Futility Now: Yankees drop series opener 5-2 to Angels

Mustelier hurt, Betances dominates in AAA loss
When the cavalry arrives

That is the season in a nutshell right there. A routine infield pop-up falling between Reid Brignac and David Adams on June 14th. That play led to a run (of course) in the eventual 5-2 loss to the Angels. The free-falling New York Generic White Guys have now dropped four straight and 12 of their last 19 games. Let’s recap Friday’s loss:

  • Two Strikes, Two Outs: Andy Pettitte made some really bad two-strike pitches in this game. He hung some breaking balls and caught too much of the plate with some fastballs, leading to three two-strike hits that led directly to runs for the Halos. All five runs scored with two outs as well. Andy allowed eleven hits in his seven innings of four-run ball, striking out four and walking one. Sixty-eight of his 101 pitches were strikes (67%). As has been the case all season, the Yankees don’t win if they get something less than a very good pitching performance.
  • A Flag Day Miracle: I think we were all wondering how the Bombers were going to blow their bases loaded situation in the fourth, but instead Adams put together a very nice at-bat that culminated with a two-strike, two-run, ten-hop ground ball single back up the middle. It was their first run(s) in 20 innings (!) and the only two runs they scored in the game. For the fourth time in the last five games, the Yankees scored no more than two runs.
  • Is Anyone Paying Attention?: The Bombers allowed Chris Iannetta to steal second base uncontested in the eighth inning — he ran, a pitch was fouled off, then he ran again, so it was no surprise — and the run eventually came around to score. It’s the fourth time (five total steals) in the last three days they allowed a runner to steal a base without even attempting to hold him on. New York can’t score runs to save their lives, so you’d think they’d make a point of preventing opposing runners from taking the extra base. This needs to be cleaned up immediately.
  • Leftovers: Robinson Cano had a chance to get the club back in the game when he batted with two on and no outs in the eighth, but he instead flew out to right … the Yankees had six hits (all singles, of course) and four walks as a team, that’s all … Chris Bootcheck made his Yankees debut and allowed a run in the eighth. He’ll be the guy you forget in the end-of-year “Name the 2013 Yankees” Sporcle quiz … for the second day in a row, Vernon Wells threw a runner out at the plate in a tie game. It helped that the corpse of Albert Pujols was running, but it was still a strong and accurate throw. Bravo.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the WPA Graph, and ESPN the updated standings. The Rays lost and the Orioles beat the Red Sox, so the Yankees are two back of Boston, one back of Baltimore, and two up on Tampa in the loss column. David Phelps and Tommy Hanson is your pitching matchup for game two of this series, which will be one of those always enjoyable FOX Saturday night broadcasts.

Mustelier hurt, Betances dominates in AAA loss
When the cavalry arrives
  • Cy Pettitte

    6 weeks to the trade deadline, sell sell sell

    • Pat D

      Yea, but…what?

      • high heat

        the team.

    • Dalek Jeter

      Sell what? Cano’s expiring contract? Hughes? Nova? Literally the only valuable trade pieces we have right now are Phelps, Gardner, and MAYBE the Nuno/Warren group of guys.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        Granderson for starters. Not that they would but Kuroda can fetch a decent price from a desperate team that wants to make a push. Likewise for Hughes.

        No one is claiming we have anything worthy of a top 30 prospect but you can get decent returns which would help the future without sacrificing anything.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I actually want Kuroda around for next season.

      • Robinson Tilapia



  • Kramerica Industries

    If this was written before the game even started, I don’t think anyone would blame you.

  • Pat D

    I guess I was watching Real Time during that play.

    Penance for the 2009 ALCS?

    Love the Sporcle reference, too. I always forget Kevin Cash, Angel Berroa, Josh Towers and Anthony Claggett on the 2009 Yankees one.

    • Kramerica Industries

      Anthony fucking Claggett? Who the hell was that guy?

      Out of all of those, I know I’d remember Berroa, but I’m sure there’s someone else I’d forget. Someone like Brett Tomko.

      • Pat D

        I remembered Tomko. Usually.

        Claggett was one of the guys acquired for Gary Sheffield. He was thrown to the wolves when they lost that game in April to the Indians 22-4. He gave up 8 runs in 1.2 IP. Pitched once more against the Red Sox in a blowout win, gave up 2 runs in 1 inning. The Pirates picked him up off waivers, he pitched one more game for them that year. Spent the next two years in their system, and has been in independent leagues for the last two.

        If he never makes it back to the majors, he’s a candidate for “Worst Player of All Time” with his career numbers.

        • Kramerica Industries

          2009 and 2010 are two years that naturally stick to my memory well. Those mid-’00s and 2011 just don’t stick at all.

        • WhittakerWalt

          Danny Rios.

          • Pat D

            Claggett’s numbers are worse. He finished with a 27.00 ERA and a 4+ WHIP.

            • Tom

              How about the guy they scooped up from the Phillies with an absolutely ridiculous minor league K/BB ratio that people read way too much into?

              (And I still can’t remember his name)

              • forensic

                Brian Gordon?

                I’ll never forget his name. I lost a pile of respect for the way this organization makes choices after that move.

                • Pat D

                  Why? They needed someone for a spot start. He could have ended up pitching like Aaron Small for all they knew.

                  • forensic

                    Because it was the most over-the-top waste of an acquisition where they went absurdly out of their way to avoid giving any of the minor league guys an opportunity for the two starts that they had worked for and earned.

                    It made concrete my belief that they’d do anything possible to take a veteran, no matter how terrible the performance was basically guaranteed to be, over any of their own minor league players.

                    Cashman even came out and said that they were going to give the start to Phelps, but they preferred Gordon because he was a veteran option, despite the fact that not a single other team in baseball had touched him in the Majors for two years, only one had even wasted 4 innings on him before he was 32.

                • Kramerica Industries

                  Yeah, what exactly did they do there?

                • Tom

                  (Thank you)

              • Get Phelps Up

                David Herndon?

              • Pat D

                Brian Gordon? Career 4.40 ERA in 14.1 IP.

                Again, Claggett had a 27.00 ERA and 4.636 WHIP, even if it was only in 3 appearances covering 3.2 IP.

              • Kramerica Industries

                These Brian Gordon guesses seem to check out. Started against Texas and Cincy in June 2011. They won the game against Texas, but you probably remember the Cincy game more for Chris Heisey hitting 3 HRs.

                • Tom

                  yup… Gordon was the guy I was thinking of.

                  He had some obscene K/BB ratio – I think it was almost 9:1, and people were getting excited that it was something more than just fodder picked up to make an emergency start or two. Minor league stats really sometimes get over-valued.

                • Get Phelps Up

                  I remember that Cincy game thread. Especially the wonderful pinch hitting discussion at the end.

                  • Kramerica Industries

                    Without reading, I’m guessing there was some leery talk going on there.

                    And to those posters (blind) defense – this was the backend of a doubleheader. I think we all had reached out daily baseball quotas by that point. I know I had long tuned out by the time Heisey hit his 3rd HR.

                    2011 is a lost year for me. I was stuck using a really crappy web browser that year, and in order not to crash my MLB.tv player, I basically couldn’t do anything else online during Yankees games. 2011 RAB game thread memes will generally fly over my head; didn’t get to join too many of those.

                  • forensic

                    Lots of long lost handles in that thread. Just got to the PHing discussion. Somehow I’m not surprised that it was started by Matt…

                    • Pat D

                      Yea, bunch of former greats in there. TSJC all over the place. I’m trying to figure out why I made one post at the beginning and then not again the rest of the game. Can’t remember if I was at work or not, since I don’t remember my work schedule from that time.

                      But that was what I remember being typical Matt for the time. Didn’t show up until late in the game when they were losing, then would make those 3 paragraph posts about why they lost, why they would continue to lose, etc.

                    • Kramerica Industries

                      I remember Jimmy McNaulty being conspicuously similar to that.

                    • Get Phelps Up

                      Greg hasn’t changed at all either.

                    • forensic

                      I had that same thing Pat, luckily I can go back and check my work stuff and actually figure out kind of what I was doing.

                  • Kramerica Industries

                    I led off that thread?

                    Holy shit! Will wonders ever cease?

                    • forensic

                      I was wondering why I didn’t appear in any of the threads around that game, so I checked my work log from back then and figured it out. Yuck, working dayshift and a ton of OT, especially right around that day.

                    • Kramerica Industries

                      I have a strong feeling my general demeanor on life is going to improve exponentially once I don’t have to work weekends anymore.

                      When that will happen, I don’t know. But there’s little more that destroys a day before it starts, than working on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

                    • forensic

                      I would love to not work weekends, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen for a long time (maybe ever). We all split our weekends so everybody has to either work Saturday or Sunday, but at least everyone gets one weekend day off.

                      The best one would be working swings starting on Sunday night, but unfortunately I’m 2nd in picking shifts and that one is always taken by the person before me. BOO!

                  • Dalek Jeter

                    My god, that’s a who’s who of old school names from when I was a ghost. first time lawng time, Wil Neives Number 1 fan, Freddy Garcia’s 86mph Fastball, tsjc, Xstar, sangreal, AARONGUILEWITHASMILE, Axisa active in the thread…fuckballs. That is a thread I wish I had gotten involved in.

                    • Kramerica Industries

                      I think Freddy rebranded to a new name, but it escapes me at the moment.

                      I’ll always remember my 2010 handle of Carcillo. At the end of the day, though, I’m more pleased with this handle.

                    • forensic

                      I could be wrong, but for some reason I think Freddy is now GPU.

                      That’s one reason I’m not sure if I want to change my (bad) handle. Sometimes I like seeing if I’m in old threads.

                    • Kramerica Industries

                      Didn’t you used to have “nucchem” or something on the end of your name?

                    • forensic

                      Possibly, they blend together sometimes. I know I had forensicnucchem and forensicyankees at different time on ESPN message board way back. Not sure if I ever used one here.

                      Been tempted by CSI Yankees or something like though…

                    • Get Phelps Up

                      @forensic – and you’d be right.

  • Mouse

    Anybody else noticed this team tanked after Tex and Youkilis came back?


    • Evan3457

      Well, no, not really, because they were 7-3 in Tex’ first 10 games back. 0-4 since then.

  • Kramerica Industries

    He’ll be the guy you forget in the end-of-year “Name the 2013 Yankees” Sporcle quiz

    You know, you only score your best within a month of the end of the season.

    I tried the 2011 quiz the other day. Admittedly, I was lazy and didn’t care too much, but I only got a 26/48 on it. And one of the ones I did get was Pants Lendleton and Jeff Marquez. Jeez!

    • Get Phelps Up

      Steve Garrison!

      • Kramerica Industries

        Should’ve definitely remembered C-Dick.


  • forensic

    A routine infield pop-up falling between Reid Brignac and David Adams on June 14th.

    Grandy woulda had it…

    Chris Bootcheck made his Yankees debut and allowed a run in the eighth. He’ll be the guy you forget in the end-of-year “Name the 2013 Yankees” Sporcle quiz


    Hafner’s PH out made him 0 for his last 23, passing Ichiro’s 0-22 from earlier in the season.

    Is it sad that I was actually briefly thinking of wanting Cano to bunt in the 8th, but changed my mind quickly because it was a righty pitcher?

  • Mark

    Why not give Hafner a chance for Wells with 1st and 2nd one out? Loved Ichiro for Neal. Neal basically had identical numbers vs rhp and lhp this year in AAA, just let him hit, Ichiro stinks.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Because who cares? Hafner is fucking horrible.

  • Dalek Jeter

    Let me preface this by saying I like Girardi, and think he’s a relatively good manager, and that with the talent he currently has around him I really don’t blame him for the current freefall…

    All that said…this is going to be his 6th year here. Maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea to have a change. He’s made some real head scratching decisions this season, and I don’t know, maybe a new voice in the clubhouse. I just had the idea that maybe it should be considered. I am not saying at all that I want him fired, or think he should be, just that it’s his last year in his contract and that I wonder if it’s being discussed in some back room of the Yankee FO right now.

    • Pat D

      Yea, but at the same time I’ve come to the conclusions that there are no good managers, really. I don’t want to hear any Joe Maddon worship.

      But seriously, at this rate, once Cox, LaRussa and Torre get inducted, unless they go back and induct some older guys like Danny Murtaugh or Billy Martin, I’m not sure when you’ll ever see another HOF manager.

      • JohnnyC

        Sad to say I think Francona’s got a good shot at it considering the Red Sox bias among the baseball media. Half of them are either a) Red Sox fans b) Yankees haters or c) gullible enough to think Peter Gammons and Bill Simmons represent the apex of their profession.

        • Pat D

          Ah, good point. But the guy did win two World Series. There are inducted managers who won one or none. But not everyone who won two is in, either. I think it will depend on how he does with the Indians. If he wins another World Series anywhere during his career, then he’s a lock. (All manager with three World Series wins except the not yet eligible Torre and LaRussa are inducted.)

          I suppose Leyland has a chance, too, but he should probably get the Tigers over the hump and actually win a Series.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Can the Indians be put on the schedule again?

    • Pat D

      49 runs in 7 games against Cleveland.
      49 runs in 9 games against Toronto.
      18 runs in 3 games against Kansas City.

      146 runs in 48 games against everyone else.

      • Kramerica Industries

        I may suck at advanced math, but I think I can do this.

        That’s, like, a scootch over three runs per game, 146 / 48, right?

        Gotta love needing those 2.00 ERA outings to win.

        • Pat D

          Yea, it’s barely over 3 per game. 7 against Cleveland, 6 against KC, roughly 5 1/2 against Toronto.

          Barely over 3 against a combination of 11 other teams.

          • Kramerica Industries

            Not coincidentally, this 37-30 team is a much more paltry 19-28 against those other 11 teams.

            • Pat D

              7-24 when scoring 3 runs or less.
              10-6 when scoring 4 runs.
              20-0 when scoring 5 runs or more.

              So without even breaking down that 7-24 record further, whatever Greg was talking about winning when only scoring 2 runs was just not right.

              • Kramerica Industries

                It’s ridiculous. It is never on the pitching staff if the Yankees lose a game 3-2. I don’t care if they blew a 2-0 lead in the process. That’s just horrendous offensive incompetence.

                This isn’t the Dead Ball Era, for ‘cripes sakes.

        • John

          “Gotta love needing those 2.00 ERA outings to win.”
          “PRECISELY!!!”- greg

    • forensic

      Just a little over 2 months to go till they get to face the Blue Jays again.

  • forensic

    Suzyn: “A very quiet clubhouse with not a lot of people in it.”

    So, now they’re hiding in the back rooms or bailing out early???

    I sure hope not.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    I’m wondering who the player voice is in the locker room right now.

    Tex? CC? Somebody take ownership that’s been there more than 3 months.

    • forensic

      Tex was almost joking about their performance (the foursome’s 0-28) yesterday by saying they just got no-hit.

      Not so sure that’s lining him up for that position, unfortunately. Could be wrong though.

  • Wheels

    Wow, we have lost 12 of our last 19? That sounds strikingly terrible.

    • Pat D


      It is terrible.

      • forensic

        If they lose tomorrow it’s .350, which is a touch worse than the Astros have been this year.

        At least for the Yankees it would only be over 20 games, but still…

        • JobaWockeeZ

          I’m pretty sure the 2009 Yankees had a similar record at this point in time. Except that team had expectations.

          • forensic

            After June 14th game in 2009 they were 36-27. The 19 games before that they were 11-8.

            After Game 67 they were 38-29. The 19 games before that they were 11-8.

            That team really took off starting in Game 71. Went 65-27 from that point on.

            • forensic

              And that, of course, was the series and meeting in Atlanta where Cashman showed up.

              • TomH

                Given the personnel on this team, Cashman could “show up” in Los Angeles tonight, with the shades of George Weiss and Ed Barrow by his side, and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.

            • Kramerica Industries

              That 65-27 stat was tattooed on my brain for a few years after 2009. Only of late would I have had to think that stat through again.

              38-32, after dropping nine of thirteen (and one of the four wins was the Castillo dropped popup). Then they rattled off seven in a row, or something immediately after that. Beat Atlanta twice, swept the Mets, then took the first two from the Mariners. They never really had a bad stretch the rest of the season, though they still managed to have time for a rip-your-hair-out series in Anaheim.

  • stuart a

    toronta is only 6.5 behind the Yanks.

    gardner for a fast guy is really a innefective baserunner… he can never steal early in the count and his baserunning read tonight was in braile…

    tex is a piece of crap. do not give me the slow start or needs more AB bull, again came to the Yanks as a 280 hitter, that was about 40 + points on his BA ago.

    Does not even know there is a left side of the field…

    Brignac may be the worst hitter I have seen in a really lng time. again the guy has a brennan bosch helicopter swing, like he has power… the guy simply cannot hit…

    wells, youkilis, ichiro, and pronk are not looking like such good moves at the moment. one guy over 250 in the bunch and his obp is under 300… old, declining, lack plate discipline(except pronk) really a bunch of garbage…

    i do not get the girard pen has been overworked line, kelly threw like 5 pitches yesterday and joba did not pitch yesterday.,.

    they gave away 2 runs and with an offense like this you cannot give away anything..

    • Pat D

      Yes, yes, that’s all well and good.

      Who gets the parade tonight? All of them?

    • Get Phelps Up

      Toronta is a city in Indonesia.

      • JohnnyC

        Interestingly the natives pronounce it Tronto. Just a weird fact.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      gardner for a fast guy is really a innefective baserunner… he can never steal early in the count and his baserunning read tonight was in braile

      As much as it pains me, terribly to admit but you are correct. His instincts are quite poor.

  • I’mVernonI’mVernon4U

    How was that not ruled an infield fly? Am I missing something?

    • Pat D

      Who hit that ball?

      • Pat D

        Never mind, finally found out it was Bourjos.

        Because there was no one on base, hence no infield fly.

        • I’mVernonI’mVernon4U

          Ahhhh gotcha. Thanks!

    • DC

      Sam Holbrook wasn’t umpiring?

      • I’mVernonI’mVernon4U

        I was actually thinking of that exact play, trying to figure out what was different between the two.

    • forensic

      The bases were empty. The infield fly rule only applies if there are baserunners who could be forced into double or triple plays.

      • I’mVernonI’mVernon4U

        I can’t believe that I didn’t already know that. Kinda scary. Thanks though, forensic.

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    <blockquote"The free-falling New York Generic White Guys"

    Hey now, that’s unfair. It’s the New York Generic White Guys, Cano, and Wells’s outfield arm.

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      My blockquote skills aren’t quite impeccable.

      • Dalek Jeter

        for future reference, if you see this, it’s “less than sign” blockquote “greater than sign” text goes here “less than sign” “backslash” blockquote “greater than sign”

        • forensic

          Is blockquote basically the same as bold? If so, then you can just use b instead of writing out blockquote.

        • Kramerica Industries

          “less than sign” blockquote “greater than sign” text goes here “less than sign” “backslash” blockquote “greater than sign”

          yeah, um, you speak engrish?

  • Kevin

    On a different note..four years ago these two teams were duking it out for the World Series and there is a good chance neither will see it any time soon.

  • Rizi Walnutz

    That’s ridiculous. Who could forget a guy named Bootcheck?

  • mustang(The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

    I must admit this one pissed me off. 1st and 2nd with the pitcher obviously struggling and the best Cano can do on a 3-1 count is popping-up.
    Then again I flashed back to last year with the whole RISP thing and that nightmare in the playoffs and that was with a far more talented roster what can they do.
    At least they are staying within striking distance hopefully things will get better still lots of baseball ahead.

  • B the Cashman

    Was hoping for another rant Mike! Off topic but anyone notice how good Carlos Gomez has been this season?

    • forensic

      Speaking of the Brewers (what a great transition…), any notice how powerless Aramis Ramirez has been this season? I only mention it because someone just offered him to me in a trade for Pineda.

      Normally it’d be an easy decision with Pineda still out, but I’m not so positive with what Ramirez’ line looks like.

      • Dalek Jeter

        Still though, depending on who you have at third base, .292/.375/.450 and 14 runs and 18 RBI in 35 isn’t all that bad in exchange for a pitcher who might not even pitch at the big league level this year.

      • Get Phelps Up

        Is it a keeper/dynasty league? And what’s your current 3B situation?

        • forensic

          It is a keeper league, which also adds a touch of value to Pineda, I guess, though maybe Ramirez could qualify for somthing like that too. There are a bunch of keeper spots, but we also have large rosters.

          My current 3B situation is also what leans it toward Ramirez. My only one is Beltre (though I do have A-Rod on the DL :-)), who is really good, but it’s a bit limiting when he’s off, of course. CI isn’t a huge concern either since I have a bunch of pretty good 1B’s, but it’s still something at least I guess.

        • forensic

          It’s also my first keeper league ever (and I just took over this team about 2 weeks ago), so I’m still working on figuring out exactly what I am and should be looking for in keepers.

  • Mike

    I know it’s hard but try to look at the positive. Still only 3 games back from 1st with all the injuries.

  • Kosmo

    I see Chad Qualls is have an OK season.

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      Somehow he was throwing 97 repeatedly last night. I don’t remember that last year.

      But he is in Miami now….

      Biogenesis? :D

  • stuart a

    5 guys who get ab’s for the yanks tonight had under 280 obp’s.

    adams with zero walks on the season…not 1…

    ichiro and wells are g-d awful…

    brignac is the worse yankee hitter I have seen in a long long time. romine is better then him, the crappy catcher they had who is now on the d backs is better then him, tony womack while with the yankees is better then brignac. the injuries that are hurting them besides jeter and the cheater are; grandy first, then cervelli, and then nunez.

    with just those 3 guys back they sit 1 of the horrible 2’s every day, simply platoon them, romine goes to the minors and learns to hit possibly, and brignac leaves MLB…

    they would be more athletic, have more power, and have no automatic outs in the lineup.

    suprised how back Pronk is doing, awful slump..

  • LK

    This offense just isn’t even competitive, and I’m not sure where improvement is supposed to come from before the injured guys get back, which isn’t for a while.

  • The Doctor

    Going out to the game tomorrow. Hopefully it’s a little less terrible, but I’m not expecting much.

  • forensic

    Watching the postgame now and two little lines from Jack Curry:

    On one of Cano’s groundouts where the defender went to the ground to grab it (missed exactly which play it was): “I’m a little surprised Cano didn’t get down the line quicker there.”

    Most of us aren’t.

    On Howie Kendrick: “Against the rest of the league he’s very good. Against the Yankees, he’s Joe Morgan.”

    Sad, but true.

    And two stats (one more interesting than the other) they had:

    The Yankees have 71 homers through 67 games. That’s their fewest since 2008.

    The better stat: The Yankees have had 11 games without an XBH this season. That’s their most since 1975(!).

  • Mick taylor

    Texiera is now hitting157. He is the biggest bust in baseball with his 22 million a year. What do think George Steinbrenner would say about a player making that money performing like that. And cano has proven he is not an elite player. I stand by my opinion that I stated 2 weeks ago that Tex will be no better than overbay. Kevin long needs to be fired and replaced by Lou pinella. Name me one hitter who long has made a better hitter.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      He’d scream, yell, and the guy would still hit .157?

  • Bavarian Yankee

    I don’t get why Ichiro isn’t starting against Wilson. He’s hitting .350 against lefties!! And then he’s pinch hitting against a righty …

  • Robinson Tilapia

    The New York Generic White Guys. I died laughing.

    Just when I try to get out, Axisa pulls me back in.

    That pop-up was certainly a moment to me as well. Too bad, since I like both those players. I liked Chuck Cary too, of course.

    Keep on trucking. There’s a light at the end of this tunnel. The only question is how long the tunnel is.

    • TomH

      There’s a light at the end of this tunnel. The only question is how long the tunnel is.

      Not the only question at all. The correct question is(to quote Lou Holtz): “Is that light on the front of an oncoming train?”

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Nah, they’ll get there. They always do. It’s more a question to me of how long it takes.

    • Slu

      Staying this course, there is very little light at the end of the tunnel, given the age of this team and the austerity plan. At the same time, the age of this team and the contract situation, combined with the state of free agency today will make it tough to improve quickly without some big progress from players in the minors, which the Yankees have not be great at recently.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        And you’ve hit upon why I don’t scream, yell, or rant. I don’t see what other recourse, other than some minor shifts, they have than this at the moment, and I’m not all surprised we’re here at all, at the middle of this decade, at the twilight of the core+Alex.

        The only way out is through, to me.

  • trr

    When things can get any worse, they gotta get better
    Or something like that…

  • kenthadley

    I now agree with Cano’s agents…he deserves Arod money, since he’ll probably be as productive as Arod in his age 36-40 years. Where would we be without Robbie…not nearly as competitive as we are today. He just takes the team on his back and says “follow me”.

    /ducks for cover

    • The Other Sam

      I’ve always said no more than 5/$20m for Cano, but I’m always careful about calling out his slacking performance because that’s when he’ll pull out a 2 week hot streak.

      Seriously, I was done with Robbie when Jeter went down and Mr ‘New Face of the Yankees’ failed to step up and lead. That and his thick body type make the choice clear – they need to trade him before FA when they’ll either give him foolish contract or let him walk for a risky propect.

      • kenthadley

        Or, if he can still hit, make him a 3rd baseman at some point. However, I think, contrary to what he apparently thinks, that he’s currently paid fairly. Four for 75 is my limit, but I can be talked into 5/100…but certainly nothing longer or more than that….if not, then, he walks, goes to a non YS III home ballpark and hits 18 to 24 HR’s. If someone wants to pay 20-25m for that over 6-7 years, AMF.

        • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

          I think the a stands for “adios,” but what does mf stand for?

  • Boogie Down

    So, uh, Jon Denney signed for an $875,000 bonus with the Red Sox. Damn it.

    • JohnnyC

      And Casey Kelly is a perennial Cy Young candidate. LOL. Calm down. There’s a reason Denney lasted that long. Obviously it wasn’t because of excessive financial demands.

    • Mike

      I’m sure he’ll have flaws like all the other prospects they “steal”. Middlebrooks, Igleases, and Bradley all sucked this year.

  • abu

    looks like the last couple o’ months were a fluke

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      Yes. 2 months were a fluke. 4 days was the real team.

  • JerryJRC

    So this David Adams was worth keeping and not trading for Cliff Lee?



    • Robinson Tilapia

      We’d have one more pitcher. Whoop dee fucking doo.

      • FIPster Doofus

        And maybe another World Series appearance/win (2010). And one of the top five starters in the game. Whoop dee fucking doo indeed.

    • JohnnyC

      He wasn’t traded because he was injured not because the Yankees held him out of the deal. One of Jack Z’s few correct decisions was taking a good hard look at Adams’ medicals before signing off on the deal. Yankees tried to replace Adams with Nunez but Jack Z turned to Texas for a Smoak-type bat instead…at the eleventh hour.

  • emac2

    I’m not sure what people expect from this team but you could say 4-6 of the nine starters aren’t even legit major league players.

    It’s hard to fathom the failure to acquire any real major league players as we’ve had oldie after oldie get injured but when you keep replacing stars with waiver claims you turn into a crummy team. Especially when you run the team like it’s still full of stars and spread the hitters throughout the lineup. It’s been 2 months since Wells has been worthy of the 5 spot and yet he sits there day after day like the grizzled vet whose earned the spot with a decade of solid service.

    The team needs to be run and managed in the same scrappy way the players need to play to beat the better teams, which at this point is almost everyone.

    Wells and overbay are pinch hitters and shouldn’t be starting. Being old means that when you have the winter off you can be strong enough to play well for a month until you tire. Playing every day after that means you will be terrible for the entire year. What the team needs doesn’t change this very simple equation. You can carry them in addition to starters but not instead.

    Ichiro should be playing as often as possible. He is hitting well unless you compare with the rest of this team in which case he is hitting great. His defense is worth an extra hit on most days.

    Make a fucking trade. We don’t need a superstar but are you telling me we can’t trade for someone a notch above an unclaimed player without overpaying? We can’t buy someone with a future for 3 million dollars? Why did we spend 14 mil on Wells if the budget is that tight? WTF!

    Try the guys on the farm when they are hot and waive the guys with no future. We aren’t going to get a superstar but we could get some more singles hitters that hit them regularly. At least let the kids come up and suck as they adjust instead of watching curtain calls from vets that have no attachment to this fanbase.

    I’ve gotten to the point where Wells in the 5 spot means check out the minor league box scores and go to bed. I don’t know if the team is looking for names instead of players but it’s hard to imagine Wells and Overbay help this team from a box office standpoint. Maybe it’s the same theory that led the Knicks to throw away the asian market and a legit point guard because money is suddenly an issue for a single moment in time but it’s incomprehensible.

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      Which is it? “Play the kids” or “trade the kids?”

      Your post rails for and against both tacks. Can’t MAKE a trade if you don’t give away something of value, i.e. the kids you want to call up. Can’t trade the guys you call waiver fodder, because if they were so valuable to any other team they never would’ve dropped to the Yanks on the waiver list.

      And if your idea is to trade Cano, it rails against your point of making this team better.

      So punt the season? You took up an awful lot of space delineating why the Yanks are stuck in the position they are whether that was your intent to do so or not.

      • WhittakerWalt

        Wells isn’t old. He’s 34. He just sucks.

      • emac2

        Are you asking me to commit to a trade or calling up young players because you don’t see a way to do both?

        I’m not saying trade for a superstar but when half of the lineup survived waiver claims of all MLB clubs you have to either accept being a bad team or make moves that don’t have the team starting a handful of DFA’s.

        I would be trying the kids and any rejects we can find but I would be rotating them out instead of falling in love and commiting so much time. Ride wells when he’s hot, ride Adams when he’s hot. Sit them when they cool down but give the longer leach to the kids who are justified in some adjustment cold spells instead of Wells or someone who is working their way out of the sport instead of into it.

        I wouldn’t be afraid to cut marginal players like Overbay or Mesa.

        I would look at what I expect from Hughes and Joba (almost nothing) and see if I could trade them for a comparable contribution from an offensive player. I don’t expect greatness but surely we could get the 20th guy on their roster instead of the 26th.

        Do you really think Overbay and Wells should be starting for a major league team with a 200 million dollar payroll? Shouldn’t we be developing kids for next year if we have given up enough to be starting them?

      • emac2

        I wasn’t saying to trade Cano and I wouldn’t bag a season. I think the team can be good and they are pissing away a good chance by refusing to do anything but trot the same old guys out there to get more and more tired as though they will somehow start to play even better.

  • Mick taylor

    When cano first came up, he used to drive the ball to left field. Now he pulls everything. He used to better hitter. Right, Kevin long. I think hideki irabu should come out of retirement. He can’t be worse than this lineup.

  • Mick taylor

    Sorry, meant matsui