Report: Yankees sending Granderson to see eye specialist

Sherman: Cano seeking ten years at "top-of-the-market dollars"
Update: Sabathia will have elbow checked out this week

Via Mark Feinsand and Bill Madden: The Yankees are sending Curtis Granderson to an eye specialist to determine if vision problems are contributing to his rising strikeout totals. This isn’t the first time there have been concerns about his eyesight — the team had Granderson wear contacts for the first time in his career in 2010 after routine tests showed something less than 20/20 vision. It’s unclear if he’s continued to wear contacts since. This seems like a shot in the dark more than anything, but it is worth checking out.

Sherman: Cano seeking ten years at "top-of-the-market dollars"
Update: Sabathia will have elbow checked out this week
  • Elton Cod

    Interesting news. Reminds me, of course, of Charlie Sheen in Major League. He had a hell of a fastball, but he couldn’t get anywhere near the strikezone! His pitching looked even more ridiculous than your typical Granderson at-bat. Turned out he wouldn’t wear his glasses because they interfered with his “Wild Thing” tough guy image. But then he put them on, turned into a pitching machine. Hopefully it works for Curtis too…he needs it.

  • RetroRob

    Do things like this ever result in anything?

    • Travis L.

      Didnt Brian McCann have to wear glasses in Atlanta??

    • Andrew 518

      I remember Bernie having laser surgery mid career…

      It seemed like it made an improvement, but my memory is fuzzy if it really had a dramatic effect.

      • David Ortizs Dealer

        Bernie had coke bottle glasses early on.

    • Bob Buttons

      Can’t remember whether Farnsworth wears his for fun.

  • Adam

    Can we send the home plate umpires from the playoffs along for the ride?

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    They should send him to see Gary Denbo.

    • JohnnyC

      Can’t see Denbo is they don’t correct his vision first.

    • JohnnyC

      Can’t see Denbo if you don’t correct his vision first.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    open thread to talk about the Marlins/A’s/D’Backs 3 team deal. Chris Young to A’s, D’Backs get Heath Bell/Chris Pennington and Marlins get an INF prospect.

    • Brian S.

      The Diamondbacks making a play in the A-Rod sweepstakes I see.

      • Matt :: Sec110

        haha, that was my first (wishful) thought.

  • Neil

    George would have sent half the team for an eye exam in mid May when they almost all sucked. I would think they all take an extensive physical with eye exam in spring training.

    • G

      + Cavity search

  • jerry

    You continue to mis spell Kurtis

  • Deen

    They should send Cano too.

  • Ramondo

    Curtis worked with Long and became a way better player then the next year he didn’t work with him in the off-season. If someone made me better at what I was doing, he would be my “Mr Miyagi” until I retired.

  • your mom

    Glaucoma? Prescription sticky icky needed in the clubhouse STAT!

    • MannyGeeeMachete

      We will later find out that Curtis asked for the eye test so he could push for the glaucoma and subsequent medication.

  • JLC 776

    Hopefully help him see the ball come off the bat better while in CF as well.

  • Kosmo

    It wouldn´t have hurt a bit to have seen an eye specialist mid-season 2012. Oh well hindsight is not always 20-20.

  • a realist

    this is pathetic. Might as well check his bat for holes too.

  • godfather

    what the hell can it hurt? he was obviously futile and swinging through balls that had lots of the plate while offering at some beyond reach

  • emoney

    Good job picking up his option. Now trade Granderson!

  • David Ortizs Dealer

    When In HS, I read Pete Rose’s book, How to Hit Better than Anyone Else, the first chapter was on preparation. He mentioned an eye exam before every season as the first thing you do, you can hit what you can’t see. I read a book on scouting, (an old book) and notes were always made of glasses being worn. Its an easy fix, why not check it out.