The River Avenue Blues Podcast: Episode 11


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Guest: Brandon Warne of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He’s also on a Sunday radio show with Jack Morris, which is pretty cool. We’re talking about the plucky Twins, just three games under .500, and the familiar faces we’ll see this weekend.

Jay and I are, of course, discussing the successful road trip, including the recent series win against the Cardinals. We do bring up Cliff Lee, of course. I don’t think I mentioned him in the previous podcast

Admin note: For consistency’s sake, we’re going with a Tuesday and Friday show schedule.

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  • Mikhel

    No skype/whatsapp/whatever to interchange opinions while on the air (i mean on the air recording :P)?

    Good stuff, seriously, I missed the podcasts.

  • Peter R

    Glad the podcast is back but guess you guys still having audio issues? Most of the injury report is to quiet to hear.

  • Anthony

    I love the format of before each series. Hope it stays that way.