Game 13: Win, Then Rest

(Al Bello/Getty)

(Al Bello/Getty)

The Yankees have assured themselves of at least a split of this four-game series with the Red Sox. Tonight they have a chance to win three of four and feel really, really good about themselves during tomorrow’s off-day. Picking up seven wins while starting the year with 13 games in 13 days would be pretty good, especially since Mark Teixeira, David Robertson, and now Derek Jeter are all hurt. Doesn’t sound like Jeter’s injury is serious, however.

Though the first two turns of the rotation, Ivan Nova has been the team’s worst starter. He was able to battle through his first start despite big time control problems, but he had no such luck last time out, surrendering seven runs on ten hits in 3.2 innings. This game is as good as any to turn things around. The only reason the Yankees don’t have one of the best rotations in baseball right now is Nova’s rough start and CC Sabathia‘s one bad inning syndrome.

Adam Warren has pitched each of the last two days, three times in the last four days, and five times in the last seven days, so I’m pretty sure he won’t be available tonight. David Phelps and Vidal Nuno, who had extended outings in recent days, should be good to go by now. So yeah, would be nice if Nova pitches deep into the game and the offense puts up a crooked number or two. Here is the Red Sox lineup and here is the Yankees lineup:

  1. LF Brett Gardner
  2. RF Carlos Beltran
  3. CF Jacoby Ellsbury
  4. DH Alfonso Soriano
  5. C Brian McCann
  6. 2B Yangervis Solarte
  7. 3B Kelly Johnson
  8. 1B Frankie Cervelli
  9. SS Dean Anna
    RHP Ivan Nova

It is cloudy and cool in New York tonight, so a lovely night for baseball. No potential rain or anything like that. First pitch is scheduled for 8pm ET and you’ll be able to watch this one on ESPN. Enjoy.

Teixeira Update: Teixeira (hamstring) hit on the field for the first time today. Joe Girardi said he is unsure when his first baseman will begin a minor league rehab assignment, however. [Meredith Marakovits]

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  1. Paulc says:

    Would be nice if nova can go deep..if not, get nuno out there and follow up with phelps…they need to send nuno down to aaa and keep him starting…but at least for tonight, three guys can go long…

  2. Lukaszek says:

    We’re not playing to win, this one is for pride!

  3. Winter says:

    I don’t like Beltran batting second. I’d much rather see him swapped with Ellsbury. God forbid that Girardi lets two lefties hit back to back…

    It’s hardly a huge deal, though.

  4. mustang says:

    Time for another installment of Mustang’s GOOD IDEA BAD IDEA brought to you by NYPD “New York’s Finest” we hit over the shift. ;)

    GOOD IDEA: Watching the Red Sox and Yankees on ESPN tonight.

    BAD IDEA: Not using your TV’s mute button when you do.

  5. Dalek Jeter says:

    As Coach Edwards so simply put it: We play to win the game. What he forgot to add was that we win the game for Prussia. So once again, Für das Vaterland zu Ehren von Friedrich dem Großen.

  6. Chip Rodriguez says:

    Surprised to see Cervelli that low in the lineup. I’d rather have him batting ahead of Solarte/Johnson, even at the risk of having a few lefties back to back in Johnson/Anna/Gardner.

  7. jim bouton says:

    All these little injuries are what you get when you ban greenies. Amphetamines are great for day-o-day performance, and being able to ignore minor injuries.

  8. forensic says:

    Here’s hoping we see more Bad Doubront than Bad Nova tonight.

  9. forensic says:

    YES! Good Nova! This one’s in the bag!

  10. Axis of Mike says:

    Like that curveball, throw more of those for strikes and I foresee success.

  11. Axis of Mike says:

    Fastball up. Bad Ivan.

  12. Cuso says:

    I’m just hoping Doubront doesn’t break Gardner’s or Ellsbury’s wrists by getting sloppy with high inside fastballs like he occasionally does (a la Happ).

  13. CountryClub says:

    I’d like to see Good Nova, please.

  14. Reuben Sierra's Chains says:

    Waldman has to jump in a do John’s 10 second spots now on the radio. I think he forgets to do them.

    Time to retire John.

    • Chip Rodriguez says:

      The Beltran HR call screams “trying waaaaaay too hard”. I like Sterling at times, but he’s turned into Sterling the character rather than being Sterling the play by play guy.

  15. Axis of Mike says:

    Like I said, curveball for strikes.

  16. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    The Rays and Sox have been using the shift for years. The Yanks finally use the shift and the media screams bloody murder.

    • forensic says:

      How are they screaming bloody murder? They’re just pointing out how much higher the Yankees (and the Astros especially) are than everyone else.

  17. forensic says:

    Good inning Nova. Maybe just get the pitches down a little bit more.

  18. Axis of Mike says:

    Perfect pitch to K Napoli: blazing fastball outside and down. He’s gotten away w a coupla high ones though. Too early to tell which Ivan we have tonight.

  19. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Pineda and Kuroda showed CC that this lineup can be tamed and beaten. CC hasn’t beaten the Sox in forever. And I think Nova is going to show CC a thing or two tonight as well. He’s got the sinking fastball working and he’ll get that curve located once he gets a feel for it.

    It’s going to be a good night for Nova. I love this lineup with Frankie at 1st, Kelly at 3rd and Soley at 2nd. No Roberts making out after out after out.

  20. CountryClub says:

    Too many pitches to the outside part of the plate to Napoli. He was begging him to hit away from the shift.

    • Axis of Mike says:

      Yes, true. I dunno if I like the shift on Napoli, you?

      • CountryClub says:

        I think it’s ok if they pitch him properly. It was a pretty extreme shift too, so the numbers must back it up.

    • forensic says:

      The whole point, though, is that he’s a guy who tries to pull the vast majority of pitches he sees, even the outside ones, which he then rolls over for easy outs to the left side.

      • CountryClub says:

        I understand the point. But the yanks get burned a lot in the shift, I think they were the worst in MLB last yr, and part of the reason is they don’t pitch these guys properly when they do it.

        • forensic says:

          All shifts are going to be to the pull side. You can’t constantly pitch every single batter inside, because then you’re too predictable. Their spray charts got to that point facing guys pitching them normally. When you shift, you don’t suddenly change how you’re going to pitch the guy because then the spray charts aren’t accurate.

  21. No 2013 again says:

    I hate Nava.

  22. Axis of Mike says:

    I’m not too sure I agree w that shift on Napoli, anybody else?

    • forensic says:

      Look at his spray charts. He pulls a ton of groundballs that way. I’m fine with it.

      • Axis of Mike says:

        Right, of course, I know that but in this situation, a runner on base, you basically give him a single to right (and Nova pitched him outside), and you have trouble. Play him normally and he has to hit an honest single.

  23. Axis of Mike says:

    Don’t get Baltran in the 2 hole, anybody?

  24. forensic says:

    Good start guys. Get them in now, please!

  25. No 2013 again says:

    Everything is being crushed so far.. I like it!

  26. mustang says:

    I can’t remember the last big name free agent that sign with the Yankees and was this effective from go.

  27. No 2013 again says:

    Stupid ass play by Elsbury. Also, Beltran strolling down the line was really bad as well. What a dumbass play

  28. Wheels says:

    Ellsbury rocks.

  29. YankeeDJW says:

    That. Was. Awful.

  30. forensic says:

    Fucking Beltran! And Fucking Ellsbury!

    Get your ass in gear!

    That’s just inexcusable.

  31. CountryClub says:

    Awful all the way around

  32. WhittakerWalt says:


  33. YankeeDJW says:

    It’s like batting practice so far.

  34. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Jacoby is an IDIOT! It’s more important that the run scores there than you getting to 3rd. IDIOT!

  35. CountryClub says:

    4 rockets, including 2 hits, and no runs.

  36. CountryClub says:

    Freaking Nava temporarily preventing a big inning.

  37. MartinRanger says:

    Did that just happen?

  38. Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

    Embedded Red Sock.

  39. WhittakerWalt says:

    They just flushed a run down the toilet.

  40. BrianMcCannon says:

    Godamn it.

  41. YankeeDJW says:

    Just when you think this team can’t possibly find another way to screw it up. I’m lucky my TV screen isn’t cracked.

  42. itsallhowuseeit says:


  43. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    That was less than ideal.

  44. The Other Matt says:

    WTF Ellsbury !

  45. Leg-End says:

    Why even tag from 2nd, he can score from there with speed anyway.

  46. TCMiller30 says:

    Well that was stupid. Why try and take 3rd there? Ellsbury can probably score on any base hit from 2nd base anyways. No sense in trying to get to 3rd w/2 outs..

  47. Chip says:

    Quite possibly the worst baserunning play we’ll see all year

  48. Cuso says:

    Even though Beltran didn’t sprint home, that was Jacoby’s fault.

  49. Wheels says:

    Rob Thomson have a hand in that debacle?

  50. mustang says:

    Mr Stupid just walk in wearing pinstripes

  51. MartinRanger says:

    If Doubront settles down I will breathe fire.

  52. ArchStanton says:

    In no way, shape, or form was that Beltran’s fault. Even if he did bust it the run wouldn’t have scored since Ellsbury is faster than him and didn’t make the 90 feet in time.

  53. Mick taylor says:

    Was that Robbie of runs thompson’s fault

    • Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

      Dude, put down the fucking drugs already. Your incoherence hurts my brain.

      • Mick taylor says:

        If you knew anything about baseball dickhead you would know that is the 3rd base coaches responsibility to make sure ellsbury doesnot get to 3rd before Carlos. Thompson has been a horrible 3rd base coach if you evev watch the games jerkoff

  54. ALZ says:

    Should have at least got caught in a run down.

  55. Mykey says:

    Kruk’s inability to explain what happened is staggering.

  56. RetroRob says:

    78.64% Ellsbury

  57. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    baseball 101: never make the 3rd out at 3rd base.

  58. Tom says:

    You can get on Beltran for not running, but it made no difference to the outcome

    Both Ellsbury and Beltran are running 90feet… which one gets to the base faster?

    The only way Beltran makes it home prior to Ellsbury getting to 3rd is if he leaves early, or Ellsbury falls down between 2nd and 3rd.

  59. JMK says:

    Well that was completely fucking stupid. How does Rob “Blunder” Thompson still have a job?

  60. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    baseball 101: never make the 3rd out at 3rd base

  61. Mykey says:

    Oh well that’s just bullshit then.

  62. No 2013 again says:

    Good baserunning helping the Sox, bad baserunning costs us a run. Great!

  63. YankeeDJW says:

    Now the Sox are going to score on these cheap hits.

  64. Capo says:

    God if the Sox pick up a lead here, after that bottom of the first…

  65. RetroRob says:

    I prefer Joe Morgan to John Kruk.

    There. I said it.

  66. Cuso says:

    Oh my God. Really ESPN? You miss Pedroia that much? I know it kills them to not watch his set-up at 2B while the pitch is being thrown.

  67. WhittakerWalt says:


  68. No 2013 again says:

    Very nice throw by BG! Saved Nova’s ass.

  69. forensic says:

    So, according to Kruk, PFP’s now include the team ripping line drives at the head of their pitchers???


  70. MartinRanger says:

    Thanks a lot Ells.

    Thanks a freaking lot Nova.

    Jesus thank you Brett that was turning into a disaster inning.

  71. No 2013 again says:

    Nova doesnt look sharp with the fastball so far. It’s probably why he’s thrown so many curveballs..

  72. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    They’re trying to single Nova to death. Good throw by Gardy, bad send. This makes that missed opportunity in the 1st that much worse. It should be tied right now if it weren’t for that idiot Jacoby.

  73. forensic says:

    Nice job Gardy and McCann!

    What a frustrating two half innings though.

  74. WhittakerWalt says:

    Greg Maddux would’ve had that.

  75. Mykey says:

    Oh come fucking on.

  76. Mykey says:

    Man, I wish I could get paid to be stupid on TV.

  77. YankeeDJW says:

    Nova didn’t catch that screaming liner heading for his face because he didn’t “do enough PFPs in spring training.” This announcing crew is awful.

  78. 28 this year says:

    Yea maybe the Yankees should have hit more line drives at their pitchers in spring training

  79. RetroRob says:

    Each team’s CFer’s running into third outs.

  80. BrianMcCannon says:

    Phew, nice throw by Gardy. Was afraid that inning was gonna get outta hand.

  81. Chip says:

    So its going to be one of those games, dinky little hits everywhere

  82. RetroRob says:

    I missed the top of the first. How did Nova look? I saw him in the second, so was wondering if he got worse or was lucky in the first.

    • MartinRanger says:

      He looked fine? Left one over the middle that Xander smacked into left but hit the corners a few times and broke off a couple of good curveballs.

  83. MartinRanger says:

    Talking about McCann as the post-Jeter leader of the team – I’m not sure I see it. If there’s another guy right now it’s probably C.C.

  84. Chip says:

    How is ESPN THIS bad at producing games? Shouldn’t this be their thing?

  85. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    I don’t think McCann is very likely to get that C on his chest after Jeter goes. The C is earned and McCann isn’t a True Yankee until he earns it.

  86. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    I kinda object to them saying McCann is the heir apparent for leadership. As diminished as he is, that should be Sabathia’s role.

  87. 28 this year says:

    Yea, I am sure if the Yankees were in the race, they wouldn’t do anything for Rivera

  88. WhittakerWalt says:

    I assume we’re just going to make Doubront look like Cy Young for the rest of the game now.

    • YankeeDJW says:

      Yep. Two easy outs so far.

    • MartinRanger says:

      Iirc Doubront was frustratingly good against them last year, but then again we had no good RHB until Soriano got there so that’s not surprising.

      • forensic says:

        Two great games, two terrible games. If he’s on, he’ll dominate them. If he’s off, they’ll kill him. It looked good initially, but that terrible baserunning play really took some of the pressure off him.

  89. Leg-End says:

    Kruk – “I got a tree on my house!”

  90. YankeeDJW says:

    Kruk can’t get two sentences out properly.

  91. jim bouton says:

    B-Rob and D-Rob are both now injured. Yanks being robbed by the Curse of Robbie.

  92. MartinRanger says:

    The team is running out of time to persuade me to put off watching Game of Thrones. Especially because I read the books and am REALLY excited about this week.

  93. Wheels says:

    Welp, Cervelli has cooled off.

  94. forensic says:

    At least when ESPN employed Joe Morgan we got FJM as a consolation prize.

    What do we get for having to deal with Kruk???

  95. WhittakerWalt says:

    Can Nova right the ship? Can the Yanks get the bats going? Was that our one chance?

  96. Tom says:

    Did everyone notice the maturity of that ground out by Bogaerts?

    It’s like he’s been grounding out for years in the majors.

  97. mustang says:

    Apparently not many of you read my last GOOD IDEA BAD IDEA.


    I have manage to somehow watch the game without listening to the announcers and not using the mute button. Its a gift.

  98. RetroRob says:

    I still think all these shifts are going to cause a change in the approach of hitters, but it is not going to be from the guys currently in the majors.

    • Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

      I’m honestly eagerly awaiting what the league comes up with to combat the shift once everyone realizes that offense has declined too much.

      • MartinRanger says:

        It was ridiculous in that opening series with the Astros though. I wasn’t sure the third baseman ever actually played in position.

  99. Brandon says:

    Nova got BABIP’d to death in the second. He’s doing fine.

  100. YankeeDJW says:

    0% chance of Gardner stealing. He just doesn’t feel like it.

  101. Yangeddard Solarte says:


  102. mustang says:


  103. MartinRanger says:


  104. MartinRanger says:

    More homers please.

  105. forensic says:

    There you go Beltran! NOW you can jog.

  106. SevenAces says:

    Doubront’s got nothing and isn’t fooling anyone, about time they start to tee up on him.

  107. Mandy Stankiewicz says:

    That ‘poor mans pedroia’ comment…

  108. mustang says:

    There a deer in the outfield sorry its just Ellsbury

  109. forensic says:

    Nice catch Ellsbury.

  110. YankeeDJW says:

    I think there is a strong possibility that guy is dead.

  111. Tom says:

    Man, Ells made that look routine.

  112. RetroRob says:

    So Brian Roberts is injured? I guess that will solve the Sizemore issue.

  113. No 2013 again says:

    I love our OF defense. They make it look easy.

  114. Wheels says:

    Wake that fat fuck up.

  115. forensic says:

    Somebody should check if he’s still breathing…

  116. RetroRob says:

    I’m going to enjoy this Ellsbury and Gardner defensive unit.

  117. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    What is the appeal of John Kruk? Is he supposed to be the every man? He doesn’t know much about baseball and he’s not very humorous either. He can barely speak that well in the booth. Kenny is a smooth talker, Cone and Leiter are knowledgeable, O’Neill is entertaining, Kruk is none of those.

  118. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Bunt em over, Kelly. Get Frankie a shot with RISP. Get a couple more runs and that should be enough for Nova.

  119. Tom says:

    Please don’t bunt here (after 2 walks)

  120. mustang says:

    Solar did his part and Mr. Johnson………forensic..

  121. forensic says:

    Ok, come on bottom of the order. Get something done here please!

  122. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    Oh, son of a bitch.

  123. WhittakerWalt says:

    LOL at the idea that Cervelli can hit.

  124. Yangeddard Solarte says:


  125. forensic says:

    Not ideal, but it’s only one out and the runner got to third, at least.

  126. Tom says:


    (But I don’t think they will overturn it)

  127. No 2013 again says:

    If what Kruk says is right (big if) and the 1B has to close the glove, Cervelli should be called safe.

  128. forensic says:

    Geez, adding injury to insult.

  129. Wheels says:


  130. No 2013 again says:

    Great, another injury.

  131. RetroRob says:

    And we just lost our first baseman.

    Umm, if Johnson goes to first, who is the back-up infielder?????

  132. forensic says:

    I say safe.

  133. Yangeddard Solarte says:


  134. Wheels says:


  135. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    You see kids? That’s why you don’t run hard to first on every play!

    • BrienTaylorsRookieCard says:

      Some yankees bloggers showed some serious sabermetrics this off-season to defend robbie’s jogging as a great strategy.

  136. RetroRob says:

    Tie goes to the runner! Not that that’s true.

  137. Tom says:

    Why is Farrell arguing? Dumbass. (glad they tossed him instantly)

    The umps on the field don’t even make the call!

  138. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Get out of here, Farrell you POS. Replay showed he was safe.

  139. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    That’s pretty stupid on Farrell’s part. Yesterday’s play meant zero fucks in the outcome of the game, as much as they missed the call.

  140. Tom says:

    So who plays 1st?

    Is this an emergency enough for Jeter to play? (Johnson to first)

  141. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    Yea, great, Cervelli is fucking done.

  142. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    Watch Soriano move to 1st with Ichiro in the game.

  143. forensic says:

    Well, Austin Romine’s phone just rang…

  144. forensic says:

    hmm, Ichiro pinch running…

    Beltran moving to 1B maybe?

  145. WhittakerWalt says:

    Replay is supposed to eliminate pointless arguing. Hit the road, Farrell.

  146. mustang says:

    Jeter, Roberts, and Cervelli my next sponsor is going to New York Presbyterian Hospital

  147. Cuso says:

    This infield is a mess right now.

  148. RetroRob says:

    Unless I’m missing someone here, someone is going to play first base he may have never played first base before.

  149. TheRealGreg says:

    Yes, let’s give away Mark Reynolds.

    Smart, Cashman

  150. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Hamstring for Frankie. That won’t keep him out all season. People kept saying he was done.

  151. Winter says:

    With Roberts and Jeter both hurt, is there anyone left on the bench? Or will they have to lose a DH if someone else gets hurt?

  152. Rooting for U.S. Steel says:

    How on earth did Sterling avoid making a “Who’s on first” reference?

  153. BrienTaylorsRookieCard says:

    Good thing we have so many extra infielders.

  154. Paulc says:

    Effin injury bug..so freakin tired of it…

  155. JGYank says:

    Ummm…. Why does Gameday say Ichiro is in RF and Beltran is at 1B? What’s going on?

    • forensic says:

      Cervelli messed up his hammy. Looked pretty bad, and even added a bad step at the end while limping.

    • Winter says:

      Cervelli was playing 1B and got hurt. He had to leave the game, and Jeter and Ryan are both hurt. Ichiro was the only guy left, so he came in and Beltran moved to 1B.

    • Preston says:

      Cervelli pulled his hamstring, Roberts hurt his back and Jeter has the quad. So Carlos Beltran it is.

    • RetroRob says:

      Cervelli pulled his hamstring. We have no other first baseman.

      • JGYank says:

        Shit. Tex really needs to come back. I guess Johnson goes back to 1st in the mean time. With Roberts out, who plays 2nd and 3rd? And if Jeter’s quad doesn’t feel better after the off day… This infield is a nightmare right now.

        • forensic says:

          It sure sounds like Jeter should be fine for Tuesday. And they’ll just have to make a determination on how bad Roberts might be tomorrow.

          • JGYank says:

            Jeter sounds fine, but after last year and seeing his age it definitely could be worse than it looks and linger. We all expected Roberts to go down at some point. We’ll see how he feels. Well timed off day tomorrow.

            Remember when people were clamoring for Soriano to return to 2B in the offseason after Cano left? If things get any worse and someone else goes down, that might actually happen.

    • JGYank says:

      Also what happened on the challenge and why was Farrell ejected?

  156. RetroRob says:

    Cervelli is going to be out for a month. Welcome back Austin Romine.

  157. 28 this year says:

    If jeter can’t play Tuesday, they need Sizemore up here just to have an infielder. Send down a reliever

    • Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

      DFA Claiborne or 60-Day Turley to free up the 40 man spot.

      • 28 this year says:

        Yup, of all the guys to get hurt, backup catcher is at least the one spot where they have some depth although if cervelli can actually play 1B, then he is not quite as replaceable as before. Maybe Murphy can still at the infield a bit, wasn’t he a 3B two or three years ago

      • The Other Matt says:

        60 Day DL Turley. I’ve been saying that they should’ve that done at the end of Spring Training, and they could have kept Nunez and just optioned him down, instead of having to DFA him.

  158. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Papi admired that one. Too bad it didn’t go out.

  159. forensic says:

    Well, if nothing else, they have a 2-run lead with a better defensive outfield now, so that’s something I guess.

  160. TheRealGreg says:

    For not having his best stuff, Nova’s pitching well

  161. RetroRob says:

    Beltran does not look comfortable there.

    Hopefully he doesn’t get injured diving for a ball.

  162. jim bouton says:

    Note to MLB: Please make greenies legal again so that the entire league isn’t on the D.L. at some point during the season. Thank you.

  163. RetroRob says:

    The ball is not carrying to right center tonight.

  164. forensic says:

    Nice Gardy. A couple extra runs this inning would be REALLY nice.

  165. TheRealGreg says:

    And now Brett will just lollygag at first base

  166. forensic says:

    Good hustle Gardy.

  167. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Now that’s a smart tag, Jacoby. Gardy just got himself into scoring position.

  168. ALZ says:

    Gardner shows Ellsbury how it’s done.

  169. Tom says:

    So are they riding the 3 man bench out until Tex gets back?

    I know it would take a 40 man move, but I don’t get the need for an 8 man bullpen at this point of the season; especially if you have a couple of guys on the bench day to day.

    • forensic says:

      I think the 8 man bullpen was mainly to cover for this series. I assume Greene will be sent back down tomorrow (and certainly Cervelli will be DLed). So, Romine would likely come up. As for the 2nd one, not sure. Maybe depends how bad they think Roberts is. Maybe Murphy for a 3rd catcher who could maybe fake 1B/3B if absolutely necessary (since they’ve already shown a willingness to go with 3 catchers).

    • The Other Matt says:

      By the looks of his injury Cervelli will go on the DL, and they will probably call up Romine. Depending if Roberts injury necessitates him going on the DL, then the Yankees might really have a problem because they don’t have any other available infielders on the 40 man roster, other than Brendan Ryan, who happens to be on the DL himself. I think either way someone is going to be DFA’d (Claiborne or Turley) or going on the 60 Day DL (Turley, or maybe Ryan or Cervelli depending on the extent of his injury).

  170. Tom says:

    This would be a good spot to steal (3rd).

  171. RetroRob says:

    This would be a good time to steal third.

  172. cr1 says:

    Evidently the situation would have to involve something like gunfire for Girardi to consider it a state of emergency and put Jeter in there.

  173. forensic says:

    I see Kyle Kendrick and the Phillies clearly did more PFP’s during spring training than the Yankees.

  174. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    In other news, The Bastard is dead.

    Oh, sorry. SPOILER ALERT!

  175. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Nova just needs to avoid the CC collapse. And Napoli just hit one out. Get the pen up.

  176. mustang says:

    Lets look at the bright side Jeter’s injury doesn’t sound that bad. Cervelli is the back-up catcher they have 2 more of those and Roberts will its Roberts.


  177. OldYanksFan says:

    Nova has 3 spots he’s been hitting.
    Up, up and up.
    It was just a matter of time.

  178. TheRealGreg says:

    6 and 2 despite not having good stuff?

    Very nice

  179. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Nova’s gotten through 6 with the lead. He’s done his job. Short leash on him next inning. Have the pen ready. BGDP can be the bridge to Warren-Kelley.

  180. forensic says:

    Ugh, SOOOOOO close!

  181. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    How the hell did that not go out. They better get this run in. Get him in Soley.

  182. Tom says:

    Damn that was crushed.

    Doubront ain’t exactly foolin’ people – it’s amazing he’s only given up 3 runs.

  183. And in merrie olde England says:

    McCann can!… almost

  184. Wheels says:

    Officer McCann was robbed.

  185. 28 this year says:

    Fuck solarte now

  186. mustang says:

    its not funny now

  187. Yangeddard Solarte says:


  188. MartinRanger says:

    Oh god not Solarte.

    This is getting ridiculous.

  189. forensic says:

    Thought they should’ve bunted there, and now ANOTHER guy is injured….

  190. OldYanksFan says:

    That ball is literally 1/2″ from being a HR.

  191. MartinRanger says:

    I have a bad feeling we’re about to see Sori back at 2nd.

  192. Winter says:

    Soriano’s gotta come out of the DH, right? Can’t risk Jeter getting hurt long-term also.

  193. Winter says:


  194. RetroRob says:

    Solarte is injured? Now what?

  195. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    Now Solarte is fucking limping!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!

  196. Tom says:

    Freakin Eh…. why do they keep lunging to 1st base like that?

  197. RetroRob says:

    Jeter off the bench.

  198. TheRealGreg says:

    Solarte did the job

  199. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:




  200. Wheels says:

    When it rains it pours.

  201. Chip Rodriguez says:

    this is like 2013 again in terms of injuries.

  202. MartinRanger says:

    If they hold on to this lead with this infield defense it will be a freaking miracle.

  203. forensic says:

    Well, that all really sucked.

  204. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    If I’m Sori I don’t want to play the infield. These guys are dropping like flies.

  205. 28 this year says:

    That’s 4 infielders down today

  206. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    I’m coming in to the game to play second.

  207. Chip Rodriguez says:

    Somewhere Robbie Cano’s thinking to himself that it’s not a bad idea to just jog to first at times.

  208. 28 this year says:

    Maybe the yanks can have four outfielders and switch to soft toss softball so the ball is hit to the outfield

  209. Winter says:

    Is Solarte still out there? They haven’t said anything…

  210. forensic says:

    They’ve been back all this time without a single mention of whether Solarte is still in there (which I assume means he is, but geez, at least mention it to confirm for people watching).

    • Tom says:

      I was wondering about that myself.

      I get they had to get the future HOF talk in about Jakcie Bradley Jr, but you’d think they’d at least mention what was going on.

  211. We Need Stephen Drew says:

    You know what to do steinbrenners

  212. Andy says:

    Can someone explain the solarte situation?

  213. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    So suppose Roberts, Cervelli, AND Solarte are out. I can figure out of the moves easily. Who comes up for Solarte, though? You’d need another infielder, somehow, since you’d be left with no UTL until Tex got back.

    Ready for the least popular thing I’ll ever say on here? This is where DFAing Nunez hurts.

    • Winter says:

      Solarte may not miss time. But if he does, you call up Sizemore (who’s been killing it at AAA).

    • Slu says:

      Yeah, Nunez would help if they really are all DL level hurt.

      But don’t sell yourself short. You have said many more less popular things than that.

    • Tom says:

      Actually it doesn’t hurt.

      The issue is the 40man not Nunez. They have options in the minors if they want to make a 40 man move. Nunez wouldn’t have changed that situation at all as this is a product of the 40 man roster crunch.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        There’d be a crunch no matter, I agree, but I did always feel he should not have been first to go.

        • Tom says:

          But it is irrelevant to your point… if Solarte was sent down, he wouldn’t be on the 40man and they’d be in the same situation – having to make a 40 man move to clear space for an infielder.

          So this is NOT where DFA’ing Nunez hurts unless you think he is somehow a drastically better option at 2nd or 3rd than Sizemore or a better 1st baseman than Canzler (or whowever else they might call up)

          Your comment was “this is where DFA’ing Nunez hurts”… it’s not.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

            I’d have considered Claiborne to be more expendable on Opening Day than Nunez. I’d have gone with the infield depth.

            I agree that it’s still a crunch and that, sooner rather than later, the axe may have fallen on Nunez, but he wouldn’t have been my….

            Never mind. HOLY SHIT, ICHIRO!!! :)

            • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

              All I’m saying is that Nunez was worth keeping more as insurance for this team for as long as we could hold on to him before he became the de facto cut than, say, Claiborne was.

              • Tom says:

                They can DFA Claiborne today and still be better off (adding either Sizemore or Canzler)

                Your point was a bad one… no matter what you try to evolve it into.

  214. Itsallhowuseeit says:

    So solarte still in???after all that time spent talking about it…espn doesnt address if hes still in or not

  215. ivan says:

    looks like solarte just got hit by napoli’s arm…

  216. RetroRob says:

    So I’m guessing Solarte is still out there. Thanks for letting us know ESPN…not.

  217. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    I’m not wishing for a speedy recovery.

  218. mustang says:

    Can some please tell who on field for the Yankees right now?

    Im not kidding or being funny

  219. jim bouton says:

    Somewhere Scott Boras is calling Brian Cashmoneyman. “You likin’ Stephen Drew yet, Bri-Bri?”

    • RetroRob says:

      I’m guessing it will take Drew at least three weeks before he would be game ready.

      I’m beginning to think now that he is not going to sign until after the June draft. It’s only six or seven weeks off now, unless it’s late June. I’m thinking it’s early June.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        Then why didn’t they sign him three weeks ago in preparation?

        Not that I actually believe that. I’m just spotting the person who’ll probably say that later.

        • RetroRob says:

          I wasn’t suggesting the Yankees sign him. I was just wondering when Drew eventually signs with some team, how long it would take him to get ready. And then it occurred to me that he may not sign until June.

  220. forensic says:

    Great job Nova!

  221. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    YES! Great outing by Ivan. 7 strong. Go to Warren-Kelley to close it out.

  222. No 2013 again says:

    0-9 with RISP. They could have put this one away already

  223. Itsallhowuseeit says:

    Now they casually say hes still in. Fuck you espn…maybe is he had some pine tar on his glove we could of had the “espn cam” following his every move

    • forensic says:

      Nah, pine tar wouldn’t do it at 2B. Now, if he would hop before every pitch, THEN he’d get his own camera concentrated on him.

  224. And in merrie olde England says:

    That looked like a nutshot from Napoli?

  225. MartinRanger says:

    Carlos is getting hot. Love it.

    Going to need this insurance run. At least.

  226. Charles R. says:

    Carlos Beltran is a fucking machine.

  227. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Now if they could just get one of these guys in from 2nd. The insurance run would be huge. Warren-Kelley have been good but one mistake and it’s tied.

  228. hobs says:

    Not sure what I did but I can’t here the ESPN announcers the past two innings but I can hear ESPN intro music and crowd and game noise perfectly.

    This is great.

  229. RetroRob says:

    I’m actually rooting for the Yankees not to run hard in this game. Jog to second, Carlos. I thought for a second that McCann injured himself when he slid into second the prior inning.

  230. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Scrolled up. Actually glad folks agreed Ellsbury was more to blame for the first inning debacle. I had my knee-jerk moment with Beltran as well, but it was clear the inning would have continued, with the run scoring, had Ellsbury just drawn the throw and not gone for third.

    • RetroRob says:

      Both were to blame, but it was overwhelmingly Ellsbury’s error. Absolutely had to be sure he could make the bag safely, especially with minimal to gained by stealing third with is speed(he’d score from second on a single), and with the play in front of him, he could have retreated to give Beltran the extra second to get to home plate.

  231. mustang says:

    10:22pm: An MRI can back negative, the Yankees announced. Roberts will be re-evaluated in a few days.

    Good news… Maybe… i think… I’m not sure

  232. MartinRanger says:

    subfucking optimal Jacoby

    I got a bad feeling about this Ortiz AB

  233. mustang says:

    Solar wait 8 years for this chance. My guess is that they would have to cut his legs off for him to leave the field.

  234. forensic says:

    Great job Nova!

    Please don’t screw this up Thornton (and the rest of the bullpen).

  235. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    We got 3 brilliant starts vs the Sox in this series. I am so confident in 4 of our starters. 3 of them proved that this Sox lineup can be tamed. Supernova returned tonight and now this pen needs to finish the job.

  236. Tom says:

    Heck of a game from Nova. Good to see him right the ship

  237. MartinRanger says:

    What a job by Ivan.

    More of this please.

  238. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Thank you, Ivan. Don’t trip over anything on the way to the clubhouse. I don’t want to consider adding Bruce Billings to the 40-man.

  239. forensic says:


  240. Yangeddard Solarte says:


  241. OldYanksFan says:

    Nova’s last pitch was a high meatball. He had some luck tonight.

  242. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Holy Moly

  243. Nathan says:


  244. Frank says:

    Great catch. And a lot of people want Ichiro gone. This guy can still play defense.

  245. mustang says:


  246. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Here comes BGDP. If he can get Napoli I might just leave him in for his 2nd save of the season. Napoli is the big danger bat here.

  247. MartinRanger says:


  248. RetroRob says:

    Best defensive OF now playing for the home team at Yankee Stadium.

  249. Wheels says:


  250. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Someone just earned that second year. WOW.

  251. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    Apparently Ichiro didn’t get the “DON’T FUCKING GET HURT” memo.

  252. Tom says:

    Bat may no longer be good… but no denying the glove.

  253. HellHammer says:

    what a fucking defensive outfield

  254. TheRealGreg says:

    And I wonder if Ichiro is in for Beltran now if Cervelli doesn’t get hurt

  255. mustang says:

    Im scared

  256. 28 this year says:

    Why was Gardner shade toward LCF? Shouldn’t the outfield be shifted for a pull hitter

  257. TheRealGreg says:

    Why was Brett playing so far over?

  258. MartinRanger says:

    Damn he almost had that.

    I’m surprised he was pulled that far over.

  259. adeel says:

    every out is a commercial break…. cant stand it..

  260. Widget says:

    You cant walk someone as bad as Daniel Nava. That shit is embarrassing.

  261. mustang says:




  262. Wheels says:


  263. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Oh Jesus, BGDP hurt McCann. Get him out of there, Joe. HE doesn’t haven’t it tonight.

  264. Rolling Doughnut says:


  265. forensic says:

    Ugh, so close, yuck.

  266. mustang says:


    Son of bitch

  267. jim bouton says:

    This game strains logical explanation.

  268. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    That was pretty fucking close.

  269. Widget says:

    Here comes the gramd slam to one of the more detestable players in baseball.

  270. TheRealGreg says:

    Joe rolling the dice

  271. MartinRanger says:

    I’d actually rather stick with Phelps then take a chance on Cabral. Phelps’ ball is moving, he jammed Napoli on that double.

  272. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Thanks for the reminder as to AJ’s line versus Phelps, guys.

  273. forensic says:


    And got McCann too.

  274. MartinRanger says:

    Oh crap crap crap crap

  275. Jorge Steinbrenner says:


  276. Widget says:

    Mo for the 4 out save? :(

  277. BigBlueAL says:

    Is Warren or Kelley not available tonight??

  278. MartinRanger says:

    the ass stuck his elbow right into the pitch.

  279. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    I really hope that hand wakes up fine in the morning.

  280. Itsallhowuseeit says:

    Good lord

  281. HellHammer says:

    AJ is a cunt

  282. RetroRob says:

    Hit his fingers with the hand open. Might be numb, but unlikely to break anything.

  283. mustang says:

    At this point the Yankees should forfeit the game for the sake of the rest of the season.

  284. Itsallhowuseeit says:

    Kruk i like you less with every word that comes outta your face

  285. MartinRanger says:

    This is on the verge of ruining my night.

  286. BrianMcCannon says:

    Thanks for the stroke, Phelps.

  287. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    FOUR WORDS – BGDP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. jim bouton says:

    No problem. I knew Phelpsie had it.

  289. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Please get this human pube out.

  290. MartinRanger says:

    No team whines about the strike zone more than the Red Sox. It’s not even close.

  291. mustang says:

    I’m going to find my blood pressure pills.

  292. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    This is like that scene in “Boogie Nights.”

  293. mustang says:


  294. forensic says:


    and, exhale…

  295. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    I need to go change my diaper now.

  296. BigBlueAL says:

    Never a doubt in my mind he was getting out of the jam….

  297. YankeeDJW says:

    That was too intense for this early on in the season.

  298. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    My kingdom for an insurance run or two.

  299. MartinRanger says:

    More homers please. (worth a try)

  300. Tom says:

    That Ichiro catch is looming large.

    (To hell with outcomes not being predetermined and all that!)

  301. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    Why can’t they put Betances in the 8th? Guy’s been much filthier than Phelps. For shame, although I’m sure he’ll pitch his way into at least that role by year’s end

  302. forensic says:

    Good thing you stood there admiring the easy fly out, dumbass.

  303. mustang says:


  304. RetroRob says:

    Ball not traveling that direction tonight. There have been several balls hit by both teams I thought were going out.

  305. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Web gem? Great play?

  306. YankeeDJW says:

    They don’t show Ortiz admiring every out he makes.

  307. YankeeDJW says:

    Kruk is so bad it’s good at this point. I want him to keep talking, just to hear what new garbled noises come out.

  308. MartinRanger says:

    Of course it’s a one run game in the 9th for our backup closer. Of course.

  309. Andy says:

    Is it me or have we had a ton of hard hit outs tonight?

  310. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Soriano needs to stop with the showboating. He’s almost as bad as Big Papi. What’s wrong with just putting your head down and running to 1st? The Captain doesn’t toe tap and watch his HR.

    • MartinRanger says:

      Soriano does certain things, like go through stretches where he swings at balls in the other batter’s box, and take inexplicably bad routes on fly balls. He also smacks home runs and isn’t a statue out there.

      I’ll take it on balance.

  311. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    One up one K. Get through this, Kelley. Take the series from the Sox.

  312. MartinRanger says:

    Kelley’s velocity is down a bit. Probably early season rustiness, but he’s usually comfortably in the 92-94 zone.

  313. mustang says:


  314. Tom says:

    By the way… the ESPN K-zone is SHIT!

    This is the pitch f/x plot to the lefties:

    You can see 2 of the 3 pitches ESPN showed “inside” were actually IN the strikezone, and when you account for the size of the ball that other pitch that looks slightly inside, actually hits the corner.

  315. YankeeDJW says:

    1 more out… Still not feeling good about this.

  316. jim bouton says:

    Sizemore or Sizeless?

  317. forensic says:

    Good, one quick out. Maybe a changeup there? Pretty unusual pitch for Kelley.

  318. MartinRanger says:

    That was a gift strike.

  319. forensic says:

    Great AB Kelley! One more please!!!

  320. HellHammer says:

    how many lefties are they gonna trot out there?

  321. MartinRanger says:


    Wow that’s a satisfying win.

  322. YankeeDJW says:

    Even the catch to end it gave me a heart attack. But, YANKEES WIN!

  323. Itsallhowuseeit says:

    3 outta 4….nice. Early but still feels good

  324. Widget says:

    Seriously the first series of the year against Boston should not be so stressful.

  325. MartinRanger says:

    Whenever I see an outfielder’s wrist bend like that I have Matsui flashbacks.

  326. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    They didn’t have one position player left and they still rode Nova, Carlos and the pen to the series W. They’re already light years ahead of last season. 3 out of 4 from the Sox in the first series between them. Great weekend to be a Yankee.

  327. forensic says:

    YES! Ellsbury!!!

    GREAT WIN!!! (despite the injuries)

  328. Tom says:

    Ellsbury with the style points for his ex-teammates!

  329. HellHammer says:


  330. BigBlueAL says:

    Took 3 of 4 from the Red Sox, great series.

  331. RetroRob says:

    Nice catch. Great game!

  332. mustang says:




  333. Tom says:

    ESPN: “Farrell tossed after a controversial call at first”
    “controversy in the Bronx”

    Holy crap, just re-label the channel NESPN and be done with it.

  334. Rolling Doughnut says:

    The pen steps up again. Yes!!

  335. Chip Rodriguez says:


    Thanks Shawn, I did not want a stressful ninth with Ortiz in the hole.

  336. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Well that was something.

    Hopefully the day off does wonders for some of these potential injuries. Other than that, a hell of a series. Great job by Nova and Kelley here. Thank you, Ichiro, a thousand times over.

  337. Leg-End says:

    Haha cry more Grady.

    3 out of 4, bueno.

  338. mustang says:

    This win is for forensic who optimistic view yesterday lead the Yankees to victory today.


  339. Preston says:

    Well that one was more painful than it had to be. Yankees in first and the Red Sox are in last. Couldn’t end the week better than that.

  340. Winter says:


    1 hamstring(?) injury for Cervelli

    1 groin(???) injury for Solarte — played through

    1 hand injury for McCann — played through

    1 victory over the Red Sox to take 3/4…

    …I’ll take it.

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