Staff Notes: Harkey, Long, Cavalea, Wakamatsu

What Went Wrong: Eduardo Nunez
Tuesday Night Open Thread
Cavalea won't be back next year. Maybe not A-Rod either. (AP)
Cavalea won’t be back next year. Maybe not A-Rod either. (AP)

Some updates on the coaching staff and whatnot, courtesy of Mark Feinsand, Joel Sherman, and Jeff Wilson:

  • Brian Cashman reached out to the coaching staff last week to discuss new contracts. Their deals all expire on October 31st. Pitching coach Larry Rothschild has reportedly agreed to a new contract and bullpen coach Mike HarkeyJoe Girardi‘s closest confidant — is expected to return as well.
  • There’s a chance hitting coach Kevin Long will leave the team to join Don Mattingly, either with the Dodgers if he gets a contract extension or with a new team if he is let go and winds up elsewhere. The two grew close in 2007, when they were both on New York’s coaching staff.
  • Strength and conditioning coach Dana Cavalea will not be brought back when his contract expires next week. He had been with the team since 2007. The Yankees told Cavalea they plan to go “in a different direction with the position.”
  • Pro scout Don Wakamatsu recently interviewed for the Rangers’ bench coach job. They hired Tim Bogar away from the Angels instead. The Yankees brought Wakamatsu on board last winter and I assume he’s still with the team.
What Went Wrong: Eduardo Nunez
Tuesday Night Open Thread
  • Silvio

    This bit about Kevin Long was a surprise. It would be a high-profile departure if it occurred.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      True but I think his departure is needed at this time.

      • Laz

        I wouldn’t blame the struggles this year on him. He has nothing to do with people staying healthy. It’s not like he can make Overbay, Nix, Stewart, Wells, etc good hitters. Things would have been better with Granderson, Teix, Arod, Jeter, Cervelli there all year, but I don’t see why Long would be responsible for the failure of their replacements to live up to the bar set.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          It’s not just this yr when it comes to Long. Ppl have had an issue with him for yrs

  • Brendan

    Well said Big City. I think Long is grossly overrated and a bit of a dolt. He’s great making guys serviceable who are completely lost at the plate who come to the Yanks but look at all the core Yanks who’ve regressed under his tutelage starting with Tex and Granderson

    • The Big City of Dreams

      True now their regression might also be attributed to decline but Long preaches to his big hitters the homerun and taking advantage of the short porch. The philosophy went from work the count and grind out at bats to pull every damn pitch. I’ll never forget the yr he said Cano could be a 40 HR guy and that season Cano was pulling every damn pitch he saw just to hit one out.

  • RetroRob

    Just a negotiating tactic on Long’s part.

  • mike

    Ive got no problem with him going – while its great to have a coach who can help maximize a player’s talents to take advantage of their home park, in this case some high-profile multi-dimensional hitters have really regressed into feast-or-famine hitters not worth their salaries.

    i believe its his job to keep those guys on track, and not let them slide….although ultimately these players have so many personal trainers, video tape and advisors i wonder what impact Long really has

    • Silvio

      “… these players have so many personal trainers, video tape and advisors i wonder what impact Long really has.”

      Too many cooks spoiling the broth?

  • Doug

    Paulie didn’t get the Reds job. So maybe if Long leaves the Yankees will consider interviewing him for the hitting coach gig.