Update: Yankees not moving A-Rod’s rehab to Triple-A Scranton

Yankees top Twins in rain-soaked shutout
Game 94: Two More

11:19am: Scratch that. Hoch says it’s a false alarm and Alex with remain with High-A Tampa for the time being. He’s not being moved up to another, rain-free level.

11:08am: A-Rod is expected to play today for Triple-A Scranton, reports Bryan Hoch. I guess he’ll move to another level when their All-Star break starts on Monday.

10:07am: Via Stephen Lorenzo: The Yankees are “re-evaluating” Alex Rodriguez‘s minor league rehab situation and may move him up to Double-A Trenton or Triple-A Scranton due to inclement weather in Tampa. An announcement could be made as soon as this morning. The Triple-A All-Star break is early next week, making Double-A the likely destination.

Rodriguez, 38 later this month, has played only six games in the first eleven days of his rehab assignment due to rain. His 20-day rehab window expires on Sunday, July 21st, and Jon Heyman hears the Yankees are skeptical their third baseman will be big league ready at that time. If he is unable to be activated once the 20 days are up, they’ll have to wait five days before he can begin another rehab assignment. A-Rod has gone 2-for-15 (.133) with three strikeouts and a hit-by-pitch in his six games so far. He’s scheduled to play seven innings at the hot corner in his next game, wherever and whenever that may be.

Yankees top Twins in rain-soaked shutout
Game 94: Two More
  • Pseudoyanks

    They were quick to respond here….*smh*

  • trr

    not looking good

  • jjyank

    I’m with forensic’s comments in a previous thread. I’m not sure why this hasn’t happened yet, to be honest. I understand that A-Rod needs to get eased back into things, but this situation seems like a bit too much rest.

    I usually give the Yankees the benefit of the doubt, so I’m hoping/assuming that A-Rod’s been doing a lot of simulated baseball activities and workouts indoors instead. But it’s hard to get into a groove when your games keep getting rained out.

    Bottom line, Yankee third basemen have combined for a 57 wRC+ so far this year. I’m pretty confident that A-Rod is an upgrade, and perhaps a significant one.

    • Preston

      Maybe A-Rod wanted to rehab in Tampa where the amenities are. Rather than in Trenton or Scranton where he probably wouldn’t have access to the same type of equipment. For that matter maybe the team also thought A-Rod having top notch rehab equipment at the location he was playing at was important.

      • jjyank

        I get that. I do wish he was getting more ABs though. Weather sucks.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Amenities = bottomless strip bars serving alcohol.

        • Bubba

          You say that like it’s a bad thing.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Florida is a beautiful place if that’s your thing.

        • Pat D

          Sounds like fun.

    • forensic

      No way, you should be ashamed of yourself. Clearly my comment was extremely unreasonable and assumed that the Yankees didn’t know he was down there and not playing at all.

      I’m shocked there’s no reply here saying the same thing…

      • OhioYanks

        Please enlighten me on why you find it “unbelievable” that the Yankees haven’t moved him then.

        The only reasonable explanation that I can come up with is that you have more knowledge about medicine, physical therapy, A-Rod’s rehab, and/or meteorology than they do. If not, how can you possibly find it unbelievable that they are doing something you know very little about?

        Honestly, if you have an answer I’d love to hear it.

    • OhioYanks

      Really hard to say how much rest he needs and what he’s doing on the days without games. Could be getting much more work in on those days that is better preparing him to get back to MLB action sooner than traveling about the northeast on a bus playing one game a day. Could be that he’s just resting and doing nothing. Could be that he’d be resting a lot in Trenton or Scranton too. I have no idea.

      (By the way forensic, unlike you jjyanks has not commented in such a way as to suggest he knows more than the Yankees. He has made it clear that this is just his uninformed opinion. No “unbelievable” about it.)

  • Robinson Tilapia

    But watching the rain fall and just sitting there can be so therapeutic in and of itself….

    • Pat D

      “If the rain comes, they run and hide their heads. They might as well be dead.”


      “All I can say is that my life is pretty plain. I like watching the puddles gather rain.”

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Shannon Hoon’s family thanks you for that.

        • Pat D

          I love that song. Both sad and uplifting.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    Between the new stadium, jeter, and now a-rod, the rail riders have to be happy. I haven’t been to the renovated stadium yet, but i heard it is nice.

  • JD

    If this surgery happened after the season was over, then we would be having this conversation at the beginning of May. Hard to understand why the surgery was delayed and hard to understand why it never came up.

    • Preston

      It’s not hard to understand why the surgery was delayed at all. The Dr. wanted A-Rod to do a specific exercises pre-surgery in order to strengthen the area. That’s why they delayed.

      • jjyank

        Yup. I thought this was common knowledge at this point.

  • Shittyshittybangbang

    Debbie Downer says – A’Rods an after-thought. And probably for reasons un-be-knownst to you or I.
    #conspiracytheory, did I do that hash tag shit right ?

  • Yank since 1957

    Sounds like the Yanks are intentionally delaying his rehab and hoping he gets suspended, or retires. I still say A-Rod never plays for us again.

    • jjyank

      And I say you’re nuts.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        And, apparently, yanking it since 1957. I thought it fell off when you turned 39.

        • SDB

          Almost sprayed my keyboard reading that. Well done.

          Take care typing though, I don’t know how your 39 y/o fingers are holding up.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Sure, keep him in Tampa. Osmosis has proven to be an effective way of achieving game-readiness.

  • Duh Injuries

    Here’s the Yankees’ plan with A-Rod they won’t tell you:

    Put him on the 60-day disabled list on August 1 thus shut him down for the rest of the season which ends September 29 and not play him in 2013 so they can collect his entire 2013 salary of $28M in insurance money and save $6M in the off-chance he hits thirteen homeruns to collect his first homerun milestone bonus for reaching 660 homeruns (first bonus of five where he’ll never reach the last four if he even reaches the first one – no way he is reaching 714 homeruns at his age and condition.)

    After that they will offer him that $28M and at least half his remaining salary ($43M) for $71M to get lost and he will take it. He loses $15M and $30M in bonus money for $39M but let’s cut the shit: he’s not collecting the last $24M of that bonus money as he’s not reaching 714 homeruns thus 755, 762, or 763 homeruns, so he’s losing $21M he could recoup some of if he signs elsewhere, say back with Seattle.

    Think about it: It’s July 13, the All-Star Break is July 15-18, and the Yanks are playing only 12 games the rest of this month. No way A-Rod will be ready to join the team before or on August 1. The Yanks have exactly one-third of a season (54 games) left to play from August 1 on. Do you honestly think they are paying A-Rod $28M to play only one-third of a season when there is a distinct possibility they may not even make the postseason with their streakiness, lack of hitting, and competition for the wildcard? I don’t think so. Even if they did, they’d be lucky to get .250/.350/.450/.800 with 5 HR and 20 RBI out of him. Yeah, that’d be better than what they’d get out of Adams or Cruz, but that’s not worth $28M, sorry.

    The Yanks are 51-42, only six games behind Boston, and have a legitimate shot of going into the All-Star Break 53-42 as (again via Mike Axisa or whoever) they have 71-20 owned the Twins since Ron Gardenhire has been the Twins’ manager. I say “only six games” because if they could gain just one more game on Boston before the All-Star Break to be five games behind Boston going into the ASB, they have a shot at being only two games behind Boston if they sweep Boston at Fenway which would be difficult / improbable but not impossible. Even if the Yanks pull to within five games of Boston at the ASB and take two of three at Fenway they’re only four games behind Boston with plllenty of baseball left to play (64 games.) I don’t see a washed up A-Rod making them better. He can’t field or run – those are two pretty big “can’ts”. All he can be is a DH but he’s not providing the power or OBP Hafner is. He doesn’t fit with this team (anymore.)

    Everyone will just have to step it up.

    A-Rod will never play for the Yankees again.

    • Pat D

      So can I ask how it is you know both what is in the minds of the entire Yankees’ FO and ARod? Seriously now, because if you know these things, I’m afraid I’m going to report you to the government because you must have some kind of mind-reading device which is probably too dangerous in the hands of the average person.

    • Preston

      So when he plays in a couple of weeks will you admit that you’re a harebrained conspiracy theorist? Or will the conspiracy theory morph to become more complex and that they are pretending to want him to play by allowing him to play, but really he’s not Alex Rodriguez at all… he’s the love child of JFK and Elvis that was raised by Tupac Shakur while they were all hiding out in a secret government compound in Mexico.

      • Pat D

        It could all make for an interesting skit on that new Drunk History show, I suppose.

  • Shittyshittybangbang

    Is it that far fetched that A-rod is finished as a NYY ? For which ever of a myriad of reasons ? Let’s add; age, health, impending and very realistic suspension, burgeoning and bloated contract, realization that he’s just not remotely the same player, etc…, Some of “The Intelligencia” on this site are contrarian and hair triggered for mockery and ridicule just for snorts and giggles. Not brain surgery. THEY DON’T WANT HIM BACK !!! It’s far from conspiracy, it’s common sense. Not the lesser of which is money (through insurance or whatever).