Update: Granderson on his way to New York


11:36pm: On Twitter, Granderson said he is on his way to New York. Still nothing official about him coming off the DL, but the writing is on the wall.

8:34pm: In his latest minor league rehab game with Triple-A Scranton, Curtis Granderson went 1-for-3 with a single to right-center and a walk. He flew out to center and right in his other two at-bats. Granderson played six innings in left field and was removed for a pinch-runner after the walk, the first time he played fewer than eight innings during his rehab assignment. Add in Brennan Boesch‘s recent demotion, and all signs point to the Grandyman rejoining the Yankees on Tuesday. That is not yet official, of course.

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  1. Mouse says:

    In other news, when will we ever see the end of the Ben Francisco experiment?

    We keep saying it won’t be much longer now but he lives on, and on, and on, and on…

  2. trr says:

    Next stop : River(a) Ave

  3. Neil says:

    Ben Francisco reminds me of Felix Heredia. Nobody knew why he was on the roster either.

  4. forensic says:

    We’re getting so excited seeing him playing the corner OF spots. And then tomorrow he’ll be up and put right into CF as I could see Gardner getting the day off after playing both in the field today, and it’ll feel like such a buzzkill.

    The real question though is, where will he be playing on Wednesday? I sure hope it’s a corner spot again, but I’m not expecting it until I actually see Girardi do it, as I could totally see him not caring what he did during his rehab and just giving CF right back to him.

  5. MB923 says:

    It was pretty much a forgone conclusion that Boesch would be the one who would be sent down once Grandy gets back. There is no way the team would send down Francisco and be stuck with 4 LH hitting OFers and only 1 RH hitting OFer (Vernon)

    • Laz says:

      Boesch already got sent down.

      • MB923 says:

        You’re correct. But my point really was that among the OFers who were on the roster, it would have been Boesch to eventually go. Only reason it’s Boesch and not Francisco is because Francisco is right handed

  6. aluis says:

    No! Why mess up a good thing? And who sits?I links the OF just fine as constructed.

  7. mt says:

    Great observation – I see this coming also – I do see Tuesday as a natural CF day for Granderson given Gardner played both DH games and is also struggling (note to Cano and Gardner: stop swinging at pitches over your head). That will cause a lot of chatter about how Grandy is being “handed” CF back – hope Girardi does not get too testy with the media.

    On the other hand, for the wrong reason, I can also see Girardi keeping Grandy in CF after tonight if he happens to have a good offensive day tonight (shouldn’t matter but this whole situation has been strange so everything is possible).

    I thought Yanks would keep Grandy in CF when he returned because of his short rehab and they felt the need to announce he would be in CF: I am glad they are apparently changing because I prefer Gardner in CF; the Yankee mistake was Cashman definitively announcing “the (Lf/RF) experiment is over” right when Grandy first got hurt which led to Grandy making public statements about being positive about staying in CF (with the caveat that he would do whatever in OF if team wanted him to); the whole thing could have been avoided if Yanks just had said when he got hurt in March “we’ll determine OF alignment when Grandy gets back on field” and had made no definitive statements about “experiments being over”: because of the flip-flops I see media trying to pick at this because there clearly are some issues of sensitivity internally here that media will try to rile up.)

  8. John C says:

    King Felix can’t wait to welcome back The Grandyman.

  9. fabricio says:

    i cant wait to hear sterlings annoying oh curtis you’re something sort of grandish or the grandyman can

  10. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Welcome back, brutha. Hope you’re rested and ready to knock them out the ballpark.

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