Nuno, Yankees get clobbered 10-5 in road trip finale by Athletics

DotF: Clarkin dominates in Charleston's win
Fan Confidence Poll: June 16th, 2014

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Well that was not how I hoped the generally successful nine-game road trip would end. The Athletics pounded the Yankees on Sunday afternoon, sending them back to New York on the heels of a 10-5 loss. That score is deceptively close too — the Yankees scored their final two runs with two outs in the ninth. They still won five of nine games on the trip overall (with one rainout). Let’s recap:

  • Nunonono!: I’d like to thank Vidal Nuno to putting this one out of reach early, allowing me to focus on other stuff Sunday. He served up a three-run homer in the first inning (Derek Norris) and a three-run homer in the second inning (Coco Crisp), finishing the afternoon with eight runs on eight hits and one walk in three innings. Even the outs were hit hard. Nuno came into the start with a  1.80 ERA on the road and that jumped all the way up to 4.18. Statistical correction ain’t always pretty.
  • Garbage Time: The Yankees scored all five of their runs after the Athletics scored their ten runs. Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira hit back-to-back doubles for the first run, Carlos Beltran hit a solo homer for the second, Jeter lifted a sacrifice fly for the third, and Brett Gardner clubbed a two-run homer for the fourth and fifth. Old buddy Jim Johnson allowed Gardner’s homer. I miss having him in the AL East. Five runs are pretty good, but they were ultimately meaningless. Game was over already.
  • Bullpen: Long man David Huff threw three innings on Saturday, forcing Joe Girardi to use his regular relievers after Nuno. That meant one inning for Jose Ramirez (two runs on three hits and a walk), one inning for Shawn Kelley, two innings for Adam Warren (four strikeouts), and one inning for Matt Thornton. I was really hoping we’d get to see Ichiro Suzuki pitch, but alas. He wants to do it, you know. Hopefully some time before the season ends.
  • Leftovers: Beltran and Ichiro both had two hits while Gardner, Jeter, Teixeira, and Kelly Johnson had one each. Alfonso Soriano came off the bench to pick up a hit as well … Beltran forgot how many outs there were following a fielder’s choice in the eighth inning. He simply walked away from first base and back to the dugout. That’s an out for abandoning the base … Teixeira, Jeter, and Jacoby Ellsbury were all lifted in the late innings to get some extra rest. Girardi confirmed everyone is healthy.

For the box score and video highlights, get over to For some other stats, FanGraphs is the place to go. ESPN has the updated standings. The Yankees return home and open a three-game series against the first place Blue Jays on Tuesday night after enjoying an off-day Monday. Masahiro Tanaka and rookie Marcus Stroman will open the series. Check out RAB Tickets if you want to catch any of those games live.

DotF: Clarkin dominates in Charleston's win
Fan Confidence Poll: June 16th, 2014
  • sarahpalinstwatsmellslikecheeseandsardines

    One positive from today’s game was Carlos Beltran’s at bat . Nonetheless, Yankees could still use another impact power bat in its lineup by trade deadline as opposed to trading for mediocre Starting Pitching unless Jeff Smardzaja or David Price can be obtained?

    • Mikhel

      if they didnt sign Kendrys when they could to help the team, what makes you think they will get somebody in a trade? we will be lucky if they get somebody.

      heck in the past 10 years what good bats/arms have they acquired near july 31 deadline? Alfonso Soriano? Ichiro?

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        I’m sure lack of position factored in heavily with Morales, with Tex at 1B and Beltran at DH.

        But yeah, I wouldn’t expect much in trade.

        • nycsportzfan

          They don’t need much. We were just on a 4game win streak and a sweep of the M’s before Kazmir shut us down and then we had our Nuno day. We scored 5runs yesterday. We probably win that game and the series with just a marginal pitcher. We also got some reinforcements in CC and Pineda eventually coming back.

          A Jason Hammel would help this team tremendously in my opinion. The Yanks certainly have enough to get that done and then some if they want, which i’m sure they will. I’d expect at least 1 trade and possibly 2 by the end of the deadline.

          • forensic

            We were just on a 4game win streak and a sweep of the M’s

            Yeah, because the Mariners are the kind of team that you really need to measure your own team against.

            We scored 5runs yesterday. We probably win that game and the series with just a marginal pitcher.

            Except that if you have a marginal pitcher out there then Chavez isn’t taken out somewhat early and Jim Johnson and Ryan Cook aren’t pitching, thus not scoring those 5 runs.

            We also got some reinforcements in CC and Pineda eventually coming back.

            Yup, they’re clearly right around the corner. It’s not like their return dates have been pushed back time and time again.

            Wow, I just got a whole FJM vibe from that (though obviously not nearly as good as them).

    • WhittakerWalt

      Screen name fail.

  • Mikhel

    Somebody should tell the Yankees starting pitchers (besides Tanaka and Whitley) and infielders that April Fools Day has already been over since three months ago.

  • Charles

    I was actually surprised we didn’t see a position player into pitch after Ramirez. It was 10-0 why not?

    • Mikhel

      because they still had a shot at winning the game… ? LOL

      Have they scored 10+ runs this season?

      Now the nightmare for their bats returns when they get back to spacious (sic) Yankee Stadium… i do not know how many times have the yankes come back to win after being down in the game 2-0 or 3-0.

  • Farewell Mo

    For a guy who’s supposed to have electric stuff, seems like the A’s were hitting Ramirez pretty hard.

    • forensic

      He got hit a little his first appearance too, though of course there could be more at work for that one. I haven’t been overly impressed with him or his stuff yet either, keeping in mind that it’s only been 5.1 IP.

      • Not an ace

        Yeah I thought his changeup was one of the better pitches in the organization.

    • Colin in NJ

      How many people out there are really getting sick of the term “electric stuff”?

  • WhittakerWalt

    I’m actually kind of amazed any time Nuno gets a batter out.

  • FAA

    NuNO!!! I get to see Tanaka pitch for second time live. K Corner
    In da house!

  • Vidal Nuno

    Seriously…..why do you let me pitch every 5th day? What’s Andy Hawkins doing these days? He can do a better job than me….

  • Paisa

    I’m still angry with beltran for that bullshit he pulled late in the game today. Sort of a microcosm for the sluggish mentality we’ve seen all year from this team. It was good to see him swing it today though. He is a crucial part of this offense.

    Calling Brian mccann. ……..where the fuck are you?

    I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Kelly Johnson and roberts should be the 2b/3b combo. If that’s the case then sizemore should be called to be the rh side of the platoon at 3b an solarte should spend a few weeks in aaa.

    • trr

      Solarte has suddenly turned ice cold, right?
      The question is, is it just a slump, or is he regressing to what everyone had him pegged for before the season started?

      • Paisa

        He’s at a 56 wrc+ since May 15. I think he can still be a solid player but if kj is going to be the everyday guy then sizemore makes more sense on the roster. Can’t hurt to give him some time in aaa to figure out whatever is wrong.

    • forensic

      Truthfully, I’m past the point of caring which one of Roberts or Solarte sits, as long as KJ finally gets a consistent shot at 3B (or even 2B).

      But, I don’t know why you’re calling up Sizemore to platoon with KJ, though. He’s shown this year, last year, and even over his whole career (he actually has a very slight reverse split over his career) that he can handle lefties overall as well as he can handle righties.

      • forensic

        Blindly putting a RH platoon partner with KJ is like blindly putting a RH platoon partner with Ichiro while completely ignoring the numbers.

        • Paisa


  • Natcole

    In the last 40.1 IPs(7 outings)in Triple-A, Chien-Ming Wang had a 2.42 ERA. If someone in Yankees bullpen gets promoted to the rotation, Chien-Ming may be considered to have a spot in the yankees bullpen. He can opt out on June 30.

    • forensic

      I really, really want to believe this is a clever joke on something that would’ve been said here years ago.

      But, sadly, I think it’s actually totally serious.

      • Kosmo

        didn´t see your post, I think he was serious.

    • Kosmo

      been there, done that. He had the same type of stretch last year at AAA and then proceeded to get hammered when called up.
      No sense in trying to relive the past. He´s 5 years removed from being a good SP.

      • Natcole

        Well, you might be right. But there’s a significant change on CMW’s repertoire since last July which may be noteworthy.

        CMW is now pitching with much more changeups and breaking balls (sliders and curveballs). When he needs to impress the scouts and the guns, he threw more fastballs and ended up allowed more hits, but still manage limited earned runs.

        He can really shine when he pitches with 40% offspeeds and breaking stuff.

        • forensic

          So, last year’s 8.2 H/9 and .269 BAA were a result of him throwing more fastballs and giving up more hits but this year’s 10.2 H/9 and .294 BAA are what happens when he’s limiting hits?

          And in those last 7 starts you’re mentioning he’s allowing 10.6 H/9 and a .315 BAA!

          • natcole

            You are right on those numbers.

            But too bad that you did not get to watch any of the recent Louisville Bat’s games. The defense errors are beyond imagination from MLB standard.

            It is much to my surprise that, on many occasions, an real error will actually be recorded as a hit.

            • forensic

              You’re absolutely right. I haven’t watched a Louisville Bats game in my life. At least the Yankees have a stellar infield defense that I’m sure will make up for any short-comings that the Bats’ may have.

  • CW

    I am praying that Warren’s 2 inning stint is the first step to stretching him out to start, which all of us other than Joey Looselfeafs has known he should be doing, esp now that Kelley is back.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      There must be a whole lot of people named “Joey Looseleaf” out there, since I think most would agree he’s just fine in the pen.

      If anything, his having to pitch in a game the top guys should normally have no business pitching in should be a warning against depleting the pen further.

  • Bronx_Boy

    I don’t know how to score an out for abandoning base. 6ABDP? 6FUDP? 6UhOhDP?

  • pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

    As good a road trip as could be expected with our roster.

    Let’s move on to Tanaka Toronto Tomorrow….big game

  • fred robbins

    Warren seems to have found a good spot in the pen where his stuff works for 1-2 innings. He has a nice fastball and his confidence has been raised high enough to be an effective reliever. He is not the answer to their SP weakness. I just wish Giardi did not use him for 2 innings last night just because today is an off day.

    As long as they want to keep throwing Nuno out there, it’s like giving up a game once a week and just hoping for a miracle. You have to think Girardi knows that and he just does not have any other options at this time.
    Also, I really don’t know why anyone would be counting the days until CC returns- although I hope I am 100% wrong and he comes back like Bartolo Colon with some magic in his arm.