Game 80: Just Win

(Patrick Smith/Getty)

(Patrick Smith/Getty)

Friday night’s loss was just another frustrating loss in a season full of them, as the offense EXPLODED for three early runs only to see the lead squandered late. The kind of game the Yankees can’t afford to lose, basically. Either they start winning some games consistently or they’re going to continue sinking like a stone in the standings. It’s that simple. They’re close to exhausting their margin for error. Here’s the lineup the Yankees are throwing at left-hander Zach Britton:

  1. CF Brett Gardner
  2. SS Jayson Nix
  3. 2B Robinson Cano
  4. DH Vernon Wells
  5. RF Ichiro Suzuki
  6. LF Zoilo Almonte
  7. 3B David Adams
  8. 1B Lyle Overbay
  9. C Austin Romine

And on the mound after some confusion yesterday is right-hander David Phelps.

It’s hot and humid in Baltimore, and apparently there is some rain in the forecast tonight. The kind of stuff that could cause a delay but not enough for a postponement. First pitch is scheduled for 7:15pm ET and can be seen on FOX. Definitely can’t remember the last time the Orioles were on FOX. Try to enjoy the game.

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  1. LK says:

    I like the symbolism of Vernon Wells’ name being the only one that doesn’t have a link.

  2. forensic says:

    Can we just copy and paste all of the lineup complaints from the first half of yesterday’s game thread here to save time?

  3. forensic says:

    Oh, and everyone can rest easy. I didn’t have the guts to start Phelps for my fantasy team today, so he’ll go out and throw a CGSO.

  4. Pseudoyanks says:

    Damn FOX blackout. I’m stuck with Mariners Cubs in Chicagoland…

  5. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Vernon Wells is DHing. That about says it all.

  6. OldYanksFan says:

    Man, that is some UGLY lineup. Jest plain ugly.

  7. trr says:

    I’m in a real bad mood tonight. Maybe a win will cheer me up.
    If not, I’m stayin’ off the game thread

  8. Eddard says:

    It seems like whenever Joe needs a win he hands the ball to Phelps. He beat King Felix, he beat Tampa, he has the best K/9 and the second best ERA on the staff. Don’t be surprised if they win these next two games behind their two aces.

  9. Winter says:

    I wonder what the Yankees’ record is in games with “Just Win” titled game thread. I looked back and they lost the last one, but I feel like I remember at least one win earlier in the year.

  10. hogsmog says:

    Oh jeez look at Britton’s BR page.

  11. Bob Michaels says:

    Not very confident with this group.

  12. forensic says:

    As soon as I got in the car to come to work “Enter Sandman” started. That’s gotta be a good sign for tonight, even though they’re on the road.

  13. forensic says:

    Suzyn sure is entertained by a bullpen guy wearing a satchel (or backpack for those of us born since 1950…) to carry stuff out to the bullpen.

  14. Wheels says:

    lol, Joe Buck’s beard

  15. TomH says:

    I thoroughly understand all this black magic stuff (“Just Win,” etc.) and have practiced it in my own way for decades.

    However, tonight I’m not watching the game, for a-magical, purely secular reasons: I can’t stand the prospect of hearing those Foxers patronizing the Yankees-in-decline. I remember that tone of voice all too well from the mid-to-late 1960s, as years of accumulated frustration came pouring out of sports writers, broadcasters, people on the street, kids in school, et al.

  16. WhittakerWalt says:

    Heh heh, “Vernon Wells – DH”

  17. forensic says:

    According to Sterling, Cano needs “someone like Alex Rodriguez at their peak efficacy batting behind him” to really help him.

    Terrific insight there John, I’m sure most batters wouldn’t be helped at all by having one of the best hitters ever behind them.

  18. TomH says:

    This is a silly complaint. Sterling’s job is to provide information to people of all sorts of different levels of sophistication about the game–not to mention repetitions of it as the audiences change during the night’s broadcast. OF COURSE he’s going to say this sort of thing. I wish I had 10 bucks for every broadcaster, tv or radio, I’ve heard make similar elementary comments since Ike was President.

  19. Winter says:

    Ichiro: Bringing the Baltimore back to Baltimore.

  20. Alkaline says:

    Let’s go ZOILA!

  21. forensic says:

    Come on Zoilo! Zoink them!

  22. SDB says:

    Well, that moment of hope was nice while it lasted.

  23. BFDeal says:

    ~ sigh ~

  24. dkidd says:

    i just zoiled my pants

  25. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    sweet catch

  26. Wheels says:

    Nice play Adams!

  27. Mickey Scheister says:

    Lets go Yankees!!! BGDP CGSHO 2nite! #4life

  28. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Can’t hit. Can’t field.
    Bad combination.

  29. Dan says:

    “When you see a stat like that you want to make him swing at balls.”

    Stewart proceeds to set up middle of the plate at the knees.

  30. forensic says:

    This isn’t the best way to start the game, Phelps.

  31. SDB says:

    That’s all, folks.

  32. teddy says:

    game over

  33. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Well, at least there’s plenty of time left in the night to find something better to do.

  34. forensic says:

    Wow… That escalated quickly…

    Is this the shortest game ever? 4 total outs and it’s over.


    • Dan says:

      No, it’s fair. When the other team takes a 2 run league I usually assume it will end in a loss for the Yankees. So this might as well be a blow out.

  35. teddy says:

    next at bat, drill chris davis

  36. Dan says:

    I need to take a week off from watching this team. It’s getting to be unhealthy to sit through entire games.

  37. Frank says:

    Game over. Time to look for a movie.

  38. number 21 says:


  39. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

    I may just join the legion of people who just think, like 08′, this Just Isn’t Their Year.

    • Mickey Scheister says:

      Sad for Mo, as it was for the old stadium to go out without a playoff berth.

    • Lukaszek says:

      Except that in ’08, they had three players batting .300, two players with 30+ homeruns, and only two regulars with sub-100 OPS+

      • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

        And it wasn’t their year. I’m not sure how that changes that?

        • Lukaszek says:

          It wasn’t their year, but at least the offense wasn’t a complete pushover. IMO, watching a bad offense is a lot more painful than watching bad pitching

  40. forensic says:

    Woohoo! 2 outs!

  41. CashmanNinja says:

    I’m normally an optimist, but this team has absolutely NO offense. And what offense we do have is normally the result of a ton of luck (aka – a blown call, a lucky bounce, etc). We just can’t afford to give up runs in bunches and that’s exactly what is happening.

    I’m at the point of saying screw it and calling someone up to try to provide SOMETHING. And that includes having someone jump a level. We’re not out of it, but if we continue on this current path then we’ll be out very, very quickly. I’m tired of the front office sitting on their thumbs (this includes the offseason).

  42. David N says:


    Well, at least I didn’t have to spend too long watching the game, and can try and enjoy the rest of my night.

  43. your mom says:

    This game was over before it even started. Tomorrow’s game is over already too.

  44. Steve D Fl says:

    Stick a fork in em

  45. Dan says:

    Does anyone have any idea if the Yankees have had one game this year where everyone in the lineup got a hit? Or even reached base?
    If not, this may be the year that one or both of those never happens.

    • forensic says:

      I’m not even going to look it up right now, but I guarantee it’s happened a bunch of times, especially maybe in those games against Cleveland or Toronto.

      • forensic says:

        Here’s one where everyone reached base and only one didn’t have a hit:


        I looked at their top 11 scoring games, which are the only ones they reached 7, and this is the only one that qualifies, so maybe that’s it (though they certainly could have hits and just not score them, we know how that goes).

  46. Mickey Scheister says:

    LOL! So how many times have the Yankees scored 5 five or more run and held their opponent scoreless for 8.2 innings this year? Once, twice maybe? At least we weren’t teased by 5 or 6 hitless then get Molly-whopped. Now I can go catch a movie as opposed to watching a AAA lineup with Ichiro, Gardner and Cano sprinkled in for fun. This team has sucked something awful in June. Silver-lining: at least the month is almost over.

  47. CG says:

    Holy fucking shit, can they do anything right?

    Orioles pitching, load bases, yanks score 0 runs
    Yanks pitching, let up infinite hits in a row to score 4+ runs

  48. David N says:

    Just out of curiosity, how many times have the Yankees scored more than four runs this year? It seems like it should be in the single digits.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:


      • David N says:

        Wow, it really does not feel like that many.

        Just because I was feeling masochistic, I went and looked up how many times the Astros have scored more than 4. They’ve done it 27 times.

        The Astros.

        I need a drink.

        • forensic says:

          Only the Mariners (with 21) and Royals (with 23) have done it fewer times in the AL. The White Sox have also done it 25 times.

        • LK says:

          That shouldn’t surprise you. The Astros have a better offense than the Yankees (86 wRC+ vs. 83). The only teams worse than the Yankees are the Nationals, the White Sox, and the Marlins.

  49. CG says:

    I mean, I don’t watch every game… but I literally have not seen them win in weeks. Partially bad luck of which games I choose to watch, and partially them sucking tremendous amounts of arse.

    Runners on 2nd and 3rd now… guess it’ll be 6-0 in 30 secs.

  50. Winter says:

    Chris Dickerson… sigh

  51. ArchStanton says:

    And people questioned keeping Nova on the roster as a long man.


  52. number 21 says:

    I don’t think Phelps has it today…

  53. Kramerica Industries says:


    SERIOUSLY? I log in, and it’s already 4-0 in the first inning? What a fucking nightmare.

    • TomH says:

      This is a very bad team, sinking its way into last place. What can’t be cured must be endured.

      • Kramerica Industries says:

        Seriously. If this team wants to contend, they can’t wait for the reinforcements to come back anymore. They’re all a ways away from returning, and setbacks can always happen, especially with this team.

        The scrap heap guys are all performing like scrap heap guys. The end result is this team disintegrating. It’s been quite some time since the Yankees had a stretch of 12-19 play.

        • forensic says:

          I really think this is just the way it’s going to be the rest of the way. Listening to Cashman after Tex was done, he was saying that he can’t make moves with the specter of their players coming back. 1B is now the only place that may not be the case, but even that isn’t going to be much since they seem to be in love with Overbay’s .280-ish OBP.

          • Kramerica Industries says:

            Overbay’s entire Yankee successes can be summed up with those two HRs he got that one week that helped beat the Orioles and Rays. The dude has been basically a zero aside from that.

            If this is the way things are going to be, then this team will be lucky to limp home to a .500 record. Which is fine if this team wants to re-tool and try and build a foundation for the future. Of course, there-in lies the problem and the crux of Mike’s epic rant a few weeks back – who the hell knows what the direction of this team is. Their words say one thing, and their actions say another. And, frankly, that sucks.

            • forensic says:

              Yup, and that’s also my worry. They constantly talk about building for the future, but they’ve been unable to build much worthwhile so far and I think won’t believe they’ll keep the current guys until I see them on the field in pinstripes.

              If they want to blow it up for a year or two and seriously commit to youth, then go for it. But this half-assed half-and-half, wishy-washy attitude and direction will only hurt the organization for a longer period of time.

              I’m about done with their constant older-than-dirt one-year additions that may hold them back from learning about young, cost-controlled options in the minors. There’s just no allure or connection to the vast majority of the roster right now. At least if you’re going to suck, do it with something that fans may be able to connect to for some period of time.

  54. Lily says:

    in Israel and don’t know y i bother waiting till 2a. m to watch a frustrating team…. actually i do know y, its because i’m a devoted fan and think that just maybe they’ll turn this around

    • ropeadope says:

      Plenty of game left. Have a BLT – maybe they’ll get back into it.


  55. WhittakerWalt says:

    Thanks for absolutely nothing, BGDP.

  56. Zoso says:

    Just Lose

    Now that they can do.

  57. Wheels says:

    sigh. whimper

  58. Rolling Doughnut says:


  59. Matt says:

    If this team doesn’t trade for another hitter or two and soon it won’t matter if they get their guys back after the All Star Break, because they will be too far out at that point to have any hope of making the playoffs in this division.

    Does anyone seriously believe this team won’t be 8 or 9 games out by the ASB as currently constructed?

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      What guys are they getting back? Granderson? Jeter? ARoid? The season is a bust. I just hope this doesn’t turn into a replay of the mid 60′s–mid 70′s

      • Matt says:

        Those 3 are huge additions. You’d be an idiot to think otherwise. Enough so that if they all came back tomorrow, this team would probably be in great shape and start playing much better.

        The problem though is that they won’t come back soon enough to save this team from falling out of the playoff race.

        • Rolling Doughnut says:

          Additions. Yes. Huge additions, no. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see Jeter repeating last year’s streak, Granderson will hit 15 HRs and srike out 120 or so times. ARod….oh well, who knows? Maybe he’ll get some life out of his PED induced crumbling body. But I’m not laying any money on it.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

      Of the division?
      Of a wild card spot?
      Extremely unlikely.

      Winning the division probably isn’t a realistic goal at this point.
      Making the playoffs still might be (not with just the current healthy roster, obviously).

      • Matt says:

        They could easily be 5 or 6, if not more behind Baltimore at the same time. Especially if they get swept this weekend as seems likely to be the case.

        They cannot afford to wait until even remotely close to the deadline. If they don’t trade for a player within the next few days, I find it hard to see them making the playoffs period even if they get their guys back within a week or two of the ASB.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

          They definitely can’t wait until the deadline for help.
          They might be able to survive through the all-star break. Maybe.
          The longer they wait, the bigger the acquisitions need to be.

          • Matt says:

            I disagree. If they wait until the break, they won’t need as big of a move because they will have all of their players back and won’t have a spot for someone. The problem is that if they are 7 or 8 games out of a playoff spot, no addition will be big enough to save them.

            You want to talk about not making panic moves, but this is really the time to start panicing. The entire season hinges on these next few weeks. You need to stay close enough to get the guys back and be there.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

              “If they wait until the break, they won’t need as big of a move because they will have all of their players back”

              Not Tex. Still need an upgrade at 1B, or at least a platoon partner. They still could use a legit starting OF even with Granderson back.
              Jeter and ARod are huge question marks as to what they can provide if/when they come back.
              Even if all of Grandy, Jeter, ARod, and Cervelli are back close to the AS break, they can still certainly upgrade 1B, RF, C, and DH. How far out they are at the time will determine how many of those spots they HAVE TO upgrade and by how much.

  60. JohnnyC says:

    David Phelps has shown us he can learn from Phil Hughes’ mistakes…and repeat them exactly.

  61. Dan says:

    If I was playing a drinking game where I took a shot of anything everytime the Yankees blew an opportunity, made a stupid roster move, or just in general looked in any way like a junior college team, my liver would be toast by mid July.

  62. WhittakerWalt says:

    This team’s lack of offense is truly frightening to behold.

  63. your mom says:

    Can’t wait to trade our top prospects for veterans who won’t even help us make the playoffs.

    • Mikhel says:

      With the NYY current front office those “prospects” won’t be playing in the majors with the Yankees until they are 26-27 years old… When was the last time they promoted their best hitting prospect and kept him in the major league roster all season long? Heck… Canó wasn’t their best prospect when he was called up (Eric Duncan was their best prospect).

  64. TomH says:

    The Yankees may yet be a seller, before the trade deadline. It would be unusual, of course, but they look decidedly inferior now to every team in the division. Even their pitching, which took them so far, is beginning to fray.

  65. Oy says:

    Just wondering, if the ownership decides to blow up this team, can we get a B prospect for CC? Maybe we can get Coletti to give up A.J Ellis….

  66. your mom says:

    Just love how FOX is talking about Arod, as is this game wasn’t depressing enough.

  67. mick the quick says:

    God Joe Buck is loving this ARod talk.

  68. Kramerica Industries says:

    Oh, not that Mike or anyone really cares, but the Orioles were on a Fox game earlier this season against the Rays.

    If you want to desperately grasp for hope, the Orioles also jumped out to a 4-0 first inning lead in that game, and then the Rays chipped away and then destroyed Johnson in the 9th; Rays won 10-6.

    But to think the Yankees have something along the line of a 7-8-9 run outburst in them is about as pie-in-the-sky as it gets.

    • Dan says:

      I want badly to hold on to that glimmer of hope, but being that we have 3 Major Leaguer’s in our line up I’m going to let it go.

    • Winter says:

      Yankees scored seven runs a week ago against the Rays.

      • SDB says:

        That feels like it was a month ago. Or more.

        Does anyone remember those April games when this team could come back in late innings, and people got clutch hits?

      • Mikhel says:

        Yankees largest comeback this season? 3 runs.

        11 times the NYY have scored 4+ runs in an inning.
        16 times the NYY have allowed 4+ runs in an inning.

        4 wins – 15 losses when the NYY get to the 2nd inning behind in the score.

        3 W – 27 L when they get to the 6th and are losing.

      • Kramerica Industries says:

        Can anyone, off the top of their heads, remember the time before that?

        Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty savant-like with this stuff, but I’d really have to take time to figure out the answer to that question. I would seriously hope any team in baseball can churn out one seven-run outing a week, at a minimum. What’s sad is that we’re reduced to thinking “gee whiz, they did it that ONE TIME in the not-overly distant past”.

        • forensic says:

          Heh, I looked it up and you had to go quite a distance back to find the last 7 run game before that one.

          • Kramerica Industries says:

            I’ll spill out my mental process aloud here. So, yeah, bear with me here if you want to see how Kramerica Industries does this stuff.

            Texas: 4, 5, 0
            Tampa Bay: 3, 6, 7, 1
            LA: 6, 0
            Anaheim: 2, 2, 6 (they actually scored six runs back-to-back; that’s shocking)
            Oakland: 4, 2, 2 (18 innings, lol)
            Seattle: 6, 1, 3, 2
            Cleveland: 7, 4, 6

            THERE IT IS. The series opener against the Indians. That was, what, June 4? Nearly four weeks ago.

            So they’ve had TWO 7+ run games in the past four weeks. Round of applause for that.

  69. Alkaline says:

    Roughst rat for BGDP

  70. your mom says:

    Cano you bum.

  71. Neil says:

    Anybody on this team ever hear about taking a couple of pitches? So Cano has seen two pitches tonight.

  72. Dan says:

    Last night when they put in Joba Mike posted this on twitter

    “Joba’s in?” http://i.minus.com/ij90sFWMSifKU.gif It was the only time I laughed during that game yesterday. Sad.

  73. WhittakerWalt says:

    “The Yankees need to take that sinker the other way”

    Followed by Cano pulling the sinker and grounding out, then Wells pulling the sinker and grounding out.
    Rally over.

  74. Justin Pupa says:

    How pumped are you guys for Luis Cruz and Jeff Francoeur, the inevitable Yankees!? #notpumped

  75. Winter says:

    Clearly this game just isn’t big enough for David Phelps.

  76. bob michaels says:

    Change the title from “just Win” to just score.

  77. Justin Pupa says:

    And where is Eddard? Mysteriously disappeared when “BGDP” has a tough outing. If you’re gonna tout him so ridiculously when he’s pitching well, at least be around when he stinks up the place.

  78. CashmanNinja says:

    Jeff Francoeur released. Our prayers have been answered!

  79. CG says:

    Dickerson’s revenge starts now

  80. Dan says:

    The only reason I’m not excited about this top ten pick we will be getting next year is because of Mo. Man I wish we hadn’t shut down so completely in the ALCS last year. That was it.

  81. Kramerica Industries says:


    Can we just forget about this now?

  82. SDB says:

    Eh. Down by 4, down by 6, down by 10, who cares – it’s not like the offense was going to catch up after that first inning.

  83. your mom says:

    Is this Phelps or Hughes on the mound?

  84. LK says:

    Can someone check on Eddard? Poor guy’s probably suicidal what with Phelps’ being 4th in ERA among the team’s starters now.

  85. SDB says:


  86. Kramerica Industries says:


  87. Wheels says:


  88. Dan says:

    I can’t control myself, I’m actually laughing.

  89. Charles says:

    And it’s over, hopefully we don’t get swept tomorrow.

  90. Matt says:

    Everyone in the world knew that Dickerson was a better guy to keep around than paying $13 million for a washed up Ichiro. Except for Randy Levine apparently. They never gave him a fair chance, even though he’s always had talent.

  91. forensic says:

    Dickerson is hitting .500/.500/2.167 in 4 games against the Yankees this season…

  92. Matt says:

    Why even bother taking Phelps out right now? This game is over. Don’t burn the entire pen when he is only at 6 pitches.

    • Matt says:

      What a freaking waste. Girardi is such an idiot to waste relievers in this. What if Nova isn’t sharp and can only go 4 or 5 innings?

      • forensic says:

        If Nova goes 4+ then there’s only one left to fill. If he goes 5+ then the game is over. What’s the big deal? They also still have Warren, and it not like the rest of the bullpen has been overworked recently.

        • Matt says:

          Or he could have done what a smart manager would do and have Phelps take one for the team and throw 5 or 6 innings to guarantee that not a single reliever in that pen outside of the long man has to pitch.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

            Or he could actually be looking ahead, realize he has an extra long man in the bullpen for no reason, realize that extra long man was due to get an undetermined start in the next series on what would be a whole lot of extra days rest, and take advantage of the bad situation to give Nova a tuneup for that start.
            And there are 2 long men. Whether Nova by himself or Warren and Nova, nobody outside of the longmen should/will need to pitch.

          • Mike Axisa says:

            They have two long men and can send Warren, Nova, or both to Triple-A for a fresh arm tomorrow. This is the stupidest of stupid things to complain about.

          • LK says:

            What makes you so sure Phelps could throw 5 or 6 innings? He was getting fucking demolished. Seriously, you’re worried about the bullpen being overworked with everything else going on with this team?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

      May as well give Nova a tuneup for his next start.

    • forensic says:

      They have several longmen in the bullpen. Might as well use one.

  93. Winter says:

    Ok, what are our odds of seeing a position player pitch today?

  94. your mom says:

    Oh, so that’s why we kept Nova on the roster. Girardi knew Phelpsy or Hughesy would shit the bed soon.

  95. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Funny in a funny sorta way. This is no way to enjoy the $300 seats and the $20 hot dogs.

  96. AMANDA says:


  97. Dan says:

    It’s starts like this from Phelps that should remind everyone why they cannot move Hughes to the bullpen.

  98. The Other Sam says:

    Holy hell, do something FO! Not one more day of doing nothing but blaming it all on the injuries. And no more other teams has beens and rejects either. Jeter, A Rod and Grandy aren’t going to fix this. Promising a championship-calibur team means having viable contingency plans!

    • mick the quick says:

      We should all be petrified that the response will be to throw a ton of years and a ton of money at Cano just to show they are “serious about winning.”

  99. dee dubs says:

    you know it’s bad when mccarver starts handing out compliments on the team’s character

  100. your mom says:

    So is this the nadir of the season or are we gonna sink further???

  101. Dan says:

    I hope the team does not make any moves to be honest. What is the best case scenario? Young, Ruiz, and Utley? Keppinger and Schierholtz?

    This team is not a playoff team. Even if they make those moves and play better for having made them, do you really think they can compete with the O’s, Tigers, or Boston? That Tigers lineup will murder this pitching staff with ease. Just endure the down year and regret the blown opportunity in the ALCS last season.

    • your mom says:

      This seems logical but the front office is anything but logical. Say goodbye to some of our good prospects.

  102. your mom says:

    Of course Hardy makes that play, of course.

  103. LK says:

    Sigh. I remember when it was the Yankees doing this to other teams.

  104. forensic says:

    How many rock-bottom’s is this team going to hit this season?

    Who wants to bet Mike’s just about done with his recap already? The only thing left is to fill in the ‘X’ in “The Yankees got demolished by the Orioles, X-0.”

  105. Dan says:

    I’m off to watch the Yankeeography of Derek Jeter. It will make it easier to think of happier times. Good bye.

  106. bob michaels says:

    It ain`t over til it`s over said Yogi, but not with this cast of players it`s over.

  107. stuart a says:

    again can’t watch the game. Phelps has had 2 mega clunkers this year the under 1 inning outing and this besides those 2 games he has been very good.

    if you want to move him to the pen when pineda comes up that again will give them the ability to move joba or obviously they can move hughes and keep phelps in the rotation.

    newsflash sisies the season is not over get nunez and grandy back withi 2 weeks and then add the other guys. michael young would be a good pickup if it is real cheap.

  108. Robert Ross says:

    Memo to YES:
    Yea, it’s on FOX tonight, but it’s your baby, and falling ratings will suck even more as the summer turns to fall. Exactly how much less will your advertisers pay next year to watch games that no one wants to watch? I’m a 26, yes, 26-year season ticket holder, and I just turned off the game in the THIRD inning. The ghosts of Andy Hawkins and Greg Cadaret and Kevin Maas returning we’re just too much. God, I despised Steinbrenner. Tonight, a bit less. Over/under on number off months before the sons get out of Dodge?

    • stuart a says:

      so your solution is what? spend more money on inflated contracts for underperforming players???/ that works real good…

      how about bite the bullet, try to make smart moves without breaking the bank and see what happens….

      or should they compound their mistakes by signing cano for 8 years and $180 mill. that would be wise, if you are retarted

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

        if you are retarted………………

      • Robert Ross says:

        I’m not paid to fix this. I just write my season tickets check every year (so far):
        1. No. Paying over market for aging players makes no sense. Of course.
        2. Yes, I agree, but spend over market not on players but on better talent evaluators. I’d easily and happily pay the equivalent of Vernon Wells’ salary for ONE smart guy in the Cardinals front office. It’s about talent evaluation…and our GM is mediocre, at best
        3. Paying Cano 8 years is almost as dumb as paying A-Rod that much.

  109. bob michaels says:

    I`m waiting for some positive news from the minor league teams after this fisaco is over

  110. Josh Beckett out for the season….maybe they’ll want Hughes for a bat? hahahaaha

  111. forensic says:

    Suzyn, John, and Feinsand are all so confused about Nova being in this game without understanding that he can still pitch in Minnesota either on short rest if he’s not long today or full rest on Thursday.

    Sounds like they’re almost channeling Matt…

  112. Wheels says:

    lookin good, Robbie

  113. forensic says:

    Other than Charleston, all the minor league affiliates are on the road the next couple of days. I don’t see Nunez in any of their lineups. Is he really just not going to play these days because they’re on the road? He only played 3 innings the last 2 days, days off shouldn’t exactly be a necessity at this point.

  114. forensic says:

    Lead-off walk.

    The rally starts here!

  115. SDB says:

    Two innings, and no more runs for the O’s?! This is progress!

    That said, I’m now watching Seinfeld (The Jimmy – forgot just how awesome this was.)

  116. stuart a says:

    when you want to trade prospects earl in there career i got 1 word for you AJAX…..

    having AJAX in center field would really suck about now for the Yanks right??

    • LK says:

      This lineup would suck with or without Ajax.

      • stuart a says:

        true but he is 25 and cheap.

        newsflash they have about 4 starters hurt as well as a few of those starters backups…

        • forensic says:

          He’s 26.

        • LK says:

          Meh. They traded away from upside for some certainty. Ajax has worked out well but Grandy was good for them, especially in 2011. A move that you probably wouldn’t make with the full benefit of hindsight but not one that did much damage to the team, really.

          • stuart a says:

            i had no problem with the grandy trade because he was only 28 or so when they got him and his contract was only 3 or 4 years…

            bad example on my part … point being guys over 30 only trade for as rentals and pay commensurate on them being rentals…

    • Winter says:

      Am I the only one who still thinks the Granderson/Kennedy/Jackson trade was a good one?

      • forensic says:

        I’m sure there are other power-obsessed (imo) people here who agree with you (Axisa for one, I would think).

        • LK says:

          I think it’s worked out fine. Like I said above I don’t think you make the trade in hindsight, but that’s only because you know that Ajax basically hit on his best case scenario. It was a perfectly reasonable move at the time that hasn’t blown up in their faces or anything.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        I still like it.

  117. Kramerica Industries says:

    Yay for no shutout!

  118. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    Cashman Failed

  119. Kramerica Industries says:

    Yay for multiple runs!

  120. SDB says:

    Please tell me Girardi’s going to pinch hit for Romine.

  121. forensic says:

    See, told ya it’s rally time!

    Romaine with a grand salami now!

  122. Kramerica Industries says:

    Pronk fell about three feet short of making us all foolishly believe we had a game on our hands.


  123. WhittakerWalt says:

    Did anyone see Chris Stewart’s comments on CC’s season?

    “”He’s un-CC-like maybe numbers-wise, but as far as intensity and the way he goes about it, he’s the same guy. It’s just tough that his numbers aren’t with him this year.”

    So other than the fact he’s not pitching as well, he’s still the same guy. Fabulous. Great assessment, Stew!

    • forensic says:

      He says a lot of dumb things, and calls a lot of dumb pitches. Last night he said it was clear McLouth was sitting changeup, so of course he calls one and McLouth hits it out.

    • LK says:

      Haha yeah, I don’t think it was CC’s personality that we were concerned about.

    • Andrew 518 says:

      Wow, your’re right…

      because usually when players answer questions they show lots of candor and provide a great deal of insight.

  124. Alkaline says:


  125. nick swishah is a stahting pitchah says:

    Is this a save situation for Mo?

  126. The Real Greg says:

    They sent a carrier out from Norfolk
    And picked the Yankees up for free.
    They said that Queens could stay,
    They blew the Bronx away
    And sank Manhattan out to sea…

  127. Alkaline says:

    So….I haven’t really read the whole thread. Anything good?

  128. Oy says:

    What the hell was Wells bitching about after striking out?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

      He’s pissed that other teams keep throwing him breaking balls.

      • WhittakerWalt says:

        I’m fairly certain I could sneak a curveball past him.

      • stuart a says:

        sad but true..

        you figure after 12 years at a minimum he could recognize an offspeed therefore not waste his time swinging at it.

        good news is wells is free next year i say he does not even make the opening day roster…

        f martinez is on fire in the minors, why not give him a look for a few games?

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

          They owe Wells $2.4M next season.
          He’s only “free” with regards to how much of his salary counts towards their luxury tax payroll.

        • BronxBombers? says:

          You realize the fact that he is “free” next year all but guarantees him a spot on the roster. They want to get under 189 so they are definitely keeping him.

  129. WhittakerWalt says:

    Is the website broke, or did everyone just give up on the game thread?

    • forensic says:

      It was time for me to eat dinner. That’s my absence.

      I’m sure most just gave up though. It’s been quiet for awhile.

      • Manny's BanWagon says:

        How much of this shitty baseball can anyone take. They should be in last place by about the middle of July at this rate.

        • forensic says:

          I’m not even sure it’ll take till the middle of July the way they’re going, though maybe they’ll win a couple from the Twins and Royals before the ASB.

  130. Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

    So did they win?

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