Marcus: A-Rod ruling imminent; decision appears favorable to MLB


A ruling in Alex Rodriguez‘s appeal hearing is imminent, according to Steven Marcus. It’s unclear if that means a matter of minutes or hours or another day or two. Who really knows at this point. Marcus adds that arbitrator Frederic Horowitz’s ruling appears to be favorable for MLB. I’m not exactly sure any of this is new information at this point, really.

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  • I’m One

    162 games per Bob Nightingale.

    • I’m One

      Nightingale Nightengale.

  • David N

    Per Mike Francesa calling into The Fan, it’s going to be 162 games.

    Let the circus re-begin.

  • steves

    162 games per Francessa

  • noseeum
  • TWTR

    This leak is pretty curious.

  • Dicka24

    I can’t believe the Yankees paid $13.9 million of Vernon Wells salary. When the Angels traded for him I was floored that they’d pick up so much money, but considering he sucked there too, one has to seriously question the competency of a FO that pays $14 million for him, after that. Insanity really.

    Any guesses on the length of the Arod’s suspension? I’m kinda hoping for 150 so he’d have a couple of weeks to crank it up incase the Yankees make the playoffs. My guess is it’s for a full season though.

    If it’s a full season 162 game ban, do you think that would automatically include the postseason? (if there is one for the Yankees)