Game 157: The Final Home Series

(Maddie Meyer/Getty)

(Maddie Meyer/Getty)

This series with the Rays could have been a lot more meaningful had the Yankees not gone into their recent tailspin. They’ve lost six of their last nine and ten of their last 17 games, which simply wasn’t good enough in the ultra-competitive AL wildcard race. There were too many other good teams in the hunt and they’ve buried New York.

So, instead of this series being about pushing the Rays and trying to claim a postseason spot, the Yankees are basically playing spoiler. Competing because they’re professionals and have pride. These are the only three home games left in Mariano Rivera‘s career and that, to me, is the story of the series. I’ll be at the game tonight collecting my Mo bobblehead voucher, but as much I as I want that sucker sitting on my desk, I’ll happily trade it to see Rivera pitch live for what will likely be the final time in my life. That really freaking sucks. Geez.

Anyway, here is the lineup that will face lefty Matt Moore:

  1. CF Ichiro Suzuki
  2. DH Alex Rodriguez
  3. 2B Robinson Cano
  4. LF Alfonso Soriano
  5. 1B Mark Reynolds
  6. 3B Eduardo Nunez
  7. RF Vernon Wells
  8. SS Brendan Ryan
  9. C Chris Stewart

And on the mound is right-hander Hiroki Kuroda. He’s got a 5.33 ERA (3.99 FIP) in his last eight starts and opponents are hitting .300/.347/.510 against him during that time. Kuroda, who was a legitimate Cy Young candidate as recently as mid-August, has turned each of the last 217 batters he’s faced into something resembling 2011 Cano (.302/.349/.522). Good grief.

It’s chilly but an otherwise clear night in New York. There’s no threat of rain or anything like that. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05pm ET and can be seen on My9. Enjoy.

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  1. Pasqua says:

    Hey, RAB guys — a Deadspin appearance! You’ve truly made it to The Show!

  2. KenM says:

    I waited in line for almost two hours and didn’t even get a voucher. I never realized the austerity budget meant firing the people that work at the gates.

  3. Chris says:

    Yes! Stewart is catching!!!! :-/

  4. dkidd says:

    please let mo record a save on thursday

  5. SDB says:

    Whattaway to start.

  6. lee says:

    Kuroda in mid-September form!!!!

  7. Anderson Silva says:

    Kuroda might be worse than Phil Hughes right now. And he was our best SP in the beginning of the year. That’s how you end up not making it to the playoffs

  8. We lamented C.C. falling from a #1 to a #5 in the space of a season.

    It took Kuroda five weeks to do the same.

  9. forensic says:

    Well, this is an impressive start for Kuroda.

  10. sevrox says:

    most excellent – hopefully kuroda will sign with the yanks for another year

  11. SDB says:

    Mercy rule?

  12. JGYank says:

    Way to start off strong guys. At least we’ll a higher pick next year.

  13. I can’t do it tonight, but I will tomorrow,
    Umpires (from HP to 3B in order)
    Tim Timmons
    Mike Winters – CC
    Laz Diaz – aghhhhhhhhhhh
    Mark Wegner

  14. Robinson Tilapia says:

    HR, single, double, third guy scored on an out? Wasn’t listening, but that’s what I’m gathering. Nice start.

    I was actually doing some thinking after reading about how all our prospects flame out in AA all day, and it got me thinking…….who exactly DID flame out in AA of note?

  15. Tom says:

    Damn – that 3rd run probably shouldn’t have happened (they probably had no shot at home on that double even with a perfect throw)

    Also don’t understand why Wells was so far into the gap with a lefty up (more shifting for the sake of shifting)

  16. Cuso says:

    So A-Rod has 0HR and 0 RBI against LHP this year?

    Is this true?

  17. AlyinCt says:

    Can we please get rid of all of these pitchers? No QO for them. I would like to see as many new Yankees on the team next year as possible, both pitchers and position players.

  18. Tom says:

    1 foot foul and Cano didn’t even leave the box.

  19. dkidd says:

    hypothetical question for everyone:

    i’ve always assumed that if the team was eliminated, mo wouldn’t pitch in houston. however, andy pettitte needs to win his final start in order to finish his career without a single losing season. what if andy leaves with the lead and d-rob is ineffective and mo is the only option to close it out?

  20. Cuso says:

    I don’t blame you for swinging, Sori.

    You have to swing

  21. SDB says:

    So why isn’t Granderson playing? Binder madness again?

  22. BostonStrong says:

    Yankees on their last leg.

  23. Freddy's Dead says:

    Hello, all. Sheesh, I hope this game gets better. I dunno if I’ve ever seen a more demoralized looking baseball team. Not to mention us fans.

  24. OldYanksFan says:

    Where would we be if over the last 6 weeks, CC and Hiroki had a 4.00 ERA?

  25. mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:


    We are going to win!

  26. Freddy's Dead says:

    Is Nunez a third baseman?

  27. OldYanksFan says:

    Am I wrong, or has Nuney been pretty decent at 3rd base?

  28. mustang (The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:

    I see Mike gave his normal “pep talk” at start of the game thread.

    A speech of exhortation, as to a team or staff, meant to instill enthusiasm or bolster morale. pep talk. n

  29. BostonStrong says:

    Yankees can’t even cool down the Rays a little? Rays going through the Yankees like a knife through hot butter.

  30. Tom says:

    PH! (only half kidding)

  31. BostonStrong says:

    Breaking News From Coors Field: • Dustin Pedroia played an intense game of Connect Four against Brock Holt before batting practice. Ellsbury, Napoli, and John McDonald were among the sideline analysts offering advice.

  32. dkidd says:

    ubaldo jimenez seems to have made the transition from thrower to pitcher

    do the yankees go after him?

  33. Freddy's Dead says:

    I sincerely felt bad for Boston and their fans last year. I wouldn’t have dreamed of going on one of their fan sites to gloat, but that’s just me.

  34. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Moore looks terrible.

  35. Wheels says:

    Alright dammit, 2 on with no outs, time to score some runs.

  36. SDB says:

    Fucksake Mark, swinging at the first pitch after 4 balls in a row?

  37. Tom says:

    How the hell do you swing at the first pitch in that spot?

    (and how does Ichiro not score?)

  38. SDB says:

    I have the horrible feeling that Moore will end up not giving up a single run to this lineup.

  39. forensic says:

    55 foot pitch, Reynolds still swings. Amazing…

  40. Wheels says:

    You can see where this is going.

  41. Rolling Doughnut says:

    6 LOB in 3 innings.

  42. Wheels says:

    We suck.

  43. Yankees doing a wonderful job letting Matt Moore off the hook time and time again.

    6 LOB in only three innings.

  44. SDB says:

    Five walks in three innings, and no runs on the board. This team.

  45. AllyinCt says:

    Red Sox…a team named after underwear.

  46. forensic says:

    Nice scoop Reynolds. I’m sure you’ll make up for it at the plate though…

    That’s a rough error if there’s no hit with it too, though I guess it doesn’t matter much since there’s an error either way.

  47. Tom says:

    Nunez giveth and Nunez taketh…

    (unfortunately he needs to giveth a little bit less)

  48. BostonStrong says:

    I’m off to watch my gritty and bearded bunch of players. Adios Yankee fans.

  49. Tom says:


    After the game he should just claim he did that on purpose to reach.

  50. forensic says:

    Sturtze did a good job for the Yankees, Michael???

  51. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Nice hack Vern.

  52. forensic says:

    Twice in two innings someone has swung at 55 foot wild pitches. Unbelievable.

  53. Tom says:

    OK new plan – how about not swinging, at all.

    I think Moore would have walked two or three runs in by now.

  54. forensic says:

    If Moore was facing a more patient offense, he would’ve walked about 15 guys already (though really he would’ve just been knocked out of the game about 2 innings ago).

  55. Stewart makes the softest contact ever.

  56. SDB says:

    I think that’s the best at bat I’ve seen from Stewart this entire season.

  57. Tom says:

    Chances Ichiro swings at the first pitch?

  58. Rolling Doughnut says:

    14 pitch AB for Stewart, that’s how bad Moore is tonight and still our guys haven’t scored.

  59. This is remarkable.

    8 LOB in 4 innings.

  60. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Moore has a 1 hit shutout going.

  61. forensic says:

    Good job guys. Keep swinging at everything, clearly it’s working very well for you.

  62. Tom says:

    Seriously who the fuck is coaching this team?

    They have swung at the last 4 pitches and made 3 outs after he threw ~90pitches to get 10 outs.

  63. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Fuck Robbie, what are you doing?

  64. SDB says:

    Two more men on base, time to end the inning.

  65. Anderson Silva says:

    10 LOB through 5. They reach a new low everyday. Thanks for the great team Cashman!

  66. What’s comical, is that the Indians are actually losing right now.

  67. forensic says:

    That was a nice impression of Bobby Abreu that Soriano just did there.

  68. So tired of the James Loney BS.

  69. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Binder says Loney 0-11, so pitch to him. It should have said, Joe, it’s never too soon for Boone.

  70. Tom says:

    Awesome stargerinessment here. Walk a lefty to load the base for another lefty.

    And have your lefty specialist warming up in the pen for show.

    • forensic says:

      I can’t really blame Girardi. It’s critical that you have the righty in there to face the always dangerous Jose Molina.

  71. Winter says:

    IBB to load the bases. That worked out well.

  72. Freddy's Dead says:

    So much blame to go around, so much lackluster play and poor decisions, but Girardi not taking Kuroda out with bases loaded and 3-0 count really hard to excuse.

  73. forensic says:

    I bet Mike’s having a great time at the game.

  74. LarryM Fl says:

    There is much work to be done this winter. I hope Ichiro, Kuroda and Wells decide to retire. I know its a dream but I can dream. Watch Cano sign elsewhere because the roster in 2014 will resemble a nightmare!

  75. Kenny says:

    A solid World Series would be CLE/OAK vs. PIT.

  76. LarryM Fl says:

    Come on Girardi. Wave the white flag and let the kids play. Should have started with Stewart with Murphy. Ok Ichiro’s gone Now that Binder is talking.

  77. Tom says:

    And another pet peeve: Girardi pulls the lefty to start the next inning off with… a different lefty.

    And then pulls him after 1 friggin batter?

    Why not just leave Logan in dumbass?

  78. forensic says:

    Maybe if Warren gives up about 10 runs, Girardi might actually let Betances throw a pitch.

    Nah, probably not…

  79. JGYank says:

    For once, screw pride and let’s get as high a pick as possible in the draft next year. We extended our streak of winning seasons already and are missing the postseason so why not?

  80. forensic says:

    More terrific defense from Reynolds.

    I can’t believe people actually wanted them to re-sign him next season.

  81. Tom says:

    Stuck with the Rays feed and they keep trying to talk up how well Moore pitched because he stranded all those runners. (They apparently are not at the game)

  82. forensic says:

    I never understand why umpires put up the strikes with their right hand and balls with their left hand. That means to read it you have to read from right to left, as you’re looking at him, which is the opposite of how people actually read and say the count.

  83. Pyscho Trish says:

    Chi Sox tie it. Fucking so ridiculous all we had to do was win our own games and we would have made the playoffs easy.

    • Winter says:

      Same goes for every other team in the race it seems. Everyone’s been somewhere between bad and awful in September, the Yankees were just trailing at the start.

      • Pyscho Trish says:

        Now the ChiSox go ahead. Just fucking trolling the shit out of us.

      • Tom says:

        CLE, TB, KC all have better records in Sept (and have played better than .500 ball).

        After tonight Baltimore will have the same record as the Yankees in Sept.

        The only WC contending team playing worse ball is Texas.

  84. Pyscho Trish says:

    Oh yeah fucking Overbay blows some major ass too. Strand another God Damn fucking runner. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Pyscho Trish says:

    I really hope Hal and Cash don’t do the same crap again next year. Pick up a bunch of players that got cut from other teams just so they can suck for us all year long. Great Plan IDIOTS!!!!

  86. Winter says:

    May I suggest flipping over to the Nationals-Cardinals game, if you are able to.

  87. Tom says:

    Cleveland walks off.

    If this score holds, the best the Yankees can do is tie for the 2nd WC (a Yankees loss or CLE win will eliminate them)

    Wacha throwing a no hitter for StL in the top of the 9th (on MLB Network for those that have it)

  88. Tom says:


  89. Chris says:

    they gotta start checking the catcher’s mitts on this team for holes.

  90. Dave M says:

    I hate this Yankee team.

  91. Dave M says:

    Have you ever seen a team just give up like this? Other than Andy and Mo on Sunday, there’s just no fight at all

  92. Dave M says:

    Could this be Granderson’s last days as a Yankee?

  93. Chris says:

    they should all be teabagged. I’m not rational at times like this. cut off all their limbs. I’ll take Gardner back, that’s it.

  94. Dave M says:

    Nice double play Arod!

  95. dkidd says:

    the long nightmare has ended

    go dodgers

  96. forensic says:

    Well, that sure was a huge waste of time.

  97. Pyscho Trish says:

    What a Shit Show. Just embarrassing. FUCK THIS TEAM!!!!!

  98. Mike B. says:

    I will forebear commenting for now. Oh my….


  99. WhittakerWalt says:

    So in the last 2 “must-win” games we’ve scored a grand total of ONE run.

  100. Kenny says:

    Those bobbleheads? Just going for $100 minimum on ebay.

  101. Jarrod says:

    As always I am hoping for a Yankees win tomorrow but at the same time I am hoping for a Cleveland win so this can all be over. I irrationally hold out hope as long as it is still mathematically possible so it would finally give me some peace for the last nail to go in the coffin.

    2013 has been horrible. Hopefully Cashman earns his money this offseason and changes almost everything about this team.

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