Hal indicates willingness to take on salary at trade deadline

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Via Ken Davidoff: Hal Steinbrenner indicated a willingness to take on salary and beef up payroll to add players during the season. “[We’re] always willing to look at options come July. Come the trade deadline,” he said. “And I think we’ve shown that. Some years we’ve done stuff, like last year with [Alfonso] Soriano. Some years we haven’t. But we’re not going to ever lay down and die. We’re going to do what we need to do to stay in.”

According to Cot’s, the Yankees opened the season with a $197M payroll this year after spending between $207M and $213M from 2010-12. (The $228M payroll last year was a bit of an anomaly because of the injuries.) If ownership is willing to spend as much as they did from 2010-12, the Yankees can add roughly $10-16M in payroll during the season, which is a ton. The team clearly needs another starting pitcher, maybe even two, and another infielder wouldn’t hurt either. The money seems to be there, so the question now is whether they have the prospects to swing any deals.

DotF: Lail fans 11 in Charleston's win
2014 Draft Links: Mock Drafts, Top 100 Rankings
  • I’m One

    Mike, you keep pointing to the need for another infielder, yet with Roberts playing pretty well (yes, there’s injury risk there) and Solarte showing he’ll be, at the very least, serviceable, what type of infielder do you think they should target? Jeter isn’t going anywhere unless he’s dragged off the field on a stretcher, so getting a strong SS doesn’t really make sense. I’m not sure there’s a real need in the IF. Can you elaborate on your thoughts with this?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Roberts has played well of late but he still has an 84 OPS+ and is a major injury risk. If they can find an upgrade, they should pull the trigger.

    • Gman

      From what I remember, I think Mike said was with Beltran on the DL, if its long term, sign Drew as SS and have Jeter as the everyday DH. Im fine with that.

      • Kosmo

        yeah a .270 punch and judy hitter DHing. Great.

        • Prussian General Jordan Brink


          The hitting part is really important to DHing.

          With Jeter, either he plays SS or he sits. He’s not driving the ball enough to waste the one purely offensive place in the lineup for seeing-eye singles.

        • Steve D Fl

          When I first read that I thought the same thing.

          • ledavid

            You should consider the fact that not playing the field might give Jeter more energy at the plate. So he might have more punch and juice in his legs on the base paths.

          • Crosetti32

            I see everyone’s point, but maybe with Jeter at DH more often than shortstop, he’ll at least hit a little more. I know he has little or no power these days, but who else do they have to DH? Gotta play Ryan at short more.

            That being said, at the end of the day, if all they can relay on is Tanaka in the rotation, this team is done.

        • Roy

          Kosmo, the Yankees are going to put him in the lineup at least three out of every four games. That is a non-baseball issue.

          He can be replaced at SS by Brendan Ryan who cannot hit. so that’s a bad idea. I would rather have Jeter’s bat than Ryan’s glove.

          He can replace Alfoso Soriano as a DH. That’s a bad idea. Soriano is currently hitting better.

          That assumes an outfield of Gardner, Ellsbury and Ichiro. Ichiro is a little banged-up right now. But assuming that outfield.

          I agree with you that putting Jeter as DH is a bad idea. He should stay at SS while others carry his weakened bat.

          • OldYanksFan

            I can guarantee that WAR disagrees with you.
            But he’s Derek Jeter, so he will play 70%+ of the season at SS.

      • OldYanksFan

        So you end up spending $13+ m/yr to replace Beltran’s bat for Drew’s?

        We have 2 SSs. That’s it until next year.
        I’d rather improve the TEAM than the infield.

  • Brandon

    Justin Masterson please. I understand he hasn’t gotten off to the best of stats, but with him and the Tribe not agreeing on an extension earlier this year, it seems like he would definitely be on the market. Murphy and Heathcott get it done?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Masterson has lost ~3 mph off his fastball this year:


      Also, I’m not sure an extreme ground ball pitcher is the best fit for this infield defense.

      • Brandon

        Actually forgot about the senior citizen INF defense for a second, my bad :(

      • Brandon

        Also, maybe with the Yanks shifting so much, Masterson wouldn’t be THAT bad of a fit, especially if the yanks played Ryan a bit more. I get he made the bonehead play in Milwaukee, but he still is excellent with the glove.

        • Kosmo

          first of all why would the Indians trade Masterson ? He´s pitched OK with lost velocity and they have no one to replace him with. Indian´s SP is currently not in the best of shape.

          • FIPster Doofus

            Because they’re bad and he’s a free agent at the end of the season.

    • FIPster Doofus

      He should change his name to Justin Mehsterson.

  • Kosmo

    Here is another dumb trade proposal: Yanks send Kelley, Ichiro and ? to the Dodgers for Ethier, Guerrero and Zack Lee. Dodgers have a very crowded OF , the rumor is they want to consider moving Kemp to LF to make room for Joc Pederson to take over in CF. The Dodgers also need to strengthen their bench and relief core. Ichiro would give them speed and defense off the bench and Kelley would be a welcome arm in the pen.
    next question would be why trade Guerrero? He´s making 7 million to play AAA ball. Gordon has taken over at 2B. Dodgers eat 1/2 of Ethier´s contract or about 30 million. The money they would save from those 2 contracts would go a long way to re-sign Ramirez.
    Why would NY want Ethier ? They´ll have a hole in RF next year and it would provide them with a decent bat for about 9 million, half of what the cost will be to find a good RF. He´s 32 and has 3 years remaining.
    Guerrero can play 2B or SS and looks like he can be a solid everyday player. Thinking ahead Lee would give NY a good # 3-4 SP for next season.
    Dodgers would save about 55-60 million.
    Why trade Kelley ? With Betances-Warren to Robertson the Yanks are solid. The Yanks have Ramirez,Montgomery and Burawa sitting at AAA all are capable relievers.

    The added cost for NY would be approx 9 million of added payroll if you subtract Ichiro´s contract.

    Along the same lines NY could take on Cahill´s contract or a portion of it if Aaron Hill is included in the deal.

    Samardzija would easily cost NY at least Sanchez and Banuelos and then some if a deal went down by June 1st.

    just spitballing.

    • Brandon

      Trading for Ethier sounds much more like an offseason move when Soriano is a FA than a move right now. When Beltran returns (albeit probably in July) the Yanks would have a pretty massive clog up. Dodgers probably also want to Guererro with Hanley being a FA next year. If he leaves, he would he their 2B with Gordon at SS. Sounds like a solid deal for the winter though

      • Kosmo

        I don´ t think so. Soriano can platoon with Ethier in RF or share DH with Beltran. Remember Ichiro is included in my trade proposal. I don´t see much of a log-jam.
        My feeling is the Dodgers want to retain Ramirez not let him walk.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      I’d much rather give Zoilo a shot in the OF than commit to Ethier for the next 3.5 years.

    • vicki

      dodgers aren’t trading one of their top prospects for that.

  • Ken

    If the Yankees can get Samardzija for Solarte, they should send Solarte to the Cubs, get a front-of-the-rotation pitcher, and sign Stephen Drew for the remainder of the season.

    • Kosmo

      surely you must be joking.

    • anon_coward

      you don’t trade guys who are under team control for a few more years. and not guys with .300 BA

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Not that the proposal has a chance in hell of ever happening, but I’d drive Solarte there myself. Please.

    • Michahiro Pinaka

      How dumb do you think Theo and Hoyer are? GM’s aren’t going to be fooled by 6-8 weeks of Solarte’s performance.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    we definitely need more overpaid outfielders in the late 30s!

    • Kosmo

      what does that mean ?

      • Mr. Roth

        I agree. The outfielders on the Yankee teams of the 1930s weren’t paid enough.

  • http://twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    Samardzija for Sanchez? Maybe add a secondary player, gotta believe that gets it done, but would the Yanks do it?

    I always though JRM would be the best of all 3 (Murp/Sanchez/Romine) catching options. Of course Sanchez has the greatest ceiling, and is killing it in the minors this year, but I believe JRM could be the best bet longterm.

    Anyways, an infielder and a guy like Morales would be smart. Caddy for Tex, DH, and a switch hitting power bat off the bench would be valuable.

    The Phils are garbage this year, so you gotta believe Lee will be available, but at what price?

    Utley would be perfect for the Yanks, but with his extension, I can’t see the Phillies trading him. Rollins? I’d pass.

    • Mike HC

      Sanchez really isn’t doing all that well. Ops is like .720.

    • Kosmo

      IMO the Phils are not in a tear it apart mode.

      Sanchez is not exactly killing it of late. Cubs do have a catching need and “the Shark“ becomes a FA after the 2015 season. I agree I`m not sure NY would pull the string.

  • Prussian General Jordan Brink

    Tex has been good. As long as he’s healthy, he’s the 1B.

    Out of Johnson, Solarte and a warming up Roberts, 2b and 3b are good.

    So when we talk about a bad infield and the dire need to get better, we mean……better basecoaches?

    Because they are not bringing in Drew to platoon with Jeter (TEH SACRILEGE!) or completely take the spot from him. Drew’s not signing a 1 year deal to sit on the bench and be a late inning replacement.

    Jeter as a DH is a waste. Need someone who lifts the ball and makes solid contact, not someone with a SLG chasing his BA.

  • anon_coward

    look for the yanks to make a soriano type trade this year. guy with a year or two left on his contract, owed a lot of money and where the yanks can take the entire salary and not send a prospect back