The River Avenue Blues Podcast: Ep. 2 – 4/29/14

DotF: Zoilo homers again, Ryan continues rehab
Thoughts following the off-day

In Episode 2 of the River Avenue Blues Podcast I’m joined by Jay Gordon. We run down the weekend series, which included some great baseball. Then it’s onto the Mariners series – and there’s a lot to say about them.

To add additional insight, we talk to Zach Sanders, writer for FanGraphs and noted Mariners fan. We touch on topics such as:

  • First impressions of Robinson Cano
  • Failures of the off-season plan
  • How a team known for pitching has been so bad
  • Things that will go better as the year goes on

Podcast run time 56:22

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Update: Instead of making things too complicated, we’re just going to use the old iTunes feed, which you can find here. The new episodes should populate soon.

Again, audio feedback is appreciated. Jay will have a better mic for the next episode hopefully.

DotF: Zoilo homers again, Ryan continues rehab
Thoughts following the off-day
  • RetroRob

    Cano is heating up. I’d pitch around him at all opportunities for this series.

  • krk

    Even if/when you guys get iTunes approval, I’d appreciate keeping the widget around. Super easy.

  • Peter R

    Needs more cowbell in intro.

  • mike_h

    Is Mike gonna need some rehab appearance podcasts before getting called up? Does he need to get stretched out 10 min podcast, 20 min podcast etc…

    • Prussian General Jordan Brink


  • TheEvilUmpire

    High Five… wasn’t that a Cheech and Chong movie?