At least I knew it this time and put a good amount of money on the Rays. So yeah, thanks Rays for paying my dinner for the next 2 weeks ;)

    the funny thing is that the AL East hasn’t been that weak for years and we even managed to blow a 10 game lead. “LOL” is probably the only appropriate answer to that.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    The scary thing about this is that the Yankees actually are planning on cutting payroll from this team in the next few years and I don’t see cheap young quality replacements in AA/AAA ready to step in before 2015 at the earliest.

    I fear this is going to get worse before it gets better.

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      the whole payroll thing is annoying. i can’t wait until the steinbrenners pass their savings onto fans in 2014.

      i know that $189M is still a lot, probably will be the most in baseball, but that is a huge competitive advantage for the yanks.

  • dc874

    …I lost confidence in this team 3 batters into the season when Girardi is intentionally walking someone…

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      that is just wrong. this was an awesome team in the first half, arguably the best team in baseball. they are no longer a good team right now. two games under .500 in two months. A lot of things have contributed: injuries, playing people like ibanez everyday, bullpen implosion, and just underacheiving in general. it is just odd that it all happened after the all star break. at this point, they are not a playoff caliber team. if tex and andy come back strong, the pitching picks it up a little bit, and granderson decides to begin playing baseball, they will be dangerous. the problem is that is a lot of stuff that needs to happen

  • Defensive Indifference

    Perhaps what we are witnessing is a changing of the guard. Teams that stuck with youth and potential over signing players to giant, long-term contracts (that include big money for years well beyond their prime) are starting to reap the benefits. Look at the teams that signed big-time players over the past few years: Philllies, Angels, Yanks, BoSox. Compare that to the new guard: The O’s, the Nats, the Rays.

    The season is not over, and maybe this is just an odd year. But I think the tide may have turned. We’ll see how the big market teams rebound, but the Rays don’t seem to be going away, and the Nats look like they are built for the long-haul. The fighting Showalter’s might be overachieving, but they also have talent.

    The Yanks had a good run, and I hope they snap out of this funk. But watching the likes of The Ancients (Ibanez, Jones, and even the creaky Chavez) and the fading likes of A-Rod, Tex, and Granderson, reminds me that the heyday of the 1990s dynasty was built on youth, and ushered in after a string of down years.

    Can the Yanks rebound without tanking it for a while? Evaluating young talent sure does not seem to be Cashman’s strength (see: A.Jackson v. Kurtis G.), but the old guard clearly need reinforcements. Buckle your seatbelts, it’s likely to be a bumpy ride.

  • John Bonanno

    I am a Red Sox fan. Welcome to the club. The Red Sox and Yankees are learning the hard way about elderly over paid players. They lack the hunger, spirit and the energy of youth to compete at the end of the season. Even if you hold on to a playoff spot, all that will happen is a delay of the inevitable. This is the first time I almost feel sorry for the Yankees if only because this situation is so familiar to me. Both teams have brought this on themselves. Both teams lack confidence in their scouting, drafting, and coaching abilities to prepare young players for the major leagues. They somehow think a guy approaching thirty who was good for another team is more deserving of huge money and playing time than their own young player.

    • LarryM.,Fl.

      Your last sentence to me is more on target IMHO. The Yankees do not develop as some teams do. The Rays, Royals and A’s because we have made the playoffs so often in the 18 years that our draft choices have not been on top of the food chain. So there is a catch to making the playoffs practically every year and drafting FA’s and losing a draft choice. But what would you have playoffs or draft choices that are a long shot to begin.

      Our older players are still better than average ball players who can still post wins for us. The trick is staying healthy which has been a failure this year. There are a group of Yankee fans who advocate for developing within as our core four displayed its ability, desire and leadership to win. Will the Yankees get back to developing and acquiring reasonable Fa’s in length of contract and price. I sure hope so.

      We will see if the Yankees both the owners and FO have learned any lessons when we see the direction during the Hot Stove season. Swisher is the first project but by all accounts may have priced himself off the team. I believe he played himself off the team. I have seen him hit fastball after fastball but the last two weeks cannot hit a change-up or breaking pitch. Great guy to have in the clubhouse but we need him on the field.

      The Yanks need to promote and obtain younger talent. Mr . Trout in LAA is the exception to the rule but given oppts. young guys can get the bat on the ball for productive outs and hit .275 and drive in some runs.

      As far as the Red Sox’s I think getting rid of A Gon and Crawford was way to quick on the trigger. Youklis is a good ballplayer and gone. Maybe the desire to change the chemistry went a bit too far.

      • John Bonanno

        In the age of PED testing, it is a trickier proposition keeping older players healthy. When I first started following baseball in 1955, it was extremely unusual for a player to be useful at all after the age of 35 and most players showed a steep decline well before that. The DH was instituted because it was believed it would keep in the league older, broken down players who had no fielding position in the league anymore because it was believed they could still hit. There were select pinch hitters who were useful at 40 or older (see Smokey Burgess), but not many. Yes, diets are healthier and players don’t smoke (much) anymore but that doesn’t stop nature from doing its work like drugs do. Good players hit free agency usually just before their expected natural decline. Teams sign them hoping they will be an exception. Yes, they are better than the 23 year old young player establishing himself, but they are not as good as the 28 year old player they were when they made their reputations.

  • goterpsgo

    It feels almost like 2008 all over again. The players are old and don’t seem to hustle, the starters are injured and the bench is overexposed, and there may not be enough left in the tank to take them over the hump.

    I hope I’m wrong, but if they’re not going to make it, I hope NYG kicks some ass in the meantime. *sigh*

  • Yank The Frank

    We still have at least another winning streak left in us. I just hope we don’t run out of games.

  • Dave in Gainesville

    The Yankees were a .500 team before May 27 and they’ve been a .500 team (or a tad below) since the All-Star Break. Perhaps instead of asking what’s wrong with them now, it would be informative to consider what was *right* with them between 5/27 and the middle of July? Three things, as it happens, only one of which can be corrected by the team now: First, there was interleague play, on which the entire AL-East got fat dumb and happy, but nobody like the Yankees. Second there were a series of really fluky wins. At the time we didn’t want to call them that because we’re Yankee fans, but during that stretch the team was over .800 in one-run games, and that just duddn’t happen. Not even to great teams. Third, Andy Pettite was nothing short of brilliant. If Pettite comes back as dominant as he was, the team will do better — but not *that* much better, and in the meantime the quartet of Ibanez, Jones, Suzuki and Martin are a gigantic boat-anchor on the lineup, with no time left to engineer even a waiver-clearance-dependent trade, at least for anybody worth giving away prospects for. Point being, the Yanks are playing this way now because this is the team they’ve been all year. I was at the first series of the season in Tampa, and this is what they looked like then. They’re an old, tired, brittle, homer-dependent team in a league that punishes those things and rewards just their opposites. And I don’t see any way they turn this around in time to make to the playoffs because there’s nothing to turn it around *with*.

    • goterpsgo

      They’re an old, tired, brittle, homer-dependent team in a league that punishes those things and rewards just their opposites.

      And to think people thought this team could just slug their way to the playoffs… (I’m looking at you, Mark T.)

    • Kingslayer

      I, unfortunately agree with you Dave. Everything you say is spot on. Your last comment is the most revealing; “And I don’t see any way they turn this around in time to make it to the playoffs because there’s nothing to turn it around *with*.” They certainly will not do it with the likes of Ibanez, Martin,Suzuki,Jones,Sweaty Freddy,Ivan Nova, and their horrible middle relief.