Update: Yankees not seriously pursuing Cuban OF Daniel Carbonell

Thoughts following Monday's off-day
5/20-5/21 Series Preview: Chicago Cubs

Tuesday: The Yankees have been scouting Carbonell during his workouts in Mexico, but they have not offered a contract and are not seriously pursuing him according George King, Dan Martin, and Jesse Sanchez. Carbonell is said to be seeking a four-year deal.

Saturday: Via Ken Rosenthal: The Yankees are one of five finalists for Cuban outfielder Daniel Carbonell. We heard they had interest in him a few weeks ago. Carbonell has to sign by July 2nd, otherwise he will be subject to the international spending restrictions.

Carbonell, 23, is said to be a speedy switch-hitting center fielder with some power. He hit .288/.378/.405 with two homers, six steals, ten walks, and eleven strikeouts in 127 plate appearances in Cuba last season before defecting. Here is his over the top workout video. It’s unclear what kind of bonus Carbonell will command. The Yankees had interest in Cuban infielder Aledmys Diaz earlier this year, but not enough to make an offer.

Thoughts following Monday's off-day
5/20-5/21 Series Preview: Chicago Cubs
  • Need Pitching & Hitting

    Why would he not be subject to the spending restrictions now, but would be after July 2?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      I have no idea, MLB’s rules are dumb. The same rule applied for Aledmys Diaz and Puig.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        I think Puig was just because he was under 23 and had to sign before the new CBA rules/spending caps went into effect to take advantage of the old rules still in place at the time.

        I think Diaz had to wait until AFTER a certain date to sign because he was ineligible for a while due to age misrepresentation issues.

      • Kiko Jones

        I have a feeling MLB teams are going to be a bit wary of signing Mexico-based Cuban players after the unsavory details of the whole Puig situation have come to light. Then again…

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Nevermind. I found why.


      Apparently MLB changed the rules for Cuban defectors starting in the 2014-15 signing period.
      Currently, Cubans at least 23 years old and with at least 3 years in Cuba’s Serie Nacional aren’t subject to the spending restrictions.

      Starting in the next signing period, Cuban players will need at least 5 years professionally instead of 3 to not be subject to the spending restrictions.

  • Chip

    Is he a guy who needs more time in the minors or is he really just an expensive version of Zoilo Almonte?

    • Sam

      Basically an expensive zoilo ALMONTE but he creates more buzz because he’s bigger faster and stronger. He has a better arm and hits slightly better. But all in all the yankees don’t need him it would just be nice to get him I think and then trade ALMONTE for pitching. He would make a big impact coming over but he’d have to start in the minors or extended spring because he hasn’t played in games for a while.

  • Yankee$

    Well, I’m not a scout but based on that video I’d say he’s worth $25 Million of Hal’s money…maybe $26M.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      Bull. The video only tells you he’s a good looking athlete, but doesn’t indicate one way or another whether he’s a (present to future) big league baseball player. Would have been nice if they had video of him facing actual competition on both sides of the ball. The entire video is stage managed & PR fluff. Virtually worthless. He looks like right-handed is his natural hitting side, and left-handed swing much less developed. Can’t even tell what kind of an arm he has here, & that kind of tells you it’s not good enough to advertise. From what I could see from the video, he’s big-time hype. For his sake, hope he can prove me wrong. In the meantime, I’d be wary.

  • vicki

    the music is unmanly, but can we really call it over-the-top? i mean, no pig roast.

    • hogsmog

      And I didn’t see him jump over a single box!

      • http://www.riveravelues.com GT Yankee

        Young switch hitter-Like it. I think they were smart to show him smiling and signing autographs for people (Character!). But please tell me he’s not signing that babies forehead at 3:13!

    • Daniel

      Nice touch with the “HR robbing” shag over the fence. Too bad it was his friend softly tossing a ball from 10 feet away. I used to do that when I was a kid.

  • LarryM Fl

    I assume the Yankees have seen more than that video which does show a well trained athlete. Who can play baseball while shagging fly balls and taking batting practice.

    • Yankee$

      Don’t underestimate shagging.

  • nycsportzfan

    I remember David Wells throwing 130plus pitch Gem against the Rangers to start the 1998 postseason run. Dude was really a beast.

    • nycsportzfan

      wrong thread.

  • EndlessJose

    No more 16 year old Dominicans and Venezuelans that are gonna take 10 years to come here.Don’t let this guys leave like Puig and Cepedas who both would hit bomb’s in this park.

  • JakeNYC

    Going to need a RF when Beltran completes his descent to a full time DH in a year or two, Carbonell looks like he’d be a good project to invest in.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      If he is, you sure couldn’t tell from this video.

  • TWTR

    I think they should sign any young player with upside, but whatever.

    • Farewell Mo

      I agree but who really knows just what kind of prospect this guy is though the Cubans in recent years have been impressive to say the least, Jose Abreu as the most recent example.

      • TWTR

        True, we have to trust their scouting and hope that Hal sees the cost/benefit of this type of signing when their scouting people like the risk/reward of the player.

  • FLYER7

    Video was well edited…reminded me of HS players college recruiting video

  • The Other Matt

    Thanks for the update Mike. I was wondering when some more information would come out as to whether or not the Yankees made an offer to Carbonell, after the reports last week that they were one of the few teams in on him. I honestly wondered how serious the Yankees were on him being that they’re tied to Beltran for the next couple years, and obviously having Ellsbury and Gardner – not to mention the handful of outfield prospects they have. I guess that solves that.

  • Giuseppe

    Rosenthal is as accurate as a weatherman.

    • Dr TJ Eckleberg

      What an unfair slight to weathermen.

  • Kiko Jones

    That video is almost more appropriate for a dating site. Jeez.

  • Pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

    Can we just sign Greg Golson and get on with it?

    Haven’t mentioned him in a few years so I thought I would…

    • FLYER7

      Greg Golson did make a great throw late one September to throw a guy out at 3B but no love for Justin Maxwell now that he is available???

  • Chris Z.

    And this is why I don’t listen to “Yankees have interest in X player”. They never seem to think the player is worth it in the end.

  • PaulP

    Sigh, it’s always being reported the Yankees are planning to “spend big” on international players, but when somebody comes up (Abreau) they suddenly have little interest in them.